2023 Submissions

Welcome to the 2023 Submissions Page.  The Top 10 Words for August have been ranked, with a tie for first place.   Congratulations to all.

New Word Original Word Definition  Contributor
Ican Icon A tin god Doug Langmead
Preramble Preamble The first ninety minutes of a filibuster Doug Langmead
Classifly Classify Caste-like system in place on most commercial aircraft Steve Cozzetto
Orchward Orchard A troupe of dancing fruit-trees that can’t find their grove Doug Langmead
Hereindafter Hereinafter Now the plot really drifts into absurdity Jack-in Yow
Fancestors Ancestors Those interested in genealogy in hopes that they’re related to someone famous Steve Cozzetto
Densa Mensa An exclusive club for the not too intellegent. William Tunn
Hempath Empath A caring person,who will even share her joint. Ruth Krause
Ican D Ican An attractive one David Forster
Duncer Dancer Bad ballet student who has to plié in the corner for hours Will Caplinger

William Tunn’s submission of “Densa” tied for first in the popular vote, however this was the fourth submission of the same word.  The judging panel ranked it against the others in a separate exercise and applied a correcting factor according to the results.  The original submission in 2013 was universally adjudged to be the best, with one of the judges commenting that it was a case of “always the bridesmaid”, William’s definition having come in second.  As a matter of interest, here are all four submissions, judge for yourself.

An international organization for not-so-bright people (Paula Day – 2013)
A group of people known for their lack of intelligence when it comes to picking up on human body language and innuendos (Name Withheld – 2015)
An organization for the intellectually challenged who don’t qualify for membership with the other organization (Andy Quinn – 2017)
An exclusive club for the not too intellegent (William Tunn – 2023)

The Original Word with the most variations (13) is “Colorectal”, all by Geoff Williams in an inspired burst (if that’s the right word for it), followed by “Oxymoron” (5).  Since 2010,  “Condominimum” has been defined in six different ways, followed by “Idiotsyncracy” and “Meanderthal” (5 each).

Feedback is always welcome, at wordplay@ptitude.com

New WordOriginal WordDefinition - Clever is Better !Contributor
PuperratsiPuperratsiA young newshoundJohn Frederckson
PoperratsiPaperratsiAn aging newshoundJohn Frederckson
PridewaysDrivewaysRoads for the self-esteemedEmile Ouellette
InanityInsanityWhen you repeatedly quote the same trite expression, expecting a different outcome from your audience.Steve Cozzetto
BraniumCraniumCraniumJohn Frederckson
BluviophilePluviophile Lover of the color blue,my recessive eye color.Carole Marantz
BibliagonyBibliogonyExtremely tough to promote "Tell All" books in today's divided atmosphereCarole Marantz
PoutlierOutlierAn annoyed and displeased prevaricatorCarole Marantz
DetesteDetestTo castrateWill Caplinger
StoporificSoporificEmbarassing dozing-off moments.Carole Marantz
Meer-do-wellNe’er do wellA body of water highly recommended for its potabilitySteve Cozzetto
SkeptsisSepsisWhen a lack of trust poisons everythingSteve Cozzetto
MallegationsAllegationsWhere banana republics can afford to site their embassiesJack-in Yow
RubixconRubiconnoun - The point of no return when you give up on solving a Rubix Cube and rearrange the stickers insteadTimmothy Copeland
KuibbleKibbleWhat cats and dogs do this when they don't like their dry food.Will Caplinger
GuacomaGlaucomanoun: a state of deep unconsciousness that lasts for a prolonged or indefinite period, caused specifically from overindulgence of avocado toastTimmothy Copeland
MewnMewA celestial body not bright enough to be howled at.Doug Langmead
IncestorAncestorA distant relative with no clear sense of boundaries.Timmothy Copeland
BoracularOracularTedium from forecaster's unwelcome future predictions.Carole Marantz
NappasionatoAppasionatoPositive feelings that many have about daily naps.Carole Marantz
CircumscribleCircumscribeUnsuccessful restriction.Carole Marantz
BequivocalEquivocalOne who is difficult to fathom and understand.Carole Marantz
RaquiterRequiterSomeone who repays kindness with stolen votesDoug Langmead
PleafLeafCopfDoug Langmead
GerrymeanderGerrymanderA twist and zigzag in the course of free and fair elections.Carole Marantz
MespokeBespokeEach of us is uniquely special and "custom made."Carole Marantz
OwesomenessAwesomenessThat feeling of having a really nice car and a big car loanSteve Cozzetto
Derringer-doDerring-doA brave act but of limited heroism since you’re armedSteve Cozzetto
SuperletliveSuperlativeHaving a very laid-back personalitySteve Cozzetto
LucifirLuciferAlpine tree of good luckBogge
TinsilitisTonsillitisOne of him is allergic to the Christmas seasonBogge
CognativeCognitiveadj : the thought processes and intellectual activity of the localsTimmothy Copeland
AssbestosAsbestosGreat bumJohn Frederickson
TitanipTitanicA wee sip of a large, strong drink.John Frederickson
BlatentBlatantDormant, obviouslyDoug Langmead
SintrepidIntrepidSheer boldness of evil-doers.Carole Marantz
JognitiveCognitiveBenefits of physical exercise to avoid mental decline.Carole Marantz
AtheiftAtheistSomeone who’s made off with other people’s gods but has none of their beliefsDoug Langmead
RegarblessRegardlessSetting out naked and carefreeWill Caplinger
PlethoraxPlethoraA bevy of chestsJack-in Yow
OrchwardOrchardA troupe of dancing fruit-trees that can’t find their groveDoug Langmead
HarroringHarrowingDial M for MurderRuth Krause
Colin OscopyColonoscopy1] Of British and Polish descent, this poor man has an unfortunate name
2] Poor bloke….
