Top 10 words are highlighted, the remainder are listed in the order that they were received.

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Presidental A wide grin emanating from the Oval Office Gayle Knutson
ussues Issues shared or inherited by virtue of being in a commited relationship. Michael Bertani
placebow clip-on tie Timothy Cree
Analize To make something crappy by studying it too much. Wayne Hoit
homogenius my very smart gay friend Rick Starr
caranoid paranoid but correct Chloe O’Connor
bicicle ice that goes both ways Emily Hempel
pollutico politics polluted by industrial dominance resulting in global imbalances stephan Tychon
adnoying Causing annoyance to internet users with the bombardment of pop-up advertisements. Deborah Rowland
Nogotiation A losing-losing policy-making strategy often employed by elected officials most recently and most noticeably during health care reform or equally as recently, but less noticeably by me unsuccessfully with my spouse (to be read as partner). Name Withheld by Request
Xtreme synchronized swimming practiced in Egypt.
Jim Peacock

The time in a person’s life in which the mental cycle ends.

Name Withheld by Request
Pemailing The time saving and highly efficient practice of sending and receiving emails while going to the bathroom. Geoff Boddy
Mensatruation Bloody brilliance. Name Withheld by Request
Metictoculous What you call a Swiss watch repairman. Bob Hambly
Inebriosity The point of intoxication wherein one begins to “freely give it all away”. Erica Culp
Winobago Super market shopping cart transformed by a homeless street urchin into their vehicle of choice. Erica Culp
Cenema The experience of paying for a movie, soda and popcorn. Wayne Hoit
P-mail The message received by a dog sniffing a lamp post. He then raises his leg to “reply to sender”. Tom M. Morton
Mordification OMG! My house loan is a LOT more than my house is worth and the bank can’t help! David Wilkinson
Oxymoron A stupid kid with pimples. Tom M. Morton
knowledgize One sees, therefore one learns. Jamie Royster
Fuctuation :(n) a scenario leading to distress, pain, incarceration or monetary loss. Name Withheld by Request
Nascenty Smelling like a baby. B. Neurohr
Tiskmaster A political pundit offering only criticism without ever uttering workable alternatives. B. Neurohr
askhole a person who asks very annoying inappropriate questions. David Kay
kinclination tendency to favor one’s family and blood relations over others. Name Withheld By Request
Foxymoron A person who’s hot looking but stupid. Bill Petersen
Americant Someone who’s not allowed in the United States. Bill Petersen
Punitentiary Where people are confined for making bad jokes. (Editor: I think this is where Bill resides.) Bill Petersen
Europeen When folks from Europe urinate. Bill Petersen
Scatburglar A Jazz singer who robs houses. Bill Petersen
Prawnshop A place to buy and sell shrimp. Bill Petersen
Paradice The tools necessary for shooting craps. Bill Petersen
Calcufication What happens to the brain during a calculus final. Bill Petersen
Hairloom A tool used for making wigs. Bill Petersen
Trycycle A bicycle that’s used by potential buyers. Bill Petersen
Unisax A saxaphone that can sound like other instruments. Bill Petersen
Finatic Someone obsessed with fishing. Bill Petersen
Herricane When a female becomes extremely angry. Bill Petersen
Semi-colon What a patient is left with after intestinal surgery. Bill Petersen
Claustrophobia Morbid fear of Santa Claus Bill Petersen
Porker Chips Snack food made from pigs. Bill Petersen
Askinine A stupid question Shelley Blodgett
Oblitious Being unaware because one is inebriated. Shelley Blodgett
Sarcastic Wilt Using a cutting remark to deflate another’s ego. Shelley Blodgett
Halol Jokes made in good taste. Name Withheld By Request
artifacial the unnatural result of a plastic surgeon’s work Rick Starr
trypical an ordinary vacation Rick Starr
sagmentation what a plastic surgeon tries to fix Rick Starr
barracuta the wiley bartender at Hooters Rick Starr
accitentionally Starts as an accident but you mean it afterwards. Leah Lovelace
Turrets Syndrome more than one offensive tower Emily Hempel
Mytopia An idyllic land that is further away than it looks. Brian Sullivan
Hormony The chemistry of mutual attraction Bob Freedman
Instant Grassification The laying of sod as compared to grass seed Sheila Brown
Dogumentary A fact filled nature film about our canine pets. Name Withheld By Request
Wincecum To shrink or draw back, usually with a grimace, after striking out against the National League Cy Young Award winner Name Withheld by Request
Cohabithation (co-hab-it-hate-shun) When people who can’t stand each other continue to live together because they can’t afford to get divorced or live apart Hal Gibson
succass What you get by being extra nice to your boss Asish Saksena
Polygloat A person who is smug about speaking many different languages John de Couryc-Bower
flubbergasted Effects of seeing BWI after Christmas Spectator
Congreass The oil of government Spectator
dramastic something that is both dramatic and drastic Margot Mahannah
Keystone Crops Legalized Marijuana Aaron Powell
Rimrod Someone who steals cars in order to possess or sell their expensive rims Aaron Powell
Papal Bully The kid who terrorizes other students at a Catholic school Aaron Powell
Rectalfy To claim to have fixed something, but to have screwed it up further. Liz Kite
extrament more bullshit Glenn Thomson
cobra Item of communal underwear used by snakecharmers Name Withheld by Request
Pissenger Person waiting in line to use the airplane bathroom Ken Newton
Merlost Forgetting the way home after drinking too much red wine Vincent Fearon
Gasshole obnoxious, urban SUV driver with no credible justification for needing a truck Frazer Burkart
scumptious Roguish. Sleazy, yet attractive. Jack Langsdorf
crayenne a pepper so hot it brings one to tears. pending permission
Addverse The process of making a poem longer. Bob Reidmuller
handitizer hand sanitizer Janine Olshefski
obliviot inattentive driver who clearly does not have his/her wits about them Elaine Baran
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