2021 Submissions

Welcome to the 2021 Submissions page!    

We get new words regularly (frequently!) and work to post them as soon as practical. Anyone can contribute using the Submit Words Tab .    Remember, “Clever is Better”……and far more likely to be published.  Most recent words are at the top – if you like what you see, go back and enjoy some of the oldies but goodies on our Decade of Wordplay  page.   

Feedback and suggestions on the new page format are welcome.  You can contact us at wordplay@ptitiude.com 

A month or two ago we suggested limiting published entries to 10 per week.  The quality and quantity of submittals made that limit seem a little draconian, so the flood has continued.  It has been suggested that a self-imposed limit on the number of daily contributions would ease the load on the labour of love involved in uploading them all.  Its a shame to stifle enthusiasm and creativity though, so another possibility is a separate “frequent contributors” page, with just a few of the best being duplicated on the 2021 page to encourage diversity..  Share your opinions and we will share the responses.

New WordOriginal Word Definition - Clever is Better !Name
KimosahbeerKimosahbeeLone Ranger LagerAnne DelCampo
FortdressFortressMilitary uniformsAnne DelCampo
ShtupperwareTupperwareStorage containers for sex toysAnne DelCampo
AwkwordsAwkwardWPMI entrants that don’t make the cutAnne DelCampo
DimmunityImmunityResistant to stupidityMike Harcrow
DressertDessert + dresserHiding forbidden sweets in the sock drawerMike Harcrow
AspmaltAsphaltA snake shakeMike Harcrow
CereponyCeremonyA little horse hired for birthday partiesMike Harcrow
BlanddishmentBlandishmentA threat to cook a tasteless mealMike Harcrow
PatchydermPachydermSkin plaquesMike Harcrow
PomplesPimplesMagnificent, noteworthy acneMike Harcrow
DespositoryDepositoryA holding facility for tyrants and oppressorsMike Harcrow
Wreaking ballWrecking ballA prom for victimizersMike Harcrow
CyborgsecurityCybersecurityHaving Steve Austin, RoboCop, Darth Vader, or Seven-of-Nine as a body guardMike Harcrow
CatererpillarCaterpillarLarval banquet serviceMike Harcrow
SwigwamWigwamNorth American native barJackin Yow
TreepeeTeepeeThe central supporting, and aiming, pole in a NA indigenous lavatoryJackin Yow
Turdish bathTurkish bathPool faux pasMike Harcrow
BlithiumLithiumAn element of indifferenceMike Harcrow
PurrencyCurrencyThe state of a happy catMike Harcrow
BirthdamBirthdayA constricted cervixMike Harcrow
StraposphereStratosphereThe part of the body requiring a belt or a girdleMike Harcrow
DungulateUngulateCow pattiesMike Harcrow
iRectorDirectorDigital parish priestMike Harcrow
BunghoeBungholeCork removerMike Harcrow
ForgepsForcepsTongs used in ironworkingMike Harcrow
SpaculateSpeculateTo estimate the required time and cost of drywall repairMike Harcrow
GortraiturePortraitureSome Verismo sittings; Goya's "Disasters of War" etchingsMike Harcrow
SaccinctSuccinctTerse FiringCarole Marantz
OpportonismOpportunismTons of lawmakers with NO principles!!!Carole Marantz
SolloquialColloquialOne's informal speechCarole Marantz
AmendlentAmendmentChange holiday before EasterCarole Marantz
SatigueFatigueTired of sittingCarole Marantz
WabutAbutA stray hairDoug Langmead
DashwisherDishwasherAn Olympic track hopefulMike Harcrow
HamdingerHumdingerA really swell pigMike Harcrow
PneumonicaPneumoniaThe windy friendMike Harcrow
PancaresPancakesAn empathetic skilletMike Harcrow
FlapjocksFlapjacksAthletes in union suitsMike Harcrow
SnugatoryNugatoryAn amorous embrace by a conservativeJackin Yow
NagatoryNugatoryThe penniless road to hell via an incompatible spouseJackin Yow
HominlyHomily + hominyAn amaizing sermonMike Harcrow
CelebritCelebrateEnglish movie starName witheld
TankerbellTinkerbellA fairy with ballast on boardDoug Langmead & Gillian Winter
PergolawPergolaBuilding permit requirement for backyard structuresMike Harcrow
ThanctimoniousSanctimoniousInsincere or smarmy gratitudeMike Harcrow
RococoaRococoA light, highly-ornamented and chocolaty style of music from 18th-century FranceMike Harcrow
QuasariQuasarPower dressMike Harcrow
SkiscraperSkyscraperHaving forgotten to wax your snow planksMike Harcrow
UniversitUniversityA chair big enough for everyoneMike Harcrow
GrailroadRailroadThe route to the holy chaliceMike Harcrow
MilibusterFilibuster1/1000 of a busterMike Harcrow
Pundora's BoxPandora's BoxThis siteMike Harcrow
FrivolouisFrivolousUnimportant or needless line of French kingsMike Harcrow
WigwagWigwamA wobbly wigwamDoug Langmead
GymnastiesGymnasticsThe piles of sweaty clothes left in the locker room after practiceMike Harcrow
LympiadOlympiadThe migration of athletes back home after the competitionMike Harcrow
GeenomeGenomeA cheerful small creatureGeoff Williams
InsignEnsignThe Masonic handshakeGeoff Williams
SignificanSignificantI am having a little difficulty with arthritis and cannot hold the pen too wellGeoff Williams
CrampsCrapsWhat you get from holding the dice too tightlyGeoff Willams
BoyantBuoyantA young male insectGeoff Williams
DangliaGangliaExcess organic pendulaeMike Harcrow
BasqueradeMasqueradeA party for people of the PyreneesMike Harcrow
SpirailSpiralCircular switchbackMike Harcrow
SnowgirdSnowbirdTo get ready for winterMike Harcrow
DisqualivacationDisqualificationAny holiday which would necessitate a cellular phone "just to keep up with the office" or which requires using the recent home equity loan to "get a start on those home repairs"Mike Harcrow
WhaffleWhiffle + waffleAn especially light and fluffy breakfast pastryMike Harcrow
TavernalTavern + vernalLater bar hours in the springMike Harcrow
EveryonceEveryoneAlways nowMike Harcrow
SheerbetSherbetA transparent wagerMike Harcrow
GigantickGiganticA huge bloodsuckerMike Harcrow
ManumentalMonumental[1] The great mind of a guy; [2] the mind of a great guyMike Harcrow
LommodeCommodeA squatty-pottyMike Harcrow
WarinaMarinaWhere submarines and battleships are parkedMike Harcrow
SupposittorySuppositoryAn imaginariumMike Harcrow
PrepubscentPrepubescentHow you smelled before you went to the barMike Harcrow
RefirmatoryReformatoryA fat farmMike Harcrow
Tam-i-nationLaminationScotlandMike Harcrow
HexecutorExecutorThe witch who reads the willMike Harcrow
HangmatHangmanA pad onto which the victim of the noose should not actually fallMike Harcrow
FinmateInmateThe shark who finds its way into your viewing cageMike Harcrow
BeefhiveBeehiveA cozy home for honey cattleMike Harcrow
AwkwarpAwkwardA clumsy twistMike Harcrow
WaterliltWaterlilyThe rhythm of the seaMike Harcrow
FonduetFondueA two-cheese blendMike Harcrow
KimcheepKimcheeThe noise pickle pots make when the fermentation startsMike Harcrow
AmplicatorApplicatorA bluetooth enabled make-up brush or spongeMike Harcrow
VerseaceVersaceSomeone who writes really good poetry or song lyricsMike Harcrow
UnicyclintUnicyclistThe fuzz found in a unicyclist's spandex after ridingMike Harcrow
ShearseHearseHer backsideMike Harcrow
GavottelGavotteA courtly French dance with Danish austerityMike Harcrow
ContemptableContemptibleA meal no one likes (like "boiled dinner" or aspic or...)Mike Harcrow
SunctionUnction + suctionAspirated inspirationMike Harcrow
FlamebuoyantFlamboyantFire on waterMike Harcrow
PendulumpPendulumA dirt clod on a stringMike Harcrow
PhilanthrowistPhilanthropistOne who hurls money at every causeMike Harcrow
SmallionsScallionsDiminutive mane-collared wildcatsMike Harcrow
BlabrousGlabrousAn exposéMike Harcrow
SpecialispSpecialistThe supposed origin of Castilian SpanishMike Harcrow
DrunkennestDrunkennessWhen mama bird brings home fermented grainsMike Harcrow
ImperectionImperfection(Uh...I really think this is self-defining, kids....)Mike Harcrow
WonspiracyConspiracy"The Big Lie"Carole Marantz
BalkativeTalkativeRefuses to budgeCarole Marantz
BanjoyBanjoWhat banjos (and bagpipes and accordions) doMike Harcrow
FluncleUncleThe guy who's married to your flauntMike Harcrow
PoeticalfPoeticalYoung bovine beatnikMike Harcrow
SchoolbugSchoolbusThe spread of a cold in an academic buildingMike Harcrow
NerdsmanHerdsmanA young shepherd who spends his time instead of tending sheep trying to invent an app that will do the work for him.( Would he use Baaasic as his language of choice?)Geoff Williams
InflatuationInfatuationFalling in love with your roommateGeoff Williams
KandahaKandaharLaugh track for Afghan TVGeoff Williams
OverleaningOverweaningThe original architectural plans for the Tower of PisaGeoff Williams
SnottishScottishA highlander with allergiesGeoff Williams
