2018 Wordplay is now complete!

The winners for 2018 are listed first (in red).  Congratulations to Tom Lloyd for coming in first this year. Congratulations to all the top 10!

Here’s the List of Words that came in for the 2018 Contest and this year’s winners!!  We have continued with some categories we used the past few years. The Top 10 are in RED at the top of the list.  We only choose one top-10 per submitter, so for the more prolific contributors, we  have the honorable mentions showing in BLUE.  And there there are the ones that didn’t fit the rules that we just liked or were submitted anonymously.  They are in PURPLE.   Congratulations to the winners!


Word  Definition Name
Calmity Serenly moving towards total disaster Tom Lloyd
Tspunami A long, high, and cataclysmic wave of water caused by the washing of an eating utensil under a faucet Glenn Heath
Tunesia Inability to remember a melody you once knew Evan Zucker
Lyeperbole Lying with great exaggeration Galen Cortina
Puber Taxi ride service for young adolescents Michael Koplen
Deafinitely Said vehemently when he didn’t hear a thing Vali Jamal PhD
Pregret Knowing you’ll later wish you hadn’t Mia Debidin
Retweat Retwact in 140 letters or less Doug Langmead
Recadavism Repeated relapse into choosing the wrong man Anne DelCampo
Herbibore Someone who can’t stop talking about their vegan diet Shari Rosenbloom
Honorable Mention
Fuxed When you thought you fixed something only to find you made it worse Shaun Appleton
Yestersay All the words and sentiments you wish you had said when you had the chance W. Ellen Fleischmann
Bustification Rationalization for augmentation Anne DelCampo
Fattire What you wear when bloated Ellyn Quiggle
Perseverence How “perserverance” would have been speeled had “e” tried a little harder Kevin Church
Blister Someone chafing to be on the A-List Doug Langmead
Tiered Tired on many levels Mia Debidin
Special Mention
Broga The other guy in your yoga class Wayne Price
Curmunchikin A chronically cranky child Matthew Tieman
Jetlog The slowing down of one’s bowels after being on a long international flight Name Withheld
Druel A spit fight between noblemen Name Withheld
2018 Entries
Squid pro Quohog The Fishmonger’s dilemma Anne DelCampo
Promisses Promises given\promisses materialized Vali Jamal
Defliction The consequences attributable to the effects unintended consequences The Lateralist
Encrouching To intrude while semi-squatting. Often done in theaters en route to mid row seats Mia Debidin
Catnea A breathing disorder one acquires from an  allergic reaction to cats Christopher Domres
Claustraphobic What Santa feels as he climbs down the chimneys Anne DelCampo
Slothario A lazy lover Anne DelCampo
Multiasking The frantic behaviour of children approximately two weeks before Christmas Brian Horton
Toolmb Where guys with over-inflated egos are buried Patricia Real
Tunesia Inability to remember a melody you once knew Evan Zucker
Fromulae An Economic rule for measuring human or natural systems output The Lateralist
Cafartsis The moment of relief while passing gas that’s been held in for a long time Kevin
Stippulation A spotty formal agreement Patricia Real
Latte Fashionably unpunctual with an attitude Patricia Real
Masogynist A touch-therapist who won’t take female clients JD Crowly
Hebrew “It’s a Man’s Beer!” Franz J. Vesely
Drolling Posting a weak joke in an online comment section in the hope of getting someone to post an lol Michael de Silva
Petiatrician A specialist of veterinary medicine whose practice only treats puppies and kittens Wayne Price
Mistachio The pale green stripe left on your lip after eating pistachio flavoured ice cream Derek Farr
Retickulation The revelation that there is a tick on you again Caroline McQuilliam
Animall A shopping center for pets Christian Hampson
Smortcuts “Smart” shortcuts–those clever dodges that don’t get you anywhere except into trouble Joyce Maxwell
Fascianate Attraction to and interest in the fascias being both human and architectural Andrew Herden
Barbeqnue A Viking Funeral Doug Langmead
Nasosecond A measurement of the time available to grab and deploy a tissue once you feel a sneeze coming on. Inversely proportional to the severity of the sneeze. Kevin Sutherland
Calpable A capable individual is calpable when their capabilities capitulate Andrew Herden
Mismet The Kismet resulting from calpabiliy, misadventures, mistakes or unintended consequences Andrew Herden
Champeon The best of the least Anne DelCampo
Noncompoop What you find in an Army latrine Anne DelCampo
Foxymoron A sly simpleton Anne DelCampo
Broga The other guy in your yoga class Wayne Price
Madician A mentally challenged magician Andrew Herden
Polterygeist 1. A Foul Fowl 2. Possessed Pecker 3. Spectral Clucker Alan J. Adler
