2018 Submissions

Welcome to 2018 Submissions page.

We get new words regularly and work to post them as soon as practical.

Please note that not all words are posted.  Some are pretty far from the basic rules (one letter change, etc.). Some are two words which we post but don't include in the contest.  Some are a little obscure – you may have to take out your actual dictionary to figure them out. Some we can't actually figure out but sometimes post anyway.

We've decided it best not to publish any that have a political connotation, since we'd rather not have the website seem partisan in any way and we didn't want to referee. We also are being what some may think is over vigilant in our effort to not post words that might be offensive to our younger readers. (Besides, who wants our pages to start showing up on unfortunate search results.) Finally, we also try not to post words that are based on religious words or concepts or identifications (whether pejorative or not).

NOTE:  Regular readers have noticed that we aren't posting as regularly anymore. All the incoming emails are saved and I just post when I can.  Thanks for your understanding.

Most recent words are at the top.

Word  Definition Name
Acupunkturist Where the hip crowd goes for body piercings Kevin Church
Sculinarian Dishwasher at a restaurant Anne DelCampo
Berfidies Life's annual betrayal of agelessness Doug Landmead
Competuition Contest between schools to see which can raise rates the fastest Kevin Church
Barcolepsy A wee nap at the pub Anne DelCampo
Shugar How sugar SHOULD be spelled Kevin Church
Sirplus Too many Knights at the Round Table Anne DelCampo
Purlarking when a motorist drives his car into a parking space that you were already manoeuvering your car into, he as purloined your parking space. You have been purlarked! Iris Lloyd
Grampy A grumpy Grandpa Bill Chirch
Hayphazard Joyfully inattentive or disorganized Kevin Church
Hubridiocy A blend of hubris, willful ignorance and stupidity David Willilam
Ravelation Realizing that your coming apart at the seams. Bill Church
Eskimors Graham cracker, marsh mellow and chocolate treat you prepare when you don't have a campfire. Kevin Church
Blackground Checking a criminal's résumé. Bob Forrest 
Amego The thing that gets me in more trouble that anything. Kevin Church
Converstation a conversation that is going nowhere Renee Slade
Acujuncture That one place where ALL pain is relieved. Kevin Church 
Abstacles The myriad things that get in the way (mostly self-inflicted) that prevent one from getting a set of righteous six-pack abs rolling. Michael McClure
Assap A jerk in a rush. Geoff Malleck 
Idiotsyncrasy The daily dance of rush hour traffic. Kevin Church 
Constituition Your right to overpay for college. Kevin Church 
Bureaucrazy Piles of papers gone nuts Sheryl Williams
Ammpunition Resulting when your supply of ammo is cut off Bill Church
Landscraping Barely scratching out a living on the farm Bill Church
Expoliate To clear out parliament Lyndsey Cattermole
Calmity Serenely moving towards total disaster Tom Lloyd
Pentecoastal Littoral Lutherans Doug Langmead
Naaaahmaste What one says at the end of a session of goat yoga Wayne Price
Ffuton Inflatable mattress Doug Langmead
Cantine A dog's diner Doug Langmead
Sargasm Sense of intense pleasure while conveying irony and contempt for ones fellow man Chris Englund
Lestesterone Positive workplace change Bob Kerr
Condominimum Protection for the not well-endowed male Steve Katz
Tribathalon Having no time for workout, but hitting the whirlpool, steam room and shower at the gym Steve Katz
Playcate To take a vacation and not do any work at all, not even look at your email Jeanne Perdue
Lyperbole Lying with great exaggeration Galen Cortina
Commatose One who is oblivious to the need of the pauser mark Vali Jamal

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