2021 Winners

If 2020 was a bumper year for submissions, 2021 was a punderstorm, with over 3,500 words submitted and more than 2,700 published. Top 10 awards are restricted to one per contributor.  Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to Mike Harcrow, who built on last year’s efforts with a prodigious output, in recognition of which we have added a selection of “Harcrow’s Finest”.   Other categories are “Best of the Rest”, “Ringers” (words which don’t comply with the one-letter change, but were deemed clever enough for publication and “Covid”.

Winners from previous years (2011-2021)  are featured on the “Decacedents”  page.

Word Original Word Definition Name
TOP 10
Counterfit Counterfeit Behaviour of a toddler in a supermarket
[see also aislefit, dairyfit, delifit, and frozenfoodsectionfit]
Mike Harcrow
Draggadocio Braggadocio Vainglorious cross-dressing Jackin Yow
Hogemony Hegemony A  celebration of  Scottish world domination. All those not wearing a kilt were kilt. Doug Langmead
Adorkable Adorable A socially awkward person who is delightful and charming Gillian McIntosh
Cindergarten Kindergarten The first level of education for aspiring firefighters Daniel Walton
Transgander Transgender A goose that wishes to change her sex Geoff Williams 
Binfluencer Influencer First person on a residential street to put their garbage/recycle cans out by the kerb the night before trash day, thus reminding and prompting neighbours to do the same. Hotmessjessxx
Carbiovascular Cardiovascular Heart problems caused by over-eating William Tunn
Tuxidermist Taxidermist Sales clerk who stuffs men into their tuxes Emile Ouellette
Rybald Ribald Seedless bread Barbara Gross


Lustless Listless A gigolo who has lost his gig Geoff Williams
Geight Eight The deportment of an octopus walking on tiptoes Doug Langmead
Squintet Quintet Five myopic musicians Anne DelCampo
Cyanic Cynic A cynic with the blues The Lateralist
Snowfake Snowflake A person pretending to be an easily offended and entitled minimalist in the hope of getting some advantage out of it. Edward Deskur
Sicophants Sycophants Stressed out by teeny insects Carole Marantz
Nexercising Exercising Giraffe workout Emile Ouellette
Grinaries Granaries Comedy clubs Jackin Yow
Gnuanced Nuanced Subtly resembling a wildebeest Mia Debidin
Satisfiction Satisfaction Unreal satisfaction Emile Ouellette


Freudenstein Frankenstein A sapient creature with the head of a scientist and the mind of an analyst Doug Langmead
Negligeezer Negligee An old cross-dresser in a light, sheer gown Mike Harcrow
Levelator Elevator Goes only left and right Emile Ouellette
Elephantisms Elephant Eleplant: the Anthurium (google it)

Elfephant: Santa’s Jumbo-sized helper

Celephant: extra wide plastic wrap

Gelephant: a gummy animal that is too big to finish in one go

Telephant: a pachyderm who can read your mind

Eleprants: joyously gamboling about like baby Dumbo

Elepants: when, in order to blend into the herd, a man pulls the pockets of his trousers inside out and lets his member dangle out his fly (which usually just makes the elephants wonder how the hell he can breath out of that thing).

Elephlaunt: the cocky strutting of one whose member is large enough that he can get away with the above without inspiring the derision of the herd (this breaks the single-letter-change rule– but what the helephant)

Conrad Berube
Magenta Carta Magna Carta A puce treaty Doug Langmead
Tree Wise Men Three Wise Men Owls Anne DelCampo
Pharaohmones Pheromones How an Egyptian king attracted the ladies Mike Harcrow
Fillybuster Filibuster A bronco who trains female horses Barbara Gross
Ovaryaction Overreaction Responding in an excessively emotional manner to a given situation, for hormonal reasons Ray Geiger
Nincomcoup Nincompoop An attempt by fools to overthrow a government. Shaun P Dunn


Mambo-jumbo Mumbo-jumbo A sumo wrestler capable of fancy footwork Mike Harcrow
Blataunt Blatant No attempt whatsoever to couch mockery in compliments, humor, or sarcasm Mike Harcrow
Brainwasp Brainwash The annoying buzz in one’s head Mike Harcrow
Poodlebug Doodlebug An insect with a scaly exoskeleton, long pincers, and round tufts of hair on its ankles Mike Harcrow
Pollyglot Polyglot A multi-lingual parrot Mike Harcrow
Fezzo-soprano Mezzo-soprano A Turkish vocalist who usually sings the highest part Mike Harcrow
Mojogamy Monogamy The attraction of one who is married Mike Harcrow
Damphlets Pamphlets Brochures distributed in the rain Mike Harcrow
Superheron Superhero A bittern with a cape Mike Harcrow
Blithium Lithium An element of indifference Mike Harcrow
Melauncholy Melancholy When I blast Oly into space Mike Harcrow
Misfortuna Misfortune Canned fish Mike Harcrow
Phonytail Ponytail Hair extensions Mike Harcrow
Kibbutznike Kibbutznik Communal running shoes Mike Harcrow
Lackaging Packaging Peter Pan Mike Harcrow
Karmap Karma Guide to getting what you deserve Mike Harcrow
Poutmaneuver Outmaneuver Early childhood tactic used to get what one wants Mike Harcrow
Inconsequintial Inconsequential Meaningless sparkles and spangles Mike Harcrow
Bemilderment Bewilderment A predictable result of castration Mike Harcrow
Palindrone Palindrome Remotely-controlled helicopter that only flies back and forth Mike Harcrow


Convacculations Congratulations Had both doses! Lorien
Innoculous Innocuous An inoffensive jab Doug Langmead
Vaccinaked Vaccinated When you took off your shirt to get a shot, because you couldn’t roll up your sleeve high enough.  In a sentence: I went to get my COVID-19 vaccination, and ended up getting vaccinaked Charles Hostetler
Unfactsinated Unvaccinated The state of refusal to believe science can save your life Steve Cozzetto
Colympic Games Olympic Games Same as the Hunger Games, but with a better chance of survival Doug Langmead
Blaseball Baseball 39000 Texans who could not care less about contracting a serious disease so long as they can watch a baseball game and drink beer in public Geoff Williams
Hovid Hovis A British loaf of bread said to have qualities that will reduce your chance of getting seriously ill from a pandemic Geoff Williams
Illennia Millennia An unending pandemic Mike Harcrow
Slim prickings Slim pickings An absence of Pfizer Vaccine Ruth Krause
Coveid Covid A disease causing folk to hibernate in small, dark places. Ruth Krause

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