2021 Submissions

Welcome to the 2021 Submissions page!  

The winners for 2020 have been announced, see 2020 Winners

We get new words regularly (frequently!) and work to post them as soon as practical.  

Please note that not all words are posted.  Some are pretty far from the basic rules (one letter change, etc.). Some are two words which we post but don’t include in the contest.  Some are a little obscure – you may have to take out your actual dictionary to figure them out. Some we can’t actually figure out but sometimes post anyway – we’ve added a new field for the original word this year to make the job of deciphering the more esoteric contributions a little easier.  We get thousands of contributions:  for 2021 we intend to publish only the best 10 words each week.

Despite the limitless opportunities that politics offer (and some very clever contributions), we do not publish words that have obvious political connotations, since we’d rather not have the website seem partisan in any way:   we didn’t want to referee and politicians are perfectly capable of entertaining us on other platforms.

We also try not to post words that might be offensive to our younger readers (besides, who wants our pages to start showing up on unfortunate search results). Finally, we also try not to post words that are based on religious words or concepts or identifications (whether pejorative or not).

Most recent words are at the top – if you like what you see, go back and enjoy some of the oldies but goodies on our Decade of Wordplay  page.     

New Word Original Word  Definition Name
Your Word Its origin Clever is better… Don’t be shy !
Vaccinity Vaccine + Vicinity Proximity in location to vaccine distribution site, or proximity in time to receiving vaccine. Samantha Outcalt
Astrolave Astrolabe Toilets at the Kennedy Space Centre Geoff Williams
Syrip Syrup / Syria A sticky diplomatic situation in a turbulent Middle Eastern country Geoff Williams
Cowfound Confound A lost bovine no longer lost Mike Harcrow
Sparkinsons Parkinsons A neurological brain disease characterized by fiery outbursts Mike Harcrow
Cantelope Canteloupe When the bolting couple gets caught by her dad Mike Harcrow
Gneissly Nicely How rocks are supposed to play together Mike Harcrow
Condomnation Condemnation Strong disapproval concerning the use of contraceptives Mia Debidin
Gnuanced Nuanced Subtly resembling a wildebeest Mia Debidin
Adminept Administration Department (Admin Dept) The SNAFU Gurus Doug Langmead
Apexitif Aperitif The very best liqueur Mike Harcrow
Conquitador Conquistador The conqueror who didn’t go Mike Harcrow
Hunchman Henchman Cwhiminal minion Doug Langmead
Longlevity Longevity Laughing off the years Doug Langmead
Discrapancy Discrepancy A messy inconsistency Kenneth Grinnell
Mobivation Motivation A reason to run Mike Harcrow
Flague Plague A contagion of banners Mike Harcrow
Tannoying Annoying Causing irritation over a public address system Mia Debidin
Boastmistress Toastmistress I only use silk in ‘my’ whips and ties Jackin Yow
Totalifarian Totalitarian A Jamaican dictator Geoff Williams
Acapilliaries Capilliaries Singing too much and making your blood vessels rupture Geoff Williams
Intercorpse Intercourse Necrophilia Geoff Williams
Impottent Impotent When your instant pot, after age and years of use, is unable to achieve a pressure; resulting in an inability to perform in the kitchen. Kent Benton
Vaccinity Vaccine + Vicinity Proximity in location to vaccine distribution site, or proximity in time to receiving vaccine. Samantha Outcalt
Muteiny Mutiny When people in your Zoom meeting won’t leave themselves muted, and it wrecks the meeting for everyone else. Beth Winnowski
Deposhition Deposition The giving of false information under oath Kitty  Valence
Stevadores Stevedores Romantic longshoremen Alan Phillips
Dietribe Diatribe A primitive community of picky eaters Alan Phillips
Solitairey confinement Solitary confinement Locked in a cell with nothing but a deck of cards Alan Phillips
Nevertitti Nevertiti Flat chested Egyptian Empress Geoff Williams
