2022 Submissions

Welcome to the 2022 Submissions page.   Anyone can contribute using the Submit Words Tab, but not all words are published.   “Clever is Better”.

2022 is off to a flying start !   The nominations for the best of 2021 are still coming in, stay tuned.   The 2,787 unique words submitted, with their definitions, are the equivalent of a mid-size novella (26,052 words in all), with every sentence having to be evaluated in its own right.

Comments, feedback and suggestions can be sent to us at wordplay@ptitude.com 

New WordOriginal WordDefinition - Clever is Better !Name
IncorectIncorrectSomething a little less than PerrfectionDoug Langmead
FailboneTailboneOsteoporosis results.Carole Marantz
FondueFondleA cheesy embraceDoug Langmead
MaximiceMaximizeVery large rodents.William Tunn
MinimiceMinimizeVery small rodents.William Tunn
OymicronOmicronA COVID variant that makes you feel guilty for contracting it.Will Caplinger
CondominimumCondominiumOne room plus half a bathEmile Ouellette
EntertrainEntertainClimb aboard the locomotive.William Tunn
LocopotionLocomotionThis stuff will send you crazy.William Tunn
RuseumMuseumEdifice that houses artifacts, paintings, sculptures that are not authenticCarole Marantz
MadmissionAdmissionAngrily and reluctantly admitting you did something wrong even in the face of your obvious guiltDian Berger
RecyclinkRecyclingThe sound emanating from the recycle bin when a dropped bottle strikes another bottle.Wayne Price
MegaphoneyMegaphoneA really really big fake.William Tunn
PartysanshipPartisanshipSemi-military love-boatBalazs Monoki
PiramisuTiramisuA quadro-triangular cakeBalazs Monoki
MormontaMormotaA converted squirrelBalazs Monoki
FadjunctAdjunctA short-lived and popular fashion craze added to your outfit which unmistakably displays that you are up to date and current with new trendsDian Berger
NaxxerVaxxerA person that is against getting vaccinated despite overwhelming evidence that vaccinations save lives and prevent severe illness.Dian Berger
RotindaRotundaA dating site for fat peopleDoug Langmead
BerefdBereftSorry team the game has been cancelled as all the umpires have tested positive for CovidGeoff Williams
SikhorskiSikorskiA helicopter piloted by a resident of IndiaGeoff Williams
NogbrainerNobrainerHow you felt at Christmas after downing one too many eggnogsGeoff Williams
GobraCobraUnderwear designed for females who like to runGeoff Williams
NobraCobraA serpentine sex-potGeoff Williams
CobratCobraAn ill-behaved young snakeGeoff Williams
MittigateMitigateA scandal involving a character played by Danny Kaye in a movieGeoff Williams
FaundryFoundryA carwash that has been adapted to allow a little deer to come in out of a heavy rainstormGeoff Williams
PprocatstinationProcrastinationWhen you put off cleaning the litter box...Lorraine Ray
WunderdogUnderdogAn extremely clever dogWilliam Tunn
DunderdogUnderdogNot a very clever canine.William Tunn
PmailEmailHow dogs communicateDale Steel
LyperboleHyperboleExaggerated statements or claims not intended to be taken literally. Ooooops....looks like the definition fits both spellings!Wayne Price
FlockageBlockageBirds, geese, butterflies each assembling by group to journey South.Carole Marantz
SarchasmSarcasmA sardonic divideWilliam Tunn
TangotTangoForgot to apply SP30 sunscreenCarole Marantz
HidiomsIdiomsJoy of finding the meanings hidden in such figurative language.Carole Marantz
FlosteredFlusteredHow you feel when your dentist criticizes your oral hygieneLorraine Ray
HilaryousHilary + hilariousMrs. Clinton's laughLorraine Ray
SassporillaSarsparillaA smart-aleck monkeyLorraine Ray
IntercurseIntercourseA sexually transmitted diseaseLorraine Ray
FrostratedFrustratedSick of winter weather!Lorraine Ray
MaccineVaccineYour Covid boosterLorraine Ray
AbrahemAbrahamThe first Jewish tailorLorraine Ray
DunderdogUnderdogNot a very clever canine.WilliamTunn
HumosexualHomosexualA lover of chick-peasMelvyn Taggart
AmpathyEmpathyElectric feelingsMelvyn Taggart
SvengalliSvengaliAn evil - minded, manipulative person full of bitterness.Ruth Krause
RugattaRegattaFlying carpet racesDoug Langmead
CarfreeCarefreeA feeling of delight when not using an automobile.Ruth Krause
OinkmentOintmentA salve for our hogsWilliamTunn
PundaySundayIsn't every day?Emile Ouellette
It ain't what I meant, it's the mentionIt ain't the meat it's the motionThe pleasure of seeing your word included in WPMI even though its not very clever (with apologies to The Swallows, Maria Muldaur and Southside Johnny)Doug Langmead

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