2022 Submissions

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New WordOriginal WordDefinition - Clever is Better !Name
Mo-ho-hoHo-ho-hoThe traditional Christmas greeting delivered by the Three StoogesWayne Price
TiramagotchiTamagotchiAn attention-seeking dessertDoug Langmead & Gillian Winter
PittiablePitiableA toothless terrierDoug Langmead
PedantiquePedanticSomeone who thinks that their advanced age qualifies them to be constantly correcting everyone else.Alice Sahagian
SuitcidalSuicidalThe irrepressible urge of murdering bankers and other suited professionals.Oliver Hutchins
TaxyTaxA vehicle for transferring wealth from the private to the public sector. The fair is negotiable.Doug Langmead
ReferendumbReferendumJust because most people choose something doesn’t make it a good ideaSteve Cozzetto
Highs and LowesHighs and lowsThe initial elation you get when you find a parking spot close to the entrance of your favorite big-box home-goods/DIY store, only to be emotionally crushed when you depart that store and find your car is hundreds of feet away from the store’s exit.Steve Cozzetto
NachooNachooAllergic to snacks!Glen Morry
ShartcutShortcutTaking the quick way home, to avoid a messy situation.Glen Morry
LimbecileImbecileA daft legDoug Langmead
DazyDazeA stunned buttercupDoug Langmead
ParaphariseesPhariseesLocquacious zealnots who think the written word is rabbish and have been sadduced into a doctrine, the essense of which can only be explained "in other words"Doug Langmead
SlaygroundPlaygroundNot for kidsEmile Ouellette
FooliganismHooliganismReally just a synonym, but perhaps more accurate?Keith Vincent
PlacidoPlacebo/LibidoAn inflatable womanDoug Langmead
SombereroSombreroA bad hat day, brimming with despondencyDoug Langmead
MaslightingGaslightingCandles used during church services.Carole Marantz
PintelligenceIntelligenceOne's system devised to create and recall awesome "personal identification number"Carole Marantz
PastuteAstuteLoss of cognitive skills by aged.Carole Marantz
EuridinerEruditerEating places frequented by scholars.Carole Marantz
TauntalizeTantalizeJoy of those who demean others.Carole Marantz
GirthstoneBirthstoneObesity struggle!Carole Marantz
NoughthNoughtRoald Amundsen's compass bearing on 12th May 1926Doug Langmead
ZeitgeiseZeitgeistDuck-defining epochs with a speciefic margin of eraDoug Langmead
NoughthNoughtRoald Amundsen's compass bearing on 12th May 1926Doug Langmead
NopineOpineIndecisive!Carole Marantz
PinvasionInvasionYour computer has been hacked!!!Carole Marantz
PizzacatoPizzicatoPecular finger manner of plucking and picking at your pizza slice.Carole Marantz
BedanticPedanticFunny, fussy, formal bedtime rituals.Carole Marantz
TeanderingMeanderingDeciding whether to drink either black, green or oolong teas.Carole Marantz
PurceptiblePerceptibleNote worthy pocket book.Carole Marantz
SucolicBucolicIntense sick desire to litigate at all costs.Carole Marantz
ZeitgeiseZeitgeistDuck-defining epochs with a speciefic margin of eraDoug Langmead
ChalosChaos/HalosDivine madnessDoug Langmead
EmasculatteEmasculateStrong coffee in a flimsy, pink cupAmy Warren
ObadeBadeUtterly fulfilledDoug Langmead
BananditBanditA Queensland bushranger, leader of an outlaw hand, notorious for giving Peelers the slip. Having emerged from a vegetative state, he gathered a band of flowerers, all of a sinister bent. Like all mashed bandits, they turned yellow and went soft in the end.Doug Langmead
ChungerChunderAn appetite for throwing upDoug Langmead
BratitudeGratitudeThe change in your mental attitude when dealing with other people's unruly children.Wayne Price
StentaclesTentaclesProcedure to restore blood flow in one's arteriesCarole Marantz
GolfactionVolfactionFoul odor from sweaty cleats after 18 holes.Carole Marantz
GirthdayBirthdayDecision to begin diet on one's date of birth.Carole Marantz
PigmaroleRigmaroleRolling in the mud with a pigRod Noles
CamooseVamooseA hunchback mooseCarole Marantz
FartuitousFortuitousHaving the opportunity to sneak one off without anyone noticingIvan Druker
PollstergeistPoltergeistA prediction that comes back to haunt youIvan Druker
BornucopianCornucopianAbundance of utter self absorption of those born to wealth.Carole Marantz
VetaphraseMetaphraseAnalyze text very carefully.Carole Marantz
HittleTittleSlight blowCarole Marantz
CamooseCabooseA hunchback mooseCarole Marantz
SnopaqueOpaqueAn enigmatic snowflakeDoug Langmead
SuzzleSizzleFuture tense of guzzleRod Noles
AntimateIntimateBedtime headache medicationRod Noles
InbagelInveigleTo trick someone into thinking it’s a delicious idea to put cream cheese and lox on their cinnamon raisinSteve Cozzetto
Speech aFrazierSpeech AphasiaNeurological condition whereby someone can only speak in a pompous baritone voiceSteve Cozzetto
ExtraLordinaryExtraordinaryAppellation for two overlords in the same manorRod Noles
WeiryWeirDam tiered and pourDoug Langmead
ButtrestButtressA large stuffed cushionGeorge
SneezureSneezeSeveral rapid sneezes in a rowDana E Houghton
SmartphonySmartphoneThe imbecilic belief that excessive and dependent use of that device will result in awesome intelligence.Carole Marantz
GaffinityAffinityOne who is extremely prone to say and do inappropriate things.Carole Marantz
BaubblyBubblyBling PerignonDoug Langmead
NeighborhoodsNeighborhoodWhy your car’s tires and catalytic converters are missingEmile Ouellette
PainsayGainsayChiropractic term for "tell me when this hurts"Rod Noles
HijockingHijackingHigh-five activity from the jockey at the winner's circle.Rod Noles
BooglerBoogerA dessicated mucousician who can play the trumpet through his nose.Doug Langmead
RandanteAndanteLast runner of 26.2 mile marathon.Carole Marantz
GattiredAttiredArmed and Ready!!Carole Marantz
SpontangeousSpontaneousImmediate effects of chilli pepper.Carole Marantz
CommatoseComatoseBriefly falling asleep during short pauses whilst reading and waking up again after a period.Doug Langmead
ComatoesComatoseCurly little pinkiesDoug Langmead
FlunctionalityFunctionalityThe ability of a tool, machine, or process to successfully fail at its expected purpose.Gary Hellmers
BoxidationOxidationAlternative medical procedure where hyperventilating patient covers their head with a box vs. breathing into a paper bag.Rod Noles
