Top 10 words are highlighted, the remainder are listed in the order that they were received.

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asculate (v.)  The act of conducting niceties in order to gain the favor of a person in a perceived position of authority (i.e., butt-kissing) Roxanne Pearson
eblaborate The act of babbling on incessantly in an attempt to provide excessive amounts of information, often useless minutiae, about a particular topic. Phyllis Sakole
footbull What sports announcers say to fill air time See also: basebull, basketbull Wayne Hoit
Twired Really fatigued yet jacked up. Mary C. Ford
carcolepsy the chronic inability to stay awake while riding in a car Lynn DuPree
Elephont Really BIG type Gayle Knutson
Epiphony the dramatic realization that the person you are with is not who they seem to be Kim Robinson
omnimpotent all powerless Derek Rogers
afflicionado a hypochondriac Dave Ufford
vignorant Being vigorously stupid. Bill Neurohr
Christmass A period in December when people put on an astonishingly large amount of weight. Colm Duffin
Tweezers Geezers who have twitter accounts Jerry Grinstead
collusion 1. n. conspiracy to have a car accident. 2. n. conspiracy to be misinformed.
3. n. conspiracy among magicians.
Derek Rogers
autobiography n. ‘Smart Car’ maintenance log book. Derek Rogers
compouter 1. a high level CIO who has gotten laid off due to the financial crisis and replaced by a 25 year old for 1/4 the salary 2. anyone who cannot get Vista to stop crashing and wishes that they had just simply bought that MacBook air instead Stephen Schuler
Vindification The act of doing or saying something stupid, while sober, that could otherwise be blamed on the effects of alcohol (wine) Lauren Donato
Obscare When you’re afraid, but you’re not sure what of Carol Palombo
strifle Conflict over something stupid. (strife + trifle.) Lisa Hutton
Penemy Slanderous scribe Carol Palombo
Internetient A Blackberry genius Doug Langmead
Friedian slip Verbal errors made on Friday. Melanie Ernst
Occupi 3.14 protesters. John Riche
Apollogize What NASA did after the Apollo 13 crew returned to earth safely Gayle Knutson
Complaments The disappointment expressed at having not received the raise in salary that was expected. Tom Masiello & Nancy Primarolo
Trainslate Interruption in rail service Butch Rosenberg
yeschew the act of telling your toddler that he is not allowed to avoid eating. Crorey Lawton
Moostache Got Milk? Carol Palombo
Carpal Thumbal From too much texting Carol Palombo
Expectrant A mental state in which you anticipate that the child you are about to have will be your spitting image Herb Quinn
wrankles The creases on your lower leg once you take your socks off Tim Schubert
Exitentialism The sense of disorientation or confusion experienced by the driver regarding the placement and spacing of highway signs. Rob Easton
Universeity Life; or any other very large school Ellen Easton
Libarian A nudist with books Ellen Easton
Catration Neutering your feline Ellen Easton
PALCOHOLICS Two guys living in a bar John Fornasar
CATSNIP Kitty get spayed Butch Rosenberg
SINROMPTU A quickie. Carol Palombo
ECOMANIAC An overly enthusiastic naturalist Butch Rosenberg
bombaspic a jellied hand grenade Chester Delaney
Washington A city with so much dirty politics that it requires a lot of washing. Behrooz Parhami
FANG SHUI Dracula has remodeled. Carol Palombo
fartunate What you are when no one suspects it was really you. Ken Osher
TUNEDRA A very musical winter wonderland Carol Palombo
Interwet When you spill your coffee on your computer. Carol Palombo
SATISFRACTION The euphoric feeling a kid gets in 4th grade when he’s done his math homework correctly Carol Palombo
Gangover The way we collectively feel after a wild party. Carol Palombo
Coptimist A very positive-thinking law officer Carol Palombo
rock music a type of music that stoners listen to Colm Duffin
onomatoeata a word that is the name of a food that just the sound of the word makes you want to eat it Mary Honegger
egnigma The timeless paradox of “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” April Michelle Davis
demonstrate v.- to look under the bed, in the closet, etc. to prove to a child that they are devoid of monsters Adam Olenn
Anesthalgic The sense of being desensitized from what is going on around you. Louis Stinson
Reconomics What is now left in the wake of the great bank heist of 2008. Paul Cessaro
Whorrifying The act of sleeping with a terrifically high number of people. Kristen Licht
Smittens Mittens belonging to the one you love. Rachel Freedman
temperasure The ability of TV weather people to accurately point to a weather map behind them while facing the camera Name Withheld
Rectilinear Moving in a direction straight toward the backside. Sudi N.
