Top 10 words are highlighted, the remainder are listed in the order that they were received.

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Niagra (n): a new drug for men; it’s a diuretic David Rose
Ergotica Thereforeplay Doug Langmead
calumni People who lie about having been graduated by University of California – Berkeley David Spharler
predundant on the cusp of repeating yourself Don Laybourne
vortical a spinning jump Jeff Jackson
Hetour The unnecessarily long and meandering route taken by a male driver after refusing to ask for directions. Scott Pollak
stragedy A plan with calamitous results Alissa T.
Sarcaustic Sarcastic to the point of causing severe burns Jeremy Fornier-Hanlon
doury dad’s countenance when he finds out what daughter’s wedding is going to cost Bar Lowenberg
unimpreachable insermontable Doug Langmead
Hamburger Yelper People who need to blog or rate every trivial fast-food experience Philip Chuang
Squirmon A church service you feel is directed at you Jessica Harris
tempty A property of one of those mysterious temporary folders (left behind on your computer by a software installation) that you’re TEMPTED to delete — but just ignore Matthew B. Winkel
accelevate (v): The act of pressing an elevator button several times in rapid succession with the intention of making it arrive sooner Mike Pollard
Social petworking Use of social media to annoy everyone with images, status updates and creating your pets own web page Josh Bartolovich
Olimpian A slightly handicapped amateur international athlete Matthew B. Winkel
Mensad A depressed guy whose intelligence scored in the top 3% of the population Wes Pruett
intollerance Outrage at exorbitant fee charged to cross bridge Rachel Claiborne and Joanne Wonders
Elviscerate v. To disembowel by way of pelvic gyrations Mark Snow
Eloquaint Possessed of an expressive but archaic manner of speech. Name Withheld
Vibralucination The imagined sensation that your smart phone is vibrating Walter Soga
subturban A skullcap Doug Langmead
Pendemic When the world runs out of ink Gayle Knutson
Thoroughfare A ticket that covers multiple journeys Andy Claymore
sexattoo n.  (sex-at-tu)  a tattoo containing sexual content and/or located by the girl’s nether regions K Brentnell
argumen People who argue relentlessly. Avoid the argumen, they are vexatious to the spirit vali jamal
Apocohontas Squawrmageddon Doug Langmead
asinine A backside that doesn’t quite rate a 10 Andy Claymore
Detroitus The junk left around in derelict properties in the Motor City Noah Dorsky
decorridor Stretch of road largely given over to home decorating and furnishing stores S.Dineen
flabyrinth the pattern created by the folds of your belly fat Kristy Aserlind
Centrifrugal The force which draws people to a bargain or sale Yehuda Schupper
Apocalypso Rhythmic dance for the end of days Marylouise Markle
tagony shopping in 2013 on your 1973 wages Peggy Duke
scaress What Dracula does to his female victims before biting them Matthew B. Winkel
ofinion an offensive opinion Haley Taylor
Kudosu A numbers game for people who can’t spell, but deserve credit for trying Doug Langmead
shacrifice the act of eschewing fun activities in favor of practicing free throws so one’s basketball team doesn’t lose because they keep fouling you intentionally afi Benjamin
Poortent (n) an omen of an unhappy camping trip Don Millar
Remockable To tease or laugh at in scornful manner repeatedly Richard McCarty
nobey To rebel. Matthew B. Winkel
Yenema Unpopular Japanese medical procedure promoted by the nation’s central bank A McMaster
ragazine The National Enquirer, The New York Post, et al. Larry Hickey
Slumbar Spinewood sleepers Doug Langmead
rigwig a trick toupee don laybourne
ESPN the paranormal faculty for a wife to know what her sports-minded husband is thinking Larry Hickey
sockrifice to throw out a fine sock when its matching sock is damaged Todd Meierhans
defunestrate To suck all the life out of a party Name withheld
frequest Friend request Matthew B. Winkel
Prostatent An Evangesticle disorder Doug Langmead
Eskiho A girl who wears fluffy boots and jacket in winter but tiny shorts or skirt Jasmin Swanepoel
vidiot Someone who spares everyone else the concrete reality of an inane stunt by recording it Randall Baird
dabblerouser part time instigator don laybourne