CharminkCharmingA most pleasant and well-mannered weaselMike Harcrow
CocomotiveLocomotiveA palm tree on the goMike Harcrow
LipslickLipstickThe mark left on a woman's coffee cupBarbara Gross
MicromenageMicromanageDollhouseBarbara Gross
Bedding PlannerWedding PlannerHoneymoon consultantBarbara Gross
BraileryRailleryGood-natured teasing via the tactile alphabetAnne DelCampo
MilitarusticMilitaristicDrafted farm boysMike Harcrow
LasagnagLasagnaSomeone who expects pasta casserole several times a weekMike Harcrow
PerfectionwistPerfectionistA very fussy wordsmithMike Harcrow
ParabnormalParanormalUnusually inexplicable; supernatural deviationMike Harcrow
JetliverJetlinerWorst meal ever served on a flightMike Harcrow
StarbardStarboardThe best singerMike Harcrow
LimbadeLimeadeSapMike Harcrow
CumulustCumulusWhat it takes to be in the "mile-high club"Barbara Gross
TuxidermistTaxidermistSales clerk who stuffs men into their tuxesEmile Ouellette
TerrafyingTerrifyingFeeling brought on by volcanoes, whirlpools, sinkholes, quicksand, and any other frightening geographical structureMike Harcrow
LashmereCashmereSoft, luxurious eyelid fringeMike Harcrow
DiminnuendoDiminuendoA rumor that the trumpets simply can't play softerKevin Sutherland
ExecultiveExecutiveHead of a religious orderMike Harcrow
FoultainFountainA contaminated springMike Harcrow
SquaredunceSquaredanceA nerd who is not actually all that brightMike Harcrow
SquiggliSquiggle(It. pl.) Several wormsMike Harcrow
SabbatheSabbathTo wash oneself each weekendMike Harcrow
StankardsStandardsThe point where even hobos can't stand how you smellMike Harcrow
CatacomabsCatacombsBurial in Washington stateMike Harcrow
SnipletSnippetWhat a guy leaves behind after circumcisionMike Harcrow
PastiencePatienceWell and truly beyond forbearance, particularly w.r.t. continued maskingJackin Yow
PedagoryPedagogyThe study of lessons learned from slasher filmsMike Harcrow
Murphy budMurphy bedAn immature fold-up sleep platformMike Harcrow
FestivaleFestivalSecluded location for a partyMike Harcrow
SlagrantFlagrantEgregious mine wasteMike Harcrow
FrowzenFrozenStone-age tool in a glacierMike Harcrow
KakyakKayakA crappy rowboatMike Harcrow
MeanderthalNeanderthalWanderers with a tendency to droolGary Tillery
SaccharindSaccharinThe crust which has developed on what remains of on an obsolete sugar substituteMike Harcrow
SesquicentennisSesquicentennialA very, very long volleyMike Harcrow
BunburnSunburnOne of the primary risks at a nude beachMike Harcrow
CosmonutCosmonautA crazy space travellerMike Harcrow
PlutocratePlutocratWhere Walt Disney's dog sleepsBarbara Gross
CallenderCalendarNomoroboBarbara Gross
GovernobGovernorJoy stickMike Harcrow
StyrofoalStyrofoamA polystyrene ponyMike Harcrow
SchelasticScholasticFlexible educationMike Harcrow
PoparityPolarityThe extreme points between a religious church leader and an apostate church leaderMike Harcrow
OffallOffalOn a very strict dietBarbara Gross
Offall(Alternative)On a very strict diet, and having the guts to do itDoug Langmead
Heir ApparelHeir ApparentGifts at a baby showerBarbara Gross
RhubarfRhubarbYupMike Harcrow
PutricianPatricianA rotten Roman politicianGeoff Williams
SpeedlingsSeedlingsA method of sowing crops that ensures higher production in a shorter periodGeoff Williams
ColtivateCultivateRaising horsesGeoff Williams
PillucidPellucidLost in translucenceDoug Langmead
MiniscullMinusculeRejected for sizeCarole Marantz
MantasyFantasyMale imaginationCarole Marantz
FowlmouthedFoulmouthedOne who imitates bird callsMike Harcrow
Brother-in-lawnBrother-in-lawWhen you're related by marriage to your groundskeeperMike Harcrow
CragappleCrabappleFruit from a geographically precarious orchardMike Harcrow
SnipperierSlipperierWhen the rabbi takes too much at the brisMike Harcrow
BygongBygoneA tam-tam's exitMike Harcrow
Coldtonic IrrigationColonic IrrigationWhat better way to sling the gin?Doug Langmead
GadatoutGadaboutOne who brags about their social lifeAnne DelCampo
CounterwintuitiveCounterintuitiveA paradoxical election resultAnne DelCampo
GeneralissimomGeneralissimoThe Supreme Commander of the FamilyAnne DelCampo
ThecesThesesPropositions or dissertations to be discussed and defended, that are truly a load of crapLeslie C
MandangleFandangleA solely ornamental willyAnne DelCampo
HautodidactAutodidactA self taught fashionistaAnne DelCampo
StupermanSupermanClark Kent…after a few shots of kryptoniteAnne DelCampo
ThroughtfullyThoughtfullyCompletely beyond a given barrierMike Harcrow
DognitionCognition A thought or reflection; specifically about one's dogLeslie C
InstimacyIntimacyThe act of seeking instant or immediate closeness with a desired object without taking the time to cultivating the deep knowledge or understanding needed for true intimacy.Leslie C
ThugboatTugboatTowing vessel with a bad reputationMike Harcrow
PissatorialPiscatorial"Advice" written on bathroom stall wallsMike Harcrow
EnterprizeEnterpriseHiring bonusMike Harcrow
PusillominousPusillanimousA dangerous cowardMike Harcrow
ClavicordClavichordAn old keyboard instrument in which the strings are made of real stringGeoff Williams
BaldercashBalderdashPeople who get donations to charity by having their heads shavedGeoff Williams
TrypistTypistThe worlds worst secretaryGeoff Williams
NeverestEverestThe strange attraction for people to climb the worlds highest mountain whatever the costGeoff Williams
IndigeniusIndigenousA brilliant nativeMike Harcrow
PropinequityPropinqhityThe fine art of ensuring that your assets are similar in value to those of your neighboursGeof Williams
GrenadersGrenadiersExcitable inhabitants of a Caribbean island who love to hurl live bombs at each otherGeoff Williams
KinclinationInclinationFamily resemblanceMike Harcrow
BrigadeerBrigadierConfining Bambi for heinous crimesGeoff Williams
SircusCircusA very rude profane British member of the aristocracyGeoff Williams
MailcontentMalcontentOverjoyed by what the postman bringsGeoff Williams
PfartFartGerman flatulenceName witheld
HornamentOrnamentDecoration on RhinoName witheld
ShootenanyHootenanyPistol-packin' GrannyName witheld
SkullfulSkillfulTired of studyingMike Harcrow
CrapheapScrapheapReason to relocate the outhouseMike Harcrow
DormulaicFormulaicSleep patternsMike Harcrow
BarticulateArticulateSlurred speechMike Harcrow
ConstantinopalConstantinopleA semiprecious stone found in the Bosporus regionMike Harcrow
AtomobileAutomobileThe future of alternatively-fueled vehiclesMike Harcrow
WeependWeekendA Saturday funeralMike Harcrow
OctoputzOctopusEight times the normal foolishness or clumsinessMike Harcrow
CarcophonyCacophonyA mini van full of childrenAura Marie Curtis
MemorrhagingHemorrhagingLosing your mindEmile Ouellette
MatheterCatheterA drain to rid the mind of high-school trig and calc classesMike Harcrow
WagnetometerMagnetometerThe measure of a dog's happinessMike Harcrow
WeldgieWedgieAn tragic ironworker's mishap; an unfortunate sealing of one's glutesMike Harcrow
AntelobeAntelopeThe rim of cartilage between the opening of the ear canal and the lower fleshy part of the outer earMike Harcrow
Tweet toothSweet toothThe ability to whistleMike Harcrow
ThreadboreThreadbareA troll who dominates a Twitter threadJackin Yow
PastastropheCatastropheAny noodle faux pasMike Harcrow
RamentLamentThe deep sorrow accompanying over-boiled noodlesMike Harcrow
PitnicPicnicOne who creates his own acne scarsMike Harcrow
JubilatteJubilateRejoicing over coffeeMike Harcrow
VeteramVeteranA sheep with battle scarsMike Harcrow
SuperthighwaySuperhighwayExercise plan for the large-hippedMike Harcrow
TrailerfTrailerMild expletive used when you jackknife your towMike Harcrow
ConvaletsceConvalesceRecovery for a car-park attendantMike Harcrow
ThousandyThousandRecognizing or addressing Sandra (King James Version)Mike Harcrow
LongitueLongitudeThe day between Longimon and LongiwedMike Harcrow
CounterschlockwiseCounterclockwiseThe direction a really cheap watch might runMike Harcrow
SmuttlecockShuttlecockA badminton volley piece with a foul mouth and a nasty attitudeMike Harcrow
FortunautFortunateA fortune seekerMike Harcrow
FlexhillbillityFlexibilityAble to be citifiedMike Harcrow
UnsoaphisticatedUnsophisticatedA non-washerMike Harcrow
CameleonChameleonA desert ruminant capable of camelflageMike Harcrow
KinquirerInquirerThat nosy auntMike Harcrow
Humorus HumorousI sure try! (and succeed ! Ed.)Mike Harcrow
SotcratesSocratesBoxes for drunksMike Harcrow
SlumbermSlumberA bed, usually narrowMike Harcrow
CultableCulpableDevotees are guilty!!Carole Marantz