Tsarcissism Narcissism Caveat emperor – the ne plus ultra of inflated self-esteem Doug Langmead
Exclustive Exclusive Pining for the previous Mrs. Jackin Yow
Black-Outs Matter Black outs matter Power to the people! Michael Brawley
Camopers Campers Bored kids in a tent Michael de Silva
Gintellectual Intellectual Rummy Michael de Silva
Embyronic Embryonic Before it was known he’d be Lord or Lady B Jackin Yow
Esteamed Esteemed How clams are served in Spain Michael de Silva
Blandishmint Blandishment Candy for good behavior Michael de Silva
Venomouse Venomous Mickey’s Ex Michael de Silva
Clairvoyain’t Clairvoyant Normal Michael de Silva
Civilant Sibilant Hissing politely Mike Harcrow
Dylsexic Dyslexic One who finds adult content in places where it doesn’t exist Mike Harcrow
Spanxer Spanner Compression wear for pipe repair Mike Harcrow
Emews Mews Rowstriches Doug Langmead
Castroenteris Gastroenteritis A stomach ailment that causes the sufferer to keep making speeches of interminable length Geoff Williams
Pygmites Pygmies Short-tempered stunt-men Doug Langmead
Denisovain Denisovan The guy Carly bitched about Jackin Yow
Cessnation Cessation A small plane crash Mike Harcrow
Freudenstein Frankenstein A sapient creature with the head of a scientist and the mind of an analyst Doug Langmead
Jobster Lobster Employment service for crustaceans Mike Harcrow
Creoche Brioche + creole Caribbean bread rolls Mike Harcrow
Wivalry Rivalry Problems with polygamy Mike Harcrow
Nappenstance Happenstance The ability to sleep while standing upright Geoff Williams
Verbesity Verbosity Talking too much makes you fat Geoff Williams
Sliquid Liquid Better-designed pound note Jackin Yow
Paranorman Paranormal Elite group of French troops sent ahead by William the Conqueror to test out Harold’s defences Geoff Williams
Indepedant Independant The person who sits next to you during the local Film Festival and tells you all about the plot nuances and the directors personal life story Geoff Williams
Tatare Tatar Weight of a Turk – sans luggage – about to board an aircraft Jackin Yow
Schyster Shyster Porta-potti along Unter den Linden Jackin Yow
Disdrain Disdain Down which the last ounce of respect was flushed Jackin Yow
Disrapt Disrupt No longer impressed by the rhetoric Jackin Yow
Galamari Calamari A festive squid Mike Harcrow
Broquette Coquette A flirty guy Mike Harcrow
Branstorm Brainstorm A bad post-breakfast experience in the restroom Mike Harcrow
Sailient Salient The relevance of boating Mike Harcrow
Equipmen Equipment Tool vendors Mike Harcrow
Sheepskip Sheepskin Missing graduation Mike Harcrow
Jarvest Harvest Gleaning jam containers Mike Harcrow
Whors-de-combat Hors-de-combat Camp followers Jackin Yow
Bugpipe Bagpipe Doodlesack with a defective chanter Jackin Yow
Bonas Bolas Extra pay granted to an Argentinian Gaucho for his skill with his lasso Geoff Williams
Glammer Glimmer A movie star whose beauty is beginning to dim Geoff Williams
Fatotum Factotum An underling who got fat on the job, tum reinforcing the meaning Vali Jamal
Ruedimentary Rudimentary Basic regret or a basic French street Ridley Odonnell
Oxy-Moron Oxymoron Someone who regularly uses street drugs. Michael Brawley
Innoculous Innocuous An inoffensive jab Doug Langmead
Humorlesque Humoresque A written or musical composition completely devoid of capriciousness, fantasy, or whimsy Mike Harcrow
Conquistadorm Conquistador The campus gigolo Mike Harcrow
Theoretipal Theoretical Studying the practice of friendship Mike Harcrow
Obease Obese Mobility for the large Mike Harcrow
Monstrocity Monstrosity Tokyo Mike Harcrow
Abalonely Abalonely A mollusk without a date Mike Harcrow
Presipitation Precipitation Indecision over using a drinking straw or not Mike Harcrow
Verisimiltune Verisimiltude A song that borrows most of the music from a well known old tune Geoff Williams
Paceship Spaceship In the near future the Indianapolis Annual Car Race will be held in orbit and in front of all the vehicles will be the Paceship Geoff Williams
Bangst Angst Great fear of sexual encounters Geoff Williams
