2016 Wordplay is now complete!

The winners for 2016 are listed first.  Congratulations to Howard Brody for his oh-so-useful first place winner. Congratulations to all the top 10!

Most recent words are at the top.

Word Definition Name
Spinister A very evil, very old, unmarried woman Howard Brody
Momeries The warm and fuzzy feeling a mother gets looking back at her kids early years Katharine Lang
Posthumorus Dead funny Doug Langmead
Asshaole An obnoxious tourist in Hawaii Ron Joyal
Baroquen Damaged 17th century antiques Caroline Zobac
Abracus An instrument used to calculate the size of a woman’s breasts Anne DelCampo
Mediochre Yellow pigment that just isn’t trying hard enough Matthew B. Winkel
Omnimpotent Unable to do anything whatsoever Michale Rofkar
Vociferrous Knife-edge strident Vali Jamal
Satisfiction Belief in the myth that that candy bar you are eating will satisy your nutritional needs until your next meal. Todd Bricker
Honorable Mention – more than one letter (oops!)
Fauxliage Cell phone mast that is disguised to look like a tree Gareth McGonnel
Sinopsis A brief recounting of a person’s wrongdoings Anne delCampo
Vociferrous Knife-edge strident Vali Jamal
Ostemptation Showy supply of goods intended to attact buyers Pablo Dominguez
Curtroom Where the sentences are short Joe Olha
Crapplication Rolled out, untested, to  your PC Lorien
Mantonym Woman Doug Langmead
Rebuttal Rear-end sculpting of sagging derrieres by high-end plastic surgeons Susanna von Canon
Cafe d’lait The long minutes spent waiting in line in a coffeeshop behind someone who cannot decide what size, what flavorring and what kind of sprinkles they want on their yet undecided expresson H R White
Omnimpotent Unable to do anything whatsoever Michale Rofkar
Abracus An instrument used to calculate the size of a women’s breasts Anne DelCampo
Peerogative The right to tinkle Joe Olha
Jockularity Locker room humor Anne DelCampo
Thumble Awkwardly leaf through the pages of a book Doug Langmead
Statological The deliberate use of crappy data in trying to skew a statistical study H R White
Asspiration An idea that really BACKfires Holly Gilster
Pizzazz A pizza that is delivered by family that still has all the topping on it as ordered Lous Gagnon
Dimbecile An incredibly simple-minded person Anee DelCampo
Tripidation The fear of taking hallucinatory drugs H R White
Confidunce A self-assured idiot Susanna von Canon
Feetures The useful bits of software–non-standard and chargeable Lorien
Pillogical Confounding medication Joe Olha
Doctranal Following orthodoxy to an almost pedantic degree Josh Cleary
Historionic A history account full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, to attract attention Vali Jamal
Fleased To have been dishonestly convinced that leasing one’s automobile was a better option than purchasing it H R White
Insexticide The ultimate passion killer Glen V. Thompson
Omelit Eggs on fire Joe Olha
Gobbledybook A voracious reader Doug Langmead
Crankquillizer Medication, usually prescribed by daughters, for older men stuck in traffic caused by idiots… David Bishop
Ineffable Not just sacred, f*g sacred Michael O’Connell
Paradice Delightful place for Eskimos to live in Pablo Dominquez
Glumorous Pretty but sad Joe Olha
Collabordating Co-workers who are supposed to be working together on a project but instead spend more time interested in each other Name Withheld
Lassietude Canine apathy Ruth Krause
Mortivation The relentless downward pull that begins in middle age. Charles Gardiner
Incensitive The inability to smell strong, smoky odors Mike
Indefratigable Tirelessly friendly Joe Olha
Manarchy The process by which hereditary succession to the throne is managed in banana kingdoms Name Withheld
Texticle A courageous text message Patrick O’Shea
Anteloper Someone who jumps in and raises the stakes in a poker game without having a seat at the table Doug Langmead
Exy Referring to a person who was ex Jasbir Singh
