2020 Submissions

Welcome to the 2020 Submissions page!  Welcome to the new Decade!  And can you believe it’s been TEN YEARS of words?  Go back and enjoy some of the oldies but goodies on our Decade of Wordplay page.

We get new words regularly and work to post them as soon as practical.

Please note that not all words are posted.  Some are pretty far from the basic rules (one letter change, etc.). Some are two words which we post but don’t include in the contest.  Some are a little obscure – you may have to take out your actual dictionary to figure them out. Some we can’t actually figure out but sometimes post anyway.

OMG! It’s an election year AGAIN.  So we have definitely decided it best not to publish any that have a political connotation, since we’d rather not have the website seem partisan in any way and we didn’t want to referee. We also are being, what some may think is, over vigilant in our effort to not post words that might be offensive to our younger readers. (Besides, who wants our pages to start showing up on unfortunate search results.) Finally, we also try not to post words that are based on religious words or concepts or identifications (whether pejorative or not).

Most recent words are at the top.

   Definition Name
YOUR WORD HERE Clever is better… Tell us who you are; amaze your friends and family
Threatbare Naked aggression Geoff Williams
Thiatus A break from using the step fitness machine Jackin YOW
Skedawdle The answer to the age old question, ”Should I stay or should I go?” Anne DelCampo
Facilidate Arrange a tryst Anne DelCampo
Hairassment “Tress Stress”…dying, blow drying, teasing, etc. Anne DelCampo
Pierless Jettysoned Doug Langmead
Pisitivity Taking the piss for positivity, a 2020 phenomenon. Ruth Krause
Shituation A crappy place to be, most likely in 2020 Ruth Krause & Lindsay Sunter
Instagran A cool senior Geoff Williams
Gentriflying Traveling first class on an airplane Anne DelCampo
Aficionada A person who is a devotee of…nothing Anne DelCampo
Juggersnaut Flat-chested Anne DelCampo
Lachrymoose Bullwinkle’s Boohoos Anne DelCampo
Coldrums Seasonal affective disorder Anne DelCampo
Politricks Candidates making promises but with intentions of deceiving voters Carol Philipson
Unfortumate Your soon to be advised, and hapless, ex-spouse Jackin YOW
Clandestiny When one is born to work undercover Mike Harcrow
Spanache When a supremely confident manner goes a long way Ruth Krause
Attenumate Change up positions during amorous encounters Jackin YOW
Pianoply Mozart’s Concerto for two pianos in E-flat major Jackin YOW
 Expediment A shortcut that wasn’t Michael de Silva
Sputs Muddied spatterdashes Jackin YOW
Brandicoot The Australian equivalent of seeing Pink Elephants Geoff Williams
Lexulousy Getting bad words in a certain online Scrabble type game Geoff Williams
Potrified Stoned Jackin YOW
Foulsome Abhorrent gushiness Jackin YOW
Hacknowledge Break into the NSA database Jackin YOW
Racknowledge Prerequisite to work in ladies’ fitting departments Jackin YOW
Beer Wellington Suds to wash down three-day-old Napoleon pastry Jackin YOW
Hardbinger Predictable elbow-bender Jackin YOW
Derfraud Das artifice Jackin YOW
Lipstink The after affect of kissing someone with bad breath Carol Philipson
Parmaphernalia Stuff you need for a trip to Italy…or suburban Cleveland Mike Harcrow
Caramelt Candy in a hot car Mike Harcrow
Corntest Rural contest George Garrett
Aftidavits The ones to rush toward when the ship’s going down by the pointy end Jackin YOW
Intermydiary The last line of Samuel Pepys’ Will Geoff Williams
Exjasperated Frustrated tourists who have just been kicked out of one of Canada’s most popular National Parks Geoff Williams
Constervation Wanting to be part of the green movement but confused by its hypocrisy Mike Harcrow
Pouchsafed How a baby kangaroo feels after making the long post natal climb into its Mummy’s pouch Geoff Williams
Polterguest A noisy mischievous ghostly visitor Carol Philipson
Marguartini A cocktail made with gin, vermouth, and an olive with a splash of tequila Carol Philipson
Colone The one and only man in the crowd who’s wearing fragrance Carol Philipson
Slowmobile Vehicle used by Inuit Pensioners Geoff Williams
Globalisolation A worldwide group providing for the needs of hermits Geoff Williams
Phantasmajoria Dream scenes prior to one’s promotion to lieutenant colonel Mike Harcrow
Sea anenemy A bottom-dwelling adversary Mike Harcrow
Democritic Judging the merits and faults of those not in the Party Carol Philipson
Marguartini A cocktail made with gin, vermouth, and an olive with a splash of tequila Carol Philipson
Lipstink The after affect of kissing someone with bad breath Carol Philipson
Colone The one and only man in the crowd who’s wearing fragrance Carol Philipson
Freudulent deception and misrepresentation driven by an excess of libido H.R. White
Uncontinent An ocean Mike Harcrow
Importinent Insolent with attitude Mike Harcrow
Comodian An entertainer whose repertoire consists mainly of potty jokes.  One of low humor. H. R. White
Nadire The lowest of the lows, so low that one is looking up at a previous low. H. R. White
Wimpervious Incapable of timidity Mike Harcrow
Sobriquit A nickname for someone who has “fallen off the wagon”. H. R. White
Lachrimost A competition to see who can shed the most tears Geoff Williams
Apocalyspe A really big dithathter Mike Harcrow
Manattee Golfer Geoff Williams
Boblical Unscriptured Doug Langmead
Overisimilitude Hype Michael de Silva 
Pastramix Powdered sausage (just add water) Mike Harcrow
Gnatitude The place your temper(ament) goes after swatting at the little buggers around your eyes and face for several hours. Rusty McInroy
ThanksLiving A “New” holiday:  The day After Thanksgiving, to celebrate and give thanks for living through a pandemic Carol Philipson
Cornucapia Binge watching Superman movies Geoff Williams
Knowlodge Library JackinYOW
Shudder VT dairy cows left outside in the winter, is how ice cream is made Patricia Walsh
Satellate Runner up in The Space Race Anne DelCampo
Kitteen An overgrown kid who enjoys playing with balls of string Doug Langmead
Pettifrogging Paying no attention to details – minor or not; just jumping over them like that creature Vali Jamal PhD
Matrimany Polygamy Geoff Williams
Custoadian Pond caretaker Anne DelCampo
Rueminate Contemplating if the sauce is too lumpy or not Patricia Walsh
Artiface The layers of makeup required to fool a prospective date JackinYOW
Veeracity A measure of the degree to which a politician WILL lie to you JackinYOW
Concraption A privy Anne DelCampo
Jesture Jokes in Sign Language Patricia Walsh
Predemption A draft ruling on that request for absolution JackinYOW
Travestine A poor job on the marble counters in your new bathroom Geoff Williams
Compreclusive Computer geeks who hide behind social media communication in fear of real people and the real world Carol Philipson
Purpletrator A violet miscreant Mike Harcrow
Casterwaul Noise emitted from an ungreased swivel wheel JackinYOW
Ampervious Resistant to electrical shock Mike Harcrow
Garnage That dreadful mess in the carport Geoff Williams
Wactivate Initiate an assassination Anne DelCampo
Functual The enjoyment of perfect timing Mike Harcrow
Coallmine Buying up the remaining shares in your business Geoff Williams
Gruesame What to expect from a horror film sequel Anne DelCampo
Misk Why your glasses fog up when you put on your Covid protection Geoff Williams