JocturnalNocturnalNightly athletesCarole Marantz
ExtravacantExtravagantToo many "no shows"Carole Marantz
PrograsmProgramThe spontaneous proliferation of new programs following excessive stimulation of executive leadershipStephanie McClain
ThreadbardThreadbareOne who sings sewing instructionsMike Harcrow
ZimbabwayZimbabweRoadesiaMike Harcrow
CropuscleCorpuscleA tiny, independent particle with peas planted on itMike Harcrow
ScambledScrambledRiddled with griftMike Harcrow
IguanoIguanaLizard poopMike Harcrow
KibbutznikeKibbutznikCommunal running shoesMike Harcrow
KibitkakKibitkaPorta-pottyMike Harcrow
SpoonfledSpoonfedIn the poem, the dishfled, tooMike Harcrow
ZenitaliaGenitaliaOne's outer auraMike Harcrow
CoagulameCoagulateBad at clotting or jellingMike Harcrow
BleacheadBleachedPlatinum blondeMike Harcrow
ColognicColonicA scented enemaMike Harcrow
TubmontaneSubmontaneA shower drainMike Harcrow
ChillingoChilling[1] Specialized language for horror movie scripts; [2] Language of the cool kidsMike Harcrow
QuizlingQuislingTo win by fraudMike Harcrow
ScampieScampiA fraudulent tartMike Harcrow
InconsequintialInconsequentialMeaningless sparkles and spanglesMike Harcrow
InfernotInfernoHeavenBarbara Gross
LegamesLegumesPlaying footsie under the tableBarbara Gross
Frequent Fryer Frequent FlyerGuy Fieri or Paula DeenBarbara Gross
ListastrataLysistrataGeology student's homeworkBarbara Gross
DisembrowelDisembowelAttempt to pluck eyebrows ... with pliersJackin Yow
FaithlingFaithingA new convertMike Harcrow
ElipsElipseWhat to use to give a virtual kissBarbara Gross
SourghumSorghumCondition treated by a periodontistBarbara Gross
AlabasterdAlabasterA guy with a heart of stone.Barbara Gross
KeautiesBeautiesVery attractive women with their hair in pigtails and butterfly clipsDoug Langmead
InkedInLinkedInJob site for tattoo artistsBarbara Gross
FarmacyPharmacyA long way to go to pick up a prescriptionBarbara Gross
Pharmacy'sPharmacyDrug counter at a department storeBarbara Gross
KiddishYiddishThe language spoken by Israeli childrenBarbara Gross
TarchaicArchaicWhen asphalt is so out-of-date that you opt for a concrete drivewayJane Sasser
Statin IslandStaten IslandA place where residents are known for their low rate of heart diseaseBarbara Gross
CarbuckleCarbuncleSeat beltBarbara Gross
ConpassionCompassionAnything to get her in the sackJackin Yow
MassignationAssignationGroup gropeJackin Yow
RanthemAnthemProtest musicMike Harcrow
CorrugrateCorrugateA dollar-store cheese or vegetable julienning deviceMike Harcrow
SuperpiousSuperbiousPapal in natureMike Harcrow
ObstunateObstinateDetermined to shockCarole Marantz
GemagogueDemagogueDespotic jewelry appraiserCarole Marantz
ExcaptionalExceptionalUnique inscriptionCarole Marantz
EnterproseEnterpriseWordy undertakingCarole Marantz
SononymsSynonymsSimilar male childrenCarole Marantz
CarpetbangerCarpetbaggerSex on the living room floorGeoff Williams
BarberianBarbarianArmy haircutsGeoff Williams
CorpmuscleCorpuscleA company that includes free gym passes as part of its benefit packageGeoff Williams
CelloplaneCellophaneA method of transportation for an orchestraGeoff Williams
GridgeBridgeAnimosity at the card tableGeoff Williams
PsunamiTsunamiA tidal wave in the eastern MediterraneanMike Harcrow
FilmflamFlimflamTo document a grifterBarbara Gross
RikotterRicottaWelcome back cheese to my dietBarbara Gross
UslurpUsurpTo seize someone's drink at a 7-11Barbara Gross
CroissaintCroissantA communion waferMike Harcrow
DidgeridoDidgeridooAboriginal faux pasMike Harcrow
ScurgeScourgeTo punish with an endless lectureMike Harcrow
PhlebottomyPhlebotomyTaking blood from behindMike Harcrow
PetteryPotteryBeswick figurinesMike Harcrow
CwminalCriminalA Welsh felonMike Harcrow
BirthpayBirthdayNatal tabMike Harcrow
CelibrateCelibateA non-orgyMike Harcrow
OrcatOrcaJust another unsuccessful chimeraMike Harcrow
CircusstanceCircumstanceOne's view on clown and animal actsMike Harcrow
CrepusculardCrepuscularEvening baconMike Harcrow
UncommaUncommonWithout Oxford conformityMike Harcrow
TorianderCorianderRight-wing parsleyMike Harcrow
SaladmanderSalamanderUnexpected protein in your greensMike Harcrow
DomimatrixDominatrixMotherboardMike Harcrow
KnaifNaifSharp but innocentMike Harcrow
PursonalizedPersonalizedCat's unique sound Carole Marantz
AvocalypseApocalypseAnti-vax disasterCarole Marantz
MaskmasterTaskmasterDr. Fauci's attitude re masksCarole Marantz
LiurnalDiurnalDaily liesCarole Marantz
TimpidLimpidA small soggy donut marketed by a Canadian corporationGeoff Williams
TyruantTruantA dictator who skipped all of his school yearsGeoff Williams
MarathinMarathonA diet based on running 26.2 miles a dayGeoff Williams
FargeryForgeryCrime in a N Dakota cityGeoff Williams
MastodontMastodonWhy those big creatures went extinctGeoff Williams
ResisdanceResistanceWallflowerMike Harcrow
ConifermationConfirmationCorrectly recognizing evergreensMike Harcrow
MinibumMinimumA diminutive panhandlerMike Harcrow
VolkswagerVolkswagenThe people's betMike Harcrow
CordledCurdledTo have gained a ropy viscosityMike Harcrow
OpprobariumOpprobriumThe disgrace of the enemaMike Harcrow
NaidamantNaïvetéCocksure viridity in the Garden of EdenDoug Langmead
ShipbolethShibbolethNo whistling aboardJackin Yow
WiurnalDiurnalDaily questionsCarole Marantz
UncertainlyUncertaintyHaving a bit of difficulty working on Heisenberg's theoryGeoff Williams
TriobitesTrilobitesTiny sandwiches that can be consumed in three mouthfulsGeoff Williams
BolliclesFolliclesTufts of hair in strategic places on the male bodyGeoff Williams
CastronautAstronautCuban space manGeoff Williams
MadshipmanMidshipmanA sailor who can no longer stand being at sea for long periodsGeoff Williams
Madshipman(Comment).....and joining the Stern GangDoug Langmead
FantangoFandangoWhat Barcelona soccer club supporters do after a big winGeoff Williams
BlandmangeBlancmangeHospital mealsGeoff Williams
LusterineListerineA very special mouthwash that raises your libido as it cleanses your mouthGeoff Williams
SemiconductorSemiconductorsDispatcher at an electric trucking companyAnne DelCampo
CologneoscopyColonoscopyEau de merdeAnne DelCampo
FakeboardingWakeboardingKeeping surf gear strapped to your car but having no idea how to use itMike Harcrow
CrudeitésCruditésA veritable variety of vulgar vegetablesAnne DelCampo
DrunkyardDrunkardA BiergartenAnne DelCampo
GalabasterAlabasterFestive white stone or plasterMike Harcrow
SyclophantSycophantA one-eyed brownnoserMike Harcrow
RustaceanCrustaceanAn oxidized lobsterMike Harcrow
DachahundDachshundStrays on vacationMike Harcrow
ItifulPitifulFull of itMike Harcrow
ScantileverCantileverA Juliet balconyMike Harcrow
ToiletreesToiletriesCamping solutionMike Harcrow
PealletsPelletsKumquatsMike Harcrow
NopinionOpinionGearlessMike Harcrow
FeztoonFestoonA garland of Tommy Coopers, "just like that"!Doug Langmead
PottiPottoA tiny mammal that when frightened hides under the bedGeoff Williams
TransmogrifryTransmogrifyIntending to return to earth after death as an angel one makes a wrong turnGeoff Williams
TramsmoggifyTransmogrifyAfter ones death returning to earth as a catGeoff Williams
AmbiguiltyAmbiguityOn the other hand I just may have done itGeoff Williams
CracketCricketA new game for those with short attention spans wherein you toss a walnut in the air and try to break it with a bat made of willowGeoff Williams
RainationRuinationEnglandGeoff Williams
EtoxicExoticCyber-transmitted mortalityEmile Ouellette
ArubalaArugulaSalad popular in the CaribbeanBarbara Gross
AmplesauceApplesauceMy pasta is fine.Barbara Gross
Ali BabkaAli BabaThe guy who stole my cakeBarbara Gross
LeefullyGleefullyNot on the sunny sideMike Harcrow
DronedaryDromedaryA remote-control camelMike Harcrow
ShinocerosRhinocerosAn irradiated ungulateMike Harcrow
MugneticMagneticAttracted to huge cupsCarole Marantz
TenophobicXenophobicAnti anything ten !Carole Marantz
BaliroomBallroomA place to stay in IndonesiaMike Harcrow
RoblematicProblematicCostume malfunctionMike Harcrow
IrefighterFirefighterOne who suppresses her displeasureMike Harcrow
OptometrystOptometristMore than just an eye appointmentMike Harcrow
PsichisesPsychosesProblems with Greek lettersMike Harcrow
CourtesankCourtesanA drowned loverMike Harcrow
Bona fidosBona fidesPedigreed petsBarbara Gross
AyatollyahAyatollahYou should have listened to me!Barbara Gross
FinefighterFirefighterOne who protests a parking ticketBarbara Gross
CamellotCamelotWhere to park your camelBarbara Gross
Home nunHome run Noun. Possibly an Adj as well.
