2022 has been a year of excellent wordplay.  Of the 561 words published, more than 100 received one vote or more.    The Top 10 contest was extremely close, with a number of entries getting the same number of points:  in those cases, the word that got the most votes takes precedence.

Geoff Williams is our winner this year  with “Anziogram”, which turned out to be prescient:  Geoff was a prolific contributor with a delightful sense of humour, as the results over the past few years attest.

As has often been the case in the past, several of the winners are “one-word wonders”, whilst our more prolific contributors are limited to one word each for the Top 10 category and two in the others.  Congratulations to all our winners.

Rank Word Original Word Definition Name
TOP 10
1 Anziogram Angiogram A secret map of a site for a seaborne landing in Italy during the Second World War Geoff Williams
2 Straycation Staycation A holiday for polygamists. Ruth Krause
3 Commatose Comatose Briefly falling asleep during short pauses whilst reading and waking up again after a period. Doug Langmead
4 Confidunce Confidence Overly self assured actually incompetent idiot. Carol Marantz
5 Telapathy Telepathy Having the ability to read minds but not caring to Amber Deaton
6 Pubstitution Substitution When your date leaves the bar with someone else Rod Noles
7 Flunctionality Functionality The ability of a tool, machine, or process to successfully fail at its expected purpose. Gary Hellmers
8 Syncopatient Syncopation The ability to not get frustrated while you try to reset the clocks on the oven and the microwave so they show the same time. Steve Cozzetto
9 Sarchasm Sarcasm A sardonic divide William Tunn
10 Procraptinate Procrastinate Putting off s*** that you don”t want to do Will Caplinger
1 Cowcophony Cacophony Raucous moosic herd in fields Doug Langmead
2 Carryon Carrion The amount of luggage that a crow can carry on a commercial aircraft Geoff Williams
3 Antimate Intimate Bedtime headache medication Rod Noles
4 Wimpledon Wimbledon A very prestigious tennis tournament played at England’s hallowed grounds  but restricted to nuns only. Geoff Williams
5 Bastropod Gastropod Fatherless Mollusc Rod Noles
6 Girthday Birthday Decision to begin diet on one’s date of birth. Carole Marantz
7 Neighborhoods Neighborhood Why your car’s tires and catalytic converters are missing Emille Ouellette
8 Fortifucation Fortification Preparations for safe sex Rod Noles
9 Pmail Email How dogs communicate Dale Steel
10 Oinkment Ointment The key ingredient required to grease a pig Wayne Price
1 Exasturbate Exacerbate To make something worse by playing with it Timmothy Copeland
2 Compost mentis Compos mentis 1]  A perturbation in your moral compass compounded by a fertile imagination
2] A dirty mind
Doug Langmead
3 Phlegmish Flemish How you feel when you have a stuffy nose and find that you’ve also developed a Dutch accent. Bar Lowenberg
4 Emmytaph Epitaph “as I lie in heavenly repose I’d like to thank my director and producer as well as my legions of fans who stayed with us when this sitcom first piloted…” Steve Cozzetto
5 Cowculator Calculator A bovine mathematician Sarit Hovav
6 Prima Doner Prima Donna A snack that’s full of itself Rob Vosper
7 Crap circles Crop circles What happens when aliens get diarrhoea. Timmothy Copeland
8 Quip pro quo Quid pro quo A snappy comeback Melissa Kelley
9 Mannapause Menopause A biblical famine; albeit a short one Steve Cozzetto
10 Tiramagotchi Tamagotchi An attention-seeking dessert Doug Langmead & Gillian Winter

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