Ruth Krause
HempathEmpathA caring person, who will even share her joint.Ruth Krause
ScardonicSardonicPsychological trauma from extreme mockery.Carole Marantz
SpintillaScintillaDescription of certain events with an intense goal of no truth at all.Carole Marantz
IcanIconA tin godDoug Langmead
Ican DIcanAn attractive oneDavid Forster
PreramblePreambleThe first ninety minutes of a filibusterDoug Langmead
BursaritisBursitis(n.) An angry outburst by a school bursar (business manager)Name Withheld
Geja VuDeja VuWhen you hook up with someone of the same sex … and you’ve been there beforeSam Hayworth
VitalminVitaminYour personal nutritionist that is absolutely essential to your survivalSam Hayworth
ExspressoEspressoCaffeine that makes you more dramatic.Sam Hayworth
PolterfeistPoltergeistSpunky, lively apparition.Carole Marantz
SisparateDisparateFemale siblings who differ markedly in personality, attitude and values.Carole Marantz
DietritusDetritusCrumbled Brighton Rock, and nothing moreDoug Langmead
StuporstitiousSuperstitiousDebilitating phobia based on irrational worriesSteve Cozzetto
HinterlocutorInterlocutorThe voice from the backwoodsJack-in Yow
RunimateRuminateContemplative fellow joggerJack-in Yow
OrdainaryOrdinaryA routine declarationDoug Langmead
SpanctimoniousSanctimoniousCurrent extreme pious hypocrisy is deserving of a "spanking".Carole Marantz
FarmacyPharmacyAn outdoor drugstoreEmile Ouellette
GymbiosisSymbiosisRelationship with work-out buddy.Carole Marantz
SolemlizeSolemnizeBlatant attempts to dignify the speech and beliefs of the Alternate Reality and Fake Facts beings.Carole Marantz
DuncerDancerBad ballet student who has to plié in the corner for hoursWill Caplinger
WhorldlyWorldlySophisticated and experienced in a twisted sort of wayWill Caplinger
AmagementAmazementThe state of suddenly realizing you are oldWill Caplinger
ExactcerbateExascerbateWhen striving for perfection just makes things worseSteve Cozzetto
StudependousStupendousSorta great, relatively speakingSteve Cozzetto
MobdurateObdurateIntense obstinance of cult followers with no likelihood of rational thinking.Carole Marantz
FactileTactileTangible truthsCarole Marantz
RomissionOmissionRoma delenda estJack-in Yow
SeismograpeSeismographPlace on plate, observe closely; if it moves, duck and coverJack-in Yow
HereindafterHereinafterNow the plot really drifts into absurdityJack-in Yow
PostchastePosthasteThat warranty has expired ...Jack-in Yow
AfurAfarA distant peltDoug Langmead
CurloinPurloinCowardly mean being deprives us all of joy.Carole Marantz
HeterosoxHeterodoxUnorthodox movement that insists on daily mismatched foot coverings.Carole Marantz
DensaMensaAn exclusive club for the not too intellegent.William Tunn
GravitoyGravityA magical toy that defies the laws of gravity by floating and spinning in mid air.William Tunn
SunshrineSunshineA secluded, serene and sunny spot to meditate in.William Tunn
SudokidSudokuA child who excels at solving sudoku puzzles.William Tunn
InfarceratedIncarceratedTrapped with bunch of buffoonsJohn Frederickson
WadirNadirOne who frolics in the lowest water levels at a pool or beach.Carole Marantz
FlaudableLaudableUnworthy of kudos due to imperfections.Carole Marantz
UnanimouseUnanimousWhen all small uninvited guests agree it’s wonderful when no one in your house uses bag clips on the pretzels and potato chipsSteve Cozzetto
ClassiflyClassifyCaste-like system in place on most commercial aircraftSteve Cozzetto
FancestorsAncestorsThose interested in genealogy in hopes that they’re related to someone famousSteve Cozzetto
ClinguisticsLinguisticsNever forsaking the mother tongueJack-in Yow
UnfetheredUnfetteredFree-range, but pluckedJack-in Yow
EmornousEnormousPeople who post sad-face smileys on Facebook instead of going to funeralsDoug Langmead
PallivantGallivantAwesome fun travelling from place to place with a dear friend.Carole Marantz
GrovocativeProvocativeCurrent increase in infuriating dialogue and behavior aimed at creating chaos and unrest.Carole Marantz
EmooMoo1] A low-flying ostrich
2] A sulky Smiley
Doug Langmead
EmewsMewsAn unstable row of flightless birds.Doug Langmead
LambrosiaAmbrosiaThe sweet nectar of freedom to an escaped convict.Will Caplinger
IntroverticalIntrovert A tall, shy individualNancy Geibe Wasson
ScrubulousScrupulousAn obsessive fastidious person.Carole Marantz
DouryDourThe grim countenance of a prospective father-in-law who realises that the bride-price is too high for a woman who is patently expecting a generous dowery in the not-too-distant future.Doug Langmead
HexecutorExecutorOne who does wills through a crystal ballEmile Ouellette
TreethinkerFreethinkerSir Isaac NJack-in Yow
CastratoeCastratoHe’ll have some difficulty taking the high roadJack-in Yow
KnewtonNewtonAppl(i)ed physicist Jack-in Yow
EureekaEurekaArchimedes’ assessment of Greek pedagogyJack-in Yow
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LactotumFactotumInability to succeed well in diverse tasks.Carole Marantz
KingratiateIngratiateAttempts to win favor of wealthy relatives for future inheritance.Carole Marantz
DyslaxiaDyslexiaEither way, not really giving a sh!tJack-in Yow
GerundocracyGerontocracyA state ruled by a bunch of lollygagging old geezers who are never noun to do anythingDoug Langmead
FutilladeFusilladeSustained and concentrated artillery fire, none of which hits its target.James Finnegan
BarbiecueBarbecueWhen a cannibal "has" a tall, buxom blonde woman for dinner.James Finnegan
DyshlexiaDyslexiaLoading the dishwasher backwards.James Finnegan
DetroitusDetritusDetritus: loose material that results from disintegration: debris
Detroitus: same thing, but it used to be a city.