ManguidLanguidName for guy on first date for dinner at your home and the dude sits on the couch while you do the dishes.Rod Noles
StaggantStagnantAnt without a date to the Queen's ballRod Noles
SobriquietSobriquetImplorable silence when asked if you have a nicknameRod Noles
BorefatherForefatherBetween ages 13 through 16 sobriquet for one’s dad (OMG)Rod Noles
MaleviolentMalevolentHelicopter mom's description of High School football.Rod Noles
TurdlesTurtlesSuprisedly clean diaperRod Noles
TriflungTrifling3-0 count for your Chinese baseball pitcher.Rod Noles
DavenpartDavenportSneak out of synagogue before reciting all the prayers.Marshall Karp
Cors d'oeuvresHors d'oeuvresThose tasty little appetizers they serve at the fancier Marine mess halls.Marshall Karp
BestpokeBespokeCuStomized jabCarole Marantz
PassionmatelyPassionatelySingle seeking a lovable soulmate.Carole Marantz
GumbrageUmbrageMouth malady from bridge irritating one’s gumsCarole Marantz
BuyronicByronicWhen the purchase turns out different from what you expected and it’s kinda funny in retrospect. "I bought this Apple Watch to be more efficient with my time but I wound up wasting time playing games on it"Chris Cioffi
FundaneMundaneHaving a great Danish holiday.Rod Noles
SubterfudgeSubterfugeGiving fake candy to trick-or-treaters at HalloweenRod Noles
VolcuptuousVoluptuousIncreased bra size after a breast implant.Rod Noles
GaphorismAphorismWhen sharing a concise statement of a principle and there is an uncomfortable pause before you can frame the words.Rod Noles
BeehooveBehooveWhen ungulate mammals step on a colony of beesRod Noles
KaplombAplombTotal loss of confidenceRod Noles
ZensorcelEnsorcelEnchant one through principles of meditation and intuition.Carole Marantz
FoalesceCoalesceResult of male and female horses "joining forces."Carole Marantz
LoprayciousLoquaciousSomeone who speaks in tonguesGene Pogany
FemesisNemesisLadies who dislike each otherRod Noles
CynocureCynosureSinus medicationRod Noles
PremusePremiseActing without thinking it throughRod Noles
BraincoatRaincoatA waterproof toupéeDoug Langmead
AwaiterWaiterA frustrated diner trying to catch the eye of the maître d’Doug Langmead
HarangleHarangueAn intense argument over the best way to calculate the area in a right triangleRod Noles
ProposterousPreposterpusProfessional liarRod Noles
HogemonyHegemonyHigh pork pricesRod Noles
MaplessHaplessBroken GPSRod Noles
PhlegmishFlemishHow you feel when you have a stuffy nose and find that you've also developed a Dutch accent.Bar Lowenberg
RecurementRecrementMedical term: When procedure or operation needs to be repeatedRod Noles
ProbbityProbityMedical term: When physican or nurse probes just a tiny bit.Rod Noles
WindsomeWinsomeNautical term: When the breeze is sufficient to riase the sailRod Noles
TaxidramatistTaxidermistA well-stuffed cabaret-driverDoug Langmead
Rump pumpSump pumpEnables a same-day colonoscopyEmile Ouellette
FannulsAnnulsSmokestacks on a hovercraftDoug Langmead
KitanyLitanyList of reasons of those who believe cats are smarter than dogs.Carole Marantz
JestrangementEstrangementA silly taunt results in a lifetime alienation between friends/family.Carole Marantz
ObstunateObstinateState of shock when your mother-in-law agrees with you during a family argument.Rod Noles
SembalanceSemblanceNearly walking straight after four glasses of wine.Rod Noles
PecklessFecklessPhobia of having a vasectomyRod Noles
GaberdineGabardineGossip over drinks and dinnerRod Noles
WannabedWannabeAn ambitious suitorDoug Langmead
InterrectumInterregnumA proctologist’s coffee breakGene Pogany
GrancidRancidSpoiled rotten grandchild.Carole Marantz
MeagreEagreA trivial tidal flood.Carole Marantz
SpodiatristPodiatristNerdy unsocial with foot fetish.Carole Marantz
PronounsePronounce(V) To articulate without mentioning the articleDoug Langmead
DipthongDiphthongA double vowel sound uttered on entering the ocean wearing a string bikini.Bar Lowenberg
UslurpUsurpNasty messy way to enjoy soup.Carole Marantz
LoxiconLexiconSpecial word for smoked salmon.Carole Marantz
FinlesseFinesseEelongatedDoug Langmead
BorealyBorealBo Diddley’s given name.Rod Noles
FulmenateFulminateTerm used to describe group of fishing buddies folowing an all you can eat Catfish dinner for $21.95Rod Noles
BastropodGastropodFatherless MolluscRod Noles
CoirgiCorgi / StrayA straw dogDoug Langmead
PrefacturePrefectureGovernment offical who has all of the answers to tax codeRod Noles
ExtirputeExtirpateTerm used on French golf course when your putt is shortRod Noles
CatarackCataractMulti level canvas hammocks in seafaring vessels for cats. Feline crew is responsible for catching mice.Rod Noles
ApplepsyEpilepsyAn orchard disorderEmile Ouellette
ImpedimenImpedimentThe uncanny ability of retired men to be in their wives’ way.Randee M Ketsel
ExpectauntExpectantThe feeling you get when you see the bully coming your way.Heidi Hansen
DambulatoryAmbulatoryA British conservative cursing the Brexit decision and trying to walk away from itEdgar Garin
MancaroniMacaroniSlang: n. the offending male appendage, characteristically afflicted with Peyronie's diseasePatrick O'Hara
GrancidRancidOffensive "Helicopter" grandparents' syndrome.Carole Marantz
ElectrickElectricA shocking sleight of hand to claim voter fraudConnie Simon
DkoiKoiObviously a load of carp, but alluring neverthelessDoug Langmead
MadverseAdverseManic and angry poetry.Carole Marantz
FadjureAdjureAdamantly command that all adopt the latest popular rage.Carole Marantz
MadverseAdverseManic and angry poetryCarole Marantz
DkoiKoiObviously a load of carp, but alluring neverthelessDoug Langmead
SpumonteSpumante/SpumoniMulti-coloured Italian sparkling wine, best served frozenDoug Langmead
DragonianDraconianDescription of very severe laws governing prehistoric timesGene Pogany
EurekanEurekaOne who utterly reeks of triumph.Carole Marantz
WebulousNebulousOccasional indistinct and vague "Web" response.Carole Marantz
ShippophobiaHippophobiaFearful of cruise shipsCarole Marantz
EdulweissEdelweissBoring RabbiRod Noles
Pawn ChorusDawn ChorusSunrise song one sings prior to redeeming an item from the pawnshopRod Noles
WardentArdentImpact on defense budget when troops are deloyed for conflictRod Noles