When a member of a religious community of women does something that is particularly successful.
Thomas G Keller
ProcrestinationProcrastinationSleeping while you don't do stuffMike Harcrow
HamomletHamletDanish breakfast dishBarbara Gross
Diary QueenDairy QueenElizabeth's secrets revealed!Barbara Gross
Fandingle FandangleAficionados' glenMike Harcrow
AnteclimaxAnticlimaxTo bet after the cards are dealtBarbara Gross
A PropostA ProposPer your InstagramBarbara Gross
Riga MortisRigor MortisHow to tell if a Latvian is deadBarbara Gross
JursyJuryWhat one wears to a trialMike Harcrow
ExanimationExaminationA former cartoonMike Harcrow
ComppostCompostStamp not requiredBarbara Gross
LavanderLavenderThe sweet smell after a volcanic eruptionBarbara Gross
BarigoldMarigoldFlower-shaped ingotBarbara Gross
ToothwasteToothpastePlaqueBarbara Gross
CannibalisCannabisEating marijuana instead of smoking itBarbara Gross
ConsommationConsummationFinishing your soupBarbara Gross
ShofartShofarA ram's horn badly blownMike Harcrow
PerkalePercaleBed sheets made of finely woven cabbageMike Harcrow
PlumbingoPlumbingSuddenly discovering, after hours of frustrated investigation, the source of a pipe leakMike Harcrow
JurisrudenceJurisprudenceThe study of unrefined barristryMike Harcrow
BruischettaBruschettaWhen the tomatoes are banged up but you top your toast with them anywayMike Harcrow
BrushettaBruschettaWhat to do when Etta's hair is untidyMike Harcrow
FecathlonDecathlonDodging ten piles at the dog parkMike Harcrow
AtmospthereAtmosphereNot this planet's gaseous envelope but that one'sMike Harcrow
SorgumSorghumThe after effect of a tooth-pullingMike Harcrow
ScrambbleScrambleComing up with WPMI words whilst shuffling tiles in an attempt to maximise your Scrabble score.Doug Langmead
RapitalistCapitalistOne who's made lots of money by intoning profane patter to an incessant beatMike Harcrow
SandoffStandoffWhat you want most after a day at the beach...that and a margaritaMike Harcrow
BarbuncleCarbuncleThe wittiest of your parent's male siblingsMike Harcrow
PrevaridatePrevaricateUse someone else's picture on match.comBarbara Gross
Revote controlRemote controlRunoff electionBarbara Gross
LollipotLollipopHalloween basketBarbara Gross
GelatinounGelatinousA jiggly person, place, or thingMike Harcrow
StadisticsStatisticsDoing cruel, unspeakable things with numbersGeoff Williams
GonGinI only opened this bottle half an hour ago-where did it all go?Geoff Williams
PuntificatePontificatePapal double entendreMike Harcrow
HabitbatHabitatA flying mammal that will cause a nun to dance unexpectedly when she dressesMike Harcrow
CarniforeCarnivoreOne who golfs poorly with meatballsMike Harcrow
FlourescentFluorescentThe wonderful smell in a bakeryBarbara Gross
VaccinenationVaccinationA country where everyone has gotten their shotsBarbara Gross
SkimpeeSkimpyA sewage treatment plantMike Harcrow
CaravatCaravanSeveral fermentation or mixing tanks in a rowMike Harcrow
IdeorogueIdeologueProponent of an unexpected wayMike Harcrow
CarburritoCarburetorWhat regulates the air to gas ratio in flatulenceMike Harcrow
FloorishFlourishAppearing to be an indoor walking surfaceMike Harcrow
ContemporareContemporarySliced fresh off the cow and served immediatelyMike Harcrow
CurfailCurtailA creature's inability to be a dogMike Harcrow
PalratePalpateBFF or notMike Harcrow
HenbrewsHebrewsTea for chickensMike Harcrow
DivoteeDevoteeA cusp-topped toothpick holding a golfer's Club Sandwich together.Doug Langmead
BichBachToo hot to HandelJackin Yow
MedelsohnMendelssohnBruch's nemesisJackin Yow
PetulentPetulantBorrow "man's best friend"Carole Marantz
PiurnalDiurnalDaily dessertCarole Marantz
CatasonicCatatonicSilent soundCarole Marantz
AttequatorAttenuatorA big knob that reduces circumferential amplitudeMike Harcrow
StercoraleousStercoraceousRelating to marine polyp poopMike Harcrow
BeathovenBeethovenMozartJackin Yow
PhilthyFilthyPhilip, before his bathMike Harcrow
MystressMistressProblems with a loverMike Harcrow
ConchubineConcubineA gastropodic courtesanMike Harcrow
UssessmentAssessmentEvaluation of our groupMike Harcrow
RubrickRubricWhen the assignment outweighs the purview of the courseMike Harcrow
BicyclopsBicyclistA one-eyed giant with the rare genetic abnormality of two eyesMike Harcrow
GaspirinAspirinHead and tummy tabsMike Harcrow
EmoatMoatA melodramatic ditchMike Harcrow
HarmonicabHarmonicaA taxi driver with a mouth organMike Harcrow
CircusitousCircuitousWhen a three-ring show takes the long way to its next venueMike Harcrow
DymanicDynamicExpire freneticallyJackin Yow
TaxipermistTaxidermistSomeone who can give you a ride, style your hair and leave you looking dead gorgeousDoug Williams
AmoelbaAmoebaAn organism that is delicious when spread on toasted crackers( you need rather a lot)Geoff Williams
EggcentricEgocentricA person fixated on ChickensGeoff Williams
AstrongentAstringentA weightlifterGeoff Williams
SnobservationObservationElitist point of viewEmile Ouellette
AnchoraleAnchorageA singing group that just stands thereMike Harcrow
AbchemyAlchemyMagic weight lossMike Harcrow
CabrogateAbrogateRefusing to take a taxi that you have hailed because you do not like the look of thee driverGeoff Williams
ArrograntArrogantAllocation of arrows to English bowmen at Agincourt by Henry VGeoff Williams
AssympotmaticAsymptomaticThose that believe if they show no symptoms of Covid after vaccination that they cannot be carriers and thereafter ignore the standard safety precautionsGeoff Williams
CongomerationConglomerationCentral-African mash-upMike Harcrow
SupertankardSupertankerThe 5-gallon steinMike Harcrow
NincomplopNincompoopA fool's fallMike Harcrow
SapportSupportDeplete wineCarol Marantz
InfermationInformationImplied knowledgeCarol Marantz
CacophunyCacophonyAmusing noiseCarol Marantz
TeanderthalNeanderthalAncient beverageCarol Marantz
ControverseControversyA musical or poetic chorus, refrain, or bridgeMike Harcrow
CryoplasticPyroclasticArtificial, moldable compound created in below-freezing temperaturesMike Harcrow
CoiffumeCoiffureThe olfactory effect of too much AquaNetMike Harcrow
ReasonateResonateTo prove a point over and over and overBalazs Monoki
ReefereeRefereeCannabis quality managerBalazs Monoki
HaberdisheryHaberdasheryMen's unwashed kitchenware and accessoriesBalazs Monoki
VetflixNetflixStreaming movies about war or animals.Barbara Gross
JackplotJackpotA plan to steal a car.Barbara Gross
FillybusterFilibusterA bronco who trains female horsesBarbara Gross
stop & stopstop & shopDon't go into that supermarket!Barbara Gross
iProneiPhoneTending to shop for electronic equipment at an Apple storeBarbara Gross
CrudenzaCredenzaA sideboard requiring refurbishmentMike Harcrow
ChancellationCancellationWhen the choir sings at the altarMike Harcrow
PostmaxPostmanThe charge for a first-class stamp (with insurance and tracking and overnight delivery and a mint on your pillow)Mike Harcrow
CycaloneCycloneOne person on a tandem bike, riding like the windDoug Langmead
PerfumPerfumeScented vapesMike Harcrow
CycaloneCycloneOne on a tandem bikeMike Harcrow
GuestrouseGuesthouseA wake-up callMike Harcrow
EproxyEpoxyA sticky surrogateMike Harcrow
KwaiserKaiserRuler of a river in ThailandMike Harcrow
GardenialGardeniaOne who insists she has a green thumb in spite of her perpetual herbal casualtiesMike Harcrow
ImplankImplantTo be injured by a particularly large splinterMike Harcrow
OcarenalOcarinaA kidney-shaped fluteMike Harcrow
PiecurstPiecrustOne's continuing inability to successfully make tartsMike Harcrow
AdoriginalAboriginalOne's first child or first loveMike Harcrow
HanquettesBanquettesTiny nautical fastenersMike Harcrow
SequinoxEquinoxThe time of year when female performers switch out their costumesMike Harcrow
CommissalyCommissaryCatholic bookstoreMike Harcrow
PhōdodendronRhododendronThe genus of shrub on which rice noodles are grownMike Harcrow
NympholispyNympholepsyThe speech impediment many guys get around beautiful womenMike Harcrow
AsympotesAsymptotesAdjacent sterilized donkeysName withheld
