2023 Submissions

Welcome to the 2023 Submissions Page.  Words are listed in chronological order, the most recent at the top.  Anyone can enter, using the Submit Words link.

New for 2023 is a monthly “Top 10”, and here are the winners for January.

Mark Fischer’s “Smelfie” (Selfie) When you check your pits for BO. got the most votes, followed up by “Fausting” and “Tediaeval”.  Grouped in third were “Misconduck”, “Luftwaiffe” and “Jimpair”.  Seventeen other words received votes, and we will review the listing as more votes come in.

Anyone is welcome to nominate their favourite words in a month, up to 10 maximum.  February winners will be announced shortly.

Send your nominations, comments, brickbats, queries and suggestions to us at wordplay@ptitude.com

New WordOriginal WordDefinition - Clever is Better !Contributor
TurdidTurgidThe recent spate of scatillogical entriesDoug Langmead
CrapsuleCapsuleA turdMike Harcrow
RepootRebootInitiates the second flushWill Caplinger
AverturdAvertedStepped over a land-mine in the dog-parkDoug Langmead
LiconoclastIconoclastSomeone who accepts only falsehoods, alternate realities and conspiracy theoriesCarole Marantz
DinvectiveInvectiveExtremely noisy abusive verbal attack.Carole Marantz
CokyCockyA parrot with a predilection for crakersDoug Langmead
NanachePanacheGrandmother possessing style, spirit and graceCarole Marantz
MobliterateObliterateDestructive force of unruly violent protestors.Carole Marantz
ClandestipeClandestineSecretive cunning profile for spyingCarole Marantz
ApithyApathySuccinctive indifferenceDoug Langmead
WheylWheyA warm-blooded blowhard made of curdled planktonDoug Langmead
GabrogateAbrogateStupid excessive talk regarding one's lack of responsibility.Carole Marantz
SaptitudeAptitudeAbility to only be a gullible foolish person (Touché ! - Ed.)Carole Marantz
DensibilitySensibilityIncapable of being aware of other's feeling and concerns.Carole Marantz
PuparazziPaparazziYoung dogs who chase their talesJohn Frederickson
eEconocideEconocideThe suicides that result from online scamming and deception TheLateralist
FartisteArtisteSomeone who passes gas with creativity and flairGary Goodman
BaristocratAristocratOne who is too bougie to work at StarbucksGary Goodman
HulchritudePulchritudeMale counterpart of physical beauty.Carole Marantz
BegueSegueImplore that the uninterrupted transition be cancelled.Carole Marantz
HerfuffleKerfuffleCommotion and scandal resulting from gal's inappropriate behavior/speech.Carole Marantz
KinformantInformantOne who snitches on their own family memberGary Goodman
UggnogEggnogThe unfestive way one may feel about a certain holiday quaff.Todd Rogers
AftermirthAfterbirthThe chortles and chuckles that follow a hearty guffawDoug Langmead
BublicationPublicationA magazine about champagneGary Goodman
FlameboyantFlamboyantA gay swimmerBarbi Krass
ShamsterHamsterA fake hamsterGary Goodman
SexorcismExorcismWhat you need after a drunken hookup that you’d like to forgetGary Goodman
ShampootShampooWhen one is washing their hair and farts in the showerGary Goodman
FebruaryTop 10 Send us your nominations !WPMI
HoverwhelmOverwhelmHelicopter parent syndromeCarole Marantz
FociferousVociferousBeing loudly vocal about your enemiesCarole Marantz
TremunerationRemunerationPayment in the form of planting forests to overcome climate change.Carole Marantz
Amoral victoryA moral victoryA winner declared by a false slate of electorsDoug Langmead
HuggernautJuggernautImportance of kindness and affection as a major unstoppable force.Carole Marantz
TaraokeKaraokeDelay in leaving because you're looking for lost key.Carole Marantz
ChutzpanChutzpahComplaint about extreme impudence.Carole Marantz
ApocalapseApocalypseThe day after every prediction of the End of the World to dateDoug Langmead
AssochismmasochismThe pain of long distance bicycle rideMichael Knowles
WithdrawlWithdrawalA slow way to end the conversationMichael Knowles
MoligarchOligarchGirl friend of Russian racketeerCarole Marantz
ThincaneryChincaneryHorrendous scams of weight loss industryCarole Marantz
ScornucoppiaCornucoppiaDisrespect for those who crave an abundance of wealth/power with zero ethics.Carole Marantz
Rogaine lettuceRomaine lettuceA head of lettuce with hairy mold all over itCarmel Harberg