James Finnegan
GuynecologistGynecologistTrans-gendered person’s doctor.James Finnegan
BefrothedBetrothedReaction to a broken engagementJack-in Yow
TrumphantTriumphantTelling people you won at something when you didn’t ;)Joseph C Gallagher
ScruvenerScrivenerRogue notaryJack-in Yow
GimptionGumptionOvercoming a distinctly adverse mobility issueJack-in Yow
AtrophydingAtrophyingHappened when my Oscar fell off the shelf!Jack-in Yow
GrumblebeeBumblebeeA bee with an irritable dispositionWilliam Tunn
ReefereeRefereeA dopey arbiterDoug Langmead
PunoesqueJunoesqueStately ability to create humorous/clever words for WPMI.Carole Marantz
SumanityHumanityAssault on our basic rights.Carole Marantz
ScrotchScotchThe bane of highlanders in tropical climesJack-in Yow
TaxplayerTaxpayerYou’re in the game, like it or notJack-in Yow
LawyerdingLawyeringAttorney’s absurdly excessive feeJack-in Yow
MoregageMortgageWhen you overextend yourself financially.Patrick Grocott
EngaugementEngagementWhen you plan a wedding with someone to measure how they handle stress.Patrick Grocott
PortmanteaPortmanteauA blend of teas favoured by stevedoresPatrick Grocott
ZephyrophobiaGephyrophobiaFear of soft gentle breezes.Carole Marantz
TrectitudeRectitudeLife’s arduous journey for Honesty and Integrity.Carole Marantz
ExersizeExercisePhysical exertion in order to lose weight, or to add bulkSteve Cozzetto
AmbrushAmbushWhen it takes the whole family to hold down the dog for groomingSteve Cozzetto
FunderyFunderFlashes of inspiration followed by allowed cashDoug Langmead
CementiaDementiaAbsolute convictions, concretely fixed, e.g., wokeismJack-in Yow
BurpitudeTurpitudeHorrific saga of acid reflex problems.Carole Marantz
DiatusHiatusForever pause in Life as one passes .Carole Marantz
TexpediteExpediteMost preferred speedy method of communication today.Carole Marantz
AntonymfAntonymA woodlands fairy transitions ...Jack-in Yow
TrammêléeTrammelRiotous surge towards the streetcar doorsJack-in Yow
AmbilextrousAmbidextrous A dyslexic’s
a) Salvation
b) Conundrum
Jack-in Yow
Handy-spankyHanky-pankyThe joys of ambidextrousnessJack-in Yow
PropoisesPorpoisesWhat a certain marine mammal does to ask for the flipper of the beloved in marriage.Will Caplinger
StackleTackleTackle: pulleys/lines for raising static loads. The other for retaining dynamic loads comfortably, decently, in place.Jack-in Yow
FamouseFamousMickey ?William Tunn
LunarticLunaticDriven mad by the moonWilliam Tunn
DismallDismalAn abandoned shopping centreWilliam Tunn
DoppelgangsterDoppelgangerDouble troubleWilliam Tunn
HairplaneAirplane1) Slope of a Mohawk cut
2) French lighter-than-air machine
Jack-in Yow
HerventFerventGal’s incessant rantings and ravings.Carole Marantz
PresnoPrestoNot fast but slow.Carole Marantz
ConpriseCompriseUS Congress House seatCarole Marantz
PistmiresPismiresSwarming enraged antsJack-in Yow
AfterfareAftercareOn your credit card, the Uber charges to send her home in the morningJack-in Yow
OvermutchOvermatchWhen the decree nisi becomes absoluteJack-in Yow
AntidotAntidoteA dashDoug Langmead
IntecstacyIntestacyKnowing the old fart ran out of time to exclude you from inheriting any part of the estateJack-in Yow
MothermoodMotherhoodAin’t Mamma happy; ain’t nobody happy!Jack-in Yow
IntoastateIntestateLimbo situation akin to feeling like those irretrievable small burnt pieces of bread trapped inside a common kitchen applianceSteve Cozzetto
EntanglerentEntanglementAbout $20 - at a fleabag motelJack-in Yow
TransadleTransaxleThe other way to ride a horseJack-in Yow
BallwetherBellwetherDefinition of redundancyJack-in Yow
SlanguageLanguage1} Words used by folks that can’t join Mensa
2] Words for the less than educated.