Verbivore A writer who prefers action to description Mike Harcrow
Inclementation Cloud seeding Geoff Williams
Equivodate A social outing marked by exceptionally poor conversation Mike Harcrow
Selectrician A journeyman who works only on the finest dwellings Geoff Williams
Cavaliar One who is given to offhand and disdainful untruths Anne DelCampo
Petalance Becoming upset at losing in a flower competition Geoff Williams
Veneeration Fake praise Michael de Silva
Pugracious When a boxer who has successfully clubbed his opponent into semi consciousness helps him up and takes him to his corner Geoff Williams
Dasband Eins, zwei, drei … oompah-pah, oompah-pah JackinYow
Racketship Clandestine shipments of drugs and laundered cash Geoff Williams
Apologuy A remorseful dude Mike Harcrow
Somnambalance Trying not to fall over when sleepwalking Geoff Williams
Flavorite The tasty thing you like best Mike Harcrow
Contemptlation Thinking about someone or something with utter contempt Vali Jamal PhD
Egoad Social media provocation Anne DelCampo
Perfunktory Describing one’s routine dejection Mike Harcrow
Serenude Singing in the shower Geoff Williams
Demuralized Degraffitied JackinYOW
Speckious microscopically superficial Mike Harcrow
Gambition Young chess player aims to become a World Champion Geoff Williams
Fieftdom Lizard colony Michael de Silva
Bottlegrounds Woodstock after the show Geoff Williams
Prostidigitation The one-fingered, latex-encased salute to maintaining male medical health JackinYOW
Palinrome The Pope’s Twitter handle Geoff Williams
Halcyan Calm and blue Mike Harcrow
Ulitany? First question asked of new members joining Arsonists Anonymous Geoff Williams
Divanity Characteristic of a sofa Mike Harcrow
Henpicked Roosters first choice Geoff Williams
Cabstraction Tires Michael de Silva
Praternatural Motor-mouth JackinYOW
Bozone A circus Mike Harcrow
Moonfighting Joining the Militia as an adjunct to your day job Geoff Williams
Frugall A cheeky degree of cheap Anne DelCampo
Flabrication “No, they don’t make you look fat.” Michael de Silva
Crustrated Upset with one’s bread baking skills Mike Harcrow
Corraption Enamored with one’s own skills at circumventing honourable behaviour JackinYOW
Lawnmoower Recent Canadian news item ” cattle being used to graze potential forest. fire sites in order to reduce conflagrations”. Geoff Williams
Catasonic A state of unresponsive rigidity brought on by having to listen to your teenager’s playlist while driving Mike Harcrow
Cybar Pub for Techies Anne DelCampo
Vehickle How drunks get to jail Michael de Silva
Cerdainty The assurance of being delicate Mike Harcrow
Nubiquitous The Next Big Thing Gillian Winter
Consliderate Giving careful thought and attention to the eating of small hamburgers or cheeseburgers in front of others Barbara O’Neal
Stuperstitious Becoming extra sensitive to superstitions while under the influence Name Withheld
Culpagility Able to avoid blame Mike Harcrow
Sunction Ultimate opprobrium JackinYOW
Paleoncology The science of looking for reasons for the death of the dinosaur Geoff Williams
Androit A nimbler automaton Mike Harcrow
Smittens Fingerless glovers Doug Langmead
Providents Good fortune from a fender bender Mike Harcrow
Reeferee Most senior (highest?) quality control inspector at a cannabis grow-op JackinYOW
Dysinterest Stomach ailment caused by falling interest rates Geoff Williams
Camoraderie Esprit de corps Michael de Silva
Squandary Predicament caused by overspending Mike Harcrow
Swoollen A bloated sheep Doug Langmead
Ampliflying The act of yelling to try to make a false statement true Robert Butler
Regorgitate Gourmandize with vigour, once more JackinYOW
Filminate A short documentary Geoff Williams
Brunchitis A severe ailment brought on by missing breakfast Geoff Williams
Acaholic One addicted to good grades who will sacrifice normal activities to study Name Withheld
Schadentfreude Joy at seeing the driver who cut you off get in a fender bender Michael de Silva
Cabooze The “Bar Car,” located at the end of the train Anne DelCampo
Plugnacious Broadly tout one’s belligerence JackinYOW
Mesmorable Magically notable Mike Harcrow
TPOTUS National stockpile of latrine supplies Anne DelCampo
Saxonophist A horny Viking Doug Langmead
Prohensile Right man with the right tools JackinYOW
Toreadoor How the bullfighter gets out of the bullring Geoff Williams
Ginstitute Bar Michael de Silva
Gradulate Seniors finally getting their grade 12 certificates Geoff Williams
Cloonier Georgia Doug Langmead
Incomprehensile Still useless after millions of years Michael de Silva
Gainland Profit on the sale of acreage Geoff Williams
Bostard Reprobate boss JackinYOW
Bureaucrate From Ikea Michael de Silva
Peltdown Monsoon Geoff Williams
Taxration The refund Michael de Silva
Stratagym How to work out the best exercise program for your long term health Geoff Williams
Lappuccino When you’re clumsy with your coffee Mike Harcrow
Blogorrhea Excessive talkativeness in an  online journal Anne DelCampo
Sockrates Greek footwear Geoff Williams
Celluvoid Overexposed or unused film Mike Harcrow
Stratigems Seeking favours from young ladies by offering them fabulous trinkets over an extended period Geoff Williams
Apprehendsion Anxiety felt by those who are “on the lam” Anne DelCampo
Activest Those yellow jackets they wear in Paris when protesting Geoff Williams
Potlight A lamp projecting a narrow light that makes a mundane object appear fascinating Kim Stevenson
Crostacean Angry lobster JackinYOW
Turfines Engines that run on grass based fuel Geoff Williams
Peeking Duck A fowl voyeur Mike Harcrow
Scurrilouse Fast moving vermin Geoff Williams
Flabricate Put on weight Anne DelCampo
Cratcheting A type of knitting prevalent in Dickensian times Geoff Williams
Gutso The hearty relishing of gastronomic delights Mike Harcrow
Palondrome A private airstrip for friends who fly in.  You can land and take off in either direction, regardless of the wind. Doug Langmead
Euphlegmism Harrumph Michael de Silva
Flamboydance Flashy performance by a “Guy Band.” Anne DelCampo
Falaxy Disappointment for an astronomer Geoff Williams
Fumergate To expel someone by smoking in his presence Mike Harcrow
Felodious Descriptive of a particularly repulsive criminal Mike Harcrow
Mallcontent A happy days shopping Geoff Williams
Spinnacle The best hyperbole Michael de Silva
Vacumen Skill required for a house keeper Anne DelCampo
Exhoneration Removing a judge from the bench Geoff Williams
Pandephonium Sonic chaos Mike Harcrow
Zennui Tired of reality Michael de Silva
Hindfullness The state of being conscious of derrières Anne DelCampo
Collaric Angry that you got arrested Steve Cozzetto
Minificent A donation barely qualified to achieve Patron status JackinYOW
Christendome A monk’s tonsure Geoff Williams
Numble Incapable of sensing a need for modesty Mike Harcrow
Pretinacious A young girl who is bent on achieving her goals Vali JamalPhD
Dromedairy Camel Milk Geoff Williams
Envoice When the first contact is the service charge Lorien
Celibrate To celebrate one’s celibacy Vali Jamal PhD
Blouffant A certain hair style and tint that only the most “seasoned ladies“ can achieve Anne DelCampo
Perspextive The view of many shopkeepers during Covid Geoff Williams
Flawnt To show off one’s imperfections Mike Harcrow
Assterisk Dating website alert Michael de Silva
Scottage A bungalow in the “Highlands” Anne DelCampo