LativeNativeLaxative with dealyed delivery featureRod Noles
PrefacturePrefectureThe truth as shared by powerful elected officials.Rod Noles
BecamelBechamelA camel who is trained by a French chefRod Noles
AcrapolisAcropolisPorta-Potties at ancient Greek construction sites.Rod Noles
HellotropicHeliotropicFirst thing you say upon arrival in CancunRod Noles
SimulecrumSimulacrumIdentical looking donkeysRod Noles
WiligreeFiligreeOscar Mayer Wieners as Christmas Tree decorationsRod Noles
WetterFetterHow your shorts feel when they put on handcuffsRod Noles
HeraciousVeraciousThe honesty and truthfulness of women most of the time!!Carole Marantz
ParagoneParagonA being of grace, intellect and empathy who has passed away.Carole Marantz
SwheatenWheatenA sugar loafDoug Langmead
MhoroseMoroseA dejected stallionDoug Langmead
ScoffeeCoffeeA beverage when drunk in the staff canteen causes you to speak in a scornfully derisive or mocking way about work colleagues.Philip Cooke
EmooMooA flightless cowDoug Langmead
BemeanorDemeanorOne not nice to others.Carole Marantz
RefundantRedundantGals, you are entitled to money back from Anti-Wrinkles lotions that never work!!Carole Marantz
NerdantVerdantImmature, naive scholar.Carole Marantz
Lip-styncLip-syncAn exceptionally poor performance of trying to match live facial expression to a recorded song. (Best examples can be seen in every Macy's Day Parade)Bill Lansley
PenticidePesticideA spray that, when used correctly, will get you out of prison.Emile Ouellette
EleglanceEleganceWhen a classy woman looks your wayRod Noles
DeparteeReparteeWhen your friends invite you to leave the partyRod Noles
PubstitutionSubstitutionWhen your date leaves the bar with someone elseRod Noles
AntioxirantAntioxidantIntense vocal explanations repeatedly, regarding benefits of certain foods products and behaviors.Carole Marantz
ZendorphinsEndorphinsIncrease in state of well being through Zen Meditation.Carole Marantz
BowtowKowtowGrovelling while standing upright and not doing a curtsey.Carole Marantz
HovelsShovelsStraight-handled, broad-bladed, canted PadesDoug Langmead
EloquaintEloquentOne who verily articulates with fluencyGene Pogany
HepletedDepletedFriend who suddenly starts wearing pleated pantsRod Noles
BrocrastinationProcrastinationPutting off calling your little brotherRod Noles
when tomorrow is going to be just as cold as today
Timmothy Copeland
WhorrifyHorrifyDedemurityDoug Langmead
CallipigianCallipygianPig’s shapely buttocks. Inspiration for Paul Simon lyrics in You Are The One “big and fat pigs supposed to look like that"Rod Noles
CinemuxCinemaxSticky substance on the floor at the movieRod Noles
GlumlordSlumlordVery unhappy landlordRod Noles
MoppositeOppositeKarate Kid technique for mopping floors. Every other movement in opposite direction. “Mop on mop off”Rod Noles
RepollantRepellantInsecticide which kills love bugs on voting dayRod Noles
TenevolentBenevolentOne who scores a 10 in kindness, goodness and generosity.Carole Marantz
ZenterpriseEnterpriseEndeavor with principles of peace, good will and enlightenment.Carole Marantz
WitinerantItinerantEast coast circuit for traveling comediansRod Noles
FausticCausticA small mold mistaken for a tickRod Noles
HenchantPenchantNoise the chickens make when there’s a rosterin the yard.Rod Noles
WetishFetishCrude test to determine if your neighbor's lawn sprinkler works better than yoursRod Noles
AbnoxiousObnoxiousWearing a bare midriff outfit to the gymJames Mooney
IroneryIronerCreaseless ascerbityDoug Langmead
DramaturdyDramaturgyTheatrical ebullience following good bowel movementRod Noles
WedonismHedonismThe doctrine that marriage is likely to porvide pleasureRod Noles
WashramAshramPlace where sheep batheRod Noles
PerpunctoryPerfunctoryWhen WPMI contributors offer "gems&" out of habit/duty.Carole Marantz
BalternateAlternateTo dance without grace nor skill now and then.Carole Marantz
CroquetryCoquetryFlirting with mallets aforethoughtDoug Langmead
ApharePhareA dalliance with a flasherDoug Langmead
DogwagerDowagerLadies-only betting window at the dog racesRod Noles
FerriereDerriereClever way to tell someone to haul their ass in a wagonRod Noles
BemureBemireHeighten shyness when covered with mudRod Noles
AbnegutionAbnegationLooking at your belly for motivation to give up donutsRod Noles
PlandishmentBlandishmentScheduled time to flatter somene you dislikeRod Noles
CantumaciousContumaciousPositive self reafirmination that you can be obstinateRod Noles
KiposhKiboshMaking the wrong fashion statementRod Noles
MauthenticAuthenticSobriquet for mother of an adopted childRod Noles
MequisitionRequisitionMental instability of believing everyone counts on you personally to plug the gap in supply chain disruption.Rod Noles
DisconsquirtingDisconcertingWhat it's like when you can't make it to the bathroom in timeGene Pogany
DisquietuneDisquietudeA song played by a heavy metal bandGene Pogany
BunetteLunetteSandwich in the shape of a half moonRod Noles
BanxietyAnxietyThose who are ANTI everything different!!Carole Marantz
ScrackishBrackishInstead of "3 leaves let it be", you attack the poison ivy.Carole Marantz
HomepunsHomespunDad JokesDoug Langmead
FortifucationFortificationPrepartions for safe sexRod Noles
YarnstormerBarnstormerA stunt pilot who travels around the country dropping skeins of wool from his planeRod Noles
BarrearsArrearsWhen your tab at the local pub is past dueRod Noles
SincreaseIncreaseYou increase doing something you know is wrong because it feels so goodRod Noles
ArrowpootArrowrootInvoluntary flatulence immediately upon being shot with an arrowRod Noles
WarbitraryArbitraryDeclare war on a country because they have three R's in their name.Rod Noles
GerrybanderGerrymanderCongressional district with boundary lines that excludes certain loud bandsRod Noles
YarnstormerBarnstormerA stunt pilot who travels around the country dropping yarn from his planeRod Noles
RanderpestRinderpestA viragol cattleistDoug Langmead
CowcophonyCacophonyRaucous moosic herd in fieldsChristine Clark
FineffableIneffableUnbelievable shark sightings at local Atlantic Ocean beaches.Carole Marantz
SkiboshKiboshWinter accident ended one's favorite sport.Carole Marantz
PardonicSardonicA regretful person constanty requesting forgiveness.Carole Marantz
