2017 Submissions

Welcome to 2017 Submissions page.

We get new words regularly and work to post them as soon as practical.

Please note that not all words are posted.  Some are pretty far from the basic rules (one letter change, etc.). Some are two words which we post but don’t include in the contest.  Some are a little obscure – you may have to take out your actual dictionary to figure them out. Some we can’t actually figure out but sometimes post anyway.

We’ve decided it best not to publish any that have a political connotation, since we’d rather not have the website seem partisan in any way and we didn’t want to referee. We also are being what some may think is over vigilant in our effort to not post words that might be offensive to our younger readers. (Besides, who wants our pages to start showing up on unfortunate search results.) Finally, we also try not to post words that are based on religious words or concepts or identifications (whether pejorative or not).

NOTE:  Regular readers have noticed that we aren’t posting as regularly anymore. All the incoming emails are saved and I just post when I can.  2017 got off to a bit of a rocky start due to work commitments and travel abroad. I’ve hired an assistant how and hope to get things flowing more smoothly.  Thanks for your understanding.

Most recent words are at the top.  Please read all the way to the bottom as there are some really good words that we didn’t get posted earlier in the year!!


Word  Definition Name
Spuntaneous improvised pun. Pablo Domínguez
Degreed stage in a scale of desire for food or wealth. Pablo Domínguez
anthrapology A general, broad-based apology to all beasts and things for the common bad behavior of the human race toward the planet (or, whatever). Michael McClure
Nar A lecture that’s twice as long as a seminar. Bob Forrest
Destingy When life doesn’t give you what you want. Steph Sala
Karmalite Dacoit assault rifle Douglas Langmead
Grabage What dumpster divers pull out of the trash. Bob Forrest
Somnambulanc Emergency vehicle for sleepwalkers Mettanada Armstrong
Havocation Strong desire to cause great destruction or chaos. Pablo Dominguez
Inkstantaneous No sooner said than inscribed Doug Langmead
Dispence make a small donation to charity. Pablo Dominguez
Awesum huge amount of money causing amazement. Pablo Dominguez
Archache dull pain begun a long time ago. Pablo Dominguez
Marathong Tiny apparel for long-distance runners Ingrid Burling
Alooft A dwelling-space for high-minded, semi-detached tenants Doug Langmead
Weighlay stop people in the street to ask how heavy they are. Pablo Dominguez
Singhular A remarkably turbane gentleman Doug Langmead
Biron A handy writer for a man of letters Doug Langmead
Egotesticle excessively concerned with proudly talking about the size of one’s gonads. John Graddon and Mia Debidin
Emberyo A spark of life Doug Langmead
Wreckompense give somebody compensation for irreparable damage caused to their property Pablo Dominguez
Yesticulate express acceptance by giving something the thumbs up Pablo Dominguez
Overcite use too many quotations. Pablo Dominguez
Phantomime Charades by a silent ghost David Spharler
Interlocustor Cricket commentator Doug Langmead
Attension stress caused by excessive concentration Pablo Dominguez
Introdiction presentation of a training course on how to pronounce words. Pablo Dominguez
Astronaughty disobedient space traveller Pablo Dominguez
Oxomoron Someone who thinks a popular brand of stock cube means hugs and kisses Sarah Woodhead
Reverence book A specialized handbook on a country, the definitive work, often referred to as the Bible for that country. Sheryll Ruecker
Definotion explanation of the meaning of a concept or idea. Pablo Dominguez
Replicar exact copy of an old automobile. Pablo Dominguez
Millionheir person who inherits one million dollars or more. Pablo Dominguez
Ignight set fire to something in the dark hours of the day. Pablo Dominguez
Pestmark The ugly blotch made by an insect on a stamp when we finally swat it to death. Sheryll Ruecker
Elk A deer of a different ilk Doug Langmead
Cul-de-sac Ancient initiation ritual for male harem attendants. Prabha Kutty
Cabage The amount of time a taxi has been in circulation. Joel
Mataerial matter existing in the air Pablo Dominguez
Execaution the act of carrying out carefully some activity or plan. Pablo Dominguez
Discoarse Rough talk Ruth Krause
Cobrat Obnoxious juvenile reptile. Ruth Krause
Consitpation The need to sit on the commode for a particularly lengthy time due to difficulty making a bowel movement. Renee Slade
Compastible historically a good match Mia Debidin
Karma Sutra An instruction book for erotic twists of fate Guy Velgos
Wagnurian Pngumatic Antelope Doug Langmead & Ruth Krause
Limbp A wooden leg that’s half an inch too short. Doug Langmead
Cardnivorus How to describe an ATM when it eats your credit card Julia Fairley
Frustratement A statement made out of frustration or anger. Eilidh Hamilton
Acornym A mighty word grown from a little oak Doug Langmead
Typochondriac A person suffering from typochondriasis, which is an excessive preoccupation or worry about grammatical or spelling errors in a document. Typochondriacs fret and fuss about about capitalization, em dashes and other spelling or grammatical rules, no matter how minor they may be. Ben Marcus