Accentident Someone who mangles a foreign accent. Giselle Varn
Tarantesla A festive Italian folk dance performed in electric cars David Martel
Missogynist Someone who hates only single women Vali Jamal PhD
Telepathetic Someone who does a very poor job of communicatng with ESP Thomas Peterson
Prima Farcie Something presented as fact discerned farcically wrong on first read/see Vali Jamal PhD
Pregret Kowing you’ll later wish you hadn’t Mia Debidin
Calumnist Attendee at a White House press briefing Doug Langmead
Preramble Introduction to a political explanation Wayne Mac Arthur
Beodorant Reclassification of cologne when used in lieu of taking a shower Kurt
Kryptonite Romeo & Juliet, Act 5 Brian Bacon
Proctologest Bad joke made by a proctologist after an exam Alan J. Adler
Clottery The gamble you take with every double bacon cheeseburger Jeff Perry
Mysterectomy An operation where you’ve had something removed but you aren’t sure what. Scott Ross
Trembolo What your voice has when you’re afraid Carl Held
Donsortium The Mafia Anne DelCampo
Proctical Asinine Carl Held
Recadavism Repeated relapse into choosing the wrong man Anne DelCampo
Asspiration The desire to have a buffed, better bottom Anne DelCampo
Capastrophe Right outfit, wrong  ‘at (Capropos of Capostrophe – an  ‘at) Doug Langmead
Bustification Rationalization for augmentation Anne Delcampo
Tyrunt Tiniest despot Anne DelCampo
Baldercash The ridiculous money spent on unsuccessful hair regimens Anne DelCampo
Meadusa A besotted and snaky sorceress Anne DelCampo
Nextrovert Willing to intereact ONLY  with the person sitting next to you at a dinner party Ann Harleman
Nocturtal A tortoise that only comes out at night Doug Langmead
Stripulations Work rules for “exotic dancers” Anne DelCampo
Genderalization Stereotyping someone based on his/her sex Ann Harleman
Sailient Points North South East West Anne DelCampo
Econenemy Poor Jim Hanson
Prerejection Crossing someone off your list of possible dates before you meet him/her Ann Harleman
Yangst Fear of men Anne DelCampo
Blinguistics Jewel jargon Anne DelCampo
Ad-glib Condensed version of “Ad-glibitum erratum,” the motto of off-the-cuff noundescripts Doug Langmead
Retributton An eye for an eyelet Doug Langmead
Negacy The moral, spiritual, or financial defecit left behind by a careless, corrupt or self absorbed predecessor or leader Owen Bright
Kimono Dragon Early morning wife in a dressing gown Name Withheld
Retweat Retwact, in 140 letters or less Doug Langmead
Satisfraction Partial contentment Mia Debidin
Curmunchkin A chronically cranky child Matthew Tieman
Tiered Tired on many levels Mia Debidin
Origamo The ancient art of herb folding Name Withheld
PTDS Post Traumatic Dyslexia Symdrome Kelsey Ishimoto
Diartribe A Tiradesman’s journal Doug Langmead
DeCampo Anne has left the building. Doug Langmead
Invertebrat A spoilt fellow but spineless if confronted. Vali Jamal PhD
Ambitextrous The ability to send phone messages to your friends equally fast with both thumbs. Lee J Lamberts
Windefatigable When you  don’t get tired of winning. Bryce Rudow
Taunt How you tease someone who who misuses “taunt” for “taut.” Peter Sterpe
Obesequious Reduced to servility on account of a recent gain in weight, Vali Jamal PhD
Calmity Total disaster and not even a ripple. Doug Langmead
Bwitch An evil, nasty woman. Lydia Herndon
Hymaena Song in praise of laughable spotted doggerel. Doug Langmead
Obtuse Angel A disapproving, well, angel. Vali Jamal PhD
Veturinary An animal urologist. Daniel Le Scieller
Satisfraction Partial contentment Mia Debidn
Cantatta Never can say goodbye. Doug Langmead
(The) Werewithal Lost wherewithals [sic] – e.g. the skill for thinking up play words. Vali Jamal PhD
Exersize Clothes size following a break up. Name Withheld
Defemation Ruining your good name by everyone dumping on you. Mark Leaver
Collaboreat Choosing a sharing meal Derek Farr
Blogviate To go hyper on one’s own blog. Vali Jamal PhD
Adjudycate To arrive at a formal judgement about a disputed matter bu accepting the decision handed down by Judge Judy. Wayne Price
Potice To notice apolice officer (most commonly used while driving.) Bryce Rudow
Puber Taxi ride service for young adolescents. Michael Koplen
Cruler Instrument to measure degrees of mean Ellyn Quiggle
Himpotent Acknowledgement of someone’s elevated position Nancy Grant
Fabsolutely Abosolutely fabulous Ellyn Quiggle
Yestersay All the words and sentiments  you wish you had said when you had the chance. W. Ellen Fleischmann
Manufractured States the condition of a damaged product you receive that you ordered online. Douglas Campbell
Bability The skill to talk incessantly Ellyn Quiggle