CandroidAndroidThe Tin ManDoug Langmead
SlitigateLitigateBreak through a fence and get legally charged.Carole Marantz
TrucugentTruculentFierce belligerent guy!Carole Marantz
NaproposAproposWith important reference to a daily senior snooze.Carole Marantz
CattiwampusCattywampusThe opposite of DoggiwampusWayne Price
SwordinessWordinessExcessive talking during a sword fightRod Noles
DamazonAmazonWhen overnight package is two days lateRod Noles
IgnoranusIgnoramusWhat you do to someone who's being an ass.Gene Pogany
InfamouseInfamousA notorious rodentWilliam Tunn
ExperimintingExperimentingHow the US treasury made its first coinsEmile Ouellette
ComodianComedianA comic who specializes in bathroom humorBill Magerman
HagitatHabitatSpecial location for vicious old women.Carole Marantz
GemojiEmojiJewelry featuring unique icons.Carole Marantz
SporadiceSporadicOccasional gamblingCarole Marantz
QuotadQuotaRather insignificant fixed shared amount.Carole Marantz
VegenationVegetationSwitch to eating more veggies, fruits, grains and nutsCarole Marantz
ProfssionalProfessionalAmateur (from a "Help Wanted" sign. "Apply With "E")Doug Langmead
GrubernatorialGubernatorialImmoral and often illegal behaviour by a well - placed and highly recommended Government official.Ruth Krause
Non compos mentosNon compos mentisMintally incompetentBar Lowenberg
Teal CeremonyTea CeremonyA formal ceremony where everyone wears blue-greenWayne Price
SirosisCirrhosisMalady of a gentleman drinkerGene Pogany
AnonymouseAnonymousAn unidentified cheese poacherGene Pogany
ProstratitisProstatitisCondition resulting from having too much to drinkGene Pogany
ConsequenchalConsequentialFinding water in the desert.Gene Pogany
SyncopatientSyncopationThe ability to not get frustrated while you try to reset the clocks on the oven and the microwave so they show the same time.Steve Cozzetto
CopasceticCopaceticTo live a lifestyle like a police officer stuck on a long stakeout, e.g., cold coffee, fast food, sleep in carSteve Cozzetto
BroviateBloviateMale sibling commenting on matters with no prior knowledge or informationCarole Marantz
TranquiltTranquilBedcover stitched in patterns that provides peace and comfort to owners.Carole Marantz
StagaciousSagaciousGal who only selects wise and discerning males for diverse roles.Carole Marantz
MeditationMedicationCheaper than pillsEmile Ouellette
TriscuitdekaphobiatriskaidekaphobiaAn abnormal fear of 13 snack crackers.Andrew N. Keller
OinkmentOintmentThe key ingredient required to grease a pigWayne Price
WabitatHabitatWhat Elmer Fudd calls a rabbit habitat.Wayne Price
HubriseHubrisRise of Egomania -21st Century-Intense addiction to Social Media, Electronic devices, 24/7.Carole Marantz
WintomeWinsomeEnchanting scholarly volume.Carole Marantz
DuoglogueDuologueTalking to myself in a theatrical settingDoug Langmead
LaxidermistTaxidermistA taxidermist who substitutes stuffed animals for deceased ones, thereby skinning his clientsCarole Marantz & Doug Langmead
ClimazeClimateIntricate and existential goal to address climate change and earth's survival.Carole Marantz
HisnomerMisnomerMale problem with inaccurate name or designation.Carole Marantz
AbucusterAbacusA General calculator that always underestimates the IndiansDoug Langmead
AudistNudistA nudist who can be heard, but not seenDoug Langmead
SpunctualPunctualIntense "fire brand" always on time.Carole Marantz
JollifyMollifyTo temper down by being somewhat silly and foolish.Carole Marantz
Shangri-lamShangri-laThe ideal getaway spotCarole Marantz
GunderwearUnderwearJockey shorts that have a holster built into the backWayne Price
PaintiesPantiesOverallsDoug Langmead
Crap circlesCrop circlesWhat happens when aliens get diarrhoea.Timmohy Copeland
OBtionOptionSurgical choice for an Out of Body experience while underEmile Ouellette
PunchantPenchantStrong affinity for creating puns for WPMI.Carole Marantz
TuxtaposeJuxtaposeAttempt to create unique formal ensemble with contrasting parts.Carole Marantz
RantalizeTantalizeTirade to torment one with unobtainable results.Carole Marantz
ConfidunceConfidenceOverly self assured actually incompetent idiot.Carole Marantz
JolyglotPolyglotJoy and delight of being multilingualCarole Marantz
ComparisinComparisonA deliberate logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on intentionally flawed and inherently false reasoning.Allen Hudson
MooronsMoronsVery unskilled boat operatorsGeoff Williams
DiaryworkersDairyworkersThe team that helped Pepys produce his magnum opusGeoff Williams
DohminionsDominions1] Apprentice Bakery workers
2] Bank tellers
Geoff Williams
EmuleMuleA donkey that can stand on its hind legs, act like a big chicken, put on a passable Australian accent and generally make an ass of itself.Doug Langmead
SobfuscatedObfuscatedBlinded by tearsCarole Marantz
WithperWitherA shriveled shoutDoug Langmead
BlabotomistPhlebotomistA medical pseudo-professional who would cause less bruising while drawing blood, if they’d just shut up and pay attention to what they’re doingTimmothy Copeland
CooleagueColleagueSomeone you really enjoy working withGeoff Williams
BlabblingBabblingTo reveal what one believes to be a secret, conspiratorial matter while actually spouting incoherent nonsense.Michael Bailey
BroncotBroncoA little bed for bucking inDoug Langmead
CorallaryCorollaryA dusty big bed for bucking inDoug Langmead
StraycationStaycationA holiday for polygamists.Ruth Krause
IincestorAncestorA distant relative with no clear sense of boundariesTimmothy Copeland
SphinxterSphincterThe real reason you never see the Sphinx from behindTimmothy Copeland
Fart shamingFat shamingA typo with a humorous climaxTimmothy Copeland
CustonersCustomersLegal purchaser of recreational marijuanaTimmothy Copeland
EpeatedRepeatedWhen a task has been done online more than onceTimmothy Copeland
TomorroeTomorrowThe caviar you’ll be having the day after todayTimmothy Copeland
ExasturbateExacerbateTo make something worse by playing with itTimmothy Copeland
GaneishaGaneeshaA seductive Japanese elephantDoug Langmead
DodecakneseDodecaneseA mythical Greek monster living on a group of islands that has 12 knee jointsGeoff Williams
Jamborlees *JamboreesA large group of Belgian track stars.