Improbriety acting foolishly while intoxicated Wellington Michael Myles
out-patient An excessively tolerant person. fabio cittolini morassutti
Blamestorming The act of getting together after a serious mistake to decide whose fault it was. Name withheld
sinsomnia A lack of sleep caused by being up to no good all night long Jennifer Causey
Conmunism A social order that allows inmates to: properly obtain, and distribute contraband items. Paul cessaro
Procrestination v. Brushing your teeth….later. Clayton J. Schermerhorn
Flatitude Paradigm espoused by modern day members, of the Flat Earth Society Paul cessaro
nerdplay when people with large vocabularies and crossword skills submit entries to the WPM Invitational ;-) Name Withheld
codgitation deep thinking by geezers Steve Douse
pugilicious adj.  the sense of satisfaction derived from the act of bullying Cindy Wicktor
Theocrazy The belief in and following of Theo Epstein as a diety and saviour of all of the woes facing the Chicago Cubs. Aron Robinson
neocorn reactionary cliches Douglas Kerr
repiphany The moment when you realize you’ve made the same stupid mistake a second time. Douglas Willard
gridual The movement, at times, of a football team down the field Bob Weintraub
Despose Getting rid of something you just really didn’t like Marty Will
fartoid something that you have presented as a fact but in reality have just pulled it from your butt … Debbie Morreau
farticles those little “crumbs” you find in your bed Stuart Sherman
Awkwartunity Having the chance to enter into an embarrassingly uncomfortable situation. ‘Jake had the awkwartunity to ask the prettiest girl in school to the dance.’ Drew Blackstone
hobo sapiens The first travelling itinerant to stop standing on top of a moving train before it went into a tunnel Ben Daube
Milestone (n) The thing you trip over when you run out of energy. E von Muggenthaler
netroduction how you meet people on your social networking and chat sites Shining Brow
spectocular The miniature eyeglass binoculars your dentist wears for close work. Brad Stark
exuberunt highly enthusiastic, but short Bob Weintraub
Mutinanny Overthrowing a leader using an impromptu music party John Horton
Nibulous A pen that writes unclearly. Barney
Dhrone An unoccupied ornate chair or seat capable of remote controlled flight belonging to any exalted personage or sovereign, such as a “Dharma Queen.” Rick Marianetti
Oinkment Bacon flavored salve Wayne Hoit
Blinge The act of buying a large amount of flashy things. Mrs. Kennedy’s 12th Grade English Class
Pumpkind A person who is particularly nice to pumpkins. Mrs. Kennedy’s 12th Grade English Class
Gorgonzila A giant, mutant dinosaur known for targeting and attacking Japanese tourists throughout Italy; and who’s most notable features are his rough, bumpy blue-vein scales and rancid-smelling atomic breath. Shannon Fleming
Jellywish Aspiration of a highly indecisive person. Rick Marianetti
Irrestistible The inability to fight off taking a break from work especially when one knows it is a bad idea.  Korey Paul
Hexcellent When a curse has the desired effect. Karen Hadley
viaggravation A three-hour period wherein you must not see other people. Bruce Hawk
psychedeli The convenience store where you can purchase the illegal drug of your choice. Gabrielle Maconi
oxygenarian An elderly person toting an oxygen tank. Ron Wolfson
discription (n):  A statement, explaination or account that describes an event, in a way that discredits the event, the claim, or the originator.  to dis Jim Dilettoso
Vendebta The act of attacking the vending machine which stole your money Martha Toon
dacation 24 hours away from the job Bob Weintraub
colessal not quite so enormous Bob Weintraub
polatheist someone who doesn’t believe anything a politician says Deedra/Wanda
buildung A barn on the farm where manure is stored Bob Weintraub
PAPANOID (V) fear of knocking up someone. Steve Garner
copesthetic decently artistic Al Beck
typast An office position that is going extinct Janie Maggi