Sextemporaneous Descriptive word for “A Quickie“ Anne DelCampo
Verdunce The state of being green and not overly aware of it Mike Harcrow
Padios With the colder weather coming Spaniards have to move indoors Geoff Williams
Carpe Diemo Seize the angst Michael de Silva
Specifishity One’s seafood preference Mike Harcrow
Allegatory A crock of similes Doug Langmead
Oopsimath One who begins their education so late in life that they do not recall the knowledge learned Anne DelCampo
Sneezons Year-round allergies Mike Harcrow
Commutists Fellow Travellers Geoff Williams
Cignominy Smoker shame Michael de Silva
Filibluster Filibuster Anne DelCampo
Poserful Maintaining control by deception Mike Harcrow
Debactle When old men harangue each other with the whole world watching Doug Langmead
Manufracture The machinery has broken down again Geoff Williams
Defermination Deciding not to decide yet Mike Harcrow
Dunderestimated Thought they were smarter Michael de Silva
Practimal A type of unworkable solution that, once in practice, proves us to be ill considered Charles Abbott
Covicted Sentenced to endless quarantines Elaine Baran
Communify To have a block party Mike Harcrow
Punctural I am usually on time but I blew a tire Geoff Williams
Hypocracy An elected government which acts in its own interests Mike Harcrow
Bier Garden Cemetery Michael de Silva
Cramifications The consequences of waiting to study until the last minute Mike Harcrow
Plastor An inebriated cleric Geoff Williams
Forelorn Golf widow Michael de Silva
Corona-fide A credible COVID-19 test Steve Cozzetto
Humavoid A hermit Mike Harcrow
Rumbunctious Full of energy imparted by the Caribbean drink Vali Jamal PhD
Histormians People with nothing better to do than read old weather reports Doug Langmead
Stubmission Walking barefoot past the coffee table in the dark JackinYOW
Missbigoten When someone is a chauvinist and a racist Steve Cozzetto
Cannelonli Pasta for the shutins Geoff Williams
Recidivistick Billy club Michael de Silva
Coptimism The irrational hope that the police car behind you is pulling over someone else Charles Abbott
Misscommunication When women speak and men fail to hear the correct meaning of their words Carol Philipson
Fakery The source of that eye-catching display of desserts at the buffet, supermarket or restaurant case that end up in your mouth and are sadly lacking in flavor Amy Duckett Wagner
Paster Deceased cleric Geoff Williams
Winderkind A flatulent child Mike Harcrow
Fogyhorn An automobile accessory used excessively by an elderly driver ( usually a man wearing a hat} Geoff Williams
Apocalypso Jamaican swan song Geoff Williams
Automagic A really great mechanic Mike Harcrow
Initiaction Hazing Michael de Silva
Hautism Dissociation with an air of superiority JackinYOW
Perfumigate Extermination by fragrance Mike Harcrow
Angiostura A libation that caused heart trouble Geoff Williams
Asideswipe Indirect insult Michael de Silva
Gentrifugal Force The outward-expanding unaffordability of a previously modest neighborhood after the first house has been remodeled and sold for five times the amount it was worth the previous year Amacker Bullwinkle
Spendulum The measure of vacillation between excess and thrift Mike Harcrow
Memeh Boring graphic image Michael de Silva
Pandemonic When all the kids are dressed as devils at Halloween Mike Harcrow
Nitprick A jerk who finds minor faults with everything Mark Summers
Mockaroni Imitation pasta Mike Harcrow
Elonsgate A scandal involving Tesla fuel readings Geoff Williams
Expoximate The handle of a broken coffee mug that stays glued on Steve Cozzetto
Permnfrost Two hair treatments at once Mike Harcrow
Alimoany Sound in divorce court. Michael de Silva
Polyglop A cheap buffet Mike Harcrow
The Ha! Drone Collider A demolition derby for modern tiny robotic aircraft, it is a pastime that can only be enjoyed by those with far to much (literally) disposable income, as well as free time Veronica Ledford
Mandelin Mandelin Geoff Williams
Sphinux Egyptian computer operating system Michael de Silva
Diasposition A tendency to scatter Mike Harcrow
Iconomics What Rock stars do with their money Geoff Williams
Marathong 26 miles in a string bikin Michael de Silva
Reconnloiter Taking your sweet time submitting a completed intelligence report JackinYOW
Curtive Briefly covert Mike Harcrow
Concantenation A whole country joined in song, all on the same page– beautiful music Name Withheld
Strepidation The fear that your sore throat might be Stage 1 Coronavirus Doug Langmead
Genervate The stand-by power supply failed JackinYOW
Launderomat A place for cleansing illegal cash Geoff Williams
Idiotsyncrasy A self-aggrandizing person’s behavioural traits, like counting “likes” on Facebook as a vindication of their IQ Vali Jamal
Dequest Retract the question JackinYOW
Grinaced The opposite of having a poker face Geoff Williams
Dimmolate Use a match to check your remaining fuel JackinYOW
Trendezvous The IN place Geoff Williams
Phlogmatic Punishment meted out dispassionately JackinYOW
Arabisque A soup using lobsters from the Red Sea Geoff Williams
Perfromance A soap opera or Hallmark movie Mike Harcrow
Bombattic Where shady fictional spies are traditionally working Geoff Williams
Blabbergasted Overwhelmed by gossip Mike Harcrow
Post-Moldern Exhumed Michael de Silva
Gasino A service station with slot machines Mike Harcrow
Comrades-in-Alms Teams of beggars Doug Langmead
Club Med-icare An all inclusive senior assisted living Resort Carol Philipson
Grandola A very expensive canal boat ride Geoff Williams
Saging The process of storing wisdom in wrinkles Doug Langmead
Eidetick A much too vivid memory of this blood sucking insect Charles Abbott
Ediborial Uninteresting opinion Mike Harcrow
Gonola A boat hijacking in Venice Geoff Williams
Dripples Ripples caused by a drip Mike Harcrow
Gastration Intestinectomy Mike Harcrow
Dimplomat A cute ambassador Geoff Williams
Altar-ego Preaching in vain Doug Langmead
Menace-a-trois Three guys with baseball bats Geoff Williams
Quagmile 1.6 km of swamp Mike Harcrow
Leadenship Skewardship Doug Langmead
Evacucation When a hurricane ends your holiday early Mike Harcrow
Taddler People who are a tad older and unsteady on their pins Doug Langmead
Curtesy Passive-aggressive customer service Mike Harcrow
Unaltared Living together but not married Geoff Williams
Xanadud Not the utopia you expected Mike Harcrow
Stringulation Death resulting from the tedium of developing arduous text processing code Allen Nugent
Masqueraid A new line of work where you help people put on their Covid masks as they enter a store Geoff Williams
Silliloquy Saying goofy things to yourself Mike Harcrow
Stratagerms Infectious artifices Doug Langmead
Decrepet A scruffy dog Geoff Williams
Shabitat When your dwelling needs maintenance Mike Harcrow
Maid Off With Stealing little soaps from the cart in the hotel hallway Steve Cozzetto
Goldflinch That uneasy feeling you get after you have invested all your savings in a goldmine and the price of gold plummets Geoff Williams
Punytive A punishable weakness Mike Harcrow
Banctimonious How CEOs of major financial institutions look down on those of the lower classes and other minorities Geoff Williams
Parfection 18 holes of golf without a single bogey or eagle or birdie Geoff Williams
Beehave The command for humans to reverse the dwindling population of pollinating insects Steve Cozzetto