*Note -there is a family named Borlee in Belgium who are all international track stars
Geoff Williams
TransmoggificationTransmogrificationThe obscure belief that one is transformed into a cat after death-that’s why there are so many of the little blighters.Geoff Williams
Leef EnfieldLee EnfieldA well armed VikingGeoff Williams
CarbinationCarbonationA country hostile to well-armed Vikings and suitably equipped to deal with them.Doug Langmead
PenisulaPeninsulaAn unusually shaped geographical formation (and proof that "no man is an island" - Ed)Geoff Williams
PuncannyUncannyWords created by WPMI that "may be difficult to understand or surprising"Carole Marantz
WepithetEpithetTearful memory of a beloved.Carole Marantz
CryborgCyborgBeing truly upset by which of the two elements human or mechanical will dominate.Carole Marantz
CowculatorCalculatorA bovine mathematicianSarit Hovav
HairborneAirborneFlying locks on a blustery dayRuth Krause
PissueIssueAn issue that really pisses you off.Laura Gambardella
MoronavirusCoronavirusVirus causing death by idiocySarit Hovav
BaturianSaturianSober species that can live up to 30 years, fly 60 miles per hour, suspend themselves upside down.Carole Marantz
AnusthesiaAnesthesiaWhy you can’t remember your own colonoscopySteve Cozzetto
PredicamintPredicamentA bad situation that, regardless, you manage to come out looking goodSteve Cozzetto
ShynShinLower thyDoug Langmead
HickenChickenA headless chookDoug Langmead
PregnosisPrognosisThe ability to predict a pregnancy will yield another boy.Steve Cozzetto
Bone AppetitBon AppetitWhat skeletons say to each other before eatingEmile Ouellette
ExtraordiwaryExtraordinaryUnbelievably extra cautious!Carole Marantz
TorticeMorticeA turtle that has found its nicheDoug Langmead
AguileGuileDeceptively quickDoug Langmead
PromulgapePromulgateJoy proclaimed on viewing photos and videos of you and your date's 1980's high school prom.Carole Marantz
TrustrationFrustrationAbility to enjoy tranquillity and peace when all you anticipate goes wellCarole Marantz
Prima DonerPrima DonnaA snack that’s full of itselfRob Vosper
RabbotRabbitA clockwork talmudistDoug Langmead
ChagritChagrinIntense strength despite utter failure.Carole Marantz
WimpetusImpetusWeak, incompetent being has zero incentive!Carole Marantz
Compost mentisCompos mentis1] A perturbation in your moral compass compounded by a fertile imagination
2] A dirty mind
Doug Langmead
OriontationOrientationLooking upwardSteve Cozzetto
IdiyetIdiotWaiting for a stupid person to screw upSteve Cozzetto
DispouseDisposeVerb: to get rid of something you really wish you never got!Wayne Price
BaerialAerialStanding up when you should be lying down at your funeral and getting a much better reception as a result.Doug Langmead
TrainyRainyAn apprentice who’s still wet behind the earsDoug Langmead
TetchedTouchedRelated mental anomaliesEmile Ouellette
MulchritudePulchritudePreserving your good looks with a combination of compost and sawdustDoug Langmead
PrankensteinFrankensteinWe all have a Prankenstein in our lives. You know, the kind of person at the office that thinks saran wrap on the toilet bowl is funny.Wayne Price
LitterlyLiterallyWhen the misuse of a certain word is to such an extent that its true meaning is reduced to trashSteve Cozzetto
InveightationInvitationA method to solicit customer complaintsSteve Cozzetto
SickophantSycophantA poacher of pachydermsSteve Cozzetto
DiscombombulationDiscombobulationDo I cut the red wire or the blue wire?Theresa A. Corkum
DiscomboobulationDiscombobulationAre they real or fake?Theresa A. Corkum
HenitentPenitentCampsite exclusively for gals.Carole Marantz
ShenanigainShenaniganDishonest activity solely for illegal profit.Carole Marantz
AlcohogAlcoholSomeone who won’t pass the bottleMark Holmes
WindignationIndignationFeeling toward a meteorologist who failed to predict a damaging hurricaneMark Holmes
SinvestmentInvestmentPurchase of an interest in an adult entertainment establishmentMark Holmes
HentrificationGentrificationDisplacement of current inhabitants of a neighborhood by new residents who keep chickens in their yardsMark Holmes
TrapdhoorTrapdoorThe employees’ entrance to a bordelloMark Holmes
PragmanicPragmaticImpractical, illogical and insane decisionsCarole Marantz
PubilousNubilousFogginess of adolescence from "raging hormones"Carole Marantz
GossophobiaGlossophobiaFear of people gossiping about you.Carole Marantz
CalculustCalculusMathematical system to measure intense desireCarole Marantz
EpiphancyEpiphanyIncredibly elegant revelationsCarole Marantz
