2020 Submissions

Welcome to the 2020 Submissions page!  Welcome to the new Decade!  And can you believe it's been TEN YEARS of words?  Go back and enjoy some of the oldies but goodies on our Decade of Wordplay page. 

We get new words regularly and work to post them as soon as practical.

Please note that not all words are posted.  Some are pretty far from the basic rules (one letter change, etc.). Some are two words which we post but don't include in the contest.  Some are a little obscure – you may have to take out your actual dictionary to figure them out. Some we can't actually figure out but sometimes post anyway.

OMG! It's an election year AGAIN.  So we have definitely decided it best not to publish any that have a political connotation, since we'd rather not have the website seem partisan in any way and we didn't want to referee. We also are being, what some may think is, over vigilant in our effort to not post words that might be offensive to our younger readers. (Besides, who wants our pages to start showing up on unfortunate search results.) Finally, we also try not to post words that are based on religious words or concepts or identifications (whether pejorative or not).

Most recent words are at the top.


Word  Definition Name
YOUR WORD HERE Clever is better… Tell us who you are; amaze your friends and family
Pairents Progenitors of twins Doug Langmead
Gyroscape Painting raffled off by a service club Geoff Williams
Paragilding Falling like a leaf Doug Langmead
Antihisstamine Antidote for snake bite Geoff Williams
Autocrapy A country run by a despot – very badly Geoff Williams
Wanderlist The names on a piece of paper on a clipboard carried by volunteer membersof a Search and Rescue group Geoff Williams
Croonavirus Frank Sinatra Syndrome Doug Langmead
Tourvill's Syndrome An intellect that skates effortlessly over the frozen ponds of everyday discourse. Doug Langmead
Alibigility Ability to change your alibi quickly and easily Hannah Collins
Delugation A crowdburst of economists that turns out to be little more than a shower of fools Doug Langmead
Celection Do I buy and Apple or should I buy a Nokia? Geoff Williams
Bralance When both are the same size Michael de Silva
Inhabitabale Living in a haystack Doug Langmead
Mallcontent A good days shopping Geoff Williams
Scabdinavian A Swede who goes to work through a picket line Geoff Williams
Brail Putting up a bond to allow a blind person to avoid jail Geoff Williams
Smurfeit A large gathering of small blue creatures Geoff Williams
Bridesmad Sorry dear not tonight I have a headache Geoff Williams
Savoirdupois Knowing you're overweight without needing to get on the scales Doug Langmead
Notsocomial Having nothing to do with hospitals in case you come out sicker than you went in Doug Langmead
Boxidisation Cartonisation on a grand scale Doug Langmead
Eightlifting After their Olympic victory in the 8 oared rowing final the crew picked up their boat and held it over their heads in triumph Geoff Williams
Cluckold A rooster with a cheating hen Michael de Silva
Idleology Lazy thinking Michael de Silva
Emogional A sincere written expression of deep feelings that incude a generous sprinkling of emogis Wayne Price
Dinvoice Receiving a bill from your landlord because of those noisy parties you keep having Geoff Williams
Petitle Nickname Michael de Silva
Chatnap Lapse in conversation Michael de Silva
Edwordian Baroque dialect Michael de Silva
Emaskulation Finally we reveal the true identity of Zorro Geoff Williams
Stagecroach A horse-drawn litterbug; The winged chariot of the apocalypse; A scuttlebus Doug Langmead
Wells Phargoah An Egyptian pyramid scheme Doug Langmead
Prettifogging On dating apps, the act of placing undue emphasis on a woman's appearance Wayne Price
Humangous A large body of humans Vali Jamal PhD
Giraffle Sweepstakes with an unusual prize operated by National Geographic Geoff Williams
Crumpet A musical instrument that you've run over with your car Joshua Vasquez
Detriteus Discarded cliches Michael de Silva
Marritime A wedding on board a ship Geoff Williams
Squintessential Corrective Spectacles Geoff Williams
Indigonation Nuclear fuchsian Doug Langmead
Frognostications Tadpole premonitions Doug Langmead
Plethorax Pot-belly Doug Langmead
Wordfighting School spelling bees Geoff Williams
Glandson An overdeveloped adolescent Geoff Williams
Poxymoron A scar faced idiot Geoff Williams
Freightters Potato ships Doug Langmead
Vapids Maelstroms of insipidity Doug Langmead
Impecurious Lacking in inquisitivity Doug Langmead
Maltimeter A gauge to determine the height of all things bad Charles Abbott
Udderground Cattle ranch Geoff Williams
Embryonice A frozen notion Doug Langmead
Paradigmy Small, but perfectly formed Doug Langmead & Gillian Winter
Obnoxenious A person who is toxic-ally obnoxious Chris Domres
Ambivalance Moody drapery Doug Langmead
Cancelabra Removing ones underwear in protest Geoff Williams
Appertunity (there's a hole there, surely) Gillian Winter
Philandearing Endearing oneself to several women with a horizontal intent! Vali Jamal PhD
Decayde Ten years down the drain Vali Jamal PhD
Gourney Travelling by hearse Doug Langmead
Ambulantce The walking wounded Doug Langmead
Philanthrowpy Philanthropy in small amounts.  Vali Jamal PhD
Hoyperbolic Anything that goes over the heads of the hoi polloi Doug Langmead
Epicanter That equestrian discipline's champion Charles Abbott
Relephant Hugely appropriate Mia Debidin
Tantramount Zen position Michael de Silva
Anarschism Dilemma over how to destroy everything Michael de Silva
Malignain't Benign Michael de Silva
Maleodorous Well..a bad-scented male Vali Jamal PhD
Physiognohmy Too much botox Michael de Silva
Medgy Nervous about prescriptions Michael de Silva
Iresponsibility Anger self-management Doug Langmead
Krouac A deadbeat poet Doug Langmead
Deadful Notice at cemetery "sorry full up-please try later" Geoff Williams
Gerounding Noun-verbal communication Doug Langmead

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