Matchrimony The act of being married as a result of meeting on Match Carol Philipson
Communest A hidden group of Russian spies Geoff Williams
Carcinergy Merger of two tobacco companies Steve Cozzetto
Handroid Robotic cowboy Doug Langmead
Idiotsyncrasy The idiotic eccentricity or peculiarity of an halfwitted nincompoop Carol Philipson
Farsical Making an ass of yourself Doug Langmead
Concushion Those little neck support things they put around your neck after a car crash Geoff Williams
Lisping Leaning to thleft or thright Doug Langmead
Santamount Reindeer Geoff Williams
Pantamount When you hang up your trousers and all the change drops out of your pocket Geoff Williams
Taintamount Bribery payment or laundered money Geoff Williams
Corespondence Letters to ones mistress that are introduced in court in support of a decree nisi Geoff Williams
Clurk A creepy cashier or furtive office keeper Mike Harcrow
Nincomperp a foolish suspect Mike Harcrow
Piqwant Desiring provocation or stimulus Mike Harcrow
Scraples The dusty residue of morality Mike Harcrow
Skedawdle To depart slowly Mike Harcrow
Frivolust Carefree desire Mike Harcrow
Skortch When she over-irons her culottes Mike Harcrow
Paramourmal An atmosphere of ghostly love Mike Harcrow
Peckuliar Describing an odd light kiss Mike Harcrow
Idiotsyncracy Rule by politicians-anywhere of any stripe Geoff Williams
Fandingo Dance of the wild dogs Mike Harcrow
Venletta A Feud that started with a written insult Geoff Williams
Ebulliaunt An enthusiastic female relative Mike Harcrow
Daialect How a Welshman speaks Geoff Williams
Zolleague A colleague whom you have only ever met on Zoom video calls Name Withheld
Langmeal A choice offering from a regular WPM entrant Geoff Williams
Cornucopier When the xerox machine overfloweth Mike Harcrow
Portlymanteau Luggage designed for large-sized males Steve Cozzetto
Permafroth More foam than coffee Mike Harcrow
Lepadoptery Falling in love with a butterfly and taking them into your family Geoff Williams
Squalord Rent collector in slums Mike Harcrow
Sycophrantic Going crazy because the one you spend all your time sucking up to will no longer take any notice of you Geoff Williams
Rancorman Resentful or malicious newscaster Mike Harcrow
Pretrusion what it is before it sticks out Mike Harcrow
Sphinxter A significant tightening felt in certain parts of the body when first viewing the wonders of Ancient Egypt Geoff Williams
Flortilla A fleet of taco shells Mike Harcrow
Out-of-sink Bad timing, as when the water stops when you put your hands under an automatic faucet and restarts after you’ve pulled them away Steve Cozzetto
Tartamount 1. Your bill from the bakery


2. An item on your business credit card that will never be claimed on expenses

Geoff Williams
Prepperoni Oily sausages for disaster stockpilers Mike Harcrow
Dratitude The feeling of gratitude towards a doctor (dr) who saved your life from a serious illness Name Withheld
Lieability A new type of Insurance that is needed worldwide to protect politicians Geoff Williams
Prototypo The first misspelling Michael de Silva
Irrigtation A farmer who gets mad because his water has been cut off Geoff Williams
Hospitalination vast social quarantine Mike Harcrow
Rumpa A Latin dance with extra hip action Mike Harcrow
Orbligato An additional melodic element that may be played as a round Mike Harcrow
Bipoler One who walks using two ski poles Geoff Williams
Progsnoticate To foretell a messy sneeze Mike Harcrow
Incontinents Leaky land masses Mike Harcrow
Flatulance Particularly penetrating gassiness Mike Harcrow
Slumberjack A logger who will not last long in the business Geoff Williams
Quid pro quorantine An isolated exchange Mike Harcrow
Balkonisation Building verandas in Serbia Geoff Williams
Accelerave Gradual increase in tempo of the dance party play list Mike Harcrow
Fuddy Daddy An old-fashioned or crotchety father Mike Harcrow
Gradiator A swordsman with a thermal lance Doug Langmead
Fewd A vendetta involving only two people Geoff Williams
Percollate To organize through filtration Mike Harcrow
Pugilisp Mike Tyson Mike Harcrow
Waferine A feral biscuit Doug Langmead
Indeslicive I cant decide whether to have the big piece  of cake or the little one Geoff Williams
Requiremint Necessary breath freshener Mike Harcrow
Ginsurrection Bar fight Michael de Silva
Flaternity The concept of time being 2-dimensional Doug Langmead
Maptime Sleeping for flaternity Doug Langmead
Polygot Just bought a parrot Geoff Williams
Spurnious Of insincere disdain Mike Harcrow
Quislingo Dialect of traitors Michael de Silva
Deffluent The outpourings of an eloquent dactylologist Doug Langmead
Pawnmower Things are getting tough in the suburbs Geoff Williams
Columnbine Very tall, supportive wildflowers Mike Harcrow
Recalcitruant A disobedient pupil who moreover truants from school often Vali Jamal PhD
Naplomb Self-assured destruction Doug Langmead
Notarious Rather shady paralegals Geoff Williams
Bullogna 1. an all-beef sandwich meat;
2. redundant political promises
Mike Harcrow
Durabble A tough crowd Michael de Silva
Gineric Anything alcoholic other than gin Doug Langmead
Farcenous A burglar who specializes in stealing scripts of old Feydeau plays Geoff Williams
Hammuck When your swinging bed drags in the mud Mike Harcrow
Placebro Fake friend Michael de Silva
Bleef Bovine provenance Doug Langmead
Dethamphetamine A really lethal drug Geoff Williams
Fortknight How long on average king’s men live after a battle injury Mike Harcrow
Minitia Small army Michael de Silva
Axent Heavily clipped speech Doug Langmead
Lapinary Carvings of rabbits Geoff Williams
Felonee A crime committed by the bride Mike Harcrow
Vanillials Generation that has no moral opposition to faking it (i.e., born between 1989 and 1990) Steve Cozzetto
Hornest A conclave of veracious wasps Doug Langmead
Liverpuddlian Splashing around the backstreets of a large British city after a rainstorm Geoff Williams
Umbrelluh One’s exclamation when the pop-up rain shield has been left behind Mike Harcrow
Lachrymost Just cant stop crying Geoff Williams
Chordial Musically welcoming Mike Harcrow
Alphabent Italics Geoff Williams
Skeptacular Magnificently capable of disbelief Mike Harcrow
Metallurge Just gotta listen to those noisy rock bands Geoff Williams
Whippersnacker A cheeky between-meal eater Mike Harcrow
Coshort Five centuries Doug Langmead
Discobobulate To dance in an awkward and confused manner Mike Harcrow
Exponental A degree of skill Doug Langmead
Fourlough Leave of absence given to two pairs of employees Mike Harcrow
Iconoclash Disagreement over the merits of statuary Doug Langmead
Flippaunt Insolent parental sister Mike Harcrow
Quaranroutine When the act of quarantine becomes a consistent way of living James B Neff
Syllygism Faulty logic Deb Fourlas
Eternil Nothing, forever. Michael de Silva
Disavowel A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y Dave Hineman
Fesstune What a stool pigeon sings Steve Cozzetto
Ledgerdemain Sleight of hand with company ledger Vali Jamal PhD
Emui Bored ostriches Doug Langmead
Falawfel Bad fried chickpea balls Mike Harcrow
Tenderloan When a railway is short of rolling stock and has to borrow from a rival Geoff Williams
Tubadour A travelling trombonist Doug Langmead
Nernia After reading C.S.Lewis’ “the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”  you get a serious pain in the lower reaches of your stomach Geoff Williams
