Winners 2010 – 2022


Rank Word Original Word Definition Name
1 Anziogram Angiogram A secret map of a site for a seaborne landing in Italy during the Second World War Geoff Williams
2 Straycation Staycation A holiday for polygamists. Ruth Krause
3 Commatose Comatose Briefly falling asleep during short pauses whilst reading and waking up again after a period. Doug Langmead
4 Confidunce Confidence Overly self assured actually incompetent idiot. Carol Marantz
5 Telapathy Telepathy Having the ability to read minds but not caring to Amber Deaton
6 Pubstitution Substitution When your date leaves the bar with someone else Rod Noles
7 Flunctionality Functionality The ability of a tool, machine, or process to successfully fail at its expected purpose. Gary Hellmers
8 Syncopatient Syncopation The ability to not get frustrated while you try to reset the clocks on the oven and the microwave so they show the same time. Steve Cozzetto
9 Sarchasm Sarcasm A sardonic divide William Tunn
10 Procraptinate Procrastinate Putting off s*** that you don”t want to do Will Caplinger


Word Original Word Definition Name
Counterfit Counterfeit Behaviour of a toddler in a supermarket
[see also aislefit, dairyfit, delifit, and frozenfoodsectionfit]
Mike Harcrow
Draggadocio Braggadocio Vainglorious cross-dressing Jackin Yow
Hogemony Hegemony A  celebration of  Scottish world domination. All those not wearing a kilt were kilt. Doug Langmead
Adorkable Adorable A socially awkward person who is delightful and charming Gillian McIntosh
Cindergarten Kindergarten The first level of education for aspiring firefighters Daniel Walton
Transgander Transgender A goose that wishes to change her sex Geoff Williams 
Binfluencer Influencer First person on a residential street to put their garbage/recycle cans out by the kerb the night before trash day, thus reminding and prompting neighbours to do the same. Hotmessjessxx
Carbiovascular Cardiovascular Heart problems caused by over-eating William Tunn
Tuxidermist Taxidermist Sales clerk who stuffs men into their tuxes Emile Ouellette
Rybald Ribald Seedless bread Barbara Gross



Word  Definition Submitted By
Jesture Jokes in Sign Language Patricia Walsh
Coptimism The irrational hope that the police car behind you is pulling over someone else Charles Abbott
Xanadud Not the utopia you expected Mike Harcrow
Juggersnaut Flat-chested Anne DelCampo
Nubiquitous The Next Big Thing Gillian Winter
Palondrome A private airstrip for friends who fly in.  You can land and take off in either direction, regardless of the wind. Doug Langmead
Indivisual Selfie Steve Cozzetto
Relephant Hugely appropriate Mia Debidin
Godsmacked Having had an epiphany H. R. White
Threatbare Naked aggression Geoff Williams


Word  Definition Submitted By
Knewledge All that stuff you’ve ever forgotten Jackin Yow
Lugeubrious Wallowing in misery and going downhill fast Doug Langmead
Cerebrawl A battle of wits Anne DelCampo
Plodcast A boring online interview Michael de Silva
Typerbole Billions of unwanted texts Callum O’Ciarin
Oblituary Written out of history Gillian Winter
Dismangled The result of taking something apart and realizing you can never reassemble it Mary Raab
Suburbane Not quite suave, courteous, or refined in manner Robert Mangas
Procrastimate Someone who encourages your tardiness Vali Jamal 
Nanarchy An environment in which grandma rules the roost Wayne Price


Word  Definition Submitted By
Calmity Serenely moving towards total disaster Tom Lloyd
Tspunami A long, high, and cataclysmic wave of water caused by the washing of an eating utensil under a faucet Glenn Heath
Tunesia Inability to remember a melody you once knew Evan Zucker
Lyeperbole Lying with great exaggeration Galen Cortina
Puber Taxi ride service for young adolescents Michael Koplen
Deafinitely Said vehemently when he didn’t hear a thing Vali Jamal
Pregret Knowing you’ll later wish you hadn’t Mia Debidin
Retweat Retwact in 140 letters or less Doug Langmead
Recadavism Repeated relapse into choosing the wrong man Anne DelCampo
Herbibore Someone who can’t stop talking about their vegan diet Shari Rosenbloom


Word  Definition Submitted By
Neurapathy You’ve lost feeling in your extremities and just don’t care. David Topel
Destingy When life doesn’t give you what you want. Steph Sala
Realastic A flexible view of reality Mia Debidin
Perflunctory Taking a test you know you will fail Ronald C Hamm
Typochondriac A person who is abnormally anxious about their spelling. Ryan Mottershaw
Serendipiteous Something that was supposed to go pleasantly went terribly sour Vali Jamal
Entertrain Letting the iPad raise your kids. Erik Rye
Damnesia You can’t remember what the h*** happened. Chris Branks
Girthright Survival of the fattest Doug Langmead
Goofle When you make a typo when performing an internet search and accidentally google the wrong thing Reilly Selmser