Avalunche A mid day meal in Italy Marty Will
Aluminia When a pile of aluminum reflects it’s goals on others. Knotpass
Dumbphoneded The astonishment with which one is struck upon discovering a person is still using a c.2005 flip phone. Alissa Teige
automagically A thing that just happens mysteriously without anyone causing it to happen. Chris Reilly
goracious ugly raw passion Al Beck
Bluzzard Birds of prey flying together Marty Will
Lowyer A Pro bono attorney Marty Will
idiotsyncracy stupid mannerisms, habits or ways of doing things (usually somebody else’s) Dan Lipford
comatoes this might happen if your foot falls asleep brian anderson
postularity philosophical standing Al Beck
Gloobal What stops us falling off the Earth Marty Will
recant Funneling cheap box wine into empty premium brand wine bottles before your guests arrive so thar they think you are serving them the good stuff. Jeff Yeager
NASCARP High octaine fishing Marty Will
sinpathetic imprudently compassionante Al Beck
francophale someone whose knowledge of all things French is lacking Janie Maggi
Ankler A fisherman without wader boots Marty Will
Patriexotic A passion for this country beyond reason Al Beck
gargonzola the cheese that is simply too hard to carve and too ugly to eat Janie Maggi
carcoleptic A person who falls asleep immediately upon the start of a car ride. Name Withheld
Manupause Staying away from restaurant food Jim Lassu
Barbituates Any loose bar bits you ate Jim Lassu
Crimate A kleptomaniac monkey Marty Will
Fanimal Someone who really really likes furry creatures Marty Will
caronary The end result of too many trips to the drive-up window Janie Maggi
elibi The excuse you use to jab your way through a crowd. Janie Maggi
nightmere A very short scary dream Bob Weintraub
copture When a fugitive is caught by the police Bob Weintraub
Germil A small furry animal that lives under the toilet seat Marty Will
Nonsensus A group process that seeks to avoid having to make any kind of decisions. Brian Maggi
cinemasochism (n.) The act of watching stupid movies for the enjoyment of its stupidity. Joseph Dalton
communder The ranking officer on a submarine Bob Weintraub
concertible A car with the top turned down and the music turned up Bob Weintraub
sugjestion A humorous proposal Bob Weintraub
Rhetardical The question that is both rhetorical and retarded. Al Clemmons
ridoculous The patient’s characterization of a bad physician diagnosis Bob Weintraub
Bravu Looking down a woman’s cleavage Peter
lepidopteric surgery like arthroscopic surgery, but closing the wound with a butterfly bandage instead of stitches Irvin Barnett
Alcoholit Person that has had a great deal of alcohol to drink. Oziel Garza-Ornelas
YouTubiquitous Verily virally viewed Steve Marvin
stuperfilous the condition that exists in a room when you call a meeting  and no one that showed up prepared for it. Dan McDowell
Cornflate To fuse both flat and puffed breakfast cereal together. Joe Bolger
Misconception Pregnant beauty queen Peter
Dysentry Running while on guard duty Peter
Fictionary The official repository for any word from the dictionary, altered by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, with a new definition. Irwin M. Kaplan
canversation A phone call using two cans and a piece of string Lisa Sullivan
aspendicitis Inflammation and rupture of the wallet which may occur when vacationing in this exclusive ski resort Donna K Fogel
flaque what is deposited on the bathroom mirror if you stand too close whilst flossing. Anita
Drankula What a vampire is called after he’s fed. Marty Will
Joggle The ability to run and catch at the same time Marty Will
Lunattic Where stargazers sit to see the moon Marty Will
Unstinct A product used after a trip to the gym Marty Will
landescaping land escaping or erosion jim lundquist
ohminous the feeling of foreboding you get just before being struck by lightning Peter Bayliss
Lime Disease Occurs from drinking too many margaritas Steve Ficalora
Paradizm The inescapable truth that, eventually, Snoop Dogg will add -izzle to every word you once loved. Robert Turner