Undune Adverse affect of a coastal storm Joe Olha
Cairopractor Pharaoh’s personal masseur Joe Olha
Oiligarchy Small group of powerful oil producers who control supply and fix prices Pablo Dominguez
Idiotpathic Stupidity of unknown origin Robert Mavrogordato
Vicissidude A man who  keeps changing relationships and jobs. Sandy Atkins
Phoner When your phone sits sideways in your pocket Brian Foshee
Momories The warm and fuzzy feeling a mother gets looking ack on her kids’ early years Katharine Lang
Diplomate A tactful spouse David Spharler
Hippocriticize Criticizing someone for doing something you do. Kim Beaty
Face Time Continuum When Face Time freezes, it is defined as an interruption in the face/time continuum Lori Shumard
Otherwise The other way in which you are not wise Mia Debidin
Undiplomathic Rude arithimatic David Spharler
Confishcate Seize by authority a boat loaded with fish caught illegally Pablo  Dominguez
Solipessimism Doubting your existential singularity Doug Landmead
Asshaole An obnoxious tourist in Hawaii Ron Joyal
Remembrr To recall memories of colder weather Mia Debidin
Piggyjacked When you walk past the couch and your kid jumps on your back without warning Brian Foshee
Perkatory When your 2-year old daughter wakes you up in the middle of the night because she is not tired and would like you to go for a bike ride – you are about to enter Perkatory Rob Ossian
Embhellish Make (something) more attractive by the addition of devilish details or features Mia Debidin
Mother Load The first time a woman with her first baby discovers a real diaper-bursting excretion Don Chatfield
Jobligation A task or assignment specifically related to one’s work; views with distain as it typically interferes with or prevents otherwise enjoyable activities in life. Jonathan Honey
Snaugahyde Fake dragonskin used for covering furniture in the Shire Bob Kriz
Posthumorus Dead funny Doug Langmead
Dopplerganger The weatherman at the local station who friends tell you looks just like you Jennifer Bryan
Embryol Draw into a pre-natal patenity suit. Doug Langmead
Mystopia The future society resulting from the attitudes and values of the ‘youth of today” (from a senior citizen perspective) Kelsey Ishimoto
Acnedote A spotty memory for telling jokes in your anecdotage Doug Langmead
Strandby At the airport, getting bumped from one wait list to the next, hoping to get on a flight Christopher Erck
Seafari Expedition to observe dolphins, whales and other large mammals Pablo Dominguez
Hormonalsidal A cross between being homicidal and suicidal due to uncontrollable hormones Colleen Smith
Ernormous BIG mistake! Rik De Decker
Werewithal When they lost the wherewithal to do something , all they were left with was the werewithal Vali Jamal
Minimom Small-sized mother Pablo Dominguz
Comcasterated To have your mind sucked out by television Bruce Gill
Misteak pie Underfilled steak pie Rik De Decker
Constriction A traffic delay caused by road work Christopher Erck
Apostophy A degenerative condition, now widespread, where the sufferer loses the ability to place the apostrophe appropriately (ed. note: in it’s correct place?) Greg Hayes
Delayover A longer than expected time between flights Christopher Erck & Debbie Berger Lehr
Blander Blonder than blonde. Some men find this very attractive, hence blanderlust. Doug Langmead
Hagnant Toiled and troubled to perfection Doug Langmead
Ombusman Person appointed by a bus company to investigate passenger complaints Pablo Dominguez
Feetures Characteristics of the movable parts of the body at the end of the lower limbs Pablo Dominguez
Spinister A very evil, very old unmarried woman Howard Brody
Message-Parlour Where you hone each word in a message to iron out joint-word pains Vali Jamal
Fangst Nervousness or anxiety brought on by close proximity to snakes Name Withheld
Freckless (n) A temporary condition enjoyed by blonds who sunbathe without sunscreen or (adv) behavior leading to same Doug Langmead