Dialettante Dilettante Personal who refuses to use “those new fangled thingies” and sticks to their ancient telephone set Geoff Williams
Centaurians Centurians Bridled Roman shock troops Jackin Yow
Parliamentardy Parliamentary The slow wheels of the legislative body Vali Jamal
Dogsology Doxology Reverent canine howling Mike Harcrow
Dragonian Draconian Fire breathing law enforcement Anne DelCampo
impeasment impeachment The act of irrefutably proving to a three year-old that peas are good to eat yet having them rejected nevertheless. Daniel Sherman
Bravadog Bravado The Alpha of the litter Anne DelCampo
Perudites Erudite Learned Limans Anne DelCampo
Curtesy Courtesy Impoliteness Mike Harcrow
NOVID COVID The theoretical state of health that one enters after getting the second shot Wayne Price
Clammer Slammer Prison for miscreant mollusks Mike Harcrow
Spuffer Sputter To falter on one’s first cigarette Mike Harcrow
Stuba Scuba Underwater bass brass instrument Mike Harcrow
Comepuppance Comeuppance A grouchy dog for a grouchy guy Mike Harcrow
Scrubles Scruples Misgivings about cleanliness Mike Harcrow
Briars Bras Hedging your breasts Gillian Manolis & Doug Langmead
Confluenza Confluence + influenza One possible result of neglecting social-distancing Mike Harcrow
Concurrant Concurrant A fresh jam berry Mike Harcrow
Constapation Constipation The state of being perpetually bound up Jen Green
Deckimate Decimate Companion on a cruise liner Geoff Williams
Pie coefficient Pi Result of a late-night mathematical exercise, commonly using a fork, to straighten the sides of the uneaten portion of dessert, to form two radii Steve Coz
Platytude Platitude The collective noun for “a multitude of Duck-billed Platypuses”. H.R. White
Billingualism Bilingualism Your utility charges in English and Spanish Balazs Monoki
Coolaunt Coolant Your favorite parental sibling Mike Harcrow
Flip-flog Flip-flop To beat on both sides Mike Harcrow
Curlside Curbside A drive-up salon Mike Harcrow
Cuddlefish Cuttlefish An affectionate squid Mike Harcrow
McLarkey Malarkey Scottish balderdash Mike Harcrow
Fundertaker Undertaker Extortionist Mike Harcrow
Walwuss Walrus A feeble-minded cousin of the seal Mike Harcrow
Apollogize Apologize What the manufacturers of the faulty oxygen tank did after the Apollo 13 astronauts returned to earth. Gayle Knutson
Cementery Cemetery The last resting place for many a failed mobster Geoff Williams
Camusflage Camouflage Disguise for a French philosopher Geoff Williams
Anacondo Anaconda No place to keep a giant pet snake Geoff Williams
Billigrams Milligrams Online bible quotes from the late Mr. Graham Geoff Williams
Calasthenics Calisthenics Exercises for opera Divas Geoff Williams
Briggadocio Braggadocio Prison pretense…slammer swagger Anne DelCampo
Centrarian Contrarian A medieval maverick Anne DelCampo
Sourbet Sorbet Lemon sherbet without sugar Mike Harcrow
Melanchory Melancholy Pertaining to gloomy texts in vocal music Mike Harcrow
Kenk Ken A twist in one’s knowledge Mike Harcrow
Surreptittious Surreptitious Clandestine breast-feeding Mike Harcrow
Whyperbole Hyperbole Questionable exaggeration Mike Harcrow
Conqueso Conquest The winning cheese Mike Harcrow
Cygnical Cynical Of a doubting swan Mike Harcrow
Juristdiction Jurisdiction Lawyer-speak Mike Harcrow
Apathycary Apothecary Disinterested druggist Mike Harcrow
Methargy Lethargy Drug-induced apathy Mike Harcrow
Optimisticanny Optimistically Positively perspicacious Mike Harcrow
Quipotic Quixotic Whimsical witticism Mike Harcrow
Compunctuation Compunction + Punctuation Penitent reference marks Mike Harcrow
Unintimimated Unintimidated Unconsummated Jackin Yow
Smutation Mutation Art evolving beyond erotica Jackin Yow
Pollusk Mollusk A shellfish canvasser Mike Harcrow
Justifly Justify Evade warranted incarceration Jackin Yow
Hecclesiastic Ecclesiastic The lout in the congregation jeering the sermon Jackin Yow
Suprabundant Superabundant 1) Transcendent booty
2) Synonym for Fanytastic and Bunpleasant
Jackin Yow