CalculustreCalculustA measure of the glow of pubilousityDoug Langmead
EncryptshunEncryptionThe increasing popularity of cremation instead of burialSteve Cozzetto
EpitaffyEpitaph"mmhere mmlies mmour brrreeloved mrrrrother (hard chewing and swallow) mmmray she mmmmrest mrrin (gulp swallow) peace" (wipe saliva off cheek)Steve Cozzetto
EmmytaphEpitaph"as I lie in heavenly repose I’d like to thank my director and producer as well as my legions of fans who stayed with us when this sitcom first piloted…"Steve Cozzetto
EerErrFallibility. To eer is human. To give, give, give, give is divine.Doug Langmead
CoachelloCoachellaA yearly musical event in the desert near Palm Springs that celebrates gelatin deserts.Wayne Price
ThoroughbedThoroughbredThe ultimate in sleeping accommodationGeoff Williams
AngiogrimAngiogramA rather disturbing medical reportGeoff Williams
AnziogramAngiogramA secret map of a site for a seaborne landing in Italy during the Second World WarGeoff Williams
CornucopiateCornucopiaA pill millSteve Cozzetto
MetsosopranoMezzosopranoThe singer of the National Anthem at Citi FieldSteve Cozzetto
MannapauseMenopauseA biblical famine; albeit a short oneSteve Cozzetto
EggceptionalExceptionalEaster lingo, words only used at EasterCarol Philipson
GaskewAskewShock of current gas prices that are definitely "out of line"Carole Marantz
StylustStylusIntense desires following texting!Carole Marantz
PygamyPygmyA swine with two wivesDoug Langmead
EmocionEmotionWaves of happiness, tides of despair in a restless sea of dreams.Doug Langmead
MakoyMakoA Charlatartan Shark, not the real McCoyDoug Langmead
TelapathyTelepathyHaving the ability to read minds but not caring toAmber Deaton
ScamaraderieCamaraderieThe parasocial relationship one has with an Instagram influencerAmber Deaton
RemarxRemarkStatements uttered when a communist group comengels. They are spoken without staling, streamlening their ideas for the masses, lest someone arrives at the conclusion that the ideology being trotskyed out could only be believed by a total ze-ding-dong.Amber Deaton
ScourageCourageThe fortitude required to scrub the toiletAmber Deaton
FratuityGratuityA tip given to another frosh to avoid hazingAmber Deaton
ScatastropheCatastropheA total sh*tstormAmber Deaton
SimpathySympathyPity for guys who white-knight on the internetAmber Deaton
PrepidationTrepidationBeing worried about chopping onions for your next recipeAmber Deaton
LimeriskLimerickThe chance you have of being taken to HR for repeating that dirty poem that you heardAmber Deaton
MaximomMaximumAn overbearing helicopter motherAmber Deaton
TomfouleryTomfooleryTomfoulery: Messing with a chick half your age

Tomfowlery: Messing with a "chick" at all
Amber Deaton
MomhawkMohawkThe hairstyle your mother adopts during her midlife crisisAmber Deaton
Aesop’s FoiblesAesop’s FablesAesop’s inspiration came from drawing on his own character defects to be anthropomorphised and given a moral purposeDoug Langmead
IdoleyesIdolizeKaty PerrySteve Cozzetto
NarcadyArcadyA rustic paradise in a runcible spoonDoug Langmead
MourniquetTourniquetAssistance and materials provided for those experiencing loss.Carole Marantz
SubterfudgeSubterfugeDisappointing candy made with faux chocolate (carob).Carole Marantz
ConundrumsConundrumThe mystery of why the Grateful Dead needed two percussionists, yet Def Leppard has only one - and he’s missing an armSteve Cozzetto
Who Dares WhinesWho Dares WinsQuis Audet Querit - the motto of bellyachers in the SASDoug Langmead
SewpSewBroth-stitchDoug Langmead
SpottyingSpottingThe monitoring of community wastewater for the presence of Coronavirus.
That data remains spotty, however, and there is not yet a clear connection between wastewater data and caseloads.
Doug Langmead
MajoledCajoledMom’s gentle persuasionCarole Marantz
AngiopastyAngioplastySpecial cardiological procedure often used on Las Vegas showgirlsGeoff Williams
WherewithaleWherewithalSpicy spirits offered as extra remunerationCarole Marantz
GutmostUtmostOne's ability to achieve great results by way of personal courage and determinationCarole Marantz
MiverseDiverseMy personal original poetry.Carole Marantz
AloofahLoofahSelf-absorbentDoug Langmead
HarmaceuticalPharmaceutical(HARM a SUIT i cle) noun, adjective: ingested toxic substances that eventually lead to litigation, or having to do with such substances.
Harmacy (HARM a cee) (n): Where harmaceuticals are sold.
Harmacist (HARM a cist) (n): One who dispenses harmaceuticals.
Big Harma (n): That institution which sponsors career politicians.