Cherity Alms given to gypsies, tramps, and thieves. P Hanson
ambossador senior envoy dispatched to instruct, demand, threaten, and dictate the actions to be taken by foreign heads of state Bill Thompson
Defence What your angry neighbor does to your barrier (British spelling) Wayne Hoit
leashing The act of tethering an individual to rental payments for a year or more Steve Ficalora
Blonder A mistake only a blonde could make Steve Ficalora
Lawndry When clothes hung outside to dry end up on the grass. Steve Ficalora
Chombo A combo of crunchy snacks. J. D. Peterson
Manomoly An unsuccessful, uncharismatic, and unattractive man who still somehow receives a lot of romantic attention from the ladies.  J. D. Peterson
dipthong The bottom garment of one’s swim suit. Georgia Claxton
Solidude The man who really likes to be alone. Bob Weintraub
psychiatryst Two shrinks meeting for love. Bob Weintraub
Feçade A thin, almost transparent veil surrounding someone’s line of bullsh*t. Chris Graham
Inginious Something you thought was really clever when you were drunk. J. D. Peterson
virate The mood you are in when you realize your computer has a virus. Andrew Heintz
Pregret Regretting something that you haven’t done yet, but fully intend to. J. D. Peterson
Tarbinger The first sign of road construction. J. D. Peterson
Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Reno
Fareplay colorful discussion of cost with a taxi driver. Reno
hex-ray Diagnostic test to reveal witch ailments you have. Name Withheld
clustomers When everyone in a store decides to buy something at the same time. deb walkup
Nonflict A perceived conflict that really isn’t. Gary Davis
Nontroversial A controversial issue that shouldn’t be controversial. Gary Davis
Defence How your neighbor responds to your barrier (see Offence) Wayne Hoit
denowement Turning to the last page of a book to see how a complex story ends. robb obom
accilent What your friend got into when he borrowed your car. Bob Weintraub
cholasterol The LDL that won’t come down below 200. Bob Weintraub
cocktoil The work performed by a bartender Bob Weintraub
Scandals Shoes worn during an adulterous affair Wayne Hoit
Offence When you’re first to put a barrier between you and your neighbor (British spelling) Wayne Hoit
Infantile Flooring for a nursery Wayne Hoit
Thistle Blowing a tune with a lisp Wayne Hoit
ombivalence noun; requesting strength, from yourself, from the universe; and then accepting that strength and living it. Being unconditionally indifferent to the societal, cultural, and personal demands placed upon oneself by others; not being controlled.  Being absolutely comfortable with who you are. Name Withheld
percushion What the drummer likes to sit on. Bob Weintraub
Consecraption Holy shit! Tracey J. Moosa
cordiologist The doctor who separates a mother from her newborn baby Bob Weintraub
Censa An intelligent New York censor. Rick Lemler
intapable Unable to use adhesive strips correctly…… Christine Flammang
condominimum A very, VERY small place to live………. Christine Flammang
lapkin a cloth for wiping one’s mouth or hands, but NOT tucked into that person’s collar! Christine Flammang
copaseptic It is OK to flush anything down the toilet. Larry Siegler
puntuation 4th and long Arthur C. Norman
Pianofarte In music, when flatulence overcomes sharpulence Louie LeBlanc
duplomacy the official act of boldly lying to both allies and enemies alike to further one’s own, usually hidden, agenda Bill Thompson
artifacial the result of using way too much makeup Dan Lipford
Menstrosity Once a month when a woman goes all Jeckyl-and- Hyde on you Steve G
Mowhawk The strip of uncut grass left standing when mowing the yard and the mower paths don’t overlap enough. Neil Irish
malody A song you’re sick of hearing Bob Weintraub
apphole What you call a person who stops in a crowded hallway to look at their smart phone. Jim Back
burpito a belch secondary to eating Mexican food Dan Lipford