Textident The act of bumping in to another or object while walking and texting. Joel Josephson
Goofle When you make a typo when performing an internet search and accidentally google the wrong thing Reilly Selmser
Vexplain To make clear, justify or excuse, by angrily describing in more detail. Mia Debidin
Repincarnation Having to reattach the boutonniere. Kevin Sutherland
Incensed scented with joss sticks Mia Debidin
Gunu An enlightened antelope Doug Langmead
Fartitude The ability to remain in the room when everyone has been served beans. John Hobart
Snackcident Raiding the fridge at 3a.m. while on a strict diet. Joel Josephson
 Entertrain Letting the iPad raise your kids.  Erik Rye
Statisfying The pleasant sensation one experiences when complex math works out to a very round number. Kevin Sutherland
Riggyback Joel Vanderheyden
Clockblockibg Making someone late James Whiton
Enflightenment Achieving satori while flying. Stanford Siver
Unnicessary something that gives you a reason to be rude or impolite. Mia Debidin
Tusk-tsk How to chide an elephant Doug Langmead  & Andy Wright
Sophisticatred A refined and cultured way of disliking someone. Erik Rye
Snarcophagus The final resting place of a deadly wit. Erik Rye
Realastic A flexible view of reality Mia Debidin
Inomorata A woman with whom one is no longer in love Mia Debidin
Hiatusk A gap-toothed elephant Doug Langmead
Banalgesic Devoid of all aspirination Doug Langmead
Rectalinear The characteristic of something that keeps your @ss in line. Erik Rye
Spycho A mental condition afflicting secret agents Erik Rye
Bozone a place frequented by clowns David R. Purnell
Opportunite A chance to do something this evening. Erik Rye
Anarcy A state of chaos resulting from the absence of narcotics. Erik Rye
Mentacity A lie that goes without saying. Erik Rye
Disassociaction Being into it when you’re out of it. Doug Langmead
Randimly Lighting that flickers on and off indiscriminately. Doug Langmead
Suitide Killing yourself by drowning in the ocean Erik Rye
Inconquesential A victory of so little consequence that it approaches vanquishing point. Doug Langmead
 Correspondence Dinner A bunch of Millennials sitting at a table in a restaurant texting one another. Carol Rhodes
Locomaotion The crazed pace with which Mao Tse-tung uprooted China from its traditional agrarian past David R. Purnell
Rectidude A cool guy of upright character Erik Rye
Foxymoron A very sexy but inexplicably stupid woman. Mia Debidin
Scatalogue a record of one’s bowel movements David R. Purnell
Merder A crappy way to die. Erik Rye
Flotulence The act of farting under water. Robert Kennedy
Bangladyesh Auntie India Doug Langmead
Mnuchia nothing, devoid of substance Alex Schub
Interjest To suddenly halt a conversation by way of a funny remark. Odile Du
Fartitude Staunch flatulation Bob Kriz
Maoral Doing the Wong thing. Erik Rye
Ablasé Fired up with indifference Doug Langmead
Boasterous Loudly bragging about your own accomplishments Amber Barber
 Cupitulation Giving up on how to put on an athletic supporter for the first time Bob Kriz
Angoraphobic Fear of being attacked by rabbits if you leave your home. Name Withheld
Passing Tirade drive-by abuse Mark Doherty
Inveagle entice a large bird of prey in order to capture it. Pablo Dominguez
Momocle An eyeglass for Oedipus, or, an Oedipal convex. Erik Rye
Indeuce What you do to cure constipation. Erik Rye
Texticles Ballsy messages. Erik Rye
 Quesadillac A fancy car that’s the whole enchilada. Erik Rye
 Alpto The high end of a low range Doug Langmead
 Usufract The right to free gas for the rest of your life Marie Pezarro
 Mortgauge A measure of the degree to which you’re living on borrowed time. Erik Rye
 Judgrental Picky about where you live. Erik Rye
Beknighted ignorant nobleman Pablo Dominguez
Exaspirate annoy by wrongly pronouncing words with the sound of the letter “h” Pablo Dominguez
Eggress exit of an egg from a laying hen Pablo Dominguez
Centimental Using only 1% of the brain Guy Velgos
Voilation The magical appearance or wrongdoing. Erik Rye
Densa An organization for the intellectually challenged who don’t qualify for membership with the other organization Andy Quinn
Knowmad a well-informed member of a roaming tribe Pablo Dominguez
Anteapathy strong dislike of tea Pablo Dominguez
Shēt fit That moment of disgust when you give up and throw down your fitted bed sheet because you simply cannot fold it properly. Kelly Cavner
Cultivote develop a friendship with the electorate in order to get their vote Pablo Dominguez
Customarry get married following the tradition Pablo Dominguez
Beleave cease to have faith in something Pablo Dominguez
Avenew new wide street Pablo Dominguez
Alarmistice anxiety caused by an agreement to stop fighting Pablo Dominguez
Buxism painful rubbing caused by failure to wear a bra Cam Cimis
Wedlam A scene or state of wild uproar or confusion while planning a wedding. Name  Withheld
Flauntist Someone who rubs their mastery of wind instruments in your face Jon Lightman
Meateorologist A portly physician focused on bodily fluid elimonation. David Topel
Neurapathy You’ve lost feeling in your extremities and just don’t care. David Topel
Enema A rapper Clive Gaunt
Molecule A very, very small rodent Clive Gaunt