Gratiturde The feeling of immense relief and joy when you finally have a B.M. Katharine Lang
memebership belonging to a group that connects via humorous images on the internet Bar Lowenberg
Buyceps Enhanced arm muscles forms by constant carrying of excessive shopping Name withheld
Hierephant An interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles who never forgets Doug Langmead
tittivate to make small adjustments enhancing breast display as an officer is approaching during a traffic stop Wayne Price
5-http the natural supplement taken to help reduce social media anxiety and digital depression Jason Kyle
miscombobulate unable to think clearly when presented with numerous and varied ideas H.R.White
contradoctory When the second doctor’s opinion contradicts the opinion of the first doctor Name withheld
bronoun A noun, used in replacement of a proper noun, by that category of people known as ‘bros’. Includes “dude”, “buddy”, “bro” and “chief”, among others. Jesse McMeekin
exitgency A claustrophobic contingency Ruth Krause & D Langmead
flagulance the gaseous patriotic statements made by politicians as they seek refuge from their scoundrellyl acts H.R.White
cutiful (pronounced cute-i-full) A person or an object with extreme cuteness. e.g. The giant pink teddy at the store was so cutiful! Name withheld
Tactuary Someone who assesses all risk of manners Doug Langmead
Dufferin An analgesic for bad golfers Richard Rohrdanz
Bromcom A genre of movies based round the relationship between two male characters Jesse McMeekin
tomborrow A grave matter that can wait for a day Doug Langmead
snotalgia nostalgia with the sound-effects and visuals; or dyslexic sentimentality Robert-Ian Caldwell
Probiscous Having a cold and sneezing all over the place Doug Langmead
Pastword Not the way into your email anymore Name Withheld
Momarchy Your child’s school Parents’ Association Crystal  Sheperd
Fauxliage Cell phone mast that is disguised to look like a tree Gareth McGonnel
Accilent When you do something excellent by accident Jake Dunn and Scott Donn
Cogito Sergo Vest I think, therefore I must be wearing a cardigan Doug Langmead and Andy Wright
iNnoying The irritation or annoyance caused by a person paying attention to their iPhone or smartphone and not their surroundings, therefore bumping into people or almost causing accidents Shane Kavanagh
Mundaze When you spend your entire, boring career daydreaming about retirement Jill Stanley
Trivulations Frustrating but trivial hurdles to accomplishing a task–as in “trials and trivulations” Robert Lackie
Egoceleration When a driver traveling below the speed limit suddenly accelerates when you try to overtake them Carolyn Shea
Poogle Dog with short curly hair and a fetish for finding things Paul Armstrong
Pettiflogging Vending of worthless items Ryan Mottershaw
Vinitiate Open a bottle of wine to get the party started Michael Somerville
Yorgasm Fond remembrance of things you can’t remember Doug Langmead
Theonogian A person who claims a close friendship with God Ryan Mottershaw
Crescento The fortnight before a full moon Doug Langmead
Dentale Lying through your teeth about how the car got damaged Bob Kriz
Popsicle An elderly gentleman’s bicycle James Tadion
Transgander A visual inspection before directing someone to the appropriate restroom Bob Kriz
Ennuit Bored Eskimos Doug Langmead
Dydtopia A future governed by predictive text Doug Langmead
Cuticle A very adorable testicle Rob Mouldey
Singesation The feeling you experience when a part of your body has a brief encounter with a flame Vivian Stockman
Noderator The person who asks softball questions at a debate and fails to challenge political balderdash Charles Gardiner
Deingrater A tool that not only slices carrots, it makes the pieces feel small Molly Westmoreland
Breadful The impending send of doom someone with Celiac disease feels upon seeing a loaf of bread Colleen R.