hard drive n., an automobile trip, made insufferable by the not-so-helpful advice of a backseat driver. Sharon Dwinell
gincident A situation that is either partially caused or exacerbated by overindulgence in alcohol. Michelle Olsen
Analog –  Result of 2 weeks eating a low fiber diet Naem Withheld
cadiver the corpse of the victim of a snorkeling or scuba accident Dan Lipford
caltulate to figure out the math after it no longer makes any difference Dan Lipford
Vumpire (n.) the official at a Twilight baseball game. Name Withheld
Judgemental jurist to the Thought Police Henry O’Donnell
disalm v., to take from the poor to give to the rich. Sharon Dwinell
lessitude n., similar to lassitude, only worse. Sharon Dwinell
flash drive n., the act of navigating a suddenly flooded road. Sharon Dwinell
Shanks Gratitude expressed by a bad golfer (who may be inebriated). Jim Deeks
Copulator love enforcement officer Henry O’Donnell
abs infinitum stomach muscles that just won’t quit Dan Lipford
Consaladate To place several kinds of lettuce in a single bowl Randall Danta
braine derived from string theory, a braine is an imaginary object of multi-spatial dimensionality that completely separates thought about it from all possibility of understanding Dan Lipford
boonducks winged waterfowl indigenous to the backwoods Dan Lipford
Packalogical liar The person who is seemingly incapable of NOT blaming their dogs for absolutely everything. Chris Slingo
abstruck unable to focus on meaningful details because you’re lost in the “big-picture” theoretical implications Dan Lipford
pretort (v.) To respond to an argument before your opponent has finished making it. See also: “prebuttal” (n.) Evan Labuzetta
fauxton an elementary particle whose duality is capable of eliminating wrinkles and other defects in one’s reflected image while recording with absolute preciseness that same image in a digital camera Jeff Smith
beerd the result of sloppy chin and/or lip control during the consumption of one or more too many brews Dan Lipford
awkword hard to pronounce Dan Lipford
bizaar n.  open-air market selling strange & wonderful items usually found only in “ripley’s believe it or not” or any edgar allan poe short story. Sharon Dwinell
aginda a plan revolving around martinis Dan Lipford
procrastinine to put it off even longer (Editor’s note: what I was doing with getting new words posted:) Dan Lipford
zitgeist the spirit of adolescence Estelle Berry
pulpitations the throbbing of a tooth that needs a root canal Name Withheld
Crustrated The feeling you get when you struggle to get the meat out of a crab leg. Eddie Reece
Excruisiating X-cruise-shee-ayting
adj. Intolerably embarrassing, tedious, or irritating cruise excursion.
Eddie Reece
Pollotion What you use to grease the hand of the elected official when you need a favor. Bob Weintraub
Racketear What you use to impress the judge that you’re sorry about the scam you pulled. Bob Weintraub
achre a very large area of pain Dan Lipford
autumnobile a vehicle used strictly for hayrides and tasks relating to the fall harvest Dan Lipford
blattle engaging an adversary by crying plaintively Dan Lipford
Pedustrian One who likes to take walks on unpaved country roads Bob Weintraub
unethnical adj.def: “other” charles brady yaeger
preplexed confused even before you find out what you’re going to be baffled about Dan Lipford
minimorphosis the degree of change resulting from thinking about changing, but without actually considering it Dan Lipford
diarhea an affliction affecting diarists in which they run on Estelle Berry
hornocopia an extremely strong libido Estelle Berry
furrious a feline’s state of extreme agitation and unhappiness characterized by its sudden emulation of a bottle brush Dan Lipford
Fakebook a social networking site where one can post somebody else’s photo and life details and pretend like its their own Dan Lipford
carnaval a four-wheeled, land based vehicle masquerading as a boat David Rothschild
refrigulator a kitchen appliance used solely to store perishable leftovers Dan Lipford
