Here’s the List of Words that came in for the 2014 Contest and this year’s winners!!  We have added some new categories!  The Top 10 are in RED at the top of the list.  We have some winners in our “Youth” category, shown in ORANGE.   The honorable mentions are showing in BLUE.  And there there are the ones that didn’t fit the rules that we just liked.  They are in PURPLE.   Congratulations to the winners!

Word Definition Name
2014 WINNERS!!! 2014 WINNERS!!!
meanderthal A lazy ancestor known for wandering around doing nothing while others hunted and gathered Jim Shamp
boath solemn promise made by two people Pablo Dominguez
carmudgeon a person who treats their automobile with more care than they treat people Emma Schaeffer
Striangulation Smothered by Geometry David Spharler
romains The tiny little leaves in the middle of a head of lettuce that no one wants to eat Kris Wolff
drauma Drama borne of trauma Kelsey Ishimoto
mysterectomy an act which takes the joy out of a situation by over-analyzing or unnecessarily trying to “debunk”it. r. ecarg
Fournication Melange a quatre Keith Lawrence
Dispenchant Taking a spell by leaning the other way Doug Langmead
Luxurinate Go tee tee in a really nice restroom Karen Twait
YOUTH CATEGORY Adult in charge
FRRROG Freezing fog Carolyn Fischer
Cinstructions The instruction booklet that tells you how to construct children’s toys such as lego Lysa Lomax
ecstatic electricity when your hair is so excited, it stands up Name Withheld
holindays What happens when you get sauced at Christmas Name Withheld
Gygiene Raising the toilet seat David Spharler
pepidemic contagious cheerfulness Keith
glockanspiel The safety talk one receives while purchasing a handgun Michael Klofper
apostrophy A trophy you give out to one who doesn’t know the difference between its and it’s and writes: your’s their’s her’s Vali Jamal
Prozaic A supplement that makes you feel better after eating your words Doug Langmead
crapscallion A rascal who sits down to take a leek Bob Kriz
Recommand A suggestion that one may not decline Mark Aronson
asolescence a particularly obnoxious developmental phase experienced by teens and their parents Olivia Acree
craptivity being enslaved by one’s possessions Konrad Schwoerke
Penal Cold When you enter a long period of celibacy in your relationship Doug Glant
carp diem catch of the day greg gilroy
Remembracne Day The sombre moment when you look in the mirror and recall that your pimples have been replaced with wrinkles mia
IRSVP Letter informing you that you’re being audited Kevin Sutherland
Strateddy A light strategy Leanne Bridgewater
defyne challenge someone to provide a better definition of something Pablo Dominguez
Morass New definition: A troublesome situation, where you find that your butt has recently increased in size, and no longer fits in your jeans Holly Whalls
softwart Computer program that interferes with other software and can’t be removed Olin Anderson
discoarse rough, vulgar speech Pablo Dominguez
hamogeny n. the repetitiveness of having the same sandwich for lunch every day Emma Schaeffer
stuperstition A belief that is both baseless and dumb Olin Anderson
escapaid the act of getting away from jail by bribing one of the guards for help Pablo Dominguez
stuffocating The air conditioning or heating turned off so no air circulating in a room causing a person to feel closed in and uncomfortable. “Hey, I’m stuffocating”. Bill Verostek
Insectincide A method of natural pest control whereby bugs eat other bugs, resulting in insects inside other insects Julia Addison
paciturn adj., silent in an effort not to rile up others Emma Schaeffer
congergation school of large marine eels who meet together to “pray” Pablo Dominguez
complemints pl. n., the peppermints that come with a dinner bill Emma Schaeffer
assascene location where a murder takes place Pablo Dominguez
Sellink Peddling your own tattoo Doug Langmead
Elblow To deny an invitation or proposition by laughing or using sarcasm Leanne Bridgewater
shipster n., someone who was on that cruise BEFORE it was big Emma Schaeffer and Keith Wine
abwhore detest a certain kind of women for moral reasons Pablo Dominguez
invertro fetalization upside-down childbirth Don Vogt
tinsillitis What people get when they eat Christmas ornaments Bill Verostek
slawfully wedded adj., married at a barbecue Emma Schaeffer
abdoctor medical person who was found guilty of kidnapping patients Pablo Dominguez