Conestogie Conestoga An overland cigar Mike Harcrow
Mornose Morose Proboscisally blessed Jackin Yow
Lizardry Wizardry The practice of being a magical reptile Mike Harcrow
Simulacrumb Simulacrum Accurate representation of a contemptible louse Jackin Yow
Punderwear Underwear Skivvies for wordsmiths Mike Harcrow
Slopstyle Slopestyle Extreme winter sport for unskilled skiers Mike Harcrow
Game_Stop GameStop End game for stock shorters Michael Brawley
Coyalty Royalty Reticent Rulership Doug Langmead
Vastula Vistula Flooded river in Eastern Europe Geoff Williams
Custardy Custard Prison fare Geoff Williams
Cattleship Battleship Heavily armed  Naval ship that fires cow pats from all its guns Geoff Williams
Palimentation Alimentation By-the-hour companionship service – delivered, usually through cab driver, to lonely out-of-town business men Jackin Yow
Herd Impunity Herd Immunity Safety in numbers Michael Brawley
Synlapses Synapses Those odd times you’re faithful to your spouse Jackin Yow
Blearney Blarney Lies told at last call Michael de Silva
Extirpastor Extirpator The one who finally drove you to abandon the flock Jackin Yow
Typowriter Typewriter Dyslexic stenographer Michael de Silva
Brobdignagiant Brobdignagian Bigger than big Michael de Silva
Weekness Weakness Characterizing a half-fortnight of infirmity Mike Harcrow
Cadavert Cadaver Coming “this” close to being labelled a reprobate Jackin Yow
Pandaloons Pantaloons Trousers for bamboo-eaters Mike Harcrow
Belliclose Bellicose Missionary position Jackin Yow
Prestitute Prostitute Journalist  (m/f) with questionable ethical compass Jackin Yow
Macknowledge Acknowledge Devoid of broader gustatory exposure Jackin Yow
Bifurcoated Bifurcated A foxy faux pair Doug Langmead
Hoverwhelm Overwhelm What helicopter parents do to kids’ creativity Jackin Yow
Instuperable Insuperable Dumb beyond redemption Jackin Yow
Cabtina Cantina Concession stand in a taxi Mike Harcrow
Giggle Giggle Fun party for geese Judy Scherrenberg 
Numberic Numeric Ancient Viking explorer arrives on shores of Greenland for the first time and wishes he had brought his sheepskin underwear. Geoff Williams
Uptight piano Upright piano A tense, jittery hammer-struck keyboard Mike Harcrow
Cyclods Cyclods Monocular idiots Jackin Yow
Seenager Teenager A senior who behaves like a teenager. Michael Brawley
Pulpchritude Pulchritude Beauty reduced to pulp as the make-up melted under the tropical sun Vali Jamal
Laxicography  Lexicography  Please don’t be too lax in posting the winners for 2020! (Coming soon! – WPMI) Vali Jamal
Plese-majesty Lese-majesty Exalt the sovereign Jackin Yow
Mandifest Manifest What Rice-Davies and Keeler used to have with Profumo Jackin Yow
Whiatus Hiatus Wha’, we done sumptin’ wrong? Jackin Yow
Alconol Alcohol Non alcoholic beverage Judy Scherrenberg
Schorts Shorts Lederhosen Jackin Yow
Poigrant Poignant Touching tirade Jackin Yow
Col-de-sac Cul-de-sac A ridge too far Doug Langmead
Consterbation Consternation Confusing only yourself Mike Harcrow
Eruction Eruption Heightened commotion Jackin Yow
Parfunctory Perfunctory Careless golf Mike Harcrow
casamity Calamity Household disaster Mike Harcrow
Matriphony Matrimony Marriage of convenience for the purpose of gaining permanent immigrant status. Michael Brawley
Polemice Polemic Little creatures that inhabit the frozen tundra Geoff Williams
Dugang Dugong Cousins of the Manatee who gather in large unruly groups Geoff Williams
Dierama Diorama A group of miniature  figures representing a funeral ceremony Geoff Williams
Plagenta Placenta A dark red membrane Mike Harcrow
Koyalty Loyalty King of the Goldfish Mike Harcrow
Tattoon Tattoo Comic book body ink Mike Harcrow
Neutraility Neutrality The path to peace Mike Harcrow
Skinherd Skinhead Shorn sheep Mike Harcrow
Perikinkle Periwinkle Lavender with a twist Mike Harcrow
Splarge Splurge A sizable extravagance Mike Harcrow
Spantaneity Spontaneity An impulsive stretch Mike Harcrow
Cadavert Cadaver Coming “this” close to being labelled a reprobate Jackin Yow
Antegone Antigone Greek babe who has lost it all at Las Vegas Geoff Williams
