2020 was a bumper year for submissions.  The lockdowns seem to have given both time and inspiration to the contributors, so we have expanded the list of winners to include the traditional Top 10 plus another 20 “Best of the Rest”, a selection of “Ringers” that don’t meet the rules but are worthy of recognition and marking the year by a section devoted to wordplay on the theme of the Coronavirus/Covid 19 pandemic.  

Top 10 awards are restricted to one per contributor, which wasn’t actually a factor this year – the list emerged all by itself.  Congratulations to Patricia Walsh for her Jesture and to the rest of the winners!

Word  Definition Name
Jesture Jokes in Sign Language Patricia Walsh
Coptimism The irrational hope that the police car behind you is pulling over someone else Charles Abbott
Xanadud Not the utopia you expected Mike Harcrow
Juggersnaut Flat-chested Anne DelCampo
Nubiquitous The Next Big Thing Gillian Winter
Palondrome A private airstrip for friends who fly in.  You can land and take off in either direction, regardless of the wind. Doug Langmead
Indivisual Selfie Steve Cozzetto
Relephant Hugely appropriate Mia Debidin
Godsmacked Having had an epiphany H. R. White
Threatbare Naked aggression Geoff Williams
Myhopia Short-sighted optimism Steve Cozzetto
Nitprick A jerk who finds minor faults with everything Mark Summers
Boxtrot Running with a late parcel delivery Charles Abbott
Notarious Rather shady paralegals Geoff Williams
Smittens Fingerless glovers Doug Langmead
Blogorrhea Excessive talkativeness in an  online journal Anne DelCampo
Comodian An entertainer whose repertoire consists mainly of potty jokes.  One of low humor. H. R. White
Swoollen A bloated sheep Doug Langmead
Saging The process of storing wisdom in wrinkles Doug Langmead
Vapids Maelstroms of insipidity Doug Langmead
Derfraud Das artifice Jackin YOW
Pouchsafed How a baby kangaroo feels after making the long post natal climb into its Mummy’s pouch Geoff Williams
Toreadoor How the bullfighter gets out of the bullring Geoff Williams
Phantasmajoria Dream scenes prior to one’s promotion to lieutenant colonel Mike Harcrow
Serendopity A chance meeting between two idiots Geoff Williams
Discobobulate To dance in an awkward and confused manner Mike Harcrow
Tweaty An agreement made by two politicians via Twitter Geoff Williams
Manopoly When one woman attracts all the men Carol Philipson
Squalord Rent collector in slums Mike Harcrow
Nundane Ophelia Geoff Williams
Portlymanteau Luggage designed for large-sized males Steve Cozzetto
Gentrifugal Force The outward-expanding unaffordability of a previously modest neighborhood after the first house has been remodeled and sold for five times the amount it was worth the previous year Amacker Bullwinkle
Applelexy The fit one has  when their cell phone battery goes dead in the middle of a conversation H R White
Ginko Balboa Explorer who was lost to history as he could not remember where he’d been Mona J. Shapiro
Lacu na Gap analysis Doug Langmead
Out-of-sink Bad timing, as when the water stops when you put your hands under an automatic faucet and restarts after you’ve pulled them away Steve Cozzetto
Rancorman Resentful or malicious newscaster Mike Harcrow
Tourvill’s Syndrome An intellect that skates effortlessly over the frozen ponds of everyday discourse. Doug Langmead
Wells Phargoah An Egyptian pyramid scheme Doug Langmead
Carpe Diemo Seize the angst Michael de Silva
Caviar Emptor Fine print seen on a seafood menu Steve Cozzetto
Club Med-icare An all inclusive senior assisted living Resort Carol Philipson
Disavowel The disdain felt by the British towards Americans for removing the letter “U” from many of their best words John du Manoir
Specifishity One’s seafood preference Mike Harcrow
Croonavirus Frank Sinatra Syndrome Doug Langmead
Covicted Sentenced to endless quarantines Elaine Baran
Pundemic Uncontrollable wordplay Andrew Innes
Baggravation The inability to open a plastic bag in the produce section of a supermarket because you are wearing a mask Wayne
Corona-fide A credible COVID-19 test Steve Cozzetto
Perspextive The view of many shopkeepers during Covid Geoff Williams
Pisitivity Taking the piss for positivity, a 2020 phenomenon. Ruth Krause
Quaranroutine When the act of quarantine becomes a consistent way of living James B Neff
Elergy A poetic lament for one’s excessive immunological response to seasonal, entomological, or pharmacological antigens Jeffrey Krueger
Shituation A crappy place to be, most likely in 2020 Ruth Krause & Lindsay Sunter
Strepidation The fear that your sore throat might be Stage 1 Coronavirus Doug Langmead
Masqueraid A new line of work where you help people put on their Covid masks as they enter a store Geoff Williams
Ebowla Online cricket Geoff Williams
Choregraphy Keeping daily statistics during the Covid crisis as you do endless meaningless little bits of work around your steadily shrinking abode so you can show your partner that you are actually doing something other playing dumb word games Geoff Williams
ThanksLiving A “New” holiday:  The Day After Thanksgiving, to celebrate and give thanks for living through a pandemic Carol Philipson


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