Taxi of Knievel High-powered motorbikes with pillion passengers cutting in and out of traffic at high-speed Doug Langmead
Vanal That ridiculously venal person we all know who’s simultaneously a real waste orifice Mark Hanson
Deadicate Work yourself to death Bob Trowbridge
Panodium Loathing or contempt for everything Brent Pappas
Blight Entertainment Jokes that are a bit off Doug Langmead
Catastrophy Award given to the most destructive cat Bob Trowbridge
Briticism The act of criticising something in an overly polite, self-effacing manner James Howard
Bromates Two men that are having a bromance Carolyn Rauch
Crapture The feeling produced by satisfying defecation George Wharton
Impressario Someone who can put on a concert in the absence of funding Doug Langmead
Soulicitation The Devil’s job Bob Trowbridge
Transparent A mother or father who has undergone gender reassignment surgery Jerry Cooley
Pithagoras Vigorous discussions involving 3 Greeks Doug Langmead
Kingdum The mythical land where we dream of banishing the stupid person we are dealing with Crystal Sheperd
Amayonizing Mayonaise that taste so exceptionally good that it deserves accolade Petek
iPhoney What you call someone when they try to seel you fake Apple products Crystal Sheperd
Iniquisitor An ultimate hypocrite Leslie De’Ath
Potentate Idaho’s new king Geoff Wilson
Timbucktoo Tim Buckley’s ill-fated second albu inspired by West African rhythms Liz King
Invasian When your favorite burger joint is replaced by a Chinese restaurant Crystal Sheperd
E-maul An e-mail that attacks the reader or is offensive Name Withheld
Petithe A small tip Doug Langmead
Cooleague That guy at work who never does everything, but everyone knows their name and likes them. Tristan O’Donnell
Overbaring Shedding too much clothing in public Sheila Guinn
Manel Yet another conference panel full of men. Meg Greene
Indentification A depression on an object that helps to identify it. Alexander
Disemvowel Space-saving method used by texters Sheila Guinn
Faton A futon adorned in fabric that has horizontal stripes Megan Greene
Altaration INcremental change in theology when religion is forced to adapt to modern society Johnny Townsend
Afflunenza Entitles and overly indulged with whatever money can  buy Joan H Sullivan
Endolphin Happy hormone released when swimming with mammals Alec Finney
Edifeces Poorly designed buildings Gerald Stansfield
Multimatum Insisting on an end many times (e.g. “if you don’t stop that I’m taking your toys. I mean it. Stop it. I’ll take your toys. Now. Absolutely stop it or I’m taking your toys…) Lorien
Tantamound A hill of Might-have-beens Doug Landmead
Sinceriously Seriously sincere Peter Runyon (on behalf of Dietmar B)
Arcande Esoteric mind candy David Spharler
Incurance Chronic illness caused by the health care system Pete Glarborg
Stragedy A dramatic genre of strategies, causing great suffering (e.g. we plan to implement this stragedy in the next financial year) Lorien
Sopportunity Soaking up the moment Doug Langmead
Velosophy Contemplating the meaing of existence while sky diving Todd Bricker
Effluent Someone who is really good at pronouncing the letter “F” Lee Swindell
Fictionality To erroneously claim functionality – e.g. ‘we have full business system fictionality” Lorien
Satisfiction Belief in the myth that that candy bar you are eating will satisy your nutritional needs until your next meal. Todd Bricker
Pinot Moir A re-constipated whine Bob Kriz
Digitarian Someone who does not purchase consumer content on physical media (only direct digital downloads) Andrew Bednarz
Titerature Banned classic novels published by Olympia Press Leejay Rudenjak
Endolphin Happy hormone released when swimming with mammals Alec Finney
Vindigestion The result of eating too much spicy Vindaloo John Peterson
Buy Accident What you tell your spouse after you made a low “impulse” bid during an auction (live or online) because you’ll CERTAINLY be outbid and then… Kelsey Ishimoto
AIChing Painfullly prescient intelligent Doug Langmead
Renigmatic Mysterious again David Spharler
Ostsensible Supposedly sane David Spharler
Repenance Being perpetually sorry for something, and visibly beating yourself up for it Brian Soh
Whorrify The frightening (and sad) process by which child entertainers try to shed their youthful image as they enter adulthood by transforming their behavior and appearance into something more closely resembling sluts and man hoes. Lisa Matheson
Psychsic A clairverbatim Doug Langmead
Baroquen Damaged 17th century antiques Caroline Zobac
Home A place to stash stuff while you go out and buy more stuff David Emmerson