GrinnGrinAdapting traditional Fairy stories to provide a happy endingGeoff Williams
CamooseVamooseMaking your getaway in the back of a railway trainGeoff Williams
PakestinianPalestinianThe uncanny ability to take two diverse nationalities and insult them both at the same timeGeoff Williams
NikedNikeAppearing in public wearing nothing but running shoesGeoff Williams
SunkdeckSundeckIt did not look anything like that on the original plans dearGeoff Williams
CautherizeCauterizeGiving the OK to the surgeon to ram electric wires up your noseGeoff Williams
GlutzGlitzJust too much blingGeoff Williams
CoaterieCoterieThat place in a theatre where you leave your outer garmentsGeoff Williams
FortumatelyFortunatelyLucky in loveGeoff Williams
LackadaisycalLackadaisicalNot showing enough enthusiasm, for the lack of a daisy.Vali Jamal
DamphletsPamphletsBrochures distributed in the rainMike Harcrow
YomageHomageStreet greet for Houdini, Copperfield, et alMike Harcrow
QuicksendQuicksandInstant electronic transfer of funds, information, communication, etc.Mike Harcrow
CheckmaneCheckmateThe purpose of mirrorsMike Harcrow
DelicatessenceDelicatessenThe smell of sliced meatsMike Harcrow
HamisphereHemisphereComedy night clubJackin Yow
EgotesticleEgotisticalSelf important maleLaura Ciszek
RectumferenceCircumferenceThe measurement of how big an asshole you are.Dana Belanger
MisteakeMistakeA diet characterized by an excessive amount of red meat.John Amodeo
FicuspidBicuspidToothy shrubberyMike Harcrow
AstroblumeAstroblemeFlowers in a craterMike Harcrow
AxtinguishExtinguishDestroy with hatchetCarole Marantz
EnergazeEnergizeIntense stareCarole Marantz
CarpulentCorpulentOversized vehicleCarole Marantz
QuarterbockQuarterbackSouth African trying out for US Pro teamGeoff Williams
LattrineLatrineThe absolute worst cup of coffee you have ever hadGeoff Williams
ConnectarConnectorA juicy linkMike Harcrow
PoseidontPoseidonNo fish-fry tonight, dearJackin Yow
AfroditeAphroditeHer Nubian cousinJackin Yow
ArthemisArtemisUsed car lot, specializing in souped-up muscle carsJackin Yow
TwitansTitansThe other slew of kids whom Uranus and Gaia preferred not to acknowledgeJackin Yow
PanopolyPanoplyA board game using cookware as game piecesMike Harcrow
FalltersFaltersWireless parachutesDoug Langmead
LevelatorElevatorGoes only left and rightEmile Ouellette
FloccidentFlocculentAn unexpected rip in one's sweaterMike Harcrow
ChuffleShuffleA brute's impaired gaitMike Harcrow
GhieveryThieveryStolen butterMike Harcrow
CurddlyCuddlyWhey too affectionateDoug Langmead
AlcoolicAlcoholicAddicted to air conditioningMike Harcrow
CorneryOrnery1. Cantankerous maize
2. Stuck at the junction of two walls
Mike Harcrow
ImpoachmentImpoachmentWhat is done to a politician who gets into hot waterBarbara Gross 
SpigoxSpigotWall-mounted oxygen tapMike Harcrow
TarmentorTormentorOne who teaches others how to lay asphalt surfacesGeoff Williams
FlirtattiousFlirtatiousInked seductressMike Harcrow
OctopunOctopusMaximum number of inferences known to exist in a single word jokeMike Harcrow
BarberianBarbarianA savage hairdresserMike Harcrow
ColumnbineColumbineA tall, rigid wildflower; a manly buttercupMike Harcrow
StrutegyStrategySwagger stressCarole Marantz
CafegorizeCategorizeAnalysis of simple fare eateriesCarole Marantz
MisogylistMisogynistA compilation of despised womenCarole Marantz
VioleftVioletPurple on the port sideMike Harcrow
ProvokstProvostAn easily annoyed administratorMike Harcrow
PorcupincePorcupineA rodent with both offensive and defensive weaponryMike Harcrow
MisteakeMistakeA diet characterized by an excessive amount of red meat.John Amodeo
AfghonistanAfghanistanUSA finally moves all its troops out.Geoff Williams
VicarousVicariousA cockney priests ‘omeGeoff Williams
ImpdentImpudentWhat a hellion driver may causeMike Harcrow
CraptozoologyCryptozoologyThe study of the digestive and expurgation processes of mythical creaturesMike Harcrow
EcdysiantEcdysiastA formic pole dancerMike Harcrow
SkeptaclesSpectaclesA questionable prescriptionMike Harcrow
FontraryContraryInsubordinate typesetterMike Harcrow
SatisfunktorySatisfactory(Self-evident)Emile Ouellette
ImpostropheApostropheGiven the considerable difficulty the general population has in the proper use of the apostrophe, I suggest we just acknowledge reality and change the word accordinglyClark Ohnesorge Jr
InconsoleableInconsolableGoing into a deep depression because someone has stolen your favourite stereo systemGeoff Williams
NongooseMongooseA very confused creature that knows it cannot fly and is afraid of cobrasGeoff Williams
LaoindaryLapidaryA French rabbit that has been turned to stoneGeoff Williams
Markist-LeninistMarxist-LeninistOne who gets fed up with spending hours marking Russian students term papers and throws their lot in with revolutionariesGeoff Williams
LeviscerateEviscerateSteal bluejeans from a clotheslineJackin Yow
LiverateLiberateWhat cirrhosis didJackin Yow
SecretarpSecretaryClerk coverMike Harcrow
FlockenspielGlockenspielHarmonious fowlMike Harcrow
BromitesBromidesTiny organisms that tend to inhabit your best buddyGeoff Williams
AstrakanAstrakhanToilet on a Star shipGeoff Williams
ClamorousGlamorousA desire for shellfish; an alluring molluskMike Harcrow
ZuezZeusEgyptian god of maritime mishapsJackin Yow
CallipigeonCallipygianSexy strutter on the plazaMike Harcrow
ArtcheryArcheryDrawing bowsDoug Langmead
MantankerousCantankerousDescribing a guy with a beer bellyMike Harcrow
SicophantsSycophantsStressed out by teeny insectsCarole Marantz
CatcusCaucusRude,nasty felineCarole Marantz
DandylionsDandelionsGlamorous beastsCarole Marantz
MollydoddleMollycoddleOr should I hold out for Hermione?Jackin Yow
SignecureSinecureA job where one teaches people who can only make an X how to sign their names properlyGeoff Williams
SuffolcatedSuffocatedMoving your home to one in an Eastern English countyGeoff Williams
SquallorSqualorDebris after a stormMike Harcrow
ApostrophyApostropheAn ancient award given to the Disciple who performed most miracles in a monthGeoff Williams
BallbearersPallbearersJock strapsGeoff Williams
BridgegroomBridegroomMarrying your card playing partnerGeoff Williams
PilotonPelotonStage leaders in the Tour de France Doug Williams
CirculardCircularMolson’s muscle or Labatt’s lumpJackin Yow
AntimalardialAntimalarialBuckshotJackin Yow
TroothacheToothacheThat poignant moment when you tell your child that there is no Tooth FairyGeoff Williams
Tempo di falseTempo di valseWhen the movement states it’s a dance but the meter is 7/8Mike Harcrow
LordialCordialWith the air of minor royaltyMike Harcrow
MurkantileMercantileFive-and-dime after a floodMike Harcrow
KlondiveKlondikeA “polar bear plunge”Mike Harcrow
AlcaczarAlcazarA Russian potentate in a Spanish castleMike Harcrow
DeracifateDeracinateDeath of a carrotMike Harcrow
HodiearnalHodiernalDaily wageMike Harcrow
LycranthropyLycanthropyBecoming a werewolf in spandexMike Harcrow
SnobbygosterSnollygosterAn unscrupulous classistMike Harcrow
AnachronismoAnachronismAn outdated AtlasDoug Langmead
Maunderette Launderette Coin-operated washing machines which drift during the spin cycleMike Harcrow
ReminentEminentConspicuous has-beenJackin Yow
CowbelleCowbellAlluring heiferEmile Ouellette 
OmitousVomitousDry heavesMike Harcrow
BeefriendBefriendverb..to form a bond with someone you are barbecuing steak withTom St. Louis 
 Anguillifork AnguilliformA tool for roasting an eelMike Harcrow
FintimatesIntimates (v.)Making fishy insinuationsMike Harcrow
ShtupShut-upCOVID shut-in’s imperative followed by an interrogative?Jackin Yow
MarathongMarathonHow your underwear feels after running 26.2 milesMike Harcrow
ParadimesParadigms20 centsMike Harcrow
Halzheimer’sAlzheimer’sThe new wonder drug: now you can hide your own Easter EggsJackin Yow
Antidisestabfishment- arianismAntidisestablishment- arianismOpposition to the retraction of government funding for spearfishingMike Harcrow
SuperindententSuperintendentOne prone to using multiple tab stopsMike Harcrow
AdministraitorAdministratorA conspiratorial bureaucratMike Harcrow