uranate The rating given to a person on a scale of 1 to 10, of their looks Bill Verostek
hipsterectomy the forcible removal of bohemians from a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. Kymry Esainko
plethargic adj., excessively sleepy Emma Schaeffer
Insectaside A flyty remark Doug Langmead
Snarcasm A very snide form of satirical wit Terry Petko
bunbiased Buttock fetish Olin Anderson
Insultation The Bullies method of consultation Andrew Herden
umbrace v., to hesitantly hug an acquaintance Emma Schaeffer
meloncholy That brief wave of depression when you realize you have scooped to far down and your last mouthful was all rind greg gilroy
parentaged The moment in life you realize you have just started sounding exactly like your parents Barb Coulston
Hallucidate Who you wake up with after a night of drinking and bears no resemblance to who you hooked up with Anthony Parr
Lysolivate Involuntary mouth-watering when tasting air-freshener particles Jef White
Neveryone No one, ever Jim Hanson
Hooternanny (n.)  Busty au Pair Name Withheld
Macademia Nut A college professor obsessed with the study of Apple computers Luke Lemmo
Nappericse The act of taking a short break with one’s eyes closed Bill Verostek
incontinents A physical condition that results from not being able to find or ask for a washroom in a foreign country Barb Coulston
sincopation two people doing something naughty at the same time Paula Taubman
precurser Bad golf shot Rick Callahan
tittest as in “survival of the tittest”: breast augmentation to render oneself more attractive to the male of the species, thus propagating more R M Fransson
candimate Someone you met on Match.com Olin Anderson
Faternity Social club for the obese Greg Gilroy
camplications n., the struggles of setting up a tent Emma Schaeffer
interimacy (n.) What one may seek while waiting for a more serious relationship to come along Paul Nienaber
parisite French mooch greg gilroy
BIPhone New phone capabale of running IOS and Android Jason Hoover
Negatude A bad attitude; negative outlook Bill Verostek
bona fide What you get from taking Viagra Rick Callahan
 crapture Brief moment of bliss which often follows a perfect bowel movement greg gilroy
Postdoctorate Feeling smug for having posted something first to social media William Briggs
Flagrance The act of wearing way too much cologne Greg Gilroy
cryogenic Causing tears Shurjendu Dutt-Mazumdar
ancestorm Unexpected result from paternity test Olin Anderson
tearrier Canine breed known for shredding things Greg Gilroy
Phalmacy An apothecary who specializes in ED remedies Clay Molinari
Aloofah A haughty person who rubs you the wrong way Joan Rodriguez
Mathlete’s foot Fungal condition caused by repeatedly removing and replacing one’s shoes in order to count up to 20 Greg Gilroy
neighboors People lacking a sense of respect for those who live in adjoining domiciles Leslie Carmichael
Constiputed Your computer is all backed up Bruce Dillon
Tresspass The act of invading one’s hairspace Greg Gilroy
grass-shopper some one who wants to jump high INEZ WALKER
Finny When fish pun David Spharler
purgeatory n. condition when severe diarrhea and vomiting leave one feeling suspended between heaven and hell Leo E. Oliva
sxymoron someone who is interesting, right up until they open their mouth Gerry Phillips
radicool Something that is radical and cool Vidyuth
windustry A renewable energy business Matthew B. Winkel
Nauseacting An acting performance so horrific, it made you sick Tom Houlihan
artifacial Latest face lift Olin Anderson
brackwoods isolated swampland Keith
Miscorrection The act of a smartphone or other device that incorrectly replaces a word one has because its logic algorithms determine that the operator has misspelled a word, not always but often leading to embarrassing sequelae Aloke Mandal
iconick well known and distinctive for its awfulness Bob Atkinson
blassiere fireproof undergarments for female firefighters Jeff Jackson
Pediattrition When people stop being doctors because they have little patients Name Withheld
individuel Arguing with yourself Olin Anderson
scurtain an extremely long and modest skirt Emma Schaeffer
deifry The disrespectful act of skewering the beliefs of others’ religions Martin Pittman
extrails What’s left on the battlefield after Full Contact Tic-Tac-Toe Matthew B. Winkel
Arbortion Clear-cutting an old growth forest Bob Kriz
impeckable bird proof Darren Tilley
Brouhaha  A beer with a funny taste Bob Kriz