Mark Graham
VaxsimileFacsimileA figure of speech using "like" or "as" - for example: the flu shot is easy as pie, or the polio shot is like a life-saverSteve Cozzetto
Non compost mentosNon compos mentisChewy mint candy does not degrade into useable fertilizerSteve Cozzetto
NorthodoxyOrthodoxyBeliefs and philosophy guided solely by Polaris.Carole Marantz
GoutliersOutliersNot true that night shade veggies cause severe inflamations.Carole Marantz
PinvincibleInvincibleIncredible setup that literally cannot be hacked nor penetrated.Carole Marantz
SemissterSemesterA gap-year in one’s schoolingSteve Cozzetto
MiracluesMiraclesReminders of the good things that have happened to youSteve Cozzetto
AquamonAquamanUnderwater hero from JamaicaPhil W
WokipediaWikipediaLeft wing websitePhil W
HumisphereHemisphereOnly remembering half a songPhil W
EnderstandingUnderstandingLast words of an argument between two peoplePhil W
BeheaviorBehaviorActions following a fifth of scotchPhil W
FailoutBailoutGovernment handouts to all companies but yoursPhil W
WushesWishesDreams that get blown away in a heart beatPhil W
LambitionAmbitionDesire to run awayPhil W
PubliconPublicanIRS agentPhil W
DoxymoronOxymoronIdiot that gives out your addressPhil W
DamazonAmazonWhen your overnight delivery takes three daysRod Noles
ProcraptinateProcrastinatePutting off s*** that you don’t want to doWill Caplinger
ScrewageSewageLust’s labours flushedDoug Langmead
BreadlocksDreadlocksBakery security systemGeoff Williams
CameraderieCamaraderieGroup photoSteve Cozzetto
LubegubriousLugubriousThe sadness of seeing that Walgreens has stopped restocking the suntan oil, so that means Summer is almost over.Steve Cozzetto
ZenericGenericTranquil intuitive state of essential being.Carole Marantz
SpuntaneousSpontaneousIncredible brain ability of WPMI contributors to create with ease, clever/amusing words with awesome definitions.Carole Marantz
ComplaineComplineA very unsatisfactory church serviceGeoff Williams
CelibrateCelebrateAll of the thrills, none of the actionDoug Langmead
KaplowKapowA furrowed haymakerDoug Langmead
ComplaineComplineA very unsatisfactory church serviceGeoff Williams
GlamborousGlamourousLooking young and sheepishly chic.Doug Langmead
CedlingCedingA small concession that will one day sprout into a full retreet.Doug Langmead
CraminalCriminalA Russian prisonGeoff Williams
FulcrumbFulcrumA new type of robust bread that helps you to maintain your balanceGeoff Williams
ApooplecticApoplecticA fit of rage strong enough to convert incense to incontinenceDoug Langmead
ApathleticApatheticNo longer caring about the OlympicsSteve Cozzetto
XeroscapingXeriscapingThe process of landscaping that eliminates the need for irrigation by removing all the plantsMelissa Kelley
Quip pro quoQuid pro quoA snappy comebackMelissa Kelley
SobriquestSobriquetFrenetic search for iconic unique nickname!Carole Marantz
TunagTunaRecurrent melody constantly hummed that stresses you out because the name cannot be recalled.Carole Marantz
VacartionVacation"Hit the road, Jack!"Emile Ouellette
SpanicPanicFull extent of stressful concern from beginning to end.Carole Marantz
MispanicHispanicSuddenly realising that your flight is bound for PortugalDoug Langmead
HalogramHologramA visual manifestation of a person’s delusions of their own sanctity.Tessa Hogerwaard
InverstmentInvestmentAs a Noun:
Inverstment, (n): The verst investment I ever made.

As a Verb:
Inverst, (v): buying a stock that really sucks.
Ron Armstrong
FibulistFabulistA person who composes or relates fibs.

A liar, especially a person who invents less elaborate, less dishonest stories than a fabulist, but fibs about mundane topics on a regular basis.

"a born fibulist, with no regard for replacing or exaggerating the truth with "little white lies".
Jeff Todd
AspyreAspireA burning ambitionDoug Langmead
Cadbury TablesCanterbury TalesChocolate bars with a Chaucer flavoursDoug Langmead
HalogramHologramA visual manifestation of a person’s delusions of their own sanctity.Tessa Hogerwaard
CostermangerCostermongerThe cost of a stable in Bethlehem all those many years agoGeoff Williams
FlagonardFragonardProducing a masterpiece while downing copious drafts of wineGeoff Williams
FirecorksFireworksThe thrill one gets when letting loose the stopper from a bottle of good bubblyGeoff Williams
SpleendiedSplendidCausing untold damage to one's internal organs by having a conniption fitGeoff Williams
MultinudeMultitudeA mass stripteaseGeoff Williams
ImpedimenImpedimentThe uncanny ability of retired men to be in the precise spot that obstructs their wives' actions.Randee M Ketzel
RagendaAgendaCompilation of constant aggravating events,exasperating dialogues and inane, imbecilic activities.Carole Marantz
SmilestoneMilestoneAwesome emotional memory of your baby's first smile.Carole Marantz
WordlesWordlessLike WPMI, but with up to six attempts at one-letter changes and no attempt at definitions.Doug Langmead
TaccinationVaccinationA new mandate that applies only to Taxidermists-who must now get full vaccinations before they can stuff an animal. In certain parts of the world Freedom Rallies for Taxidermists have been taking place with many centres of major cities being clogged with giant stuffed Teddy BearsGeoff Williams
PurgeatoryPurgatoryA game played in certain Western democracies like UK and Canada where right wing members are the quarryGeoff Williams
GolfcoarseGolfcourseAn eighteen hole spread with VERY difficult roughGeoff Williams
OctuaryActuaryA very clever accountant who is limited in the type of client he can take on as he can only count up to eightGeoff Williams
RattlefieldBattlefieldA meadow infested with highly poisonous smakesGeoff Williams
RandicootBandicootA small Australian Marsupial that has been put on a steady diet of Spanish FlyGeoff Williams
CandibootBandicootA small Australian marsupial that has been treated by Dr SpoonerGeoff Williams
AnacondoAnacondaA very long very narrow accommodation that sometimes crushes and eats its residentsGeoff Williams
TangolinPangolinA scaly anteater which inhabits Africa but secretly wants to move to Argentina to learn how to danceGeoff Williams
CarryonCarrionThe amount of luggage that a crow can carry on a commercial aircraftGeoff Williams
WimpledonWimbledonA very prestigious tennis tournament played at England's hallowed grounds but restricted to nuns only.Geoff Williams
CateschismCatechismA split in the Christian church involving its most basic preceptsGeoff Williams
EndoctrineEndocrineArmageddonGeoff Williams
DecadenseDecadenceTen times more stupid than the average human. Highly likely to be a politician.Geoff Williams
ProtogeeseProtogeesThe first waterfowls created.William Tunn
PuparazziPaparazziSeen hiding in the bushes near the dog park (Celebrity puplicists ? - Ed)William Tunn
ChategorizeCategorizeOne chooses to avoid discussions on certain topics because of other's politics, social views and beliefs.Carole Marantz
ClamboyantFlamboyantAn ornate bivalve mollusk floating aimlessly all day without any concerns.Carole Marantz
PredictamentPredicamentI just knew I`d end up in this unpleasant situation.William Tunn
DogeeOgeeA serpentine canine of uncertain value in a windowDoug Langmead
PorkmanteauPortmanteauPigskin briefcaseGeoff Williams
PelekinesisTelekinesisA marine bird that can bend spoons with its mind.Peter Morris
CircustanceCircumstanceAn attitudinal position taken by P T Barnum.William Tunn
ExcellantExcellentThe highest achieving termite in the colony.William Tunn
FadmirerAdmirerA dedicated follower of fashionDoug Langmead
Shopgun WeddingShotgun WeddingA well established tradition in certain Southern US States wherein the bridegrooms father takes him out to the local gun shop to buy a rifle and lots of ammunitionGeoff Williams
Decree NiciDecree NisiHappily divorcedGeoff Williams
In Flagrant DelitiIn Flagrante DelictoRunning around stark naked with a silly grin on your faceGeoff Williams
EsquirtEsquireA novice knightGeoff Williams
TruckulentTruculentRoad-rage heavyweightGillian W
HambunctiousRambunctiousRowdy at Christmas dinnerBrian Griffith
FasterpieceMasterpieceDigitally and more quickly conceived.Carole Marantz
SoilitudeSolitudeWhen you are all alone in the hole you dug for yourself, ALSO The feeling you get when you realize that you are the only one who went down that rabbit holeWill Caplinger
SoupermanSupermanFaster than a speeding pizza delivery guy. More powerful than a jalapeno pepper.