ConnaptionConniptionA tantrum at nap timeMike Harcrow
LogomachoLogomachyFisticuffs over verbiage; manly wordsmithingMike Harcrow
ManumentalMonumentalAlpha maleCarole Marantz
ReasurrectionResurrectionSildenafil ™Jackin Yow
MobarchistMonarchistA member of the Mafia who just loves the British Royal familyGeoff Williams
StitltifyStultifyTo perform a daring circus actGeoff Williams
RingleaverRingleaderHanging up on unidentified phone callsGeoff Williams
ShirthandedShorthandedA desperate last second attempt at a tackle in a rugby game.Geoff Williams
CurlycuesCurlicuesSpending your time waiting in the line up for your Covid shot by standing in a mazeGeoff Williams
AmbergriosAmbergrisSmelling like a rose but feeling like shitDoug Langmead
FlawLawAbnormally long armsDoug Langmead
Hazel tovMazel tovAn expression of congratulations with a noticeable tinge of envyMike Harcrow
NoctambullystNoctambulistOne who is mean to others only in his dreamsMike Harcrow
NudacityNugacityUndressing without purposeMike Harcrow
GibraltardGibraltarA marriage on the rocksDoug Langmead
EvicerateEviscerateAn ancient tradition of cutting large slices out of sinners in order to relieve them of their sinful waysGeoff Williams
SurverSurferA phenomenon usually found in Hawaii wherein natives ride surfboards out to stranded novice surfers and deliver a cocktail to themGeoff Williams
ExpirateExpiateA retired buccaneerGeoff Williams
IcklesPicklesKimchiMike Harcrow
SongramSonogramEvidence of a boyMike Harcrow
BloodsnotBloodshotResult of a ruptured nasal vesselMike Harcrow
CapillardyCapillaryPorcine blood supplierMike Harcrow
GuntrifryGentrifyThoughts, actions and speech intensely influenced by the Second AmendmentCarole Marantz
BullyacheBellyacheSick of constant harassmentCarole Marantz
HostericalHystericalOver-indulges guestsCarole Marantz
Non trippoNon troppoA musical directive meaning “don’t screw up;” “allegro non trippo,” for example, means “quickly and without embarrassing yourself”Mike Harcrow
PinebibberWinebibberEwell GibbonsMike Harcrow
RhinoclasticRhinoplasticPertaining to fossilized fragments of horned ungulatesMike Harcrow
LollygaffeLollygagA hard candy faux pasMike Harcrow
TunambulistFunambulistAn ocean food-fish walking a highwireMike Harcrow
StenturianStentorianLiving for at least a hundred years with a dicky heartGeoff Williams
TeemitesTermitesVery small golfersGeoff Williams
PrimodeniturePrimogenitureYour son and heir’s first toothGeoff Williams
SemiquiverSemiquaverA poor economy in Nottingham Forest causes Robin Hood and his Merry Men to cut down sharply on the number of arrows that they carryGeoff Williams
CorgiesCorgisWhat happens at Buckingham Palace when the Queen is away and she puts Prince Andrew in charge of her beloved dogs.Geoff Williams
ObestreperousObstreperousA weight-defiant/control-defiant personVali Jamal
HornitholigistOrnitholigistA person with deep thoughts of sexual activities with birdsAllan Diamond 
VaccinakedVaccinatedWhen you took off your shirt to get a shot, because you couldn’t roll up your sleeve high enough.  In a sentence: I went to get my COVID-19 vaccination, and ended up getting vaccinakedCharles Hostetler
CowefficientCoefficientA champion milk producerGeoff Williams
WimpledonWimbledonA high level tennis tournament in UK restricted to entry by nuns onlyGeoff Williams
MarinariaMarinaraA saucy little songMike Harcrow
DypsepticDyspepticWallowing in a pit of vile furyJackin Yow
MutfiMuftiWhat you pay the pound to take Rover homeJackin Yow
SixpeckSixpack1. Chickens who work out
2.  Beer supply for a South African
Geoff Williams
UndergrabUndergradUniversity student who makes his living as a pickpocketGeoff Williams
CoperatorOperatorPerson handling the switchboard at the local police stationGeoff Williams
Clan-openerCan-openerClaymoreJackin Yow
StrumpestStrumpet1. The most obvious manifestation of the profession 2. The one who will not leave the passenger-side window when the light changesJackin Yow
SackclotSackclothKidney stoneJackin Yow
DaffydilDaffodilCrazy soup greensCarole Marantz
RafterthoughtAfterthoughtMaybe the lumberjack should have put on a life jacketJackin Yow
MoribundittyMoribundityA surprisingly upbeat funeral tuneAnne DelCampo
SpermeatePermeateImpregnateAnne DelCampo
DisembrogueDisembogueTake your shoes offAnne DelCampo
HarmöbiusHarmoniousThe sound of infinityMike Harcrow
UptopiaUtopiaThe perfect mountaintop communeMike Harcrow
SirendipitySerendipityA chance encounter with a seductressAnne DelCampo
MisstakenMistakenFind another prom dateEmile Ouellette 
GraveryGravyA fuller-bodied gravyAmy German 
McCawMacawA Scottish parrotMike Harcrow
PyathlonPythonA footrace for big snakesMike Harcrow
SpectaculardSpectacularThe best pig fat everMike Harcrow
LampshameLampshadeThe inability to afford nice interior lighting, leaving you stuck with your parents’ “vintage pieces”Mike Harcrow
HunderstormThunderstormWhen it’s raining cats and dogs but without the catsMike Harcrow
SousaponeSousaphoneMarching cornbreadMike Harcrow
HarpentryCarpentryCue for the harpistMike Harcrow
LaginLoginProcrastinateCarole Marantz 
SuperfacialSuperficialLarge FaceCarole Marantz 
ReffluviumEffluviumUmp’s odious callsJackin Yow
EvangelasticEvangelisticReady to move to a more “in” religion as necessaryGeoff Williams
CollargenCollagenThe little label inside a mans shirt to tell you the size of the neckGeoff Williams
ScrawnScrawnyThe opposite of brawn; brute wimpinessMike Harcrow
HarmacyPharmacyAn apothecary devoted to breaking the Hippocratic OathMike Harcrow
UrneasinessUneasinessFeelings of anxiety or discomfort in a crematoriumMia Debidin
ProstauteProstateWhen confronted with a really good reason to puckerJackin Yow
AllygatorAlligatorA supportive, encouraging swamp reptileMike Harcrow
UranatingUrinating/PissingAn astronaut passing into space on his way to the seventh planetDoug Langmead
PaladroitMaladroitThat awkward friendMike Harcrow
BolshevicksBolsheviksCold remedy used by Russian revolutionariesGeoff Williams
FalsyhoodFalsehoodPlush cashmere sweaterJackin Yow
EmergencryEmergencyIn politics, climate, sexuality, colour, public health, language, employment, voting, etc., etc., “It’s not fair!”Jackin Yow
TransmatableTransmutableChacun à son goût!Jackin Yow
PrepperoniPepperoniOne item in a doomsday survival kitMike Harcrow
ImportankImportantMechanized cavalry purchased from another countryMike Harcrow
ConsommateConsummateWhen a groom in his dotage makes a potage of his stewardshipDoug Langmead
CargohydratesCarbohydratesA shipload of organic compoundsGeoff Williams
OrgientalOrientalHot times in ShanghaiGeoff Williams
VeteranariansVeterinariansOld soldiers who have gone to the dogsGeoff Williams
DimosaursDinosaursWhy they went extinctGeoff Williams
BlaseballBaseball39000 Texans who could not care less about contracting a serious disease so long as they can watch a baseball game and drink beer in publicGeoff Williams
PerpetractorPerpetratorMiscreant farm vehicleMike Harcrow
SuspicniciousSuspiciousA questionable outdoor mealMike Harcrow
AirwhorthyAirworthyMail-order inflatable “companion”Jackin Yow
ExcementExcrementSupport payments that bindJackin Yow
Rifft-rafftRiff-raffMany a marital bedJackin Yow
FemurlFemurThe underpinning of a hippy chickDoug Langmead
PaliticsPoliticsElected work for pals not their constituentsCarole Marantz
EquinotEquinoxEqual, we are not !Carole Marantz
JockularityJocularityA Scottish sense of humourGeoff Williams
AdmenistrationAdministrationThe business and financial side of the advertising tradeGeoff Williams
SplinthPlinthA statue erected in honour of a man with a lisp and a broken armGeoff Williams
DentropyEntropySo, your average lay-about man-cave?Jackin Yow
IntertitialInterstitialEr, cleavage?Jackin Yow
BlockdownLockdownBricklayers’ calls for strike actionJackin Yow
PigmeantPigmentWrong colorEmile Ouellette
ForrestforestA place far away you go to for restDonna Di Paolo 
QueeryQueryVerb: To ask a friend if they are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer or questioning.