Bong Microsoft’s new search engine that leaves you even more unable to decide than you were before and gives you a terrible case of the munchies Dan Lipford
mebiquitous the usually drug-induced feeling that one is ever-present and everywhere Dan Lipford
preamble a short, leisurely walk taken to warm up before the long one Dan Lipford
Babyloin a city-state of ancient Mesopotamia that was renown for its hanging gardens and as a trading center for fine cuts of meat Dan Lipford
fivecast a postdiction about what already happened.  (fivecasting the future required hopping forward in time, as I was sure you’ll all remembered.  Also see “postdict”) Dan Lipford
anonymouse an unknown rodent Dan Lipford
ambivulance a vehicle that might or might not be suitable for transporting patients to and from hospitals Dan Lipford
anjels spiritual beings that can congeal from mists into colorful, semi-solid, fruit-flavored forms Dan Lipford
amplifry to increase in size by breading and then cooking via immersion in hot oil (also see “jumbo shrimp”) Dan Lipford
Tower of Babble a huge, ancient Babylonian structure that was intended to reach heaven, but whose construction had to be halted when its builders began speaking strictly inanities (also see “Twitter”) Dan Lipford
aftermath a woeful sequela involving algebra, geometry and, if you’re really unlucky, trigonometry and calculus Dan Lipford
feng sway the oriental art and practice of arranging one’s furnishings and room accessories so that air movement causes them to move gently back and forth Dan Lipford
Mandastory Required reading.  Bill Peteren
probinability the chances, often expressed in percentage terms and usually quite high, that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off even under the best of circumstances Dan Lipford
subatomic particulyures exceedingly small and strange objects that scientists are trying to create, find and study by smashing physicists together at very high speeds Dan Lipford
manxiety (n):  condition resulting from prolonged contact w/ self-absorbed men. Sharon Dwinell
Aption Action done in the appropriate way. Akash Lal
Excemad Reaction to your Dermatologists diagnosis. Wayne Hoit
Hydrophonics words spoken under water Kristine Cilano
mirhaculous An unexplained fix to a computer program problem; also, a sudden and astounding cough. Chris Phillips
mensingitis Inflammation of brain caused by excessive brilliant thinking. Chris Phillips
Super Bowel (n.) When your team plays like s**t Bruce Petrie
Quadhoople Winning four basketball championships in a row. Bill Petersen
Invenstory The number of books in a library. Bill Petersen
Friendependence When you leave home and move into your friends place. Bill Petersen
omission An Oprah fart Scott Boan
callus interruptus The interruption of a phone call by an incoming call-waiting beep.  margaret bermel
Pesticle n. Someone whose obsessive pursuit of self satisfaction makes them a nuissance Name Withheld
Toester A foot warming device Wayne Hoit
Copa-Cola A sugary, carbonated beverage served at a nightclub in Rio. Leesburger
Governmint Pending legislation that will dictate allowable and unallowable breath-freshening agents for consumption by the American people. Leesburger
McEnrot The tendency of professional tennis players to actively envoke the progressive disintegration of their reputation for poor sportsmanlike behavior, thereby resulting in an escalating decay of their careers. Leesburger
Nostradumus A modern-day seer who, despite his unfounded overconfidence in his ability to predict future events, foretells, for the benefit of his cult following of believers, events including the weather, winning lotto numbers, volcano erruption likelihood and timing, oscar winners, and medical abnormalities in unborn babies, with a shockingly consistent level of inaccuracy. Leesburger
flatulent A small, smelly apartment you loaned out. Wayne Hoit
madjective “Colorful” words used when angry, usually during an argument. Wayne Hoit
technicalm 1. What the support representative wants you to be.
