2024 Submissions

Here are the Top 10 submissions for January 2024.  The standard was very high this month and judges often mentioned regretting having to cull their list down to ten,  Congratulations to William Tunn, who tops the list with a “Ringer” (R), but it was a clear winner by number of votes.  Carole Marantz swept the field with two words that complied in second and third.

New Word Original Word Definition Contributor
Serendipotty (R) Serendipity The fortunate discovery of a clean restroom just when you need it the most. William Tunn
Punditz Pundit Scatterbrain with absolutely no expertise Carole Marantz
Scarcasm Sarcasm Trauma of intense mocking contempt. Carole Marantz
Anodine Anodyne Making a meal out of painkillers Ruth Krause
Butsocks Buttocks Falsies for rear end of tight fitting jeans Rodney Noles
Dicktator Dictator An Autarch who is also a prick Rodney Noles
Ghee Club (R) Glee Club Singing the praises of clarified butter Bar Lowenberg
Hororscope Horoscope Born under a bad sign Shannon Fleming
Infunite Infinite When the party never stops Rodney Noles
Hamateur Amateur An aspiring comedian or comedienne John Frederickson

The Top 10 words for 2023 have been published at https://www.washingtonpostsmensainvitational.com/2023-submissions/ , or click on the 2023 tab in the top menu.   Clarifications on the voting criteria have been published in the FAQ tab.