Pregmatic The pragmatism that comes from a missed period James Jackson
Permaflost A piece of cotton between the teeth that can’t be dislodged Doug Langmead
Grape Idea An idea inspried while intoxicated with wine Lary Graves
Hangry A hungary AND angry person Iryna
Annoncement An impromptu declaration, made off the top of one’s head Doug Langmead
zbombie How you really end the zombie apocalypse Shaena Allen
Bozones Areas where clowns gather Ruth Band
Clipstream Youtube Doug Langmead
eddress Email address Gilliana Shiskin
Count Krapula If count Krapula (Finnish for ‘hangover”) has visited you, you had quite a few drinks the night before Iryna
Naplomb Self-combusture Doug Langmead
Beleaguered Sent down to the minors Paul Moser
Abdicat To sit on the floor, rather than risk evicting the tabby from your chair David Emmerson
Residude Hipster Name Withheld
Desperanto The language of last resort Doug Langmead
Corroberation A robbery committed by two or more people Paul Moser
Metrognome A short metrosexual John Proudfoot
Kleptomanic The condition of being intoxicated with the joy of stealing Claude Cuff
Edupuncture A hole in a basket of European currencies Doug Langmead
Wearhouse A synonym for a turtle Anusha Hariharan
Picturisque Where art meets pornography David Emmerson
Hippersnapper opposite of whippersnapper Matthew B. Winkel
Hamnesia A situation where someone forgets they’re kosher Jamie Hanuka
Banal Compulsive A behavioral pathology that causes groups of teenagers to loudly engage in mindless banter when in public Kelsey Ishimoto
Astrocomical An erroneous social media post which asserts that a ‘supermoon’ will appear to be five times larger than average. David Emmerson
Blyss That warm fuzzy feeling you get when perfect strangers like your online post or comment Jeff Cooper
Sarchasm Sarcasm that is also deeply profound Zach Sposato
Puriosity Pure Curiosity Matthew B. Winkel
Manguage Speech entirely devoid of ambiguity, but nonetheless open to willful misinterpretation David Emmerson
Squality Of squalid quality Matthew B. Winkel
Kissmet A destined lip caress Sara Craddock
Kakaesque Weird s*** David Emmerson
Huemanity kindness to people of all colors South Coast Probus
Mediochre Yellow pigment that just isn’t trying hard enough Matthew B. Winkel
Pandiculation the process of insulting your cookware Jess
Rudite Impolite Ore Matthew B Winkel
Vagilantes Gangs of women that beat up misogynists Gary Glick
Relactant A woman who has a second baby but isn’t quite ready to nurse again Matthew B Winkel
Therapost A couch doctor who leaves empathetic comments on social media Sara Craddock
Veteranarian A doctor for old soldiers Name Withheld
Scentipede A faint smell of urine Doug Langmead
Dumaste when you want to bow and pretend to honor a dumb ass, mumble this Marla McCune
Slobriety A lazy and slovenly tea totaller Sara Craddock
Snarchasm A sarcastic snarky comment Zach Sposato
Misadentures Old farts’ teething problems South Coast Probus
Congagation Thos who go on to attend midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, after the bars close David Emmerson
Agregious Strongly agree Justin Pines
Claustrotobic when your compression socks are too tight Marla McCune
Kudose A good measure of glory. Sara Craddock
Innuendose What the doctor writes on your prescription, to tell the pharmacist the strength and size of the medication he’s going to insert in your anal orifice. Ken McClean
Incredable Having the ability and skill to believe the impossible Sara Craddock
Hallowteenmas The period between Oct 31 and Dec 25 when some people display Christmas decorations while others still have their pumpkins and corn stalks out Verna Caruso
mobscure An unknown Gang Sara Craddock
Pupills Anxiety and stress reduction medication, used by classroom teachers everywhere, to get them through the school day Ken McClean
Penvy The wicked instinct to steal that coves over one when borrowing an excellent writing utensil Muriel Ballard
Startvation The beginning of a long hunger Sara Craddock
Peography A course for seniors on the location of public washrooms South Coast Probus
Shtick Shift The process used by a comedian to gear his material to the audience Gary Glick
Alesheimers A cognitive disease that prevents one from remembering how many beers you’ve consumed Heather McDaniel
Cantemplate Thinking negatively Joel Olson
Horrorscope A colonoscopy South Coast Probus
Practicat A sensible feline Sara Craddock
Toppleganger Something that looks like it fell over before Name Withheld

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