pontifficator One who poses as the last-word authority on any subject he’s addressing, whether invited to or not Vali Jamal
inepotism Describes a person who is hired by a relative and totally unworthy Steve Babler
Bygiene 2-way cleanliness David Spharler
Kraptonite The word that describes the super-power others use to push the buttons that make you crazy Marcy Depew
purseon Money Lender Darren Tiiley
Suspended automation The lull one falls into after arriving at one’s destination, unable to get out of the car until the end of their favorite song or NPR segment Elizabeth Davidovich
slobbyist An unkempt persuader Jeff Durstewitz
Umbiblical cord An accessory often tied around the waist of those who preach Catherine G
indumbent an incompetent elected public official Gina Brewer
Uninhibited Acting any way you want when no-one’s at home Douglas Langmead
gymnauseam Sick of going to the gym for exercise Leo Oliva
Platomic When friendship combusts Rachel Hoffman
Procrustination Putting off your stretching exercises Dennis Sustare
Tschadenfreude Disapproval of the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others Douglas Langmead
ephobic Someone who is afraid of being hacked online Sharon Cooke
Loxymoron It ain’t salmon David Spharler
Farticles The invisible yet smelly results of a person farting Bill Verostek
missogyny When women express hatred towards women Vali Jamal, Phd
Faceborrhea Excessive Facebook Posting Kevin Lun-Fu Tong
synecdouche (n.) A person who reminds others of how irritating and stupid people in general are Paul Nienaber
robtain To acquire things by unlawful means Catherine G
confucion the mental state one arrives at having misunderstood a proverb adam
phygician a doctor who works magic D M DeMore
sucrosanct Sacred sugar; sometimes used to sweeten holy water Brian Garner
yuthanize Terminate the life of teens who only roll their eyes, moan, or text Roy Deneke, Jr
asparaguise Beans in wigs Doug Langmead
Giggilo A male escort who laughs a lot Val Voight
Compliskated Adjective describing a complex and previously untried skating move (usually reserved for Olympic performances) Barb Coulston
Pornigraphy The act of drawing suggestive images with a really fancy pen Dave Garner
Influentza When someone who is able to fluently speak a particular language gets accused of something and then is  suddenly stricken with the inability to understand or speak that language Gary Dupuis
Ocupuncture An injury resulting from a jab in the eye with a sharp stick Ole Wik
preprephylactic adolescent castration Richard Peter
punderstanding Good feeling you get when someone gets your word play Olin Anderson
keptovers Keptovers are those parts of a meal that are so tasty that you keep them for another meal. Unlike leftovers, where there is they are left over because there was too much to eat mark eells
stealthie A photograph designed to capture surreptitiously a person or object in what appears to onlookers to be a selfie Donald Samson
Inflatuation An unhealthy love of beans Kevin Sutherland
centinel A guard that is easily bought over Vali Jamal
subwoofer A Beta dog Fabia Bird
nunderwear under vestments Ralph Magro
fratulance Gas passed at an on-campus beer party Charles L. Manley Jr
Bureauprat You’ll know, as soon as you are dealing with one Ralph Magro
cellulot A surfeit of the fatty stuff. Vali Jamal
Hacktress A female film/television/stage actress who will do any job to get a paycheck Name Withheld
relationshops a red light district Fred Wilhelm
Debarkation dispute A dog fight in an Airport Andrew Herden
Coinus Paying for sex Name Withheld
Fartographer The technician who maps out the results of your colonoscopy exam Ted Mast
Abdominable Describing an immoral display of grotesque waistline Delia Thayer
Opposide A mathematical term for a side across from a reference angle Martin Lohmann
Serendupity Stumbling upon the perfect patsy Kevin Sutherland
Frold Out All Frozen characters and accessories are currently out of stock Mark Chiddington
Ettiquit the end of politeness as we know it Elaine Baran
Surpraise That startled feeling you get when the grumpy boss gives you an “attaboy” Kevin Sutherland
Cathargic That therapeutic feeling one gets when one doesn’t feel like doing anything Tom E Jandric
cleaver adj. – a particularly sharp comment or action Bob Atkinson
ecumedical Technical term for the process of a gathering different medical specialists to try to figure out what’s wrong with you Olin Anderson