J.Paul Cessaro
TerroiristTerroristLike "Lather," he just like"s to lie about nude in the sand" among the vines.Jack-in Yow
InnuengoInnuendoVerb. What a doctor does with a rectal thermometer.Jack Gostl
DelegRateDelegateLeave the firing announcements to a subordinateJack-in Yow
RelopeElopeThe triumph of hope over experienceJack-in Yow
FlacidoPlacidoDomingo, when he could no longer hit the high Cs in "Di quella pira"Jack-in Yow
BitchRomeBichromeTough place to conquer: Julius CaesarJack-in Yow
(x)trans(x)tronsToo target-rich an environmentJack-in Yow
NeutransNeutronsVoluntarily taken out of the gene poolJack-in Yow
MagnetransMagnetronsThey have a way of attracting the little kindergartners’ attentionsJack-in Yow
Sleep alpneaSleep apneaInability to sleep when at high altitudesJoel Weber
ByeplaneBiplaneWhat one says as an aircraft disappears in the distance.. Typically accompanied by an arm wave.Palmiro Campaagna
KatydudKatydidSoundless mute insect.Carole Marantz
MycloneCycloneIdentical twin.Carole Marantz
MagnanimustMagnanimousNoblesse ObligeSteve Cozzetto
MauiedMauled Attacked by fellow inmates at an Hawaiian prisonJack-in Yow
QlueriesQueriesAnswersJack-in Yow
PratakePartakeDoing something stupid SHOULD hurtJack-in Yow
StrongentlyStringentlyIron fist in a velvet gloveJack-in Yow
UndercloverUndercoverDead, etc.Jack-in Yow
CandydateCandidateFirst ploy of a groomerJack-in Yow
ImpreachmentImpeachmentDamned by his own sanctimonious wordsJack-in Yow
InnertInnerStuck inside and unable to do anything at allDoug Langmead
MiscmarriageMiscarriageWives #2, #3 and #4 in most ME marriagesJack-in Yow
TeleapathyTelepathyComplete disdain for television programmingPalmiro Campagna
AuntelopeantelopeWhen one’s relative secretly runs off to get married.Palmiro Campagna
cantelopecantaloupeWhen one is prevented from secretly running off to get married.Palmiro Campagna
El-DopaL-DopaA 1950s slapstick comedy film set in Spain starring Jerry Lewis.George Gopen
MacbrethMacbethStudent-day halitosisJack-in Yow
ReflowerDeflowerThe miracle of modern plastic surgeryJack-in Yow
BambivalentAmbivalentCame out as BlixenJack-in Yow
StrawinskyStravinskyPicked the short ones on soothing, harmonious or melodious classical musicJack-in Yow
WorkeWokeThe antidoteJack-in Yow
TrectifyRectifyTo correct a situation by an arduous journey on foot.Carole Marantz
FaraokeKaraokePreference to see and hear such performing far and far away!!Carole Marantz
RantamountTantamountIntense wild impassioned tirade.Carole Marantz
CusheteronormativityCisheteronormativityWhisky Tango Foxtrot?!?Jack-in Yow
HairiDanHarridanThe shrew overdosed on the transition hormone treatmentsJack-in Yow
FordplayForeplay"But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"Jack-in Yow
FlabianFabianObese socialistJack-in Yow
LieberalLiberalDon’t most?Jack-in Yow
LimberalLiberalAgile simple answer dodgerJack-in Yow
CramisoleCamisoleSized just right for the overly-endowedJack-in Yow
DyeryDyerA journal tinted by pigments of the imaginationDoug Langmead
IndievisibleIndivisibleHaving a notable role in a small film projectSteve Cozzetto
DiskbeliefDisbeliefConviction that UFO’s are realSteve Cozzetto
InumdateInundateEvery buck’s dream evening out?Jack-in Yow
XYZXX or XYA really confused transitionerJack-in Yow
DatablaseDatabaseWhen your boss walks in and you’re viewing NSFW stuffJack-in Yow
SaspensionSuspensionTerminate the cheeky hazingJack-in Yow
SpariahPariahThe pervert who’s towel ’conveniently’ keeps slipping offJack-in Yow
PatrifiedPetrifiedGroped on the NY MTAJack-in Yow
SchutbertSchubert..., damn it boy, why didn’t you finish that last symphony!Jack-in Yow
StrausstStraussUnder some pressure to complete Also Sprach ZarathustraJack-in Yow
MotartMozartTastelessly dressed woman in RiyadhJack-in Yow
MoztartMozartFamous pastry at the St. Louis Viennese Tea RoomJack-in Yow
MisteakeMistakeIncorrectly cooked beefWill Caplinger
DemocrateDemocratLast resting place of a Hillary crosserJack-in Yow
BeetcovenBeethovenLudwig’s female detractorsJack-in Yow
LonerousOnerousAged’s serious burden from the passing of beloved friends and family.Carole Marantz
T’lyricalLyricalPrehistoric reptile’s musical prowess.Carole Marantz
LimpromptuImpromptuLoafer’s spur of the moment foot problem to avoid any and all essential physical activity.Carole Marantz
SuspeenseSuspenseWith enlarged prostate, wondering how you managed to forget to wear those Depends (tm) on your outing.Jack-in Yow
BrisquéRisquéWinter outdoors Chesterfield rugbyJack-in Yow
ToptimalOptimalMy turn on top?Jack-in Yow
RefewablesRenewablesThe scant remaining currency bills in your wallet, having succumbed to the notion it was ever "free" energyJack-in Yow
FleopFlopFace-plant from catching the threshold after a grab-and-dashJack-in Yow
Resextioned colonResectioned colonCommensurate with the altered for’ard plumbingJack-in Yow
ChartruseChartreuseConveniently letting the enemy "capture" fake mine-laying chartsJack-in Yow
SocialpistSocialistA lefty who doesn’t get his/her way on any given issueJack-in Yow
The TallybanThe TalibanA law which prohibits the tally many from tallying me bananas.Palmiro Campagna
TransomwareRansomwareYour plumber’s jeans as s/he is bent, kneeling under the counterJack-in Yow
Bud SlightBud LightFAFO with the DEI BSJack-in Yow
ColonmadeColonadeResectioned bowelJack-in Yow
PrystateProstateWhat your urologist does to assess its healthJack-in Yow
CatrusesCitrusesFeigns left, dekes right to pounceJack-in Yow
HarmaphroditeHermaphroditeThere, with a knife, fixed the ambiguity!Jack-in Yow
WebutanteDebutanteComing out ... on-lineJack-in Yow