Importaunt Important Seriously razz someone Jackin Yow
Glissandoh! Glissando An accidental pause Michael de Silva
Eponymouse Eponymous Mickey Michael de Silva
Rafterword Afterword Joist Michael de Silva
Cramp-on Crampon P.M.S. Michael Brawley
Playthong Plaything A slingshot Mike Harcrow
Flateau Plateau Reaching the age where your feet go flat Wayne Price
Regiffer Regifter The act of taking a gif that has been received and sending it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gif. Samantha
Miniac Maniac A toddler. Any toddler. Go ahead, pick one. John Carbone
Barrometer Barometer A device for measuring your wheelbarrow to determine that it is exactly 1 inch too wide to get through your back gate Geoff Williams
Cartlidge Cartridge A tendon that is truly shot Geoff Williams
Extravert Extrovert The leader of the Green Party Geoff Williams
Freuds Freud Friends that really don’t quite get you, but, with help, would like to. Jackin Yow
Fanytastic Fantastic Synonym for “bunpleasant” Jackin Yow
Brodice Bodice Game of craps among male friends Jackin Yow
Sibtracting Subtracting Fratricide Jackin Yow
Lablution Ablution Cleansing the Petri dishes and Erlenmeyer flasks Jackin Yow
Pichotomy Dichotomy 22/7 or 3.14159265…? Jackin Yow
Gondolences Condolences Sad note to Venetian friends Geoff Williams
Bitcon Bitcoin Being duped into the delusion that an imaginary currency has real intrinsic value. Michael Brawley
Frightliner Freightliner Scriptwriter for Alfred Hitchcock Geoff Williams
Gno Gnu Present tense of “Gnu” Geoff Williams
Fourplay Foreplay Sexy bridge games Geoff Williams
Meatior Meatier Flash-pie in the sky  –      cf  shooting tarts Doug Langmead
Bumbletweeds Tumbleweeds Poorly enunciated country walking trousers Doug Langmead & Gillian Winter
Panicea Panacea How you feel when you realise what you thought was the solution is in fact a recipe for disaster Doug Langmead 
Ephemoral Ephemeral A strange feeling you get after a hip replacement Geoff Williams
Procticable Practicable Urologists’ skills Jackin Yow
Evisberate Eviscerate REALLY tear a strip off someone Jackin Yow
Thoughtfulmess Thoughtfulness A carefully worked out plan to thwart someone else’s ideas Geoff Williams
Manyfactured Manufactured Diversity in production Geoff Williams
Pichotomy Dichotomy Cherry or blueberry? Jackin Yow
Pierless Peerless De-Wharfed; Off-Quay; Jettysoned; Marinada Doug Langmead
Posthumouse  Posthumous  Recognition on death for a life lived in holes Vali Jamal
Voiciferous Vociferous Expressing one’s opinions loud and clear Vali Jamal
Tieghts Tights All else being equal, snug drawers Doug Langmead
Instaglam Instagram Posting photshopped images of yourself on social media Judy Scherrenberg
Rescussion Recission Retraction of an epithet Jackin Yow
Hellix Helix A downward spiral Andy Wright
Duozen Dozen Twenty-four Doug Langmead
Chromorsome Chromosome DDNA Doug Langmead
Poperwork Paperwork The letters only Francis can sign Jackin Yow
Rattorney Attorney The other guy’s legal counsel Jackin Yow
Ofters Otters Frequently-sighted otters that can’t hold their breath Doug Langmead
Sinergy Synergy The interaction of two or more people to produce a transgression or immoral act that is greater than the sum of their individual efforts; an orgy H.R. White
Medievil Mediaeval Gothic malevolence Jackin Yow
Tuttoo Tattoo Verbally reinforce someone’s disapproval of something Jackin Yow
Incrudulous Incredulous Cleaned up; spiffy Jackin Yow
Ambilextrous Ambidextrous Ability to read upside-down text Jackin Yow
Singlelarity Singularity The spot in town where singles tend to gravitate. Michael Brawley
Thiatus Hiatus A break from using the step fitness machine Jackin Yow
Skedawdle Skedaddle The answer to the age old question. ”Should I stay or should I go?” Anne DelCampo
Facilidate Facilitate Arrange a tryst Anne DelCampo
Hairassment Harrassment “Tress Stress”…dying, blow drying, teasing, etc. Anne DelCampo
Permentation Permutation Preserving one’s curl Mike Harcrow


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