2019 Submissions

Welcome to 2019 Submissions page.

We get new words regularly and work to post them as soon as practical.

Please note that not all words are posted.  Some are pretty far from the basic rules (one letter change, etc.). Some are two words which we post but don't include in the contest.  Some are a little obscure – you may have to take out your actual dictionary to figure them out. Some we can't actually figure out but sometimes post anyway.

We've decided it best not to publish any that have a political connotation, since we'd rather not have the website seem partisan in any way and we didn't want to referee. We also are being, what some may think is, over vigilant in our effort to not post words that might be offensive to our younger readers. (Besides, who wants our pages to start showing up on unfortunate search results.) Finally, we also try not to post words that are based on religious words or concepts or identifications (whether pejorative or not).

NOTE:  Regular readers have noticed that we aren't posting as regularly anymore. All the incoming emails are saved and I just post when I can.  Thanks for your understanding.

Most recent words are at the top.


Word  Definition Name
Neverthelass Always the lad JackinYOW
Slurvives Overcoming a character assasination / malicious gossip Helen Argyros
Tixation State-sanctioned bloodsucking JackinYOW
Abdominable A descriptive word for those unfamiliar with planks and crunches Anne DelCampo
Loverpool A harem Geoff Williams
Knews News one already knows Helen Argyros
Ginsult Disparaging remark made by someone after one too many martinis Kathryn Thomas
Fortifived Emerging from a midlife crisis wearing a cloak of invenerability Doug Langmead
 Neversmore A dietary warning: Unless you are “ravenous”, do not eat marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker treats Anne DelCampo
Kindread Fear of siblings Michael de Silva
Curryculum vitae An aspirant chef's application listing all the curries he can cook Vali Jamal PhD
Odiferoust Ejection from a venue due to personal hygiene issues Anne DelCampo
Infatunation Love of country Michael de Silva
Somnambullist A rough sleep-walker Vali Jamal PhD
Laxicographer A lax word collector Vali Jamal PhD
Grhetorical A greeting where you don't necessarily want or need a reply i.e. How was your day? Henry Clare
Bestrangement An ideal marital separation Anne DelCampo
Purgastory Excuse for delayed entrance into the "Pearly Gates" Anne DelCampo

1. An unwillingness to be hypnotised

2. Reluctance to re-live the past under hypnosis

Doug Langmead

1. Missed skirmishes

2. Girls who go in for habitual skirmishes

Vali Jamal PhD
Delaborate Simplify Michael de Silva
Apocalypso Last dance Michael de Silva
Sincome Money earned while engaging in pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and/or sloth Dale Tatum
Sincome tax A levy placed on sinful behavior. Formerly known as "penance." Dale Tatum
Flintloock Shooting a glance in the expectation that sparks will fly Doug Langmead
Cleanary Clean and green Dushyant Chauhan
Dimewitted Penny wise, pound foolish Doug Langmead
Earnhance To improve the quality, amount, or strength of earning Buhari Raheem
Fauxlt Framed Michael de Silva
Exfoliate To fall for your ex Maggie
pierarchy Pies rank ordered by preference Mia Debidin
frognosticate To predict a plague of frogs Dale Tatum
C'alf A side of beef Doug Langmead
Neormal New normal Michael de Silva
Qualiflying Clearing TSA at the airport Anne DelCampo
Touron A tourist who causes problems to locals through unintelligent action, particularly in situations involving driving John Spade
Cadaveran Three little hearses, all in a row Doug Langmead
Paenalize Sing to Michael de Silva
Collaberration Insert project name here< Lorien
Scantilever An underwired half-bra Doug Langmead
Oybvious Talmudic Michael de Silva
Harmoney Currency facing the same way Michael de Silva
Nowledge The facts and information that can be instantly accessed with one cell phone Anne DelCampo
Punes Ancient word play Michael de Silva
Nohilist One who considers traditional Japanese theatre to be meaningless Doug Langmead
Mallnutrition A vitamin deficiency caused by frequent visits to shopping center "food courts" Anne DelCampo
Endiva A salad snob Endiva
Pendearment A love letter Anne DelCampo
Desirderatum A thing not just wanted, but wanted by desire Vali Jamal PhD
Rhambunctious Once full of energy; now sapped by rheumatism Vali Jamal PhD
Hurridan A mean old scold running late Michael de Silva
Accootrements Paraphernalia required to support a crochety old fellow Anne DelCampo
Viruslent Something even more infectious and dangerous to one's mental  health Vali Jamal PhD
Non de Plume A hatless Hussar Doug Langmead
Trampe l'oel Bordello decor Michael de Silva
Jalapeñot What you say to someone when they ask you if you want jalapeños or not Andrea Zeeman
Diligenot  Not diligent, just a loafer Vali Jamal PhD
Sedulout Far from diligent: A diligeNOT Vali Jamal PhD
Pulchridude A show-off (male) dude (of his looks) Vali Jamal PhD
Verisimilidude A person pretending to be another (usually famous) person Vali Jamal PhD
Pressimism The sinking feeling one gets when paying attention to the news Sid Schwab
Nostealga A sentimental longing or wistful affection and appropriation for the past, a past in which the user wasn't alive yet Emily Golden
Nanomaly Microscopic irregularity Michael de Silva
Libidno Frigid Michael de Silva
Palindrone mmmmmmm Michael de Silva
Clarynx Ahem Michael de Silva
Viagries Sexual vagaries under the stimulant Vali Jamal PhD
Volumptuous  Voluptuous voluminously Vali Jamal PhD
Incountenence Keeping track of trips to the restroom Robert Pantangco
Incountenence Keeping track of many times you lost control of your bladder Robert Pantangco
Countenance Keeping track of how many times a person was able to control his / her bladder Robert Pantangco
Bautumn A Puckish creation with the head of a donkey and a tail that has seen too many summers Doug Langmead
Scantimonious Scant in the area of sanctimony Vali Jamal PhD
 Feelon Groper Michael de Silva
Hammas Sandwich A sandwich of ham and hummus Gary Barone
Filet Minion Spineless flunky Doug Langmead
Angstrum Shortest ukulele lick ever played Michael de Silva
Freudian Shlip In vino veritas Michael de Silva
Amazomnia The act of scouring Amazon so hard that you can't sleep. A reminder of your Amazomnia normally presents itself 2 days later on your door step. Leslie Mercier
Semicolon Alternative meaning: A vestige after an intestinal operation Vali Jamal PhD
Threadmill Weaving as you walk Gillian Winter & Doug Langmead
Famourous Horny Michael de Silva
Paramedici Italian royalty physician Michael de Silva
Pregmatic Fertile Michael de Silva
Distanguished A distinguished person under great anguish Vali Jamal PhD
Circumspent Can't think about it anymore Michael de Silva