TecstaticEcstaticA profound feeling of sadness or pain when your computer (all electronic devises) are not working because of connectivity issues.Barry Fawley
SlipomatDiplomatNegotiator who gets paid under the tableEmile Ouellette
AmbadassadorAmbassadorIntimidating representativeMia Debidin
PalcoholicAlcoholicA good friend and alcoholic can always depend on to go for a drink with.Barry Fawley
MapidVapidIntense inquiry of one's basic psyche.Carole Marantz
WoctrinaireDoctrinaireChef who stubbornly uses the wok for all his culinary feats.Carole Marantz
ReconditzReconditeOne totally incapable of understanding anything at all.Carole Marantz
OpenophileOenophileA person who enjoys removing the corks in wine bottles.Rod Noles
BiteratiLiteratiUpset from making the lowest score in the art appreciation class.Rod Noles
Aguent provocateurAgent provocateurA tour guide in a malarial swampDoug Langmead
EmadcipateEmancipate1] To make someone go crazy by setting them free
2] To set your crazy free
Will Caplinger
MaleodorousMalodorousThe aroma in men's locker roomRod Noles
LanguideLanguidLazy tour guideRod Noles
MalepropismMalapropismStupid shit men sayRod Noles
ManemonicMnemonicWhen the wife shares repeatively roy-g-biv to help husband remember colors of the rainbow. (red, organge, yellow,green, blue, indigo, violet)Rod Noles
LegerdomainLegerdemainMagician's castleRod Noles
LascivicousLasciviousLustful thoughts during a Civics classRod Noles
MagaentaMagentaPolitical purple rageRod Noles
NuppleSupplePrenuptial contract signed during the honeymoonRod Noles
GelatonGelatin40 cubic feet of glutinous substance in one large container.Rod Noles
EyelieEyelidWhen asked " do you believe me or your lying eyes"Rod Noles
ConstotutionConstitutionThe clearly ordained inalienable right of toddlers to demand the immediate delivery of the impossibleDavid Jones
InhaulingInhalingThe corporate act of extracting blood from stonesDavid Jones
WeedabixWeetabixA popular breakfast cereal in the UK than has a THC additive.Wayne Price
PurtendPortendWarning by your feline friends.Carole Marantz
PalvanizeGalvanizeGetting your buddies to become aware and spur onto action.Carole Marantz
SaveantSavantEarnest campaign to prevent ant population from disappearing.Carole Marantz
KnaryNaryA little yellow bird that is neither a budgie nor a stunted parrot.Doug Langmead
BuffrageSuffrageA muscular good looking male seeking electionCarole Marantz
NountenanceCountenanceSimple expression of one's being in terms of person, place, thing or idea.Carole Marantz
TexacerbateExacerbateCellphone addiction worsened by latest gimmick.Carole Marantz
DishoveledDisheveledThe way I look after clearing snow from my drivewaySabrina
ZendemicEndemicA constant presence of a peaceful/calm beingCarole Marantz
TonundrumConundrumA weighty problemCarole Marantz
FameliorateAmeliorateBecome a legend by improving Life for others.Carole Marantz
CruecialCrucialSomething that absolutely must be motleyWill Caplinger
Nagoda Pagoda A shrew-shrine boxDoug Langmead
January Top 10 Send us your nominations !WPMI
WupbraidUpbraidOld-time Cowboy term meaning "to scold vehemently"Rod Noles
SmelfieSelfieWhen you check your pits for BO.Mark Fischer
CondominimumCondominiumA prophylactic for midgetsKatherine Hayes
Do PointDew PointThe time in a woman’s life when she has to run to the hairdresserKatherine Hayes
XerophobiaXenophobiaFear of photocopying machinesKatherine Hayes
Prophet MarginProfit MarginA group of 2 to 12 disciplesKatherine Hayes
HispanicHispanicA man’s inability to deal with stress;Katherine Hayes
MasterbateMasturbateTo jump around at Augusta National Golf Course while playing with ballsKatherine Hayes
CringenuityCringe + ingenuityNoun: an aptitude for embarrassing oneself in an innovative or clever mannerAmanda Emily Coutts
TedievalMedievalYouTube progam with speeches about the Middle AgesRod Noles
AdhearesAdheresPlastic surgery to add a third ear to improve one’s hearing.Rod Noles
VermineVerminConfession to your child’s teacher your kid was the first to have liceRod Noles
WindigoIndigoTo follow the breezeRod Noles
WindibagoWindigoTo follow the breeze in a caravanDoug Langmead
FatitudeLatitudeInsouciance regard being 20 pounds overweightRod Noles