Fiascal A dire, humiliating situation which also costs you a great deal of money Name Withheld
contemptorary A contemporary for whom you lost all respect – or never had vali jamal
Wonderfoul adj. A particularly long, or otherwise spectacular foul ball in baseball Hank Sender
Profuct A product that is destined for failure Sabrina Antoniou
precalcitrant Rebelling against future orders Matthew B. Winkel
Compulation Sexual activity between two mathematicians Carrie LaZarre
columnoscopy What a colonoscopy really feels like bob presland
Largasse The generous gift of junk food Lorien Milligan
Mordify To modify more something more than it should be David Brown
nokra inability to digest and/or ingest okra brad lower
abbracadaver A dead magician B. DeFeo
Higgs Bison A previously unherd-of animal that can only be viewed in a collider-scope Doug Langmead
Consternation Concern that your butt is about to he declared another country Jim Dorsey
fecal position Sitting on the toilet Matthew B. Winkel
Viscereal Clearly not food for thought! Priyanka Verma
rhectoric Rhectoric (n) is the art of discourse, an art that aims to improve the capability of writers or speakers that attempt to inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences through pure bullshit Andrew Herden
preach fuzz What a pastor sports when he begins to grow facial hair Matthew B. Winkel
aminal A friendly pet Basil Orr
Devacation An intended pleasure trip in which only crappy things seem to happen Patrick Mannle
honkyconk Bar where it resembles an WWF match Don Laybourne
Withdrawal symptoms The feeling one gets on a Friday when passing an ATM Cathal Reilly
glasshole a smug early adopter of google glass dave
despoondent Depressed because the ice cream is still too frozen for the scoop to make a dent Matthew B. Winkel
Missing inaction Yearning to be idle Doug Langmead
Handicrap The act of using a handicap sticker or tag so you can park close but you are really just abusing the system Teresa Layman
futensil A gadget or tool that does not accomplish the intended operation without breakage of fingernails and flairage of tempers Perry McIntosh
Sunscream The sound of inadequate SPF Jim Dorsey
Pursuasian Influencing an Asian girl with a nice Coach bag Jim Dorsey
Telecoinesis The act of checking the slot in a pay phone to see if any coins have been left behind Titika Stevens
Patchyderm An elephant with a skin condition Derek Rogers
Mass delusion The comfortable but entirely incorrect feeling an Irish mother has on a Sunday morning, confident her offspring are in church when they are in fact gone to a game Cathal Reilly
Momnipresent Mothers you cannot escape from Priyanka Verma
Quotha A limit on the number of Shakespearean references you can drop into a conversation Doug Langmead
liquacious Over-talkative due to an excess of alcohol Carol Dunne
knavel A peasant’s belly button Matthew B. Winkel
magnifiscent Irresistible fragrance or aroma emanating from the object of one’s desire Brian Joyce
Crankenstein The monster most women (at least the ones I know) turn into on a bad hair day Priyanka Verma
tearorize The skill of sobbing or weeping at will to exploit the kindness of others and gain undeserved sympathy brian joyce
Farthritis That moment you go rigid and immobile in public (and far from a bathroom) because you have to pass gas, but you’re not sure if it will end in an accident or not Brian Lowery
premunition A mysterious glimpse of the future (premonition) that tells one to START FIRING Matthew B. Winkel
Glaucomma A sight worse than dots in your vision Doug Langmead
capastrophe right outfit, wrong ‘at Doug Langmead
swallowpail How you collect Adam’s apples Tom Bracken
Alcitude The increasing effects of alcohol as you rise in altitude. David Ziegler-Voll
inslurmountable Conversation stoppingly, jaw droppingly offensive Chris Thayer
Labido Pharmaceutically enhanced desire Kathryn Thomas
Vomitized To be so traumatized by an event that you throw up Lee Fanshaw
Cramping Hiking and tenting with your girlfriend during her period Graeme Mudd
Transcendental vegetation Becoming mesmerized by spinach in another persons teeth Scot Estep
Consumate Well-fed Chris Thayer
melogramatic protracted despair at others’ grammatical errors Joe Gramlich
Tipthong The special garment worn by an erotic dancer who wants to maximize their earnings for a night Josh Friendly