Able to leap Anthony Bourdain in a single bound.
Will Caplinger
OvoidanceAvoidanceTaking eggs out of your diet.Will Caplinger
EffluencerInfluencerA social media poster who spreads or speaks complete rubbish; or spreads untrue or misleading information or commentary.Paul Schmidt
AirishIrishCeltic pilotsDoug Langmead
ExposoExposeAn exhibitionistic clown.Fran Rametta
DeaddressHeaddressFor males, a black suitGeoff Williams
HelpmeatHelpmeetGracyGeoff Williams
ParisitesParasitesResidents of the capital of FranceGeoff Williams
ViolinceViolenceCommitting mayhem with a stringed instrumentWill Caplinger
PunctionFunctionAbility to create clever/funny words for WPMI.Carole Marantz
IncorectIncorrectSomething a little less than PerrfectionDouglas Langmead
FailboneTailboneOsteoporosis results.Carole Marantz
FondueFondleA cheesy embraceDoug Langmead
MaximiceMaximizeVery large rodents.William Tunn
MinimiceMinimizeVery small rodents.William Tunn
OymicronOmicronA COVID variant that makes you feel guilty for contracting it.Will Caplinger
CondominimumCondominiumOne room plus half a bathEmile Ouellette
EntertrainEntertainClimb aboard the locomotive.William Tunn
LocopotionLocomotionThis stuff will send you crazy.William Tunn
RuseumMuseumEdifice that houses artifacts, paintings, sculptures that are not authenticCarole Marantz
MadmissionAdmissionAngrily and reluctantly admitting you did something wrong even in the face of your obvious guiltDian Berger
RecyclinkRecyclingThe sound emanating from the recycle bin when a dropped bottle strikes another bottle.Wayne Price
MegaphoneyMegaphoneA really really big fake.William Tunn
PartysanshipPartisanshipSemi-military love-boatBalazs Monoki
PiramisuTiramisuA quadro-triangular cakeBalazs Monoki
MormontaMormotaA converted squirrelBalazs Monoki
FadjunctAdjunctA short-lived and popular fashion craze added to your outfit which unmistakably displays that you are up to date and current with new trendsDian Berger
NaxxerVaxxerA person that is against getting vaccinated despite overwhelming evidence that vaccinations save lives and prevent severe illness.Dian Berger
RotindaRotundaA dating site for fat peopleDoug Langmead
BerefdBereftSorry team the game has been cancelled as all the umpires have tested positive for CovidGeoff Williams
SikhorskiSikorskiA helicopter piloted by a resident of IndiaGeoff Williams
NogbrainerNobrainerHow you felt at Christmas after downing one too many eggnogsGeoff Williams
GobraCobraUnderwear designed for females who like to runGeoff Williams
NobraCobraA serpentine sex-potGeoff Williams
CobratCobraAn ill-behaved young snakeGeoff Williams
MittigateMitigateA scandal involving a character played by Danny Kaye in a movieGeoff Williams
FaundryFoundryA carwash that has been adapted to allow a little deer to come in out of a heavy rainstormGeoff Williams
PprocatstinationProcrastinationWhen you put off cleaning the litter box...Lorraine Ray
WunderdogUnderdogAn extremely clever dogWilliam Tunn
DunderdogUnderdogNot a very clever canine.William Tunn
PmailEmailHow dogs communicateDale Steel
LyperboleHyperboleExaggerated statements or claims not intended to be taken literally. Ooooops....looks like the definition fits both spellings!Wayne Price
FlockageBlockageBirds, geese, butterflies each assembling by group to journey South.Carole Marantz
SarchasmSarcasmA sardonic divideWilliam Tunn
TangotTangoForgot to apply SP30 sunscreenCarole Marantz
HidiomsIdiomsJoy of finding the meanings hidden in such figurative language.Carole Marantz
FlosteredFlusteredHow you feel when your dentist criticizes your oral hygieneLorraine Ray
HilaryousHilary + hilariousMrs. Clinton's laughLorraine Ray
SassporillaSarsparillaA smart-aleck monkeyLorraine Ray
IntercurseIntercourseA sexually transmitted diseaseLorraine Ray
FrostratedFrustratedSick of winter weather!Lorraine Ray
MaccineVaccineYour Covid boosterLorraine Ray
AbrahemAbrahamThe first Jewish tailorLorraine Ray
DunderdogUnderdogNot a very clever canine.WilliamTunn
HumosexualHomosexualA lover of chick-peasMelvyn Taggart
AmpathyEmpathyElectric feelingsMelvyn Taggart
SvengalliSvengaliAn evil - minded, manipulative person full of bitterness.Ruth Krause
RugattaRegattaFlying carpet racesDoug Langmead
CarfreeCarefreeA feeling of delight when not using an automobile.Ruth Krause
OinkmentOintmentA salve for our hogsWilliamTunn
PundaySundayIsn't every day?Emile Ouellette
It ain't what I meant, it's the mentionIt ain't the meat it's the motionThe pleasure of seeing your word included in WPMI even though its not very clever (with apologies to The Swallows, Maria Muldaur and Southside Johnny)Doug Langmead

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