2. The opposite of how you feel when you’re having computer problems.
Wayne Hoit
automobile Emission from a poorly maintained car. Wayne Hoit
pancape Part of the Pillsbury Doughboy’s super-hero costume. Wayne Hoit
fornicake A genital-shaped cake. Wayne Hoit
chronologuy A male watchmaker Wayne Hoit
Super Bowel Holding it for the entire game. Wayne Hoit
sinestrone Italian soup a priest forces you to eat along with 40 Hail Marys and 50 Our Fathers Jene Moseley
vacuum cloner Giant airless bubble that can create another “you” and another “you” and another “you”…..and….. Jene Moseley
admurdisement Commercial for Hire-a-Killer, Inc.  Just call 555-WHACK.  Discount for cash. Jene Moseley
bieggraphy The life and adventures of Humpty Dumpty Jene Moseley
hurriclan An extremely stormy family gathering Jene Moseley
polterygeist The spirit of a dead chicken John Wroughton
Prifordial The pre existence of Automobiles Alan Hill
navigatrix One who punishes by (poorly) navigating. Kathryn Johnson
spamish Unsolicited babble about goods or services that are too good to be true Stan Hankins
Egotestical A man with a large ego in the wrong place.  “you are so egotestical!” Cristina Sandoval
Crapacity Upper limit to the amount of BS you can tolerate Thomas J Sullivan
noncompoop Why the private has to follow the corporal around with a plastic bag. Blair Gibb
scalawage What they pay pirates Blair Gibb
Ejaculotion The sudden, inconvenient squirt from a bottle of lotion. Erin Tettensor
Callipigous A pig with a really cute derrière. Bill Curry
Novary Tubal Ligation Tim Cree
nikea Michael Jordan’s furniture. Tim Cree
Mallelujah The sound you make when your holiday shopping is finally completed. Tim Cree
Hypnochondriac A person convinced they are sick all the time… by someone else. Tim Cree
Owvary Labor Pains Tim Cree
Molaroids Dental photographs Tim Cree
stigmac disgrace for eating at McDonald’s Tom Ross
Feemale Gay prostitute Bill Bledsoe
omission  A recommendation made by Oprah which her fans follow with the fervor of true believers Ray Cushmore
purrgatory final abode of those d*** cats who keep us awake with their nocturnal mewing. kadish goldberg
specifiction a wishfully written specification Tom Mulvey
professore a muscle condition resulting from prolonged exposure to college students Emily Hempel
inhockcicated the dizzy feeling one experiences when first viewing credit card charges after the holidays Alan McEvoy
post-nasal grippe matter that clings to one’s nose after blowing Alan McEvoy
indisgusting when a dinner guest, in an effort to be polite, is compelled to consume food he or she loathes Alan McEvoy
quantitative easing The metamorphosis of private wealth  to
public debt.
Name withheld
volumptuous A woman having curves in all the wrong places. Ann Sherman
jobstacle When work gets in the way of playing word games on-line. Blair Gibb
nagivate Navigational assistance beyond what is required Mary Maher
illitirate a person who argues loudly in a library despite the “Quiet” sign Jenny Chaney
IPaid A complete personal collection of ITouch, IPhone, and IPad Beth Sullivan
catarect feline viagra Jeff Hansen
transiendental The fleeting experience that arises from temporarily acting beyond the boundaries of ego Name Withheld
Feng shuit when rearranging the furniture just doesn’t work at all Tom Ross
Kenvious wishing you were Barbie’s boyfriend Tom Ross
pantasy dreaming of trousers Tom Ross
gorigami paper folding that results in multiple paper cuts Tom Ross
mootcamp training that is irrelevant by the time it’s finished Tom Ross
orbvious when keeping your eye on the ball goes without saying Tom Ross
deadlime when you have to stop drinking tequila or you’ll be late Tom Ross
Baloha an extra special Hawaiian greeting Tom Ross
2. Said greeting emphasised with a Lei made out of Baloney Scott Boan
HIllbelly a redneck’s paunch Bob Freedman
science friction conflicting hypotheses Bob Freedman
homeicide tearing the house down Bob Freedman
mannual hand book for guys who  show up once a year Bob Freedman
ledgerdomain world of the CPA Bob Freedman
transmortation the endless cycle of rebirth Bob Freedman
empalming shaking hands Bob Freedman
fastectomy super-quick surgery Bob Freedman
Testoasterone A person who tests toasters. Chrisa Hickey
Alternate Definition:  A guy who lets his hormones run him and ruins his relationship with his girlfriend Name Withheld
Jockularity The humor that results from a professional athlete doing something stupid. Chrisa Hickey
carbinating retreating to one’s automobile for warmth and shelter Name withheld
Nows Consumption of news only of an instantaneous nature. Bill Neurohr
Invoted Being encouraged to run for public office. Bill Neurohr
skullbuggery Deceitfully screwing with someone’s mind. Joe Scott
sintax What you pay for fooling around. Joe Scott
pornucopia The internet. Wayne Hoit
secretary Any place where secretions occur Wayne Hoit
combonation Two or more countries joined together. Wayne Hoit
Saudemocracy cheap Oil Standard stephan Tychon
gyggle a woman’s giggle, as opposed to a “guyggle”, which is a man’s giggle. David Kay
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