CandlestuckCandlestickWouldn’t be the first emerg OR x-ray passed around among snickering staffJack-in Yow
WaistewaterWastewaterThe stuff Depends (tm) couldn’t quite handleJack-in Yow
TanachronismAnachronismOutdated dedication of some who bask in the sun and visit Tanning Salons to get that "Healthy Glow".Carole Marantz
QuizoticQuixoticIntense anxiety caused by taking any academic exam.Carole Marantz
GrinironGridironOne who so enjoys pressing clothes for all including underwear.Carole Marantz
GeldingGildingA liverish, leafless lily, lacking its bulbsDoug Langmead
DozentDozenWhen the baker stops counting at eleven.Lew Zimmerman
HashaySashayUnique sideways walk under the influence of Cannabis!!Carole Marantz
MesottedBesottedCurrent intense malady of self absorption.Carole Marantz
TransmiteTransmitMiniscule bug with gender issuesCarole Marantz
RedaftRedactBlacking out only the dumb parts of a documentWill Caplinger
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ConnkniferConniverBackstabberSteve Cozzetto
FewtileFutileThe situation when your contractor informs that you’re just short of having enough pieces to finish the bathroom floor and now you have to buy an entire box to finish the jobSteve Cozzetto
BananerBananaTropical fruit native to Long IslandSteve Cozzetto
NarcossismNarcissismWhat, me get busted?!?Jack-in Yow
DiscruminationDiscriminationNext up? Beethoven Sonata N° 23 ’Appassionata’ or Mozart Sonata for Two Pianos, K.448Jack-in Yow
DialtribeDiatribeMumbai telemarketersJack-in Yow
FixtrotFoxtrotDepends (tm)Jack-in Yow
CusgenderCisgenderDamn, I AM in the wrong body!Jack-in Yow
Das bootyDas bootGetting some in DeutschlandJack-in Yow
CEOPCEOBreak at a staff meeting while the boss ...Jack-in Yow
SobstantiateSubstantiateFinally acknowledge that you LOST!Jack-in Yow
BosculateOsculateDroit de seigneur at a Xmas partyJack-in Yow
TomophobiaNomophobia Fear of male adult cats.Carole Marantz
SnomophpniaNomophobia Fear of white fluffy precipationCarole Marantz
VowelturesVulturesBirds that live on a syllabic diet without any strictures. They eat everything that Consormants find hard to swallow.Doug Langmead
EairliftAirliftA cosmetic procedure that gives the impression of a dropped face, resulting in an air of being perpetually disconsolate.Doug Langmead
TefelonTeflonA communications device that’s hard to holdDoug Langmead
PubstituteSubstituteSet of tavern clones.Carole Marantz
LatalistFatalistOne who is never on time.Carole Marantz
WinsoneWinsomeDad’s only child marries an awesome gentleman.Carole Marantz
MylariMylarA PET butterfishDoug Langmead
SplintingSprinting / RaceGoing flat out in a running braceDoug Langmead
DopinedOpinedA dunce’s viewsEmile Ouellette
MisanthrowupMisanthropeFrat-boy type; gluttonous over-indulgerSteve Cozzetto
EeleemosynaryEleemosynaryCharitable funding for support of sushi seafood farmingSteve Cozzetto
SplintingSprinting / RaceGoing flat out in a running braceDoug Langmead
WhypertensionHypertensionEverlasting questions relating to symptoms/causes of high blood pressure.Carole Marantz
DuperciliousSuperciliousConspiracy advocates with arrogant attitudes.Carole Marantz
RembellishmentEmbellishmentSleep pattern which provides dreams that enhance memory and learning abilities.Carole Marantz
PewbPewA short and curly chairDoug Langmead
WidsenWisdenA cricketing almanac with a crease in the coversDoug Langmead
SteiffledStifledBeing hugged to death by an expensive Teddy BearKeith Vincent
FrantickFranticAggressive parasitic Anthropod.Carole Marantz
BraternalFraternalHorrific undisciplined behavior of siblings.Carole Marantz
ResiduentResidentA former tenant who still has a key and is occasionally found sound asleep in a drunken stupor on the sofa in the morningsDoug Langmead
KoppelgangerDoppelgängerWhen you bear a close resemblance to a certain television journalistSteve Cozzetto
HockneyedHackneyedWhen an artist’s body of work looks unoriginal and tiredSteve Cozzetto
MutteritesHutteritesPeople who worship their mongrel dogs.John Frederickson
ProcrashtinationProcrastinationThe cause, result and destination of delayed brakingLarry Baddock
GrannetsGannetsFlightless boobies on an old bird.Doug Langmead
KeepfakeDeepfakeSuccess of false information unchallenged creates continuous deceit.Carole Marantz
ChicalryChivalryAmoral, uncouth male rants about gal’s sexual charms.Carole Marantz
IIAIIntrinsic IntelligenceDoug Langmead
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SobstinateObstinateDescribing a toddler who will not stop cryingMike Harcrow
MoxymoronOxymoronUltimate spirited contradictory expressions!!Carole Marantz
WagnanimousMagnanimousDog’s intense display of joy and friendliness.Carole Marantz
DensegregationDesegregationSeparate areas for hibernating buddies.Carole Marantz
OminibusMinibusAn air of the impending inevitability of being made responsible and losing your job over a trivial mistake made by your boss, but with a better chance of survival than being thrown under a bus.Doug Langmead
Cover bundCover bandA type of cumberbund that squeezes and conceals your belly so you can fit into that tuxedoWill Caplinger
WintoxicantIntoxicantEuphoric joy of success.Carole Marantz
PI-VulgeDivulgeWhat exactly does "PI" mean?Carole Marantz
SerendopitySerendipityGood Fortune or Dumb Luck!!Carole Marantz
FadulteryAdulteryTrendy dalliancesCarole Marantz
FulcrumbFulcrumMy favorite breakfast cake!Carole Marantz
LimplantImplantWho forgot to water??Carole Marantz
StydomeSkydomeA piglooDoug Langmead
CardamomCardamonCommon tavern practice to check the ID of most patronsSteve Cozzetto