LOL Funniest song The Kinks ever recorded Doug Langmead
cashino Gambling establishment Kathryn Thomas
unstrung hero someone with a lot of brass and little recognition Doug Langmead
abandone To permanently reach the end of an on again/ off again relationship Bren Fowler
Catchelor A handsome,intelligent, wealthy single man Kathryn Thomas
hypewriter media circus performer Don Laybourne
Kinsanity Affliction suffered after family reunions Kathryn Thomas
serpendipity The faculty for acquiring a snake just when you need one Larry Hickey
firebawl The sound emitted after consuming spicy hot food. The habarnera howl and jalapena jitterbug are two closely related reactions to it Don Laybourne
clawdad a father cat Paula Irrgang
mest What a pack-rat lives in Jerome Brown
Porcupins Quills Kathryn Thomas
velociraptot A feeling of terror felt by the Jurassic Park generation as their toddlers learn to manipulate door handles Jen
stoolbox porta john Don Laybourne
Rutabago Ethanol-fueled motor home Steve Heiden
Gentertainment Performance art for men Kathryn Thomas
Detroitus Industrial, city-sized, and bankrupt debris or discarded material Liam Bailey
Brontesaurus Giant writer of a bygone Eyre-a David Spharler
headrust Cranial corrosion generally precipitated by brain farts Don Laybourne
chillenged Used euphemistically to indicate when a person is unable to get off the couch after starting to relax Bren Fowler
lappealing How your thighs look to the cat when you sit down Laura Dettloff
balooney A person who is crazy about baloney sandwiches Michelle Matthews
deputante a rookie police officer Paula Irrgang
umbecile a pre-natal idiot Steve Heiden
barebeque Cookout at a nudist camp Kathryn Thomas
capostrophe an ‘at Doug Langmead
Dishappointed finding dirty dishes placed in the dishwasher between the time the cleaning cycle ends and you get a chance to empty it. See also: Pannoying Bryan Slowick
Assp Venomous snake with a penchant for biting humans in their buttocks Michelle Matthews
Reciprocake The left over party cake you give neighbors out of guilt because they always give you theirs Bryan Slowick
elechant the sound made by a group of elephants Paula Irrgang
Footsie Roll Ankle fat (aka cankles) from eating too much candy Kevin Sutherland
prohibite something you shouldn’t eat Denise Reinhart
Paradice Euphoria experienced by a craps player who has had a perfect roll Michelle Matthews
Renoun to take a new name in order to escape fame Justin Reynolds
ASTROCIOUS A really terrible science fiction movie Thomas Hazlett
emasticate eschew Doug Langmead
Bug A big hug combined into one word Robin Gorn
bumblebeep fumbling around trying to find the horn on your steering wheel Don Laybourne
Daybreak One of those days when several things seem to break, creating feelings of despair Glen
Oscarina hot dog whistle Don Laybourne
pulchridude A person that is dazzled by outer beauty vali jamal
surpraise an unexpected compliment Anna Ngai
Arrogaunt Skinnier and therefore “better than you” Chris Thayer
Dollege When the dollars spent getting your education exceeds the amount of knowledge you gained while obtaining your degree Tony Smith
Catastrophe Putting the comma in the wrong place when referring to more than one cat Darrell Mulberry
Ingratifate A gift or favor that, while given with good intentions, causes problems or danger to the recipient. E.g., an old computer, or allowing someone to pass you on a curve or hill Diana Doan-Crider
pilattes Exercise undertaken to shed excess weight gain due to consumption of numerous mochachinos Michelle Matthews
fictionary a book of made up words Denise Reinhart
governot A governor who neglects his duties. vali jamal
karikaze Karaoke that is so bad it makes you want to kill yourself amanda bowles
mallaise A general feeling of ill being physically and mentally caused by spending too much time and money at the malls Ram N
acceleryate to rapidly consume a stalk of celery in an effort to subdue pre-dinner hunger pangs Diane Ash
didgeridodo a  birdlike wind instrument developed by indigenous northern Australians, sadly now extinct Richard Burnette
Innuendom Risque mitigator Doug Langmead
spinister an evil spinster (- combination of spinster and sinister) Ram N