Fabulouse A lying cheater! Ginny Slocum
Kissappointment That long awaited kiss that never happened Vaish Tekumalla
Muslin Brotherhood Egyptian cotton’s worst nightmare Keith Lawrence
lingerieng thoughts Victoria’s Secret – shall we leave it at that? Vali Jamal
Inteligent A microchip developer of the male gender Name Withheld
flosstrophobia Extreme or irrational fear of getting dental floss irreversibly stuck between your teeth Erick
lobstreperous A noisy and difficult to control crustacean A. Boodoosingh
Supperfluous A meal in the evening too many Vali Jamal
 Coincide (n.) – A depressed penny throwing itself on the railroad tracks just as a train comes along Derek Rogers
fartistic The ability to create flatulent melodies Marty James
emaelstrom What you find in your inbox most mornings Vali Jamal
epicgastric pain Pain of legendary proportions occurring above the region of the stomach Patrick Murphy
Ridicle Truck that removes anything we no longer want to keep Ginny Slocum
Snailman Mailman plodding through snow to deliver letters Donna Jean MacKinnon
Road Rave Lightening bugs hitting my windshield Randi Fields
Couplie Cup-Lee is the pronunciation. When two people of which are in a relationship, take a picture together, similar to a selfie but with a Couple Ashley
Acropolice body of people employed to keep order at the Parthenon in Athens Pablo Dominguez-Gonzalez
conslutant Someone who is prepared to sell their body for the highest hourly rate Andrew McDonald
Conslutation n.  the action or process of formally discussing prices for sexual activity Peter Fernandez
Grief Case Lawyer’s casket Bob Cornell
Alianated A woman impregnated by an extra-terrestial being Andrew Herden
fecetious not meant to be taken seriously; a load of BS Name Withheld
sipstick n. lipstick left on the rim of a coffee cup Emma Schaeffer
galisthentics exercise for women only Jeff Jackson
Gracebully naturally wicked Leanne Bridgewater
cruddle v., to cuddle in a lackluster manner Emma Schaeffer
slackadaisical adj., too lazy to take interest Emma Schaeffer
apollogy n., an apology of Olympian proportions Emma Schaeffer
interlewd Short break during which improper suggestions may be made roger bryant
sparty n., an under-attended party Emma Schaeffer
selfeeselfee The price you pay for posting a bad self-portrait online Matthew B. Winkel
tonion n., an extremely large onion Emma Schaeffer
wardplay n.; the act of goofing off in a hospital Emma Schaeffer
Glamp A lamp that’s too fancy Keith
Marathong Running wear for nudists Naima Butler
antiversary n., what your anniversary date becomes after the relationship ends Emma Schaeffer
need-jerk reaction When you respond immediately and dramatically to someone’s perceived  need only to discover immediately and embarrassingly that the need doesn’t exist and the person is actually a complete nitwit Pat
Licycle How parasites travel from scalp to scalp, when there are no seats left on the hairplanes NAIMA BUTLER
cerhamic From what piggy banks are made Matthew B. Winkel
epilipsy the inability to control one’s mouth properly after botox Bruce Nysetvold
Incorrectomy A surgeon’s worst nightmare Anthony Altomare
stentographer A very loud secretary (from “stentorian” and “stenographer”) Bruce Nysetvold
Pismashio A pistachio with a shell that is completely closed, thus requires smashing to get at the nut inside Derek
Edundancy The act of emailing and FB chatting (and/or texting) to the same person at the same time Jim Stephenson
Pompadoor Ceremonial or dignified entrway Catherine G
Exbrain To explain something merely for the sake of showing how smart you (think you) are Cecilia Higgins
Slimelight A place where many seeking fame end up Austin LAMBE
Poogle To look up information while taking a poo Allyson Dragoo
Sleepwaking (n):  That time after you wake up, but before the alarm goes off, where you are neither really awake or asleep Garrett Nicolai
Electile dysfunction Elected, but not up to the job Roger B. Newcomb
phug A phone hug.  A call made to say “I’m thinking of you.” Name Withheld
Farmacist Individual licensed & certified to dispense prescriptions written by veterinarians john claffy
hypotinuse Why you have to stand in line during an airplane flight Bob Kriz
Gilt Complex Fear of being covered with gold paint, or ochrephobia Anonymous
Carat noun  –  tantalising  gold jewellry Norman Cousins
Coinvenience 1. Pricing items, so that they can be bought without requiring change. 2. Having the right amount of change in your pocket. Frank Lohmann