Phlebotomissed The blood tech who keeps stabbing you over and over and over… Mike Harcrow
Unbiblical cord Inference found in art depicting Adam and Eve as having navels Steve Cozzetto
Parsimoney Sparse in spending money Vali Jamal PhD
Zox A dormant buffalo Doug Langmead
Speflunker one who fails at cave exploration Mike Harcrow
Subterfuse A booby trap Geoff Williams
Baggravation The inability to open a plastic bag in the produce section of a supermarket because you are wearing a mask Wayne
Legerdeman A person who excels in telling light lies Vali Jamal PhD
Abbacus The words uttered when your kids play the Mama Mia DVD for the tenth time Derek Farr
Castogate Practicing fishing technique within the limits of your yard Steve Cozzetto
Alackrity Regret over a hasty decision Doug Langmead
Tantramount Having a fit because you did not reach the summit of Everest after paying a king’s ransom to have a chance Geoff Williams
Golfiath A really big golfer Mike Harcrow
Twitterpatter Obsessively typing a series of tweets on social network Cecilia W Riegert
Canvenient Wine that is sold in six packs Wayne Price
Pundit Pundit: V. To create a new definition for a word in order to make a clever wordplay. Example sentence: “I took that word and I pundit.” Dave Hineman
Perpetulant Continuously irritable Mike Harcrow
Absteamious I exercised so hard my chest muscles burst into flame Geoff Williams
Luxuriaunt A female relative whose husband left her very comfortably off when he died Derek Farr
Sangwynne The happy disposition of Herman Munster Steve Cozzetto
Zex Falling asleep whilst making love Doug Langmead
Mapestry Geographical and travel details on a wall hanging Mike Harcrow
Vannalism What Pat Sajak does when he gets mad on “Wheel of Fortune” Geoff Williams
Pudantic Excessive concern for the use of correct ingredients and precise measurements in production of desserts Derek Farr
Youfemism When someone tries to force their own definition of what’s “womanly” Steve Cozzetto
Visigoethes Germans who essayed into Spain Doug Langmead
Choregraphy Keeping daily statistics during the Covid crisis as you do endless meaningless little bits of work around your steadily shrinking abode so you can show your partner that you are actually doing something other playing dumb word games Geoff Williams
Floorentine Describing dropped spinach Mike Harcrow
Creamatorium Last stop for the very best people Geoff Williams
Caviar Emptor Fine print seen on a seafood menu Steve Cozzetto
Extramaritail Trouble Michael de Silva
Anschlusst Coercive conjugation Doug Langmead
Congloperate a messy or ill-advised business amalgamation Mike Harcrow
Kindnapper A man who takes people hostage and gives them presents and takes them to movies and then lets them go home Geoff Williams
Abrascadabra Incantation used in a magic act to make the female assistant’s bikini top suddenly disappear H R White
Heirbrush Oldest son just got disinherited Geoff Williams
Fourlorn Really really really really sad Mike Harcrow
Locksdown The passage of months since the last haircut Doug Langmead
Litterature Trashy novels Michael de Silva
Configurate To calculate how much one spends on food at Christmas John McIntyre
Adjunkt Garbage added to other trash as a supplementary rather than essential part Bill Goodwin
Sackharine The unreal sweetness of seeing the opposing team’s quarterback flattened Steve Cozzetto
Creton A stupid biscuit David Bunney
Phlegmattic Upper-most sinus area Steve Cozzetto
Incoherant Believer of nonsense Michael de Silva
Heditate To pause and reflect prior to making a poor decision Doug Langmead
Smorgasbored When you get tired of all the buffet options Mike Harcrow
Mallisthenics Getting exercise while shopping Geoff Williams
Disavowel The disdain felt by the British towards Americans for removing the letter “U” from many of their best words John du Manoir
Messrage Text message conveying annoyance David Bunney
Propiety Megachurch Michael de Silva
Mountybank Where Canadian policemen deposit their paycheques Geoff Williams
Verisimilidude He was just a fakey, try hard as he could to pass off as a professor Vali Jamal PhD
Perambulate To refer to paramedics stuck in traffic John McIntyre
Lacu na Gap analysis Doug Langmead
Superflumous Descriptive of an unnecessary water declination Mike Harcrow
Loudge Frat house Michael de Silva
Sartrial An existentialist who wears good clothes Geoff Williams
Divorcity When your lover looks different than your spouse Steve Cozzetto
Scurrilouse A nasty bug hastening away from biting a human Geoff Williams
Filligreed An overwhelming desire for Crème Cheese Geoff Williams
Arbytrary Irrational, sudden craving for fast food Steve Cozzetto
Paenal Code Lyrics Michael de Silva
Pilates Low-impact buccaneers Doug  Langmead
Existstencil When you read a sign and find deeper meaning that permits you to either obey the sign or ignore it Steve Cozzetto
Bravity A counterforce to Nature, ensuring that what’s gone down appears to stay up Doug Langmead
Fauxcet Movie prop sink fixture Michael de Silva
Pinkles Guava slices in vinegar Mike Harcrow
Targot Slang words used in big box store ads Geoff Willams
Pettery Kiln-baked lap animals that cost nothing to feed Mike Harcrow
Proliterate A movement set up to counteract the dying art of good writing engendered by social media Geoff Williams
Gobsnacked Having eaten between meals as a result of astonishment Mike Harcrow
Incestor The reason why Granny Smith apples don’t fall far from the tree Doug Langmead
Racketears An on court breakdown at Wimbledon Geoff Williams
Dromedairy Milk from a camel Geoff Williams
Metaparsals Honking big packages sent by FedEx Geoff Williams
Incestors Your great-grandparents were first cousins Steve Cozzetto
Approxymate Approxymate Geoff Williams
Magmanimous Describing a noble and generous volcano Mike Harcrow
Pandemi A bad review for movie actress Moore Geoff Williams
Avalunche Buffet meal on a cruise ship Steve Cozzetto
Viruslence The quietitude of self-isolation Doug Langmead
Nundane Ophelia Geoff Williams
Reskeptive Wary, but open to trying Steve Cozzetto
Fartitude One’s power to empty a room Mike Harcrow
Alascar Counterinuitive Doug Langmead
Heliotripe Trashy articles in the Sun newspaper Geoff Williams
Hydroplants Water lilies Geoff Williams
Blissando Sliding gleefully between pitches Mike Harcrow
Elergy A poetic lament for one’s excessive immunological response to seasonal, entomological, or pharmacological antigens Jeffrey Krueger
Prioritees The spot from which the top golfers hit their drives Geoff Williams
Leige A word that’s hard to master Doug Langmead
Schtupefied The amazement you feel when you discover the young age of your cheater’s new conquest Mona J. Shapiro
Hydroplan The Three Gorges Dam project Geoff Williams
Coquetiquette Manners regarding how soon one can text after spending the night together Mona J. Shapiro
Canondrum Confusion on interpretation of easing the lockdown regulations Doug Langmead
Quacksilver Fake precious metal Geoff Williams
Advherb Word qualifying plants used for perfume Pablo Dominguez
Myhopia Short-sighted optimism Steve Cozzetto
Presippatation Drinking in anticipation of a nice big snow storm Mona J. Shapiro
Indignorant Angry and clueless Steve Cozzetto
Honcologists Doctors who specialise in chronic diseases among geese Geoff Williams
Llemur A spitting monkey Doug Langmead
Calumnist Journalist who publishes difamatory material Pablo Dominguez
Amorkised Robin Williams dressed up for a TV series Geoff Williams