PC de resistance The ultimate computer Clive Gaunt
Avaste Hindu sailors’ greeting Doug Langmead
produser Bully with a stick James Galt
internyet Denial-of-service attack perpetrated by Russian hackers. James Galt
Instufficient A paucity of generalities Doug Langmead
Encyclipedia (n.) a set of reference books written by the Pope Elaine Sammon
Bexting Bossing via text Penny Levens
Stepidity Lukewarm ignorance, the half-brother to adoptive intelligence Doug Langmead
clarifiction the creative spinning of implausible stories, unsupportable facts and flat out lies in an effort to make them seem more plausible. Sara Anne Corrigan
Loverage The act of using a man or a woman in a nefarious or ingratiating manner simply because you know that they are in love with you. Joseph Michael
Inculator Prepaying for a tattoo Bob Kriz
Glutteny Consumption of large quantities of food containing gluten. Wayne Price
Ambitextrous The condition a person is in following a dose of Ambien and just prior to sleep when they message complete nonsense on their smart device. Ann Marie Ludlow
Eggnostic A person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in Santa Claus. Jeff Ortiz
Balliteration base, basket, beach, billiard, bocce, bowling Bob Kriz
Banalysis Analysis or commentary that is completely uninsightful, often found in students’ essays. Bethany Ward
invitatonal In life, at least 85% of meaning comes from how you say it! Bob Freedman
Infateuated An obsession with destiny. Sara Craddock
Laundromate A squeaky clean partner. Sara Craddock
Beewildered A confused insect. Sara Craddock
Introvertebrate A hermit crab Derek Rogers
copywriter A plagiarising wordsmith who loves advertising the fact Kim Newman
Artificial A curator of fake paintings Kim Newman
pissimist One who is pissed and doesn’t believe it will get any better. James Mize
Immigraints A headache for wall-eyed border officials Doug Langmead
beerligerant some one spoiling for a fight after drinking a few beers. Lary
Shabby a unkempt cat badly in need of a haircut Greg Cummins
Sycophant An unhealthy pachyderm or member of the 6 legged insect species Greg Cummins
Decompose to be able to write a new song while dead Greg Cummins
Frigate looking inside the refrigerator to find all the contents have mysteriously been consumed even though you have been home alone Greg Cummins
Climate a mountaineering companion Greg Cummins
Morsel to be able to sell large quantities of small pieces of food while convincing the buyer they are getting a bargain Greg Cummins
Basic the overpowering and nauseating sensation one gets listening to loud music played at very low frequencies Greg Cummins
Languish To pretend to know how to use the words and phrases of another country while drunk Greg Cummins
Exponge A parasitic former partner who deprived you of your life, your will to live and your bank account. Greg Cummins
Artifacial To have an excessive amount of face lifts Greg Cummins
Nomad A wandering sole who never lets life get him down Greg Cummins
Rationale The practice of a wife unfairly restricting the amount of beer that her husband may imbibe. Greg Cummins
Caustick The scientific reason that things stick together Greg Cummins
Disscourse to unfairly criticise the entree or main meal at a dinner party Greg Cummins
Himpolite members of the male sex with exceedingly bad manners Greg Cummins
Ludist A naturist with an evil intent Greg Cummins
Wundows The persistent habit of your computers operating system to keep falling asleep. Greg Cummins
Vanish The ability to disappear when you’re supposed to be painting the deck Greg Cummins
dentism the belief that aggressive driving is a fundamental right Name Withheld
kryptonity sleepwear for when you’re not in the mood Name Withheld
Nagenda The list of regular complaints made by your wife, partner, boss etc. about undone chores and other personal deficiencies. Wilf Berger
Memorisk Trusting your memory regarding something important. E.G. I took a memorisk that I had turned off the gas before we left to go on our vacation. Wilf Berger
Fanimosity The dislike of the supporters of sports teams other than your own. Wilf Berger
edunciate Intransitive verb – to pronounce words in an atrocious manner. Tim O’ly
Adulescent A pubescent pop idol Patrick O’Shea
neckromancer someone who specializes in giving hickeys Bob Kriz
Google-d-goop The extraneous/useless results of a internet search. Leo Oneil
appoplectic Overcome with anger at the intrusive nature and/or number of ads in an app. Mark Hewitt
self-defacating from self-deprecating: One who pretends to be humble, but is really full of shit! Dai Jones
Untomestcated A wild story that would make a good book Doug Langmead
Brotate To change your best friend on a regular basis Cindy Stockton
bamnesia An inability to remember the recipes of of Chef Emeril Lagasse Anne DelCampo
apropost A uniquely relevant and opportune addition to social media Anne DelCampo
Infliction That place on an exponential curve where it really starts to take off – indicating something dire is about to happen. Maggie Wilson
Malapropism Poor use of props in a play Jamie
Sinopsis A brief recounting of a person’s wrong doings Anne DelCampo
Asspiration an idea that really BACKfires. Holly Deuel Gilster

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