Word Definition Submitted By
Spinister A very evil, very old, unmarried woman Howard Brody
Momeries The warm and fuzzy feeling a mother gets looking back at her kids early years Katharine Lang
Posthumorus Dead funny Doug Langmead
Asshaole An obnoxious tourist in Hawaii Ron Joyal
Baroquen Damaged 17th century antiques Caroline Zobac
Abracus An instrument used to calculate the size of a woman’s breasts Anne DelCampo
Mediochre Yellow pigment that just isn’t trying hard enough Matthew B. Winkel
Omnimpotent Unable to do anything whatsoever Michale Rofkar
Vociferrous Knife-edge strident Vali Jamal
Satisfiction Belief in the myth that that candy bar you are eating will satisy your nutritional needs until your next meal. Todd Bricker


Word Definition Submitted By
Carnil Celibacy Anne DelCampo
Cornicate To cock an ear Tom Bracken
Invorce The email received from a former spouse demanding an alimony payment of a certain amount by a certain date. Dan Greenberg
Poltergist The ghost of an idea Doug Langmead
Audity Something that sounds odd and has financial implications Tony Dal Molin
Damnesia Cursed forgetfulness James Marshal Broder
Subterfume These e-cigarettes Vali Jamal
Carioki Singing along to the radio during a drive – often with the wrong words Dave Easby
Umpure An umpire who actually follows the rules David Spharler
Bathroam Wandering aimlessly in search of a toilet Bruce Dillon


Word Definition Submitted By
Meanderthal A lazy ancestor known for wandering around doing nothing while others hunted and gathered Jim Shamp
Boath Solemn promise made by two people Pablo Dominguez
Carmudgeon A person who treats their automobile with more care than they treat people Emma Schaeffer
Striangulation Smothered by Geometry David Spharler
Romains The tiny little leaves in the middle of A head of lettuce that no one wants to eat Kris Wolff
Drauma Drama borne of trauma Kelsey Ishimoto
Mysterectomy an act which takes the joy out of a Situation by over-analyzing or unnecessarily trying to “debunk”it. r. ecarg
Fournication Melange a quatre Keith Lawrence
Dispenchant Taking a spell by leaning the other way Doug Langmead
Luxurinate Go tee tee in a really nice restroom Karen Twait


Submitted By
Niagra A new drug for men; it’s a diuretic David Rose
Ergotica Thereforeplay Doug Langmead
Calumni People who lie about having been graduated by University of California – Berkeley David Spharler
Predundant On the cusp of repeating yourself Don Laybourne
Vortical A spinning jump Jeff Jackson
Hetour The unnecessarily long and meandering route taken by a male driver after refusing to ask for directions. Scott Pollak
Stragedy A plan with calamitous results Alissa T.
Sarcaustic Sarcastic to the point of causing severe burns Jeremy Fornier-Hanlon
Doury Dad’s countenance when he finds out what daughter’s wedding is going to cost Bar Lowenberg
Unimpreachable Insermontable Doug Langmead


Submitted By
Stinkle What you do after eating asparagus Cheryl Jacques
Leadersh*t The result of promoting a person with no management skills to a management position, especially if that person is your idiot cousin Kevin Sutherland
Travelsty A dreadful occurrence while on vacation Stuart Hagmann
Emaelstrom A swirling state of affairs in one’s inbox that relentlessly sucks one deeper and deeper into email, with no regard for time and space Brendan Walsh
Chloroform The shape of green, according to synesthetes Alex Bond
Vagilante A woman who takes the law into her own hands James Kipling
tauntology An insult repeated many times in different forms. Derek Rogers
Placego A false sense of self-esteem developed through years of earning “Participant” ribbons in competitions Frank Rytkonen
Turbotox An enhancer that will allow you to smooth out the wrinkles in your tax return Claire Dunnington
Baggravation When you are carrying a paper grocery bag and one of the handles rips off Gary Goodman


Submitted By
Asculate The act of conducting niceties in order to gain the favour of a person in a perceived position of authority (i.e., butt-kissing) Roxanne Pearson
Eblaborate The act of babbling on incessantly in an attempt to provide excessive amounts of information, often useless minutiae, about a particular topic. Phyllis Sakole
Footbull What sports announcers say to fill air time See also: basebull, basketbull Wayne Hoit
Twired Really fatigued yet jacked up. Mary C. Ford
Carcolepsy The chronic inability to stay awake while riding in a car Lynn DuPree
Elephont Really BIG type Gayle Knutson
Epiphony The dramatic realization that the person you are with is not who they seem to be Kim Robinson
Omnimpotent All powerless Derek Rogers
afflicionado A hypochondriac Dave Ufford
Vignorant Being vigorously stupid. Bill Neurohr


Submitted By
Presidental A wide grin emanating from the Oval Office Gayle Knutson
Ussues Issues shared or inherited by virtue of being in a commited relationship. Michael Bertani
Placebow Clip-on tie Timothy Cree
Analize To make something crappy by studying it too much. Wayne Hoit
Homogenius My very smart gay friend Rick Starr
Caranoid Paranoid but correct Chloe O’Connor
Bicicle Ice that goes both ways Emily Hempel
PolluticoP olitics polluted by industrial dominance resulting in global imbalances stephan Tychon
Adnoying Causing annoyance to internet users with the bombardment of pop-up advertisements. Deborah Rowland
Nogotiation A losing-losing policy-making strategy often employed by elected officials most recently and most noticeably during health care reform or equally as recently, but less noticeably by me unsuccessfully with my spouse (to be read as partner). Name Withheld by Request

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