NotifvacationNotificationOut-of-office email messageSteve Cozzetto
BeakneckBreakneckA rare San Francisco bird last seen in the ’50’sSyd Read
HeedlongHeadlongThe duration it takes some people to "finally&" get it!Syd Read
PellmealPellmellA hastily, ill-prepared mealSyd Read
TwomanWomanA pair of gender-conflicted hermaphroditesDoug Langmead
ConstinationConstipation + ConsternationThe state of confusion that befalls someone who cannot poop.Michael Shindler
LustigateFustigateRomantic tryst at gated rendezvous.Carole Marantz
HerboseVerboseHigh energy talk by and about women.Carole Marantz
CountraltoContraltoRoyal singerCarole Marantz
PandarPandaA digital bear-detector with a monochrome displayDoug Langmead
Soylent GreensSoylent GreenA vegetarian option for cannibalsDoug Langmead
Aunty-inflammatoryAnti-inflammatoryLife-partner of your uncle who makes jokes about politics and religionSteve Cozzetto
DishassociateDisassociateSous-chefSteve Cozzetto
MoondoggleBoondoggleIs another trip to the moon a worthwhile project?Carole Marantz
ShyperboleHyperboleReluctant to exaggerate.Carole Marantz
GoodwinkHoodwinkIntense satisfaction of Deceiver for duping manyCarole Marantz
MoblivionOblivionStupidity of massive crowd that forgot reasons for congregating and protesting.Carole Marantz
GabdicateAbdicateCompulsive talker gone mute.Carole Marantz
BananrBananaA banana that stands out in a brunchDoug Langmead
CutativePutativeOne certainly regarded adorable.Carole Marantz
TrecociousPrecociousUnique growth schedule of deciduous floraCarole Marantz
LonquaciousLoquaciousExcessive talker has no one to talk to nor listen.Carole Marantz
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SwervantServantA domestic who writes a tell-allMike Harcrow
PneumoaniaPneumoniaThe medical term for man fluClaire Daines
StirruptitiousSurreptitiousA fear of cowboysSteve Cozzetto
HiduciaryFiduciaryTrustee who does not admit his authority.Carole Marantz
CatcophonyCacophonyJarring meows.Carole Marantz
KisanthropeMisanthropeGreat way to offend a negative, distant being.Carole Marantz
Altar EgoAlter EgoSomeone who thinks they can marry anyone they pleaseSteve Cozzetto
ReparteenReparteeWitty/clever comments by sharp adolescentCarole Marantz
OscudateOsculateKiss on first date ok??Carole Marantz
PintlessPointlessEver so lonesome, mournful and drear: a glassful of sorrows in a pub with no beer.Doug Langmead
AchoomenicalEcumenicalRelated to the decision to lock down houses of worship during the pandemicSteve Cozzetto
StupikTupikAn Eskimo residunceDoug Langmead
SubtlitlesSubtitlesInconspicuous aids to comprehensionDoug Langmead
PoetifabuPoetic FabulousThe act of making your life and speech more fabulously poetic.Valerie Farrar
TushionCushionA bummer. Something you sit onJohn Frederickson
GritiqueCritiqueOne’s strength and determination of character displayed in comments.Carole Marantz
KindicateVindicateDNA determines true parentage and heritage.Carole Marantz
GarbantuanGargantuanClothes sizes 1X, 2X, 3X,etc. for oversized gals.Carole Marantz
EleavenLeavenTwo short of a baker’s dozenDoug Langmead
VerisimilidudeVerisimilitudeA surfer-prophetSteve Cozzetto
PescapalianEpiscopalianChristian denomination that abstains from eating meat all year, not just Fridays during LentSteve Cozzetto
BingerlyGingerlyAddicted to view all free vintage Woody Allen films on Amazon Prime.Carole Marantz
MeterrentDeterrentTough to discourage myself from eating the entire 1.5 quart of ice cream at one sitting.Carole Marantz
ProselylizeProselytizeHorrific deceit of cultsCarole Marantz
ReAIlityRealityVirtual RealityAndrew Herden
ComeuppenceComeuppanceAdmittance fee to ride the London Eye ferris wheelSteve Cozzetto
VentricklesVentriclesA consequence of blocked arteriesDoug Langmead
GliberalLiberalAn insincere left-leaning politicianJohn Frederickson
OlimpianOlympianThe person with a limp who just beat everyone else in the 10K race.Wayne Price
BuggernautJuggernautAnnoying unstoppable mosquito.Carole Marantz
MenigmaEnigmaDifficult to figure out male psyche at times.Carole Marantz
TonridTorridZealous method to dispose of 2,000 pounds.Carole Marantz
HypothecaryApothecary + hypothesisA snake-oil salesmanMike Harcrow
ComebustibleCombustibleVolatile feeling arising from waiting and waiting for public transportation to arriveSteve Cozzetto
Iambic PentathlonIambic PentameterExample: “My love is like a race, race, race…”Steve Cozzetto
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PennchantPenchantA parchment pennant of passion and purposeDoug Langmead
PubterraneanSubterraneanThe cave dwellers’ tavernEmile Ouellette
ErstatzErsatzArtificial statistics and data.Carole Marantz
SexponentExponentEasy to figure out what they support.Carole Marantz
LoughtyDoughtyPersistent and determined uncouth male’s rude behaviorCarole Marantz
TurdidTurgidThe recent spate of scatillogical entriesDoug Langmead
CrapsuleCapsuleA turdMike Harcrow
RepootRebootInitiates the second flushWill Caplinger
AverturdAvertedStepped over a land-mine in the dog-parkDoug Langmead
LiconoclastIconoclastSomeone who accepts only falsehoods, alternate realities and conspiracy theoriesCarole Marantz
DinvectiveInvectiveExtremely noisy abusive verbal attack.Carole Marantz
CokyCockyA parrot with a predilection for crakersDoug Langmead
NanachePanacheGrandmother possessing style, spirit and graceCarole Marantz
MobliterateObliterateDestructive force of unruly violent protestors.Carole Marantz
ClandestipeClandestineSecretive cunning profile for spyingCarole Marantz
ApithyApathySuccinctive indifferenceDoug Langmead
WheylWheyA warm-blooded blowhard made of curdled planktonDoug Langmead