snubmission Word and definition entry to this invitational that meets all requirements and yet does not appear on the list long after it has been submitted. Twice. (ed. note – server issues; words not coming through right now – will soon have last three weeks worth) Larry Hickey
gumslinger Bazooka launcher Don Laybourne
Prograsm That excited feeling you get when your favorite TV show episode unexpectedly plays on TV Joe Josey
Cementery The headstones are not made of marble. David Spharler
Candelabra A device used to lift and separate two candles Michelle Matthews
Dipthonk A combination of two letters, which upon being read leads to unconsciousness. Jeff Hill
idrone excessive love of certain toys to the point where they destroy you Wasif M Khan
Smexy adj. having both intelligence and being extremely physically attractive. My wife is very smexy Michael McCone
Anaphilatelic Shock The surprise you get when discovering that you own a really valuable stamp Elliot Smith
Luxorious Spending a Lot (see book of Genesis) on your wife David Spharler
goodles extremely overcooked pasta Jeff Jackson
Appache A mobile download that allows you to send smoke signals from your iphone Patricia Walsh
deja pu The feeling that you’ve seen this sh*t before Wasif M Khan
disemvowelment Editing procedure that leaves you inconsonant Doug Langmead
Procreastinate Put off having children Michelle Matthews
grainpipe silo Don Laybourne
Hidiocy Stupidity displayed to such a degree, that it be considered remarkably ugly Lorien Milligan
Unfair Abusement Park Doug Langmead
Superia the feeling you get when you see someone else doing something too slowly, or perhaps not in the right way, ACCORDING TO YOU Bill Ward
Unbrella A useless wind twisted rain shield Patricia Walsh
Demoncracy The process by which evil people select a leader Anthony Stitt
Schedueling The habit of setting up two or more meetings at exactly the same time but in different places Wasif M Khan
futility belt one that`s too big for your britches Don Laybourne
oohm electrical measurement for mediation Jeff Jackson
Jesture Jokes in sign language Patricia Walsh
Eskargot Inuit languages Doug Langmead
STABLET a place where many tablet computers are kept Wasif M Khan
parsimoney funds spent on or earmarked for purchasing inferior goods Lance McNeil
implortant Serious enough to justify begging Chris Thayer
gothball what`s black and white with dread all over Don Laybourne
Reincarnation The mythical land where all our used cars go when they die Patricia Walsh
assymetrical perfectly shaped buttocks Jeff Jackson
Sefficient adj.–Efficient, but barely so Behrooz Parhami
untagonism enmity in former Facebook friends resulting in the removal of identification captions from posted pictures Nicolas N.
bincompetent No longer competent Ernest Bako
Laundromut Rinse Tin Tin Don Laybourne
statistoics People who really don’t care what the numbers say Simeon Guy Higgin
synerdgy nerds jointly acting together Jeff Jackson
Neew Something that is original and disgusting Name Withheld
Indoctorination Bringing in an expert to speak on your behalf to push a product or idea Michael Klopfer
Macademia The nuts that do research for, teach at, or attend colleges or university Donn Boring
slavings account bank instrument of indentured servants Jeff Jackson
cluckwork hen job Don Laybourne
Ptolemic Copernican theory Doug Langmead
Emplotee A person who buries their dreams in order to work all day Amber Malone
universe a one line poem Jeff Jackson
mulletproof bald Don Laybourne
Texcellence the widespread notion among Lone Star natives that their state’s peoples, attributes, and contributions possess self-evident ascendancy Anna
seaparate(d Separated by the sea vali jamal
Traint The area between two cars on a passenger train Todd Meierhans
NoEl Translation from Spanish to English Michael Klopfer
poediatrist Edgar Allan Poe’s secretary Raimo Hanski
overbose Talking too much Peter Bergonzi
infestigate To ruin by being nosy sean thayer
evilution when the bad guys eventually win Barbara Church
Pathletic Horrible at sports Yehuda Schupper
Integreat The process of concept of putting things together in a new and wondrous way Name Withheld
Billying To invoice someone so much , groups of people rally around them by wearing pink shirts Ron Benedictson
FEalth abdominal changes in the wake of a diminished investment portfolio which causes the stomach to inherit iron-like qualities paula melley