Cognocentic Overeducated Doug Langmead
Applelexy The fit one has  when their cell phone battery goes dead in the middle of a conversation H R White
Bootique Shop that specializes in ladies’ footwear Pablo Dominguez
Lispsom Flexthible Michael de Silva
Ginko Balboa Explorer who was lost to history as he could not remember where he’d been Mona J. Shapiro
Circumsides Love-handles surgery Steve Cozzetto
Sequintially Gliterally Doug Langmead
Cellolite Legs that are dimpled and bowed Doug Langmead
Bandmaiden Virgin Groupie Michael de Silva
Indivisual Selfie Steve Cozzetto
Dosorganised Music composed by Juan Bautista José Cabanilles to be played on two Spanish organs Doug Langmead
Gaul bladder The organ which becomes inflamed after eating too much French food Mona J. Shapiro
Buttesses Nanny goats Geoff Williams
Beknighted Related to a noble man who is an ignoramus Pablo Dominguez
Arcanadian The dialect of Vancouver argot cults Doug Langmead
Obstreporous Noisy and difficult to control but shallow nevertheless Vali Jamal PhD
Cinnanom A spice that tastes like another spice Mona J. Shapiro
Advacate Recommend ceasing to occupy some place or post Pablo Dominguez
Perpetraitor One who perpetrates a treasonous act against his own country Vali Jamal PhD
Meanderthal Early man who wandered the earth Mona J. Shapiro
Imbecillin The cure for common idiocy Steve Cozzetto
Disingenuflect Paying lip service to one’s religious beliefs Laura Pretto
Abracatdabra You have looked everywhere, no trace of the cat. Suddenly, noiselessly, the cat appears, coming from an area that you had searched thoroughly Dave Hineman
Choregraphy Contriving to do everywhichthing to avoid attending to chores Vali Jamal PhD
Flok A woolly definition of something that’s unceen and unherd Gillian Winter & Doug Langmead
Costomize Raising the price based on greed alone Charles Abbott
Bachanalia The festival that celebrates the fecundity of J.S. Bach who produced 1128 pieces of music and 20 children H R White
Quarnatime The indefinite continued progress of existence in a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are place Elaine Gates
Abdominable Unpleasantly obese Pablo Dominguez
Esplanader Drunken teacher Michael de Silva
Binister Person who becomes head of a government department for the second time Pablo Dominguez
Shrivelization The dwindling of a town or city after the primary economic or industrial source has been removed Dave Hineman
Lackluster Tinder-hearted Doug Langmead
Beleave Cease to have faith in something Pablo Dominguez
Malfeaseance A medium to expose corrupt politicians Michael de Silva
Drosophiliac A hippie fruitfly Doug Langmead
Utokia Canada Geoff Williams
Multimate Polygamy Geoff Williams
Adequote Acceptable citation Pablo Dominguez
Acclamotion Meeting proposal passed unanimously Pablo Dominguez
Eviceration Dropping the Vice Squad from the Police Force Geoff Williams
Parslimony Saving money on the vegetables during the Covid19 Pandemic Geoff Williams
Pyroclassic Stephen King’s “Carrie” Geoff Williams
Curbmudgeon Driver who loves driving through deep curbside puddles in order to spray unwitting pedestrians with cascades of water Geoff Williams
Hostelity Picketing the YMCA Geoff Wiliams
Malpeasant A sick yokel Geoff Williams
Bivouached Not used to sleeping in a tent Geoff Williams
Mobotomy Getting rid of the brains of the Mafia Geoff Williams
Cantankerus Sorry Captain the water is too deep Geoff Williams
Genoarosity The well known kindness of Northern Italians Geoff Williams
Serenery A landscape or scenic view that instantly makes you feel calm, peaceful and relaxed Dave Hineman
Hearingbones The Malleus, Incus and Stapes Geoff Williams
Effusieve Hype filter Michael de Silva
Orcaestrate To direct the killer whale show at a marine theme park H. R. White
Helpicopter Also known as the Care Flight Chopper, the vehicle that flies the seriously injured to the nearest care facility Dave Hineman
Andaunte My rather pedestrian aunt Geoff Williams
Moondocks A deserted area where rockets will assemble on the moon once colonisation begins Geoff Williams
Belaboration Too much information again Michael de Silva
Redumbdant Repeating the same stupid thing over and over hoping it will eventually sound intelligent Dave Hineman
Etceterra Uncharted land Michael de Silva
Dogmatric There’s a clever dog Geoff Williams
Frenchiladas Crepes Dave Hineman
Impoolite Faescetious Doug Langmead
Clurk Shoplifting watcher Michael de Silva
Struckture Building hit by an earthquake Geoff Williams
Godsmacked Having had an epiphany H. R. White
Evaluration Critique of an MRE Michael de Silva
Pignoble Someone of stylish taste Doug Langmead
Chappenstance A gentleman of unexpectedly good standing Doug Langmead
Orchastration Shortening a piece of music by cutting out vital parts.  The result is often delivered in a high pitched voice. Geoff Williams
Deligatessen A small food service at the United Nations building Geoff Williams
Craveyard Smoking in a cemetary Geoff Williams
Mischef A bad chef Geoff Williams
Traminacious Little bits of grass growing through unused tram tracks in a city Geoff Williams
Epitombe A monumental success Doug Langmead
Intermittenly Describing an irregular manual activity taking place while wearing mittens, e.g., she made snowballs intermittenly Steinar Cramer
Stunburnt Subdued by the police Geoff Williams
Sextinguished When the flame of love has died and she says “not tonight dear I have a headache” Geoff Willams
Semaphone When you lose the signal on your mobile and the conversation flags Doug Langmead
Saducer Someone to be wary of when they approach women cup in hand Doug Langmead
Petticat A kitten Geoff Williams
Bathematics Where Archimedes did his best work Geoff Williams
Autoimpune Saying nasty things about someone’s car Geoff Williams
Streepcar How a certain movie star gets around town Geoff Williams
Oldfactory A fading sense of smell Geoff Williams
Luber Ride share for mechanics Michael de Silva
Exodust What remained Michael de Silva
Exenophobia Fear of divorced strangers Michael de Silva
Entrophy Award for everything Michael de Silva
Citadeli Where Cadets buy lox Michael de Silva
Indepedant Rogue teacher Michael de Silva
Ginterferometer Breathalyzer Michael de Silva
Brenellation A castle that has been updated by placing rapid fire guns on the battlements Geoff Williams
Leopardy A joint venture by Alex Trebek and National Geographic to present a quiz show in the jungle Geoff Williams
Iconoplastic Being critical of cheap shoddy knockoffs Geoff Williams
Cusstody Explosive argument about who gets the kids, the dog, the BMW, in a legal dispute that involves verbal abuse Pamela Harvey
Autodidact Self-taught self-driving car Sam Chaim
Litterall A garbage dump Geoff Williams
Tendrill A group of dentists Geoff Williams
Microloft A large room at the top of Bill Gates’ home Geoff Williams
Baria Happy Hour solo Michael de Silva
Sandi Arabica Very gritty middle eastern coffee Geoff Williams
Kimchen A culinary area set aside specifically for Korean food Geoff Williams
Remaine When eating lettuce these are the little brown bits at the end of the leaf that you throw away Geoff Williams
 Alcohowl The sound of isopropyl Michael de Silva
FadeTime Inevitably just when you have got all your family together on screen the power cuts out Geoff Williams
Rugly A game played by a group of fearsome looking men with broken noses and cauliflower ears Geoff Williams