Velocite to cite at great speed Leanne Bridgewater
Pro-Boner Doing free architectural design (or other free work) that is not appreciated by the recipient. ( I actually have a bit more graphic definition, but didn’t want to offend your readership) Rico Feeney
idolescence The tendency among the immature to too-easily fall in love. Roger B. Newcomb
parsnickety fussily imprecise Jeff Jackson
sinbiosis partners in crime roger bryant
flush dance What you do in the toilet stall to activate the auto-flushing device. Lori Alden
Etiquettistical To be absorbed and obsessed with proper etiquette. Kaj Olson
pupercup drinking vessel for small dog Jeff Jackson
insumniac obsessive mathemetition roger bryant
Parentesized Feeling like you are stuck and have no life because you have a couple of kids. Austin LAMBE
caliberate telling the cop that his speed gun reads too high Basil Orr
omnipresents The gifts Santa Claus give to children all over the world on one night of the year Austin Lambe
Gracebully naturally wicked Leanne Bridgewater
assalt seasoning for a rump roast Bob Kriz
Spontanxeity Worried that you suddenly will not be your natural self Austin Lambe
Sheat Feeling the previous occupant’s body heat when you sit. scott mardian
textisential crisis (n): when an individual experiences, by the agency of SMS communication, a crisis of values characterized by escalating inner conflicts related to issues of existence and smart phone socialization arianna jones
Wasabe Tonto’s Japanese homey Bob Kriz
Confecture Sweet speculation Ken Davies
Gliblets Insuccinctines Doug Langmead
A barbaric percussion instrument Bob Kriz
canttankerous The inability to deal for one more second with irritating, crochety people, especially bosses, distant relatives, and facebook friends. Heidi Schulman
anal retemption the act of accidentally putting a rectal thermometer in your G B Marks
Igsnore Take no notice of the grunting noises made by your sleeping Pablo Dominguez
Punstoppable A word to describe someone who makes so many bad puns Annelies Stoelinga
glockanspiel The safety talk one receives while purchasing a handgun Michael Klofper
Afictionado fan of reading novels Pablo Domínguez
Scrumbag A dirty Rugby player. Robert Tarpin
Sleepwaking (n):  That time after you wake up, but before the alarm goes off, where you are neither really awake or asleep. Garrett Nicolai
Updeight Upgrade to Windows 8 versions Pablo
Foo Food made out of tofu pretending not to be tofu, such as tofu ice cream or tofurky.  Foo is the American English spelling of the proper form, “fu”.
grasidual A process in which a thing slowly changes but always remains the same. (gradual + residual) Rachel Morrissey
Assumicide Making an assumption without first checking the facts.
gander bander One who tracks ducks Marilyn Thomas
Lypnosis The act of placing people in a trance through the continual movement of your lips while saying nothing of meaning during the complete process. John Melvin Claffy
Premedicated The act of purposely committing an unlawful act while under the influence of a prescription drug. John Melvin Claffy
Amensa A group of intelligent Christians Michael Philips
unagram A word that can be made using none of the letters of another word. Kelvin Simpson
edifiction Instruction in falsehoods.  “The professor asked me to read the WPM Invitational word list for my edifiction.” baker anderson
Merdcredi A rotten day in France Allan Sanders
Analyse Scrutinizing the butthole. Denyse Chua
affluenza A wealthy person having a cold. Denyse Chua
pressimism Doubts about the future of print newspapers Kevin Ding
dispatchelor batchelor who relentlessly upgrades angus hayes
Cosmagony What the mother of the universe would have undergone when giving birth to the universe Raja Setlur
evacation When you go on a holiday but spend most of your time connected to your office by gadgets Raja Setlur
subemissions Words I submit which I think are good but are below par because they have an unacceptable innuendo or pollute the verbosphere Raja Setlur
Epissphanic (n): The awkward yet awesome moment when you look up from to the graffitied bathroom wall and see that your scrawl has been replied to. Jeremy Smith
Kindleloo Kindleloo : The act of taking reading material with oneself to the bathroom, when one has eaten too much or is digesting a particularly spicy food and urgently requires valediction delivered to one’s bowels. Andre Taylor