Persnickity An especially fussy, fastidious, impossible to please or spoiled cat. W. Ellen Fleischmann
Haircon Device for keeping cool head when the hairdresser has misunderstood your request Derek Farr
Bruncher Breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you haven’t eaten all day and you eat so much you are stuffed all day. Theresa Mortensen
Smoon To faint at the sight of the moon Ellyn Quiggle
Hystaria The exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion expressed during the soprano solo in an opera Derek Farr
Sui Generus philanthropic pig Hugh Ryan
Capropos The right hat at the perfect time Ellyn Quiggle
Cementia A mindset filled with concretized nonfading beliefs. Michael Koplen
Henigma “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” Anne DelCampo
Shydration Infusing one with humility Ellyn Quiggle
Cattitude The look of utter contempt that a feline gives you when you say  “here kitty, kitty, kitty” Wayne Price
Quadrants Simultaneous tantrums of quadruplets. Joel Schechter
Fattire What you wear when bloated Ellyn Quiggle
Concushion Damage incurred from hitting your head on a very hard pillow. Evan Zucker
Infurinating Someone who makes you so angry that you pee your pants Steve Levinson
Greatuity An exceptionally generous tip Anne DelCampo
Clunacy Crazy about George Clooney Ellyn Quiggle
Idiota A dumb person who does not care one iota Ellyn Quiggle
Hailitosis Putresctrichor – the smell of an ice-storm in a swamp Douglas Langmead
Falst When you have been lied to. Joel Schechter
Repercurssions Repercussions with added curses Vali Jamal PhD
Nillionaire One who has spent their last dollar on a lottery ticket. Norbert Kaysser
Aftghan The last citizen from Afghanastan in a long line of Afghanies. Joel Schechter
Decapidated Thoughts of suicide after enduring the worst date of your life. Joel Schechter
Pstoicism A hint of imperturbability Douglas Langmead
Salmonilla An ice cream flavor made from Alaskan salmon. Joel Schechter
Genderr Incorrect identification of one’s gender Joel Schechter
Facon Turkey bacon (fake bacon) Brendan Coyle
Clownazepam medication prescribed for habitually goofy people Brian Griffith
Residoody The stuff left in the toilet after you flush Elise Norris
Aromantics Pheromones Anne Delcampo
Sneezure An attack of multiple sneezes Dana Houghton
Tamorning a shorter version of “tomorrow morning”.  Most commonly used at work, or a term used among workmates. I will see you tamorning! Faith Christine Green
Nature Balk This is when the dog won’t keep walking forward because the geese are bigger than she/he is. Marg Walinga
Concubane A “high upkeep” mistress Anne DelCampo
Metronome A gnome who is secure in his sexuality. Brian J Foshee
Laphorism A saying that makes you chuckle. Joe Hensley
Menergy The kind of energy or excitement overtly exhibited by a group of men. There must be 3 or more present. Topics can include (but are not limited to) sports, cars and power tools. Kareen K. Morrison
Mileup An improved cultural environment. Name Withheld
Sleering This is when a person leers at a sleeping person. Marg Walinga
Procrastineating To put off doing something by eating Tanveer Qureshi
Misagree This is when two people agree to meet at a destination and end up in different locations. Marg Walinga
Decklamation A speech given from a raised wooden platform. Shari Rosenbloom
Puffian Someone who thinks he is a tough guy but  he only talks big. Marg Walinga
Misunderstrand To wrongly believe that a person wants to be left in a difficult situation. Mia Debidin
Herbibore Someone who can’t stop talking about their vegan diet. Shari Rosenbloom
Podietry The practice of eating detergent pods. Dave Paddon
Extpensive Preoccupied by cherished objects Steven Petrovic
Jetlog The slowing down of one’s bowels after being on a long international flight. Name Withheld
Mengland The Europrostate. Home of the Brexit, gland of the free. Doug Langmead
Druel A spit fight between noblemen. Name Withheld
Engraver A mortician. Ralph Colson
Hornithology Collection of short stories written by nymphomaniacs. Michael de Silva
Obsuade To obstruct the truth in order to persuade Diane Lewis
Hepcatitis A jazz-lover’s jazzed-liver Doug Langmead
Mufficate Being extremely hot while eating muffins. Laura Vagianos
Sculinarian Dish washer at an elegant restaurant Anne DelCampo
Hexpert A witch Deborah Rosen
Combinym A new word derived by adding or mixing one or more letters from two or more words. The idea was inspired by an 11-year-old from Ashland, OR, who asked if the definition of sand was a wet/dry place where the sea (s) overlaps the land (and). A. Duncan
Sirplus Too many Knights at the round table Anne DelCampo
Snap A short nap Laura Vagianos
Problematic A troublesome room at the top of the house Ridley O