Traysh In-flight meal leavings Michael de Silva
Nerde French math wizard Michael de Silva
Outmaneuveered Avoided a collision Michael de Silva
Deniabaility What judges have Michael de Silva
Coniference Meeting in the woods Michael de Silva
Bullionaire A rich man who made it all by buying and selling gold Geoff Williams
Mersy Bat Infectious Beatles tunes Doug Langmead
Serendopity A chance meeting between two idiots Geoff Williams
Advergency Life threatening situation brought on by adverse conditions Pamela Harvey
Taxplayer CPA Michael de Silva
Fratulence What you get with a roomful of college fellows drinking beer Geoff Williams
Inslurance Libel protection Michael de Silva
Manopoly When one woman attracts all the men Carol Philipson
Typostrophe Misuse and abuse of the single quotation mark Pamela Harvey
Pandemitation Herd mentaliity Doug Langmead
Checkmote What an optometrist does Geoff Williams
Flaternities Male College Undergrad societies living in constrained circumstances Geoff Williams
Articulame Verbal expression that is halting, stumbling or weak, having to do with insufficient knowledge, wit or intelligence Penny Waters
Pixiles Little tiny beings that crowd together on your TV and camera screens Geoff Williams
Gradulate Not making it to your convocation in time Geoff Williams
Punthouse Where to keep your flat bottomed boat Geoff Williams
Guillotune Calming music played during the French Revolution Geoff Williams
Flightened Fear of flying Geoff Williams
Elf-isolation Away with the fairies after a month of home-alone cerebral pixielation Doug Langmead
Profix Sports events you should never bet on Geoff Williams
Pundemic Uncontrolable wordplay Andrew Innes
Lugubrio Vervelessness Doug Langmead
Veternity I have been working with cats and dogs for many years Geoff Williams
Burgarized During a pandemic to have fast food delivered to your home Wayne Price
Shenaniguns The illicit trade in firearms H R White
Wreconnoiter To scout out a junk yard looking for spare parts H R White
Cellophame Status achieved by few men-for example Yo Yo Ma Geoff Williams
Rintinnabulation Having the constant sound of a dog barking in your ears Geoff Williams
Meetless Social distancing Geoff Williams
Pillegible A doctor’s signature Geoff Williams
Veronacrisis The China Crisis Italian Tour 2020 Doug Langmead
Romanx Caesar’s cat MIchael de Silva
Ewreka Realizing what stinks MIchael de Silva
Pestuary Mosquito infested waterway MIchael de Silva
Sadentary Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself MIchael de Silva
Groutesque Shoddy tile work MIchael de Silva
Europeon Serf MIchael de Silva
Exculpastory Alibi MIchael de Silva
Sinthetic A fanatical believer in unnatural sinthesis, or is that just hearesy ? Doug Langmead
Synonymouse Rodelent Doug Langmead
Respertoire Songs from an iron lung Doug Langmead
Aspirrational The impossibility of having meaningful conversations with snakes Doug Langmead
 Egotesticle Ultimate conceited, self-centered Male Carol Philipson
Collaberation An anomalliance Doug Langmead
Manufractured A famous English soccer team that is being broken up because of its great success Geoff Williams
Tagetherness Social groups of people who matter the most to you in your isolation on the long march back to normality Doug Langmead
Portnight Stuck at the dock for two weeks Charles Abbott
Codforsaken Iceland’s fishery industry dries up Geoff Williams
Checkfate Born to lose at chess Charles Abbott
Gadmother My Mum’s run away with a sailor Geoff Williams
Onomatopoeiar Someone who delights in holding it in Susan Hans
Slopstick What happens when you are cooking something glutinous on the stove top and it boils over Geoff Williams
Squibble Drawing by someone with a lisp Geoff Williams
Apocalypstic VERY dark red make up Geoff Williams
Deathcharge The order given by Lord Cardigan to the Light Brigade at Balaclava during the Crimean War Geoff Williams
Bratworst And you thought your kids were rotten ! Geoff Williams
Wasailing Did not feel well Geoff Williams
Anaphylattic A house with a cozy room upstairs owned by a young couple Geoff Williams
Brohemian Artistic meathead David Pipkin
Nagmanimous Harassment mistaken for generosity Charles Abbott
Cartailing Driving too close to the next car Geoff Williams
Vintriol An outpour of sour grapes Doug Langmead
Spittering What those who spray it while saying it are guilty of Kathryn Thomas
Exstatic Mobile Geoff Williams
Annualment Calling off everything of significance for at least a year Doug Langmead
Prepitaph Clearing your throat, nowadays Doug Langmead
Banshhee A silent ghost Doug Langmead
Quarterhorde Genghis Khan’s Mongolian army after the latest government Defense budget cuts Geoff Williams
Akliterd The angst-ridden dream a Scot has that their tartan skirt is falling down and they are wearing nothing underneath. H R White
Leme A lame meme H R White
Tonato A glossy red edible fruit flying out of your blender taking the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud,  advancing all over your kitchen Giordano Miguel Perez
Disctending Taking care of your precious vinyl collection Geoff Williams
Bangaroos (and) Bombats Australian secret weapons Geoff Wiliams
Poordination The act of making all the people involved in a plan or activity fail to work together in an organized way Giordano Miguel Perez
Crasswords A popular pastime using only words found in political discussions around the world Geoff Williams
Pubarty Pictures on the walls of drinking establishments Geoff Williams
Spandemic A run on Lululemon products Geoff Williams
Poutrage The Silent Treatment Michael de Silva
Malarkia Liars virus Michael de Silva
Platocracy A nation ruled by philosophers Geoff Williams
Plutocat A feline foil for a Disney cartoon dog Geoff Williams
Overwhelked English vendor of shellfish with an oversupply of product Geoff Williams
Jereboa A large snake trapped in a gas can Geoff Williams
Blinkmanship A form of negotiating where each party stares at the other until one gives in Geoff Williams
Promisorry To apologize for not paying a note on time Ramsey White
Flatypus Australian road kill Geoff Williams
Rexclusivity Having an exclusive relationship with someone with whom you are self-quarantined, i.e.  mutually reclusive Name Withheld
Boxtrot Running with a late parcel delivery Charles Abbott
Slocked This is your front door when you arrive home drunk Geoff Williams
Basketleaving How foundlings used to make it to the doorways of churches etc. Geoff Williams
Constipration Nature’s way of conserving toilet-paper during a crisis Doug Langmead
Pandemonicum A breakdown of decorum in supermarkets Doug Langmead
Famouse Somebody claiming fame on Facebook from “likes” Vali Jamal PhD
Hulabaloo The uproar caused by a Hawaiian dancing bear in a grass skirt.  Pandamonium Doug Langmead
Baggauge A receptacle no larger than an aircraft’s overhead locker Doug Langmead
Nepalm A Himalayan Flame Tree Doug Langmead
Pomegranites Stone fruits Doug Langmead
Retailiation Price wars Geoff Williams
Photoes What a podiatrist takes Michael de Silva
Libidoc Sex therapist Michael de Silva
Gumbol To pant, and jump and dance around after taking a large sip of a Cajun soup that was seasoned with a super-abundance of hot peppers H R White
Coughting Avoiding all contact with potential partners whilst self-quarantined Doug Langmead
Phantome Ghostwritten book Michael de Silva