Whorticulturist (n.) Fancy name for a pimp or madam. Bill Katz
Planic An extreme over reaction to a situation that was anticipated and for which one is prepared Richard Peter
Whinecathlon (N) An event consisting of 10 tantrum-style events (e.g. screaming, throwing things, kicking, asking repeatedly for permission to eat ice cream or similar food, pulling pet’s ears, pushing siblings, tackling parent’s legs, hiding, running everywhere in the house and refusing to follow directions). Jeremy Smith
Slanterns Slovenly lights Doug Langmead
Satire Seated in a more elevated position. Name Withheld
Titillate For a female to be a physically slow developer. Name Withheld
pmail pmail:  what your dog reads and sends at every fire hydrant and tree when on a walk
Piarrhea The intestinal issues that arise from spending a year on a boat with a Tiger. Vikki Dunn
Normad noun  –  the usual kind of wanderer Norman Cousins
Bentimeter noun  –  a unit of curved length Norman Cousins
Sentimeter noun  –  a unit of emotionality Norman Cousins
Particular adj  –  somewhat ticklish


noun  –  ticklish area of body

Norman Cousins
Chesaurus noun  –  A book containing groups of similar chess moves Norman Cousins
Siftware noun  –  A spam filtering program Norman Cousins
cellophone cheap transparent phone that makes a can with a string a better option. Don Laybourne
Himmunity The result of frequent activation of the Himmune system of a single woman as a result of frequently encountering creepy guys at social events, (see himnocculation), resulting in abandoning dating forever. Jamie Woods
Bureaucrap Any mindless fed or state employee who has made your like crappy for no good or even apparent reason. John Quinn Olson
olympuss athletic show cat Fred
bumner failure to fit into tight new jeans Fred
hockey fawn rooky timid team supporter Fred
harecut quick buz around the ears Fred
golf clube incorrectly attired golfer Fred
Laughtermath The happy sigh that typically comes after a hearty chuckle Ginny Pottie
Ignorrant A rant claiming to ignore its target.
Flabgellate To beat yourself vigorously with a switch in an attempt to lose weight Pine Pinard
self-aggrandizemint The art of turning ego into money. Tim O’Hagan
Narcolipsy A state in which a person with a death wish doesn’t know quite how to say it. Tim O’Hagan
Detroitus The remnant debris from a shattered city Jeff Maisch
bifecals Defective lenses, since recalled, that gave users a shitty outlook on life. Ole Wik
depoopulate Spraying air freshener or burning incense in the bathroom after moving ones bowels. Dawn Schimke
dort Morsel of food from a meal that fell on dirty floor Cheryl Scott
voicem Quick way to say “Would you like to leave a voice mail message, as in “You can voicem.” Cheryl Scott
vexting v: Writing a text message using your voice Cheryl Scott
iconick being naughty all year but tricking Santa into keeping you on the nice list
infantree where storks make their nests
borebon an alcoholic beverage that makes you lose your personality
vidiot person who records embarrassing, dangerous, goofy activities happening around them or at their instigation, and submits to internet sites Judith Wenker
Snowledge Skill set needed for winter driving Kathryn Thomas
ebail Way to cancel an unwanted social appointment without that messy phone call Kathryn Thomas
matipulation Techniques employed by serving personnel to
encourage gratuities
Kathryn Thomas
snarcophagus Where your career ends up after a promotion-killing snide comment. Sharon Stevenson
zingot A clever retort that is good as gold. Sharon Stevenson
carbecue Torching a mate’s car for an insurance scam Marina Armstrong
matechip Sharing a bucket of fries with your bro’ Marina Armstrong
shipfaced How you feel on a drunken cruise Marina Armstrong
sookaburra A warren of whining rabbits Marina Armstrong
fillabong Hydroponic marijuana Marina Armstrong
Selevision That box that we connect to a network which tries to sell us things and ocassionally provides entertainment in the form of drama, comedy, etc. Steve Ficalora
Hintimacy Suggesting foreplay Steve Ficalora
Absorbatory n.  Place where the DOT stores salt for winter road clearing needs Lisa Cannon
Sacreligious From sacrilegious.
Offensive to a religion.
Two letters were changed, but perhaps will be forgiven still waiting out the New Year’s Day in Vancouver, Canada. 0:49; 0:48; 0.47….
vali jamal


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