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New WordOriginal WordDefinition - Clever is Better !Contributor
ArchipelegoArchipelago1] A group of scattered islands formed by variously colored plastic bricks
2] The ancestral lands of Minifigures
Shannon Fleming
BleapLeapWhat the drill sergeant said when he ordered his squad to "Quick March" on the 28th February and they didn't move for a whole dayDoug Langmead
TrumourRumourWhat a Rumour becomes once confirmed or proved to be true.TheLateralist
MatrimanyMatrimonyInvolving several spousesEmile Ouellette
OwoolWoolA KnitjarDoug Langmead
WaccoladeAccoladeUnexpected, off the wall praise that you know you don't deserveJohn Frederickson
FlaudulentFraudulentAmoral and decadent being.Carole Marantz
GlandmarkLandmarkNoteworthy endocrinologist.Carole Marantz
SexonerateExonerateBeing absolved for a below-par performanceSteven Sego
DishassembleDisassembleThe proper way to set a formal dinner tableSteve Cozzetto
TestostephoneTestosteroneBiological reason why men prefer the large-screen Samsung Steve Cozzetto
BalkheadBulkheadAn indecisive leaderSteve Cozzetto
RetrobateReprobateA person of ill repute with a history.Ruth Krause
"Amp"athyEmpathy"Ain’t my problem" = Lack of concern and negative attitude Carole Marantz
PestigiousPrestigiousAnnoying constantly boasting of great success and importance.Carole Marantz
MisavowDisavowGroom arrives too late for his wedding ceremony that is ultimately cancelled.Carole Marantz
BreverenceReverenceLacking in any manner of respect.Carole Marantz
ConanzaBonanzaFalse information creates untruth about your supposed windfall.Carole Marantz
SommeliarSommelierPurports to be a certified wine expert but is not!Carole Marantz
UnintenderdUnintendedA consequence that was not considered in a bidDoug Langmead
TruckulentTruculentThe feeling you get when your brother-in-law still has not returned the pick-up you lent him more than three weeks ago.Grover Gregory
AnticipotionAnticipationThe drink to steel the nerves before a dreaded event or meetingWill Caplinger
ParjuryPerjuryLying about your golf scoreJohn Frederickson
ShoicStoicOne’s choice to vividly display, joy, fear, pain and a wide range of feelings.Carole Marantz
S’MoroseMoroseDisappointed by the current quality of this confectionary favorite.Carole Marantz
SimpatioSimpaticoWhen you like your neighbor’s property so much you copy certain elements of itSteve Cozzetto
EarregardlessIrregardlessBeing deaf to erroneous choice and usage of wordsSteve Cozzetto
RunicornsUnicornsNondescript horny horsesDoug Langmead
TunicornUnicornA mythical butt-headed, barded jousting horseDoug Langmead
UnicformUniformRegulation barding for tunicorns.Doug Langmead
MangarooKangarooA comical wallabyDoug Langmead
AmehAmenYeah sure, whatever!Jackin Yow
GabtruseAbtruseDifficult to comprehend vile, obscure, untrue words of some today.Carole Marantz
PalorousValorousAwesome ability to make friends easily and retain them for a lifetime.Carole Marantz
GraphityGraphiteA malevolent force that ensures that pencils always fall on their point.Doug Langmead
Menfant TerribleEnfant TerribleA husband who acts like a child when asked to take out the trashRodney Noles
GuesticulatingGesticulatingPointing and waving wildly at arriving visitorsMia Debdin
SpychologistPsychologistA person employed by an organisation to secretly obtain information about peoples’ mental, emotional and behavioural states.Mia Debdin
NiteratesNitratesAbout $20 an hour with the wrong (!) company at a sleazebag motelJackin Yow
DisquizationDisquisitionFormal inquiry into Jeopardy’s alleged cheating scandalRodney Noles
InfartuatedInfatuatedAmazing results after eating black-eye peas or pears.Rodney Noles
MenesisNemesisMenacing male adversaries.Ruth Krause
MalelingererMalingererA man-flu sufferer who takes longer than most to recover.Ruth Krause
LieturgicalLiturgicalUntruths told in church.Ruth Krause
BosinBosunWhat the boatswain did when his Captain’s eyes were averted.Ruth Krause
MaoribundMoribundDepressed All Blacks (National Rugby Union Team of New Zealand ) on the rare occasion of their defeat.
From Maori, meaning an Indigenous New Zealand citizen and from Bund, ( German ), meaning federation, team, league as in Bundesliga.
Ruth Krause And Peter Carrington
MeityDeitySomeone who thinks he or she is godJohn Frederickson
OratorigalOratoricalRural female species are prone to long speeches.Rodney Noles
DespotickDespoticUnceasing flinching of a European monarch.Rodney Noles
ArmatireArmatureRotate to studded tires or slap on the chainsJackin Yow
VerbosslyVerboselyAn employer who cannot cease talkingRodney Noles
FurniateUrinateWhen a dog mistakes a long mink coat for a hairy fire hydrant.Rodney Noles
RoustabutRoustaboutThe next-door Jones’ going at it hammer and tongsJackin Yow
SceptratistsSeperatistsThose who would both divide and ruleDoug Langmead
ImmensaImmenseThe pleasure you get when you play the wordplay gameJohn Frederickson
InciderInsiderApplesDoug Langmead
HamateurAmateurAn aspiring comedian or comedienneJohn Frederickson
EntertrainEntertainThe point when comedian gets on the subwayRodney Noles
SlaycatePlacateUnanticipated crowd controlEmile Ouellette
JesusciateResuscitateFestival celebrating the life, death, and life of LazarusRodney Noles
DambivalentAmbivalentOne's self discontent about having contradictory opinions and attitudes about something or some one.Carole Marantz
