Welcome to Word Play Masters

Welcome to our site.   No idea if we’ll ever have much to comment about, but we’re setting it up so you can comment on the words we post!

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  1. Derek Rogers says:

    Thank you for posting so many of my submissions, I'm flattered to be included with others whose brilliant posts have me trying to keep track in a new dictionary, with attribution of course.

  2. ebaran says:

    Hi Louise – there's a little more explanation on the top of the submissions page now – we post a lot of words that don't meet the "rules" during the year; but for the actual "contest" that we run in January we only put in words that meet the rules.  We also try to only have one word per submitter (we ask them to choose their favorite word), or else the contest runs to pages and pages and it's hard to get results.  For some words (and two-word entries), we just put them up since they seemed fun.  Frankly, sometimes we can't really figure them out either, especially the medical ones.  Thanks for asking.   EB.

  3. Louise says:

    Re:The pun regarding an ” arachnoleptic fit”. The rules said the words were supposed have one letter changed. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the unchanged word was that became arachnoleptic. Does anyone know? Or was it a mistake to include it in the Mensa contest?

  4. Dan Lipford says:

    ereban –
    One of your posts mentions the difficulty of doing the voting, and I have a possible solution for you that I think you and your contributors might like.
    If you want to know what it is, you may invite me to post it in Comments or contact me "ex parte" (though that doesn't sound like much fun) via my email address.
    Dan Lipford

    • ebaran says:

      Would like to hear it on the site so others can comment. We’re also setting up a way to collect email addresses technically (vs. hand entering them) so the voting notification can be simpler. Ah… to have all the time in the world to do the fun stuff..

  5. Dan Lipford says:

    ebaran –
    Thanks for the info you provided.
    By the way, I'm well aware that multiple of my submission voliate your "change one letter" rule, because some of them involve changes in or the additions of one of more syllables (e.g., "fivecast"), while others change nothing except the definition (e.g., "preamble" and "Isoscelese"), so it's understandable and okay with me if you don't post them, but I'm thinking that rule might be too restrictive for engendering maximum creativity and fun.
    Naturally it's "your call," because it's your site and your contest, but perhaps you'd consider less restrictive rules.
    P.S.  Is it possible the you and or one or more of your submittors (?) would consider lying for me by writing letters affirming that you know me and that I really am sane?  I've just GOT to get out of this place and would appreciate your help.

  6. Dan Lipford says:

    I notice that my post/reply is "awaiting moderation."
    Would it help if I reposted it in a more moderate form…oh, never mind.  (insert stupid grin here, along with a generous dollip of drool).

  7. Dan Lipford says:

    It would be a good thing if there were a way on the site to keep track on one's own submissions.  At present, it's sort of like they vanish into the ether.  I've submitted a few (3 or 4?) today, but don't remember which and don't want to duplicate post.
    Also wouldn't mind knowing how long to wait to find out if you're going to allow them as entries in the contest.

    • ebaran says:

      Hi Dan – boy, I wish I had the technical chops to figure out how to track too, but until tech support (boyfriend) has time (right, that’ll happen soon), I don’t think we’ll have that capability. As for the timing, please see the new note at the top of the 2011 submissions page that describes the updating “process”.

    • ebaran says:

      oh, and don't worry about a duplicate, we review them all so if you send twice we just ignore the second one

  8. ebaran says:

    Thanks Jackie – great minds must be thinking alike, as we were coming to the same general idea when we noticed how many words there were for 2010 and how difficult it was to do the voting.   That's a GREAT idea to do it quarterly – maybe we then have quarter finals leading to the finals (like a super bow-e-l).  Let us know your thoughts!   

  9. jackie says:

    re prior comment, the latter of the two contest types would entail changin no letters in the words – just defining them anew with their current spellings…

  10. jackie says:

    re: the contest particulars, it might be fun to choose a winner quarterly, as it would certainly become challenging to determine relative goodness of entries as you are comparing the best of them  (non-scientifically, that is) once the number of entries becomes rather lengthy. Emails and forwarded chains regarding winning words and entries with links to your site are circulating rapidly, so I think you'll have plenty of participants.
    lastly, it might be fun to have two separate contests – 1) for one-word entries wherein one letter is changed and submitted with a new definition, and 2) where common words and phrases of no more than two or three words are submitted in with new and witty/clever definitions…..just my two cents!

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