GabrogateAbrogateStupid excessive talk regarding one’s lack of responsibility.Carole Marantz
SaptitudeAptitudeAbility to only be a gullible foolish person (Touché ! - Ed.)Carole Marantz
DensibilitySensibilityIncapable of being aware of other’s feeling and concerns.Carole Marantz
PuparazziPaparazziYoung dogs who chase their talesJohn Frederickson
eEconocideEconocideThe suicides that result from online scamming and deception TheLateralist
FartisteArtisteSomeone who passes gas with creativity and flairGary Goodman
BaristocratAristocratOne who is too bougie to work at StarbucksGary Goodman
HulchritudePulchritudeMale counterpart of physical beauty.Carole Marantz
BegueSegueImplore that the uninterrupted transition be cancelled.Carole Marantz
HerfuffleKerfuffleCommotion and scandal resulting from gal’s inappropriate behavior/speech.Carole Marantz
KinformantInformantOne who snitches on their own family memberGary Goodman
UggnogEggnogThe unfestive way one may feel about a certain holiday quaff.Todd Rogers
AftermirthAfterbirthThe chortles and chuckles that follow a hearty guffawDoug Langmead
BublicationPublicationA magazine about champagneGary Goodman
FlameboyantFlamboyantA gay swimmerBarbi Krass
ShamsterHamsterA fake hamsterGary Goodman
SexorcismExorcismWhat you need after a drunken hookup that you’d like to forgetGary Goodman
ShampootShampooWhen one is washing their hair and farts in the showerGary Goodman
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HoverwhelmOverwhelmHelicopter parent syndromeCarole Marantz
FociferousVociferousBeing loudly vocal about your enemiesCarole Marantz
TremunerationRemunerationPayment in the form of planting forests to overcome climate change.Carole Marantz
Amoral victoryA moral victoryA winner declared by a false slate of electorsDoug Langmead
HuggernautJuggernautImportance of kindness and affection as a major unstoppable force.Carole Marantz
TaraokeKaraokeDelay in leaving because you’re looking for lost key.Carole Marantz
ChutzpanChutzpahComplaint about extreme impudence.Carole Marantz
ApocalapseApocalypseThe day after every prediction of the End of the World to dateDoug Langmead
AssochismMasochismThe pain of long distance bicycle rideMichael Knowles
WithdrawlWithdrawalA slow way to end the conversationMichael Knowles
MoligarchOligarchGirl friend of Russian racketeerCarole Marantz
ThincaneryChincaneryHorrendous scams of weight loss industryCarole Marantz
ScornucoppiaCornucoppiaDisrespect for those who crave an abundance of wealth/power with zero ethics.Carole Marantz
Rogaine lettuceRomaine lettuceA head of lettuce with hairy mold all over itCarmel Harberg
TecstaticEcstaticA profound feeling of sadness or pain when your computer (all electronic devises) are not working because of connectivity issues.Barry Fawley
SlipomatDiplomatNegotiator who gets paid under the tableEmile Ouellette
AmbadassadorAmbassadorIntimidating representativeMia Debidin
PalcoholicAlcoholicA good friend and alcoholic can always depend on to go for a drink with.Barry Fawley
MapidVapidIntense inquiry of one’s basic psyche.Carole Marantz
WoctrinaireDoctrinaireChef who stubbornly uses the wok for all his culinary feats.Carole Marantz
ReconditzReconditeOne totally incapable of understanding anything at all.Carole Marantz
OpenophileOenophileA person who enjoys removing the corks in wine bottles.Rod Noles
BiteratiLiteratiUpset from making the lowest score in the art appreciation class.Rod Noles
Aguent provocateurAgent provocateurA tour guide in a malarial swampDoug Langmead
EmadcipateEmancipate1] To make someone go crazy by setting them free
2] To set your crazy free
Will Caplinger
MaleodorousMalodorousThe aroma in men’s locker roomRod Noles
LanguideLanguidLazy tour guideRod Noles
MalepropismMalapropismStupid shit men sayRod Noles
ManemonicMnemonicWhen the wife shares repeatively roy-g-biv to help husband remember colors of the rainbow. (red, organge, yellow,green, blue, indigo, violet)Rod Noles
LegerdomainLegerdemainMagician’s castleRod Noles
LascivicousLasciviousLustful thoughts during a Civics classRod Noles
MagaentaMagentaPolitical purple rageRod Noles
NuppleSupplePrenuptial contract signed during the honeymoonRod Noles
GelatonGelatin40 cubic feet of glutinous substance in one large container.Rod Noles
EyelieEyelidWhen asked " do you believe me or your lying eyes"Rod Noles
ConstotutionConstitutionThe clearly ordained inalienable right of toddlers to demand the immediate delivery of the impossibleDavid Jones
InhaulingInhalingThe corporate act of extracting blood from stonesDavid Jones
WeedabixWeetabixA popular breakfast cereal in the UK than has a THC additive.Wayne Price
PurtendPortendWarning by your feline friends.Carole Marantz
PalvanizeGalvanizeGetting your buddies to become aware and spur onto action.Carole Marantz
SaveantSavantEarnest campaign to prevent ant population from disappearing.Carole Marantz
KnaryNaryA little yellow bird that is neither a budgie nor a stunted parrot.Doug Langmead
BuffrageSuffrageA muscular good looking male seeking electionCarole Marantz
NountenanceCountenanceSimple expression of one’s being in terms of person, place, thing or idea.Carole Marantz
TexacerbateExacerbateCellphone addiction worsened by latest gimmick.Carole Marantz
DishoveledDisheveledThe way I look after clearing snow from my drivewaySabrina
ZendemicEndemicA constant presence of a peaceful/calm beingCarole Marantz
TonundrumConundrumA weighty problemCarole Marantz
FameliorateAmeliorateBecome a legend by improving Life for others.Carole Marantz