Venetian bind holey gondola Don Laybourne
replacemen People substituted in replacement of people missing. Eg: I just knew I was one of the replacemen at the party since others had been invited to *the* party. I felt bad being just a replaceman vali jamal
dipthong A very skimpy bikini Raimo K. Hanski
Prictionary The game played when a person will not tell you why they are angry with you, forcing you to guess Michael Klopfer
napper somnolent rap singer Jeff Jackson
Turdulence The horrible gut cramps you get on a long haul flight due to your inability to fart on a plane Riley O’Kane
Dogsytocin The hormone that flows though your body when you are petting a great dog Charles Prooth
Poparazzi The media members that cover the Pope John Roepke
eard Ear hair so prominent that it can be considered facial hair Marcus Chamberland
Panalysis The helpless feeling of not finding the proper cookware midway in preparation of a meal Michael Klopfer
Stupermarket Reduces you to a stupor or stupidity to induce you to buy buy buy Vali Jamal
glumorous how to describe a beautiful but unhappy woman Jeff Jackson
talcoholic someone who gets carried away with talcum powder Don Laybourne
qubism branch of modern art dealing with paintings of people standing in line Jeff Jackson
Blogjam An onslaught of entries or comments in an online conversation resulting in deadlock; a virtual impasse Bonnie Gagliardi
Chaiku Talentless musings, resembling poetry, written with tea leaves Andrew Ladner
manogany long-term commitment to one dark wood Larry Hickey
Inuxorable Not to be persuaded to take a wife. Not yielding to marriage Konstantin Prokos
diptionary recipe book for party dips Jeff Jackson
umbiblical Describing a metaphorical connection to religious dogma. Ex: I cut his umbiblical cord with Ockham’s razor. chris thayer
pipedrench water main break Don Laybourne
forgeous A person, normally female, whose current, well, gorgeous appearance is mostly attributable to plastic Vali Jamal
embareassed How you feel when house guests see you naked on the way to the bathroom in the morning Suzanne Musso
niture the whole world of small annoying insects Jeff Jackson
yambush 2nd cousin of the tater tree Don Laybourne
Ghougl Most popular search engine used by zombies Rick Marianetti
Ramifucation The outgrowth of a two-car automobile accident whereby a claimant gets screwed by an insurance company Pete Lineberger
jork A hybrid of a dork and a jerk Jeff Jackson
Hemail those sent on a dating service by the male of the species usually involving exageration in at least 4 dimensions Douglas F Korves
Doctripe Religious teachings of a cult or sect David Rose
hypathetical An argument based on a pathetic hypothesis Vali Jamal
sawn-off shogun midget yakuza Doug Langmead
Pragmanimous to give forgiveness merely for the benefits it would accrue to you Derrick K
mastictomy The removal of putty from around a window pane Pierre Messerli
chronillogical Describing a timeline that doesn’t make sense Sean Thayer
constipanion Somebody you always have a hard time getting rid of chris thayer
Premature ejoculation a condition in which the teller of a joke laughs before getting to the punchline Robert Bywater
numbus the dark cloud that dampens our spirits David Spharler
scholacid he deadliest form of indoctrination Derrick K.
Cholusterol – lipid substance associated with diseases of the heart Richard David Feinman
offstring kite gone solo Don Laybourne
wrioting Writing full of vitriol Vali Jamal
Himaginize an attempt to cater a mass market’s thinking toward purchasing a product and/or idea (i.e. advertising, propaganda) Derrick K.
dysfigure Newton’s fig theory:  why some cookies are misshapen when they fall David Spharler
blatent glaringly obvious, but somehow undiscovered Doug Langmead
Blastphemy Loud music in public places Vali Jamal
Moblivious The lack of awareness associated with using a mobile device while performing other mundane activities Chad Harriss
conpliment n. Praise offered to induce work (e.g., “You are so good at changing the baby’s diaper.” Drew Cohen
Imporcination The process of becoming, or acting like, a pig Josh Masur
Dischism the unfortunate division in the Frisbee Association due to disagreements regarding the throwing mechanics of a Frisbee Derrick K.
