Winners 2010

2010 Winners

Submitted By
Presidental A wide grin emanating from the Oval Office Gayle Knutson
Ussues Issues shared or inherited by virtue of being in a commited relationship. Michael Bertani
Placebow Clip-on tie Timothy Cree
Analize To make something crappy by studying it too much. Wayne Hoit
Homogenius My very smart gay friend Rick Starr
Caranoid Paranoid but correct Chloe O’Connor
Bicicle Ice that goes both ways Emily Hempel
PolluticoP olitics polluted by industrial dominance resulting in global imbalances stephan Tychon
Adnoying Causing annoyance to internet users with the bombardment of pop-up advertisements. Deborah Rowland
Nogotiation A losing-losing policy-making strategy often employed by elected officials most recently and most noticeably during health care reform or equally as recently, but less noticeably by me unsuccessfully with my spouse (to be read as partner). Name Withheld by Request

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