Caddiction Weakness for philanderers. MIchael de Silva
Preincarnation Flower seeds. Michael de Silva
Acclimmate The guide who accompanies you on a tricky mountain ascent Geoff Williams
Gintrification The state of having had too many martinis H R White
Stuffocation Death by hoarding Michael de Silva
Sargasm When sarcasm hits the spot Michael de Silva
Cropulate What farmers do to celebrate an especially good harvest Geoff Williams
Cloonies Very good looking madmen Geoff Williams
Ebowla Online cricket Geoff Williams
Mysterectomy A divorce Geoff Williams
Cannabism The act of eating marijuana H R White
Hondaminium Living in one’s car Geoff Williams
Huemiliation To be told inpublic that your socks don’t match H R White
Ozprey What giant Australian alligators hunt for Geoff Williams
Hearthfelt A longing for hearth and home Vali Jamal PhD
Tweaty An agreement made by two politicians via Twitter Geoff Williams
Toxts Toxic texts Nancy Tyler
Belliclose Getting very close to your partner while dancing Geoff Williams
Holicopter Upgrade for the Pope Geoff Williams
Entreepreneur The owner of a growing chain of fine dining restaurants H R White
Condominimum A beret Doug Langmead
Dispenstation The prescriptions counter in a chemist shop Doug Langmead
Agorant A public fulminator Doug Langmead
Ficdishes When someone has already emptied the dishwasher Jeff Dalton
Aggrestive That atmosphere in the malls at Christmas, with festive decorations, music, and people willing to stampede their fellow man for a bargain on electronics Nancy Tyler
Atheliticism Being at the top of your game Doug Langmead
Socopath In a British Police procedural novel when there is a murder the soco ( Scene of Crime Officers) lay down an area that no one should tread  upon Geoff Williams
Setellite Arsonist Geoff Williams
Flourted A dust-up in a baking tray Doug Langmead
Sintillate Do bad things throughout the night Geoff Williams
Verneacular Common words used by a French science fiction writer Geoff Williams
Adelescent New perfume from popular UK singer for the younger crowd Geoff Williams
Coronadiarist A communicable treatise Doug Langmead
Acanemia That tired listless feeling one gets at exam time H R White
Zygoat A superstar in the making H R White
Guestation The period of time allowed for hosting visitors before they are induced to leave Craig McGann
Erudate A college professor spending the evening with one of his favorite students Geoff Williams
Kidnaped Taken by the scruff of the neck Doug Langmead
Gasfighting The psychological bickering between two people who are trying to drive each other crazy H R White
Troad A frog flattened by a car Geoff Williams
Eproxy Tearing a voting form to pieces then gluing it back together Geoff Williams
Deaferential Being kind to the hard of hearing Geoff Williams
Repercurssion A cursed repercussion Vali Jamal PhD
Pairents Progenitors of twins Doug Langmead
Gyroscape Painting raffled off by a service club Geoff Williams
Paragilding Falling like a leaf Doug Langmead
Antihisstamine Antidote for snake bite Geoff Williams
Autocrapy A country run by a despot – very badly Geoff Williams
Wanderlist The names on a piece of paper on a clipboard carried by volunteer membersof a Search and Rescue group Geoff Williams
Croonavirus Frank Sinatra Syndrome Doug Langmead
Tourvill’s Syndrome An intellect that skates effortlessly over the frozen ponds of everyday discourse. Doug Langmead
Alibigility Ability to change your alibi quickly and easily Hannah Collins
Delugation A crowdburst of economists that turns out to be little more than a shower of fools Doug Langmead
Celection Do I buy and Apple or should I buy a Nokia? Geoff Williams
Bralance When both are the same size Michael de Silva
Inhabitabale Living in a haystack Doug Langmead
Mallcontent A good days shopping Geoff Williams
Scabdinavian A Swede who goes to work through a picket line Geoff Williams
Smurfeit A large gathering of small blue creatures Geoff Williams
Bridesmad Sorry dear not tonight I have a headache Geoff Williams
Savoirdupois Knowing you’re overweight without needing to get on the scales Doug Langmead
Notsocomial Having nothing to do with hospitals in case you come out sicker than you went in Doug Langmead
Boxidisation Cartonisation on a grand scale Doug Langmead
Eightlifting After their Olympic victory in the 8 oared rowing final the crew picked up their boat and held it over their heads in triumph Geoff Williams
Cluckold A rooster with a cheating hen Michael de Silva
Idleology Lazy thinking Michael de Silva
Emogional A sincere written expression of deep feelings that incude a generous sprinkling of emogis Wayne Price
Dinvoice Receiving a bill from your landlord because of those noisy parties you keep having Geoff Williams
Petitle Nickname Michael de Silva
Chatnap Lapse in conversation Michael de Silva
Edwordian Baroque dialect Michael de Silva
Emaskulation Finally we reveal the true identity of Zorro Geoff Williams
Stagecroach A horse-drawn litterbug; The winged chariot of the apocalypse; A scuttlebus Doug Langmead
Wells Phargoah An Egyptian pyramid scheme Doug Langmead
Prettifogging On dating apps, the act of placing undue emphasis on a woman’s appearance Wayne Price
Humangous A large body of humans Vali Jamal PhD
Giraffle Sweepstakes with an unusual prize operated by National Geographic Geoff Williams
Crumpet A musical instrument that you’ve run over with your car Joshua Vasquez
Detriteus Discarded cliches Michael de Silva
Marritime A wedding on board a ship Geoff Williams
Squintessential Corrective Spectacles Geoff Williams
Indigonation Nuclear fuchsian Doug Langmead
Frognostications Tadpole premonitions Doug Langmead
Plethorax Pot-belly Doug Langmead
Wordfighting School spelling bees Geoff Williams
Glandson An overdeveloped adolescent Geoff Williams
Poxymoron A scar faced idiot Geoff Williams
Freightters Potato ships Doug Langmead
Vapids Maelstroms of insipidity Doug Langmead
Impecurious Lacking in inquisitivity Doug Langmead
Maltimeter A gauge to determine the height of all things bad Charles Abbott
Udderground Cattle ranch Geoff Williams
Embryonice A frozen notion Doug Langmead
Paradigmy Small, but perfectly formed Doug Langmead & Gillian Winter
Obnoxenious A person who is toxic-ally obnoxious Chris Domres
Ambivalance Moody drapery Doug Langmead
Cancelabra Removing ones underwear in protest Geoff Williams
Appertunity (there’s a hole there, surely) Gillian Winter
Philandearing Endearing oneself to several women with a horizontal intent! Vali Jamal PhD
Decayde Ten years down the drain Vali Jamal PhD
Gourney Travelling by hearse Doug Langmead
Ambulantce The walking wounded Doug Langmead
Philanthrowpy Philanthropy in small amounts. Vali Jamal PhD
Hoyperbolic Anything that goes over the heads of the hoi polloi Doug Langmead
Epicanter That equestrian discipline’s champion Charles Abbott
Relephant Hugely appropriate Mia Debidin
Tantramount Zen position Michael de Silva
Anarschism Dilemma over how to destroy everything Michael de Silva
Malignain’t Benign Michael de Silva
Maleodorous Well..a bad-scented male Vali Jamal PhD
Physiognohmy Too much botox Michael de Silva
Medgy Nervous about prescriptions Michael de Silva
Iresponsibility Anger self-management Doug Langmead
Krouac A deadbeat poet Doug Langmead
Deadful Notice at cemetery “sorry full up-please try later” Geoff Williams
Gerounding Noun-verbal communication Doug Langmead


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