misgalculation n., the “sure-thing” hot date that ends with a peck on the cheek Brian Joyce
hictionary Where you go to find the meaning of words and expressions used by a hick Vali Jamal
spermutation Genetic variance David Spharler
shatterpoof What happens to dreams when you`re jolted awake Don Laybourne
cibernate Where you withdraw from participating on the internetworks. Vali Jamal
Redumbdant That’s when you repeat a bunch, do dumb stuff and stupid stuff too. Terry Evans
emaelstrom noun. a seemingly insurmountable barrage of criticism via electronic mail phil ellenburgh
molecube The smallest office at work Don Laybourne
disfunctional adept at insults Doug Langmead
nypo A numbers typo. Vali Jamal
hellth insurance what health insurance has become George
ohbituary A public notice of the death of an erstwhile celebrity, the publication of which notifies one that,  until recently, that aged celebrity was actually still alive Lindsay Gonzales
davensport Sofa mistaken for a trampoline Don Laybourne
disgussion A discussion in which people focus on tearing a person’s reputation or writing to bits. Usually in academe. Vali Jamal
femanism the use of feminist rhetoric to disguise business as usual. “That guy’s such a staunch femanist.” Michael Radich
Avoy Dance the little jig that happens when two people, walking towards one another, refuse to give up their path Bob Hambly
invertebrate liar One who lacks the backbone to tell the truth Conrad Gietz
Densa An international organization for not-so-bright people Paula Day
refereech – a suspect sports call Bob Hambly
Pointdexter Fingering a nerd Don Laybourne
Roverexposed How you feel after being with a friend who never stops talking about their dog Gary Goodman
Beretion A scolding from an irate Frenchman Jim Stewart-Evans
pervart Works of art that have been lead astray Irene DeBlasio
shyperbole Simultaneously wanting to boast about your escapades but embarrassed to do so Timothy Cree
Rackonteur One who is skilled at telling stories about boobs Gary Goodman
circumsdance an occasion at which a briss and a hora will be performed Stuart Hagmann
Slumber Liquidator Bed wetter Don Laybourne
C-SPAM Televised, unsolicited, unwanted coverage of government activities (brought to you by Hormel) Irene DeBlasio
dogomatic rapid fire opinion assault j.kearney
Typochondriac One who is excessively worried about their typing errors Gary Goodman
Snaphappy Bonkers for bubblewrap Don Laybourne
Electrocity Power bill Jim Baltaxe
Slidewalks The moving walkways most commonly found in airport terminals Sue Walker
binaryr 1r the 0ther J. Kearney
demontia that state of mind entered into my a person in a ‘black out’, particularly that of an angry drunk JOHN B FISHBACK
Eddress Email address; what you now exchange with a new acquaintance Jim B
Pist Office Where you go to complain about your mail service, or anything else, for that matter Stewart Callner
Icestray Runaway cube Don Laybourne
Buttrass A huge read-end, supporting an oversized woman;  also known as a back porch Irene DeBlasio
mansa International organization of one really smart guy J. Kearney
macademia nutty professors Doug Langmead
Chomplication The moment you realize the chocolate you bit into is the kind you detest Don Laybourne
servidude Being enslaved by the man at the top of a government giveaway program J. Kearney
matricide Portion of a bed slept upon by mothers Jeff Jackson
IMquisition Unrelenting questioning via text between parent and offspring Allan Solomon
knowledgeabile The substance responsible for absorbing intellect Scott Bashin
inexplacable unreasoning anger Doug Langmead
seaquester Water borne explorer Jeff Jackson
Harbitrage Gambling leverage gained by pitting Ravens coach John Harbaugh and 49’ers coach Jim Harbaugh against each other in The Superbowl Gary Goodman
permutation a trip to the beauty parlor that goes from bad to worse Jeff Jackson
NIKEA flat-packed furniture that comes in dozens of pieces with 3 tools and no instructions Doug Langmead
Egotestical one who is clearly too proud to just take his ball and go home CC Xander
Iranic Happening in the opposite way to what is expected when dealing with Iran Cooper Williams
Immutable (adj.) a television without its remote control Derek Rogers
fonation a donation that’s considered false because it was used as a tax write-off Scott Bashin
Snopesing Checkin the veracity of information delivered by e-mail Tim Culhane
percolatte A morning cup of espresso that only gives an urge to visit the toilet later in the day K Huldeen
Algorerythm The dance Gore did when he sold Current Jeff Jackson
significat (n.) What every feline knows she is Laurel Porter
gerrymeandering The now dysfunctional process of setting electoral districts Cooper Williams
magnififence Word describing the awesome fence you just built that makes the whole neighborhood jealous K Huldeen
economyst An expert in creating a mystery when explaining economics Cooper Williams
explat A person who moves from their home country to a new country, and fails miserably in adapting to their new home K Huldeen
Indocrinologist A physician licensed to systematically teach a person or group of people to uncritically accept doctrines about the hormonal system Rick Marianetti
drownpour A “once-in-a-hundred-years” rainstorm which just goes way, way too far. Jeff Barry
retrobution the act of avenging oneself whilst wearing bell-bottoms and platforms Nick
geopardy Jeopardy caused by a loss of sense of direction Vali Jamal
syllogasm An argument with a happy ending Gerry Kollman
Loke (I Loke you) Loke is to be used when you are in a relationship that is more than friends but not full committed to marry or lifetime commitment.  It is between Like  you and Love you, hence LO-KE Anish Souri



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