Noun: The question being asked to learn a friend’s sexual orientation.
Jerry Steinberg 
JourkneeJourneyJoint issues from tourist walkingMike Harcrow
MisprisonMisprisionParoleGeoff Williams
CompactibiltyCompatibiltyLearning to drive in a small carGeoff Williams
GharishGarishWhere a drunkard parks his carGeoff Williams
DiswilleryDistilleryAn establishment that produces less than palpable Spiritus FrumentiMary Ellen Quigley 
InsurgeontsInsurgentsRebel doctorsMike Harcrow
ConglamerateConglomerateA large group of flamboyant peopleMike Harcrow
PatternosterPaternosterDelivering a sermon by text messageGeoff Williams
DignosedDiagnosedSomeone with a proboscis like a shovelGeoff Williams
FlootballFootballA team game wherein one has to control a soccer ball while playing a musical instrumentGeoff Williams
AmorpheousAmorphous/MorpheusA dream lover on a malleable matrixDoug Langmead
PorkmanteauPortmanteauA pigskin brief caseGeoff Williams
ShiitakerShiitakeKept-in-the-dark kowtowerJackin Yow
SubpeonySubpoenaNot quite a peony (that is, not showy enough)Mike Harcrow
CruditionEruditionCovering up your high intelligence by using foul languageGeoff Williams
TumoresqueHumoresqueSuffering from a severe condition but keeping a cheerful attitudeGeoff Williams
DearthbedDeathbedMarital sleeping arrangement in one-bed dysfunctional familyJackin Yow
BumbskullNumbskullCranio-rectal inversionJackin Yow
PeregrinotionsPeregrinationsSo wasted, you think you’re actually capable of flightJackin Yow
RevaricatePrevaricateThe practice of habitual liarsMike Harcrow
BandemicPandemicCovid 19 hoaxersCarole Marantz
UrgerySurgeryOperating on desireMike Harcrow
PorcinemaPorcinePig moviesMike Harcrow
Ergotic HypothesisErgodic HypothesisThe assumption that everyone will eventually touch your Joules at an orgyName Witheld
PrognostrilcatePrognosticateForetell by smellMike Harcrow
CaprioletCabrioletCry sent up by a Spaniard seeing a beautiful Island off the Italian West coast for the first timeGeoff Williams
ArabaleArableEgyptian beer made from grass clippingsGeoff Williams
HindfastHandfastConstipatedJackin Yow
BelaborateElaborateSkewer to exhaustionJackin Yow
DuporableDeplorableCapable of being dupedCarole Marantz
NinentityNonenityNinety year old person of worthCarole Marantz
PlebeanPlebeianThe pedestrian pinto, the lowly lentil, the common canneliniAnne DelCampo
UsquelaughUsquebaughA wee giggle after a wee nipAnne DelCampo
ConsniptionConniptionHysterics in the wake of a horrible haircutAnne DelCampo
PimpotentImpotentProcurer’s temporary officeJackin Yow
SassquatchSasquatchA mouthy bigfootMike Harcrow
CarporealCorporealAttributes of your automobileMike Harcrow
SlarchStarchA stiff coniferMike Harcrow
CuriocityCuriosityAn entire metropolitan area of flea markets, souvenir shops, and side showsMike Harcrow
AdiosyncraticIdiosyncraticWeird, but not really giving a damn what people thinkJackin Yow
ArchestraOrchestraA grouping of partial circlesMike Harcrow
ElangationElongationA state of prolonged panacheMike Harcrow
LootenantLieutenantA renter who can only afford the bathroomMike Harcrow
AssoonBassoonA short-lived bass instrument of the woodwind family that never sounded any better than gassyMike Harcrow
AltrusticAltruisticA farm worker who stands in  for another who is absentGeoff Williams
PigmeantPigmentPork substituteGeoff Williams
DaffydilsDaffodilsJokester jonquilsMike Harcrow
YoncreteConcretePavement, but over thereMike Harcrow
HorneryOrneryNot getting any; not pleasedJackin Yow
FindowWindowView into a fishMike Harcrow
SausafeSausageChastity belt for menMike Harcrow
FunkemptUnkemptBrazilian, Landing Strip, etc.Jackin Yow
PolterheistPoltergeistA robbery committed by a noisy ghostly apparitionHR White
BarbohydratesCarbohydratesThorny starchesMike Harcrow
SerendipotySerendipitySeat up; perfect aimJackin Yow
ContemprateContemplateTo think out loudMike Harcrow
PeritinklePeriwinkleThe ringing of small, blue-violet bellsMike Harcrow
FourlornForlornOne fewer than fivelornMike Harcrow
PeninsulkPeninsulaA landmass that’s sad because it’s not an islandMike Harcrow
ZenouementDenouementPeaceful conclusionMike Harcrow
EgreasiousEgregiousBad AND oilyMike Harcrow
SlalomeSlalomA skiing seductressMike Harcrow
CurflewCurlew/CurfewA daylightful birdDoug Langmead
DraggadocioBraggadocioVainglorious cross-dressingJackin Yow
OptimoisticOptimisticSalivating at the prospect of imminent successJackin Yow
FratulenceFlatulenceGaseous emissions emanating from a brotherHR White
esprit de corpseesprit de corpsa French ghostHR White
HindkerchiefHandkerchiefHalf a loinclothJackin Yow
StackyTackyComically over-endowedJackin Yow
RublishPublishDefame in printJackin Yow
ClarifictionClarificationThe attempt to make a matter more clear, transparent, or generally understandable foiled by the provision of faulty information invented by one’s imagination, feigned, or otherwise untrueEmmaline Barnhill
SyndicratedSyndicatedMob disposal optionJackin Yow
TrainslateTranslateRegular sign seen at British Railways stationsGeoff Williams
LowbotomyLobotomyTime for a visit to Weight WatchersGeoff Williams
ROMnantsRemnantsBytes left over – scraps of memoryDoug Langmead
JustifryJustifyA single french fry all by itselfWayne Price
NopenOpenWhen WPM is unavailable to accept your entryWayne Price
NearbourNeighbourA friend/acquaintance that doesn’t strictly live next door, but near byAdam Grace
MaestrosoMaestro + maestosoPompous, arrogant, haughty, and condescending, as in the attitude and demeanor of an orchestral conductorMike Harcrow
OrenessSorenessMiner maladyMike Harcrow
MaburkaMazurkaA lively central-European dance with faces coveredMike Harcrow
RedunclePeduncleA sunburned relativeMike Harcrow
BatcoinBitcoinCurrency in use by certain denizens of Gotham CityGeoff Williams
TransluteTranslateStringed instrument played by a person undergoing a sex changeGeoff Williams
Hen PenBull PenThe area where female baseball pitchers warm upAnne DelCampo
PromiscuityPromiscuityThe reason for chaperones at the senior danceAnne DelCampo
LimperialImperial“No heir…no spare”Anne DelCampo
LassitideLassitudeA wave of wearinessAnne DelCampo
SatisfictionSatisfactionUnreal satisfactionEmile Ouellette
VentriloquestVentriloquistThe time it took to get Charlie McCarthy to speakMike Harcrow
MutteranceUtteranceBark of a mixed-breed dog.Noah Bond
DecallogueDecalogueThe 10 Commandments on a stickerMichael de Silva
ChaphazardHaphazardNude Barrel RacingMichael de Silva
SpairPairTwo extraMichael de Silva
FartificialArtificialThe character of unnatural flatulenceMike Harcrow
DribaldryRibaldryObscene slobberMike Harcrow
FlyingpanFryingpanHero of a J M Barrie bookGeoff Williams
PlongtitudeLongitudeAn elaborate but obvious lie, neither an antonym or synonym of platitude , but rather the worlds first use of a rangonym due to the right angle aspectsNicholas Ashton
MissletoeMistletoeA North Korean game invented by Kim Jong Un  wherein if he kisses you on both cheeks you survive and if he does not you get stuffed into the nose cone of the next missile leaving townGeoff Williams
VerdisimilitudeVerisimilitudeA  new opera written in the style of VerdiGeoff Williams
BiscultsBiscuitsFanatical followers of carb-only dietsMike Harcrow
CanapeaPanaceaLegume seeds in a tin cylinder (in Little Italy)Mike Harcrow
CarsimoniousParsimoniousOwns a YugoMike Harcrow
BajaarBazaarA container marketMike Harcrow
CurtleryCutleryTerse tablewareMike Harcrow
RuefuelRuefulFanning the flames of one’s sorrow, shame, or regretMike Harcrow
SexylogistSexologistThat cute chick in ShippingJackin Yow
PantoplyPanoplyA display of trousersMike Harcrow
MonopoloMonopolyA horseback game for oneMike Harcrow
DeficcantDesiccantA laxativeMike Harcrow
PrescrimptionPrescriptionGeneric drugsMike Harcrow