Barcolepsy A wee nap at the pub Anne DelCampo
Meanderthal A wayward driver from the low end of the evolutionary scale, cruising to extinction. Brian Horton
Postcared No longer cares, even enough to send token communication. Bret Pearson
Discance The alienation experienced by a DJ whose song choice leads to smaller and smaller numbers on the dance floor. Jody Hanson
Normalby An upgraded normalcy Jeff Parker
Mosquinto An insect with below average eyesight. Jody Hanson
Wobbligation Something you have to do, that makes you fat. Leslie Craven
Basshole An especially unpleasant fish. Edward Brode
Premature Jamulation When you put your jammies on early and someone comes over and you have to get street clothes on again. Wanda Pettijohn
Leotard A dumb lion. Bob Haig
Mahogmany New Year’s Teak Doug Langmead
Pop-in-Fresh-a-Phobia The fear of those cans of refrigerator biscuits exploding in your face when you try to open it. Terri Blazell-Wayson
Minimum Wrage The threshold hourly rate of employment where the worker is always on the edge of going postal. Glenn Heath
Tweewt Message from an ambitextrous palindromist Doug Langmead
Tspunami A long, high, and cataclysmic wave of water caused by the washing of an eating utensil under a faucet. Glenn Heath
Sprig Chicken Rosemary’s Baby Doug Langmead
Disstopia A fantasy world where offense is always given and never taken Andrew Brett Cole
Chaffé Coffee with wheat on the side Dougl Langmead
Disco-bobulation Confusing and uncomfortable movements of the head accompanied by 70s dance music Andrew Brett Cole
Brophylaxis Action taken to prevent mutual male friendships. John Davis
Grampy A grumpy grandpa Bill Church
Incompoop A fool or simpleton that makes a crappy salary. Al Virgo
Snowl The sound made by wind blowing heavy snow. Edward Brode
Snockers The large breasts of a drunken woman. Edward Brode
Blaboratory The place where speech therapists work. Edward Brode
Gyrateful Being thankful for the ability to ”spin—i.e. ”turn base metals into gold.” Henry Wechsler
Fartled When someone farts so loudly it startles you. Melissa Peaker-Whitten
Blister Someone chafing to be on the A-List Doug Langmead
Deafinitely Said vehemently when he didn’t hear a thing. Vali Jamal PhD
Musick When you can’t remember the name of a song, because your muse has the flu. Jennifer L Breidenbach-Cote
Fuxed When you thought you fixed something only to find you made it worse. Shaun Appleton
Ediot People that quote other out of context. Don Bender
Mepiphany The moment you suddenly realise something about yourself Snigdha Sharma
Cleptospirosis disease spread by thieving rats Mark White
Perseverence How “perseverance” would have been spelled had “e” tried a little harder. Kevin Church
Mynickers What is kept in an underwear drawer Wayne Price
Cannybals Scots who feast on Clan Chowder Doug Langmead
Ravelation Realizing that your coming apart at the seams. Bill Church
Eskimors Graham cracker, marsh mellow and chocolate treat you prepare when you don’t have a campfire. Kevin Church
Blackground Checking a criminal’s résumé. Bob Forrest
Amego The thing that gets me in more trouble that anything. Kevin Church
Converstation a conversation that is going nowhere Renee Slade
Acujuncture That one place where ALL pain is relieved. Kevin Church
Abstacles The myriad things that get in the way (mostly self-inflicted) that prevent one from getting a set of righteous six-pack abs rolling. Michael McClure
Assap A jerk in a rush. Geoff Malleck
Idiotsyncrasy The daily dance of rush hour traffic. Kevin Church
Constituition Your right to overpay for college. Kevin Church
Bureaucrazy Piles of papers gone nuts Sheryl Williams
Ammpunition Resulting when your supply of ammo is cut off Bill Church
Landscraping Barely scratching out a living on the farm Bill Church
Expoliate To clear out parliament Lyndsey Cattermole
Calmity Serenely moving towards total disaster Tom Lloyd
Pentecoastal Littoral Lutherans Doug Langmead
Naaaahmaste What one says at the end of a session of goat yoga Wayne Price
Ffuton Inflatable mattress Doug Langmead
Cantine A dog’s diner Doug Langmead
Sargasm Sense of intense pleasure while conveying irony and contempt for ones fellow man Chris Englund
Lestesterone Positive workplace change Bob Kerr
Condominimum Protection for the not well-endowed male Steve Katz
Tribathalon Having no time for workout, but hitting the whirlpool, steam room and shower at the gym Steve Katz
Playcate To take a vacation and not do any work at all, not even look at your email Jeanne Perdue
Lyperbole Lying with great exaggeration Galen Cortina
Commatose One who is oblivious to the need of the pauser mark Vali Jamal

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