ArugelachRugelachA pastry made with leafy plants instead of cream cheese.Wayne Price
TriradeTiradeThe electrifying consequences of adding a third rail to a reitiradeDoug Langmead
HagaciousSagaciousAlthough intelligent, sadly slovenly and unkempt.Carole Marantz
ArbaneArcaneMysterious annoyanceCarole Marantz
LuftwaiffeLuftwaffe1] An orphan airforce
2] Gun-toting, bomb-laden, flying layered biscuits stuffed with paratroopers
Doug Langmead & Gillian Winter
SimpolisticSimplisticPolitical poll which ask two questions. Are you planning to vote? Will you vote for our candidate?Rod Noles
JimpairImpairTwin brothers both having the name JamesRod Noles
HempiricalEmpiricalRelying on new experience without regard for anything near the truth after smoking weedRod Noles
MeritocrazyMeritocracyOrganisation where people are promoted based on the basis of how crazy they act.Rod Noles
BadjudicationAdjudicationA formal pronouncement that is both immoral and unethical.Carole Marantz
PraisleyPaisleyCompliment with swirly and colorful wordsRod Noles
PunrequitedUnrequitedRejection by WPMI, sadly (Must try harder - Ed.)Carole Marantz
MobligeOblige"Wise Guys" insist that members must oblige all requests!!Carole Marantz
PepitomeEpitomeEmbodiment of intense energy and well beingCarole Marantz
SynorgySynergyIntimate collaboration resulting in pleasure greater than the sum of its tartsGary Albrecht
CatermeringueCatermaranRenovated sailboat , with commercial kitchen, specializing in light, airy dessertsTom Madden
RectumfyRectifyDeciding to consume probioticsTom Madden
RectumfryRectumfyUnderdone chitlins.Tom Madden
StaylStayA worn-out welcomeDoug Langmead
ProtangonistProtagonist/AntagonistA person you both revere and hate equally.Shannon
OucherOcherWord you repeat three times when faced with surprising pain. Orange you glad to learn this word.Rod Noles
Sue GenerisSui GenerisUnique lawsuitRod Noles
ParvenutParvenuNew political party with exteme views, and issuesRod Noles
CountureCoutureIntern whose only job is to count number of models on the fashion runwayRod Noles
ObfuseObtuseInappropriate explosive remarkRod Noles
ThemuThemeA Continuity Chicken that has grown with experience and now has oversightDoug Langmead
HenchantPenchantEffect of handsome rooster who parades through barnyard surrounded by clucking gal chIckens.Carole Marantz
HimmutableImmutableDespite the efforts of the women in his life, guy unwilling or likely to change his difficult ways.Carole Marantz
MansuedudeMansuetudeWhen the curmudgeon of the neighborhood sues the cool dude next street overRod Noles
Maide-MemoireAide-MemoireHouse keeper who also helps one remember things.Rod Noles
EstamintetEstaminetFrench Bistro where everything on menu is served with mints.Rod Noles
ClefChefChef who places G above middle C in alphabet soupRod Noles
KiterKilterOut of kilter and feeling soarDoug Langmead
BisquitBiscuitWhen you quit your job during a breakfast meeting.Rod Noles
PrickeryTrickeryWhen a friend plays a mean-spirited prank resulting in an argument with your wifeRod Noles
HercurialMercurialGal’s frequent changing moods.Carole Marantz
CharlatunCharlatanA heavy load of "charlotte russe".Carole Marantz
AfflickAfflictKiss assRod Noles
FaustingFastingA deal with the devil whereby you can have anything you desire but nothing to eat.Doug Langmead
FlipperyFripperyWhen you smile and give someone the middle finger at the same timeRod Noles
MisconduckMisconductMallard Duck with poor social skillsRod Noles
FunketJunketJoy and delight at being rewarded a free trip anywhere.Carole Marantz
SintrinsicIntrinsicOne’s essential evil being.Carole Marantz
AhaoleHaoleA Hawaiian word for an ill-mannered tourist from the mainland.Wayne Price
Cleverage LeverageTo skillfully prevent corporate buzzwords from infiltrating marketing copy: "You really cleveraged that ROI white paper"Brett Chalmers
LoquatiousLoquaciousA person who endlessly talks about exotic fruit.Wendy Gittleson
BabyrinthLabyrinthThe indecipherable mind of a newborn.Wendy Gittleson
IncandyscentIncandescentSweet-smelling lightbulbs.Wendy Gittleson
MisconduckMisconductMallard Duck with poor social skillsRod Noles
OrigumiOrigamiThe art of making decorative shapes and objects by folding flypaperWayne Price

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