BroweryBreweryManufacturer of paste-on body hairMike Harcrow
OctopunsOctopusJokes where the teller always substitutes the word “Testicles” for “Tentacles” and laughs uproariouslyGeoff Williams
GnuslingerGunslingerA paid killer operating in South AfricaGeoff Williams
CadillackCadillacArriving at the posh golf course on your bicycle and finding no one will carry your clubs for you.Geoff Williams
ChambraChambrayFalsiesJackin Yow
ZoomerangBoomerangTo suddenly leave a webinar and then shortly returnHR White
SexSixOne Seff Efrican less than sivinDoug Langmead
WornrowsCornrowsWhen your braids need a re-doMike Harcrow
PawcityPaucityA metropolitan area for cats and dogsMike Harcrow
OxerciseExerciseThe best way to enhance your bisonsDoug Langmead
DickotomyDichotomyA very serious male operation whose efficacy is in doubtGeoff Williams
MaltadroitMaladroitClumsily drink beer, i.e., runs down one’s chinJackin Yow
DialatribeDialatribeSmoke signalsDoug Langmead
CatalysmCatalystDoctrinal impetusMike Harcrow
DragonianDraconianThe character of a cruel, mythical flying lizardMike Harcrow
ChimpertyChampertyDressing up a monkey as a politician and expecting the voted peanuts to stream your wayJackin Yow
MunityUnityDissension in the ranksDoug Langmead
ImmutinyMutinySteadfast loyaltyDoug Langmead
BluzzardBuzzardA bird of prey that is well adapted for flying in very high windsGeoff Williams
PetrochomicalPetrochemicalBelief that one can sustain a 21st century economy on PV and fansJackin Yow
CameowCameoGarfield’s only sceneMichael de Silva
TVdiumTediumDaytime contentMichael de Silva
IndingoIndigoBlue dogMichael de Silva
Coop d’etatCoup d’etatto upset the pecking order of a hen house.HR White
VaccinityVaccine + VicinityProximity in location to vaccine distribution site, or proximity in time to receiving vaccine.Samantha Outcalt
AstrolaveAstrolabeToilets at the Kennedy Space CentreGeoff Williams
SyripSyrup / SyriaA sticky diplomatic situation in a turbulent Middle Eastern countryGeoff Williams
CowfoundConfoundA lost bovine no longer lostMike Harcrow
SparkinsonsParkinsonsA neurological brain disease characterized by fiery outburstsMike Harcrow
CantelopeCanteloupeWhen the bolting couple gets caught by her dadMike Harcrow
GneisslyNicelyHow rocks are supposed to play togetherMike Harcrow
CondomnationCondemnationStrong disapproval concerning the use of contraceptivesMia Debidin
GnuancedNuancedSubtly resembling a wildebeestMia Debidin
AdmineptAdministration Department (Admin Dept)The SNAFU GurusDoug Langmead
ApexitifAperitifThe very best liqueurMike Harcrow
ConquitadorConquistadorThe conqueror who didn’t goMike Harcrow
HunchmanHenchmanCwhiminal minionDoug Langmead
LonglevityLongevityLaughing off the yearsDoug Langmead
DiscrapancyDiscrepancyA messy inconsistencyKenneth Grinnell
MobivationMotivationA reason to runMike Harcrow
FlaguePlagueA contagion of bannersMike Harcrow
TannoyingAnnoyingCausing irritation over a public address systemMia Debidin
BoastmistressToastmistressI only use silk in ‘my’ whips and tiesJackin Yow
TotalifarianTotalitarianA Jamaican dictatorGeoff Williams
AcapilliariesCapilliariesSinging too much and making your blood vessels ruptureGeoff Williams
IntercorpseIntercourseNecrophiliaGeoff Williams
ImpottentImpotentWhen your instant pot, after age and years of use, is unable to achieve a pressure; resulting in an inability to perform in the kitchen.Kent Benton
VaccinityVaccine + VicinityProximity in location to vaccine distribution site, or proximity in time to receiving vaccine.Samantha Outcalt
MuteinyMutinyWhen people in your Zoom meeting won’t leave themselves muted, and it wrecks the meeting for everyone else.Beth Winnowski
DeposhitionDepositionThe giving of false information under oathKitty  Valence
StevadoresStevedoresRomantic longshoremenAlan Phillips
DietribeDiatribeA primitive community of picky eatersAlan Phillips
Solitairey confinementSolitary confinementLocked in a cell with nothing but a deck of cardsAlan Phillips
NevertittiNevertitiFlat chested Egyptian EmpressGeoff Williams
TsarcissismNarcissismCaveat emperor – the ne plus ultra of inflated self-esteemDoug Langmead
ExclustiveExclusivePining for the previous Mrs.Jackin Yow
Black-Outs MatterBlack outs matterPower to the people!Michael Brawley
CamopersCampersBored kids in a tentMichael de Silva
GintellectualIntellectualRummyMichael de Silva
EmbyronicEmbryonicBefore it was known he’d be Lord or Lady BJackin Yow
EsteamedEsteemedHow clams are served in SpainMichael de Silva
BlandishmintBlandishmentCandy for good behaviorMichael de Silva
VenomouseVenomousMickey’s ExMichael de Silva
Clairvoyain’tClairvoyantNormalMichael de Silva
CivilantSibilantHissing politelyMike Harcrow
DylsexicDyslexicOne who finds adult content in places where it doesn’t existMike Harcrow
SpanxerSpannerCompression wear for pipe repairMike Harcrow
EmewsMewsRowstrichesDoug Langmead
CastroenterisGastroenteritisA stomach ailment that causes the sufferer to keep making speeches of interminable lengthGeoff Williams
PygmitesPygmiesShort-tempered stunt-menDoug Langmead
DenisovainDenisovanThe guy Carly bitched aboutJackin Yow
CessnationCessationA small plane crashMike Harcrow
FreudensteinFrankensteinA sapient creature with the head of a scientist and the mind of an analystDoug Langmead
JobsterLobsterEmployment service for crustaceansMike Harcrow
CreocheBrioche + creoleCaribbean bread rollsMike Harcrow
WivalryRivalryProblems with polygamyMike Harcrow
NappenstanceHappenstanceThe ability to sleep while standing uprightGeoff Williams
VerbesityVerbosityTalking too much makes you fatGeoff Williams
SliquidLiquidBetter-designed pound noteJackin Yow
ParanormanParanormalElite group of French troops sent ahead by William the Conqueror to test out Harold’s defencesGeoff Williams
IndepedantIndependantThe person who sits next to you during the local Film Festival and tells you all about the plot nuances and the directors personal life storyGeoff Williams
TatareTatarWeight of a Turk – sans luggage – about to board an aircraftJackin Yow
SchysterShysterPorta-potti along Unter den LindenJackin Yow
DisdrainDisdainDown which the last ounce of respect was flushedJackin Yow
DisraptDisruptNo longer impressed by the rhetoricJackin Yow
GalamariCalamariA festive squidMike Harcrow
BroquetteCoquetteA flirty guyMike Harcrow
BranstormBrainstormA bad post-breakfast experience in the restroomMike Harcrow
SailientSalientThe relevance of boatingMike Harcrow
EquipmenEquipmentTool vendorsMike Harcrow
SheepskipSheepskinMissing graduationMike Harcrow
JarvestHarvestGleaning jam containersMike Harcrow
Whors-de-combatHors-de-combatCamp followersJackin Yow
BugpipeBagpipeDoodlesack with a defective chanterJackin Yow
BonasBolasExtra pay granted to an Argentinian Gaucho for his skill with his lassoGeoff Williams
GlammerGlimmerA movie star whose beauty is beginning to dimGeoff Williams
FatotumFactotumAn underling who got fat on the job, tum reinforcing the meaningVali Jamal
RuedimentaryRudimentaryBasic regret or a basic French streetRidley Odonnell
Oxy-MoronOxymoronSomeone who regularly uses street drugs.Michael Brawley
InnoculousInnocuousAn inoffensive jabDoug Langmead
HumorlesqueHumoresqueA written or musical composition completely devoid of capriciousness, fantasy, or whimsyMike Harcrow
ConquistadormConquistadorThe campus gigoloMike Harcrow
TheoretipalTheoreticalStudying the practice of friendshipMike Harcrow
ObeaseObeseMobility for the largeMike Harcrow
MonstrocityMonstrosityTokyoMike Harcrow
AbalonelyAbalonelyA mollusk without a dateMike Harcrow
PresipitationPrecipitationIndecision over using a drinking straw or notMike Harcrow
VerisimiltuneVerisimiltudeA song that borrows most of the music from a well known old tuneGeoff Williams

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