TevinceEvinceGoal to increase the popularity of drinking tea.Carole Marantz
PolterheistPoltergeistRobbery committed by supernatural beings.Carole Marantz
ManorousCanorousMale singers in a predominantly female choirRodney Noles
AnodineAnodyneMaking a meal out of painkillersRuth Krause
WhinegoldRhinegoldTeutonic whingefest over a river of goldRuth Krause
ValehallaValhallaGoodbye ParadiseRuth Krause
HororscopeHoroscopeBorn under a bad signShannon Fleming
EstivoteEstivateElection polls which are only open during the summer monthsRodney Noles
BuckalBuccalParting comments to former co-workers after being fired.Rodney Noles
RecidivisionRecidivismAbility to predict which convicts will commit new crimesSteve Cozzetto
PsychothematicPsychosomaticWhen you imagine you are afflicted with a lisp.Steve Cozzetto
FunambullistFunambulistTight-rope-walking bovine.Rodney Noles
KillustriousIllustriousThe notoriety achieved by a serial killer.Carole Marantz
PunditzPunditScatterbrain with absolutely no expertiseCarole Marantz
ParvenueParvenuAgenda for Crypto billionaires.Rodney Noles
SinsationalSensationalAn impressive indiscretion.Rodney Noles
MomsterMonsterWho you have to answer to when you've woken her up too early on a Saturday morning by being loud and roughhousingTimmothy Copeland
TarousersTrousersVery short shorts on very nice sortsDoug Langmead
ChickleChuckleYour pet bird's tickle spot.Rodney Noles
PerufrockPrufrockA pollera, a large one-piece skirt worn over rolled trousers at the seaside throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America, immortalised in verse by TS Elliot as "A lovely sarong".Doug Langmead
Ghee clubGlee clubSinging the praises of clarified butterBar Lowenberg
GarfoyleGargoyleDesecrating a grotesque roof "Monster".Carole Marantz
GallibleFallibleAnnoyance at discovery of one's "errors and omissions".Carole Marantz
AcootCootOld and eccentric, but still sharpDoug Langmead
HauntlessDauntlessFreed and devoid of agressive spirits.Carole Marantz
Fars-FetchedFar-FetchedOutlandish quirky comedyCarole Marantz
SwonWonA lucky ugly ducklingDoug Langmead
DabluteAbluteArmpits onlyJohn Frederickson
CondoscendCondescendHomeowner's Association president with a very high opinion of selfRodney Noles
ExtravagentExtravagantHe certainly splashes money about.William Tunn
SerendipottySerendipityThe fortunate discovery of a clean restroom just when you need it the most.William Tunn
LambunctiousRambunctiousLike a lively, noisy, boisterous young sheep.William Tunn
CrampignonsChampignonsNot-so-fun fungi.Luther L. Zimmerman
SmarmaladeMarmaladeUnctious, unseville talk.Luther L. Zimmerman
InciderInsiderApplesDoug Langmead
ForkloreFolkloreOld traditional tales told at the dinner table.Wes Kussmaul
CelerityCelebrityA rapid rise to fameDoug Langmead
Celerety Celerity CrunchinessWes Kussmaul
SheocracySheocracyA system of government in which women rule in the name of god(s)John Frederickson
InfuniteInfiniteWhen the party never stopsRodney Noles
CabaciousCapaciousTaxi which holds eight peopleRodney Noles
ExruberanceExuberanceMassage with too much ebullienceRodney Noles
MomilyHomilyA loving ode to one's mother.Carole Marantz
AllegorycalAllegoricalHorror stories with a life lesson.Rodney Noles
ClapitulateCapitulateVoluntarily (temporarily?) forego the pleasures of the fleshJackin Yow
DerectionDirectionFailure to launchJackin Yow
WitigateMitigateUse of truthful humorous banter to reduce our divisiveness.Carole Marantz
ScarcasmSarcasmTrauma of intense mocking contempt.Carole Marantz
ImpaginatonImaginationA mind-numbering experienceDoug Langmead
RizzlRizzTo possess and exude rizz, as in he rizzls, she rizzls, they rizzlWill Caplinger
EstoryStoryA digital rivuletDoug Langmead
YarnishGarnishRough estimate of the amount of fabric for a wedding dress.Rodney Noles
WoquaciousLoquaciousOne's negative reaction after interaction with Motormouth.Carole Marantz
TabscondAbscondHurriedly left after not paying restaurant bill.Carole Marantz
ChatcuterieCharcuterieCharming chatter to go along with delicacies served at a cocktail party.Carole Marantz
HacilitateFacilitateWays that one's computer is easily compromised.Carole Marantz
PiapismPriapismAn erection that lasts for 3.1416 hours.George McDowell
FungentPungentPositive, upbeat, amusing guyCarole Marantz
BopaqueOpaqueA barbecue in Hoboken New JerseyRodney Noles
PunitivePensiveHaving all the characteristics of a punis, but none of the charmDoug Langmead
FeudialFeudalSpeed dial for an OverlordRodney Noles
FoulevardsBoulevardsA strip of land between offensive and defensive teams where a player can receive 5-yard penalty for encroachingRodney Noles
DickatorDictatorAn Autarch who is also a prickRodney Noles
PartlousParlousRelatively fumigatedJackin Yow
BoatspainBoatswainMonthly payment on a large boat loan.Rodney Noles
EnormouseEnormousBrobdingnagian rodents in Gullier's travelsRodney Noles
UphoPhoA noodle soup that's out of this worldDoug Langmead
CauralAuralSomething that looks like a reef and sounds like a choirDoug Langmead
AwefulAwfulSomething truly terrible that inspires you with dread, fear and wonder.Timmothy Copeland
RacounterRaconteurA person who counts the number of times you repeat the same story.Rodney Noles
ButsocksButtocksFalsies for rear end of tight fitting jeansRodney Noles


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