CruecialCrucialSomething that absolutely must be motleyWill Caplinger
Nagoda Pagoda A shrew-shrine boxDoug Langmead
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WupbraidUpbraidOld-time Cowboy term meaning "to scold vehemently"Rod Noles
SmelfieSelfieWhen you check your pits for BO.Mark Fischer
CondominimumCondominiumA prophylactic for midgetsKatherine Hayes
Do PointDew PointThe time in a woman’s life when she has to run to the hairdresserKatherine Hayes
XerophobiaXenophobiaFear of photocopying machinesKatherine Hayes
Prophet MarginProfit MarginA group of 2 to 12 disciplesKatherine Hayes
HispanicHispanicA man’s inability to deal with stress;Katherine Hayes
MasterbateMasturbateTo jump around at Augusta National Golf Course while playing with ballsKatherine Hayes
CringenuityCringe + ingenuityNoun: an aptitude for embarrassing oneself in an innovative or clever mannerAmanda Emily Coutts
TedievalMedievalYouTube progam with speeches about the Middle AgesRod Noles
AdhearesAdheresPlastic surgery to add a third ear to improve one’s hearing.Rod Noles
VermineVerminConfession to your child’s teacher your kid was the first to have liceRod Noles
WindigoIndigoTo follow the breezeRod Noles
WindibagoWindigoTo follow the breeze in a caravanDoug Langmead
FatitudeLatitudeInsouciance regard being 20 pounds overweightRod Noles
ArugelachRugelachA pastry made with leafy plants instead of cream cheese.Wayne Price
TriradeTiradeThe electrifying consequences of adding a third rail to a reitiradeDoug Langmead
HagaciousSagaciousAlthough intelligent, sadly slovenly and unkempt.Carole Marantz
ArbaneArcaneMysterious annoyanceCarole Marantz
LuftwaiffeLuftwaffe1] An orphan airforce
2] Gun-toting, bomb-laden, flying layered biscuits stuffed with paratroopers
Doug Langmead & Gillian Winter
SimpolisticSimplisticPolitical poll which ask two questions. Are you planning to vote? Will you vote for our candidate?Rod Noles
JimpairImpairTwin brothers both having the name JamesRod Noles
HempiricalEmpiricalRelying on new experience without regard for anything near the truth after smoking weedRod Noles
MeritocrazyMeritocracyOrganisation where people are promoted based on the basis of how crazy they act.Rod Noles
BadjudicationAdjudicationA formal pronouncement that is both immoral and unethical.Carole Marantz
PraisleyPaisleyCompliment with swirly and colorful wordsRod Noles
PunrequitedUnrequitedRejection by WPMI, sadly (Must try harder - Ed.)Carole Marantz
MobligeOblige"Wise Guys" insist that members must oblige all requests!!Carole Marantz
PepitomeEpitomeEmbodiment of intense energy and well beingCarole Marantz
SynorgySynergyIntimate collaboration resulting in pleasure greater than the sum of its tartsGary Albrecht
CatermeringueCatermaranRenovated sailboat , with commercial kitchen, specializing in light, airy dessertsTom Madden
RectumfyRectifyDeciding to consume probioticsTom Madden
RectumfryRectumfyUnderdone chitlins.Tom Madden
StaylStayA worn-out welcomeDoug Langmead
ProtangonistProtagonist/AntagonistA person you both revere and hate equally.Shannon
OucherOcherWord you repeat three times when faced with surprising pain. Orange you glad to learn this word.Rod Noles
Sue GenerisSui GenerisUnique lawsuitRod Noles
ParvenutParvenuNew political party with exteme views, and issuesRod Noles
CountureCoutureIntern whose only job is to count number of models on the fashion runwayRod Noles
ObfuseObtuseInappropriate explosive remarkRod Noles
ThemuThemeA Continuity Chicken that has grown with experience and now has oversightDoug Langmead
HenchantPenchantEffect of handsome rooster who parades through barnyard surrounded by clucking gal chIckens.Carole Marantz
HimmutableImmutableDespite the efforts of the women in his life, guy unwilling or likely to change his difficult ways.Carole Marantz
MansuedudeMansuetudeWhen the curmudgeon of the neighborhood sues the cool dude next street overRod Noles
Maide-MemoireAide-MemoireHouse keeper who also helps one remember things.Rod Noles
EstamintetEstaminetFrench Bistro where everything on menu is served with mints.Rod Noles
ClefChefChef who places G above middle C in alphabet soupRod Noles
KiterKilterOut of kilter and feeling soarDoug Langmead
BisquitBiscuitWhen you quit your job during a breakfast meeting.Rod Noles
PrickeryTrickeryWhen a friend plays a mean-spirited prank resulting in an argument with your wifeRod Noles
HercurialMercurialGal’s frequent changing moods.Carole Marantz
CharlatunCharlatanA heavy load of "charlotte russe".Carole Marantz
AfflickAfflictKiss assRod Noles
FaustingFastingA deal with the devil whereby you can have anything you desire but nothing to eat.Doug Langmead
FlipperyFripperyWhen you smile and give someone the middle finger at the same timeRod Noles
MisconduckMisconductMallard Duck with poor social skillsRod Noles
FunketJunketJoy and delight at being rewarded a free trip anywhere.Carole Marantz
SintrinsicIntrinsicOne’s essential evil being.Carole Marantz
AhaoleHaoleA Hawaiian word for an ill-mannered tourist from the mainland.Wayne Price
Cleverage LeverageTo skillfully prevent corporate buzzwords from infiltrating marketing copy: "You really cleveraged that ROI white paper"Brett Chalmers
LoquatiousLoquaciousA person who endlessly talks about exotic fruit.Wendy Gittleson
BabyrinthLabyrinthThe indecipherable mind of a newborn.Wendy Gittleson
IncandyscentIncandescentSweet-smelling lightbulbs.Wendy Gittleson
MisconduckMisconductMallard Duck with poor social skillsRod Noles
OrigumiOrigamiThe art of making decorative shapes and objects by folding flypaperWayne Price

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