a. An unsettling diversion for a man of limited means

b. The owed less travelled

Doug Langmead
Pliain't Stiff Michael de Silva
Entertaintment An unsavoury pastime Doug Langmead & Gillian Winter
Dwharf Short pier Michael De Silva
Preculiar Before it's odd Michael de Silva
Rebot Robot Clone Michael de Silva
Abbeyence The flight of capital to a monestry Doug Langmead
Monestary A capital retreat Doug Langmead
Helitosis Baad breath Michael de Silva
Dixtinguished A once-distinguished person now burnt-out Vali Jamal PhD
Pillfer Steal medication Michael de Silva
Empressario A lady impresario, majestic at that Vali Jamal PhD
Dilastory Why you were late again Michael de Silva
Dismangled The result of taking something apart and realizing you can never reassemble it Mary Raab
Larsceny Upstaging the other actors Michael de Silva
Abusement What a sadist looks for on boring weekends Mary Raab
Plentifolly Living on credit Michael de Silva
Pigmalion A British movie about a big bad wolf who " 'uffs and puffs and blows yer 'ouse down" – but can't. Until Professor Henry Higgins gives him elocution lessons prior to a hearty bacon breakfast. Doug Langmead
Succeep The tendency of social-climbing to spread around Charlie Abbott
Diagonail From a bad hammer strike Michael de Silva
Diabolick A curl of hair that won't stay down Michael de Silva
Misteak A diet characterized by an excessive amount of red meat John Amodeo
Petroll Fuel for a small outboard motor. Michael de Silva
Cousteaudian A member of the cleaning staff at Sea World Derek Rogers
Proseur One who pretends to be a writer Michael de Silva
Repsychling The never ending processing of our emotions Verna Gillis
Promisecuity Promising over and over what it is impossible to promise Verna Gillis
Gnomad A wandering Elf Doug Langmead
Photone Sound of light Michael de Silva
Psychopracter For daily attitude adjustments Verna Gillis
Picadorm Where bullfighters bunk Michael de Silva
Jealoutsy A lout wth a jealous heart Vali Jamal PhD
Plodcast A boring online interview Michael de Silva
Petithe Less than 10 percent Michael de Silva
Lexcongrapher One who passes off new words as his own coinages Vali Jamal PhD
Foliarge A tall hedge Michael de Silva
Swahilli An undulululating language Doug Langmead
Mailpractices Showng a lack of e-tiquette in minding an email account Vali Jamal PhD
Quorump Result of sitting through long meetings Michael de Silva
Anonamity Friendliness toward strangers Michael de Silva
Filet Magnon Eating Cro Doug Langmead
Consumate A mate in indulging in consumerism Vali Jamal PhD
Quid Pro Bro A favor or advantage granted or expected from one male to another in return for something typically related to career advancement or beer Christina George
Bredhead The red haired offspring of two red haired parents Kathryn Thomas
Fettucino Coffee-flavored pasta Michael de Silva
Fiascon A failed swindle Michael dee Silva
Velcrow A bird of a feather that locks together Doug Langmead
Schrodinger's car Occurs after realizing you haven't paid for parking, but the pay-for-parking period has elapsed. Until you return, your vehicle exists simultaneously as both tcketed and unticketed John Spooner
Infestments Investments that go against the common good Vali Jamal PhD
Nondescrypt An unremarked grave Doug Langmead
Prequiem A ceremony for a living and robust person for him to know the sort of insults that people will withhold at the final ceremony. He may be given a prethumous award. Vali Jamal PhD
inerpt Can't stand still Doug Langmead
Elactation An infant's joy at breastfeeding MIchael de Silva
Maleodorous A man smelling badly Vali Jamal PhD
Forloon Mad-cow milkmaid Doug Langmead
E-tiquette Etiquette relating to electronic life – email, tweet, etc… Vali Jamal PhD
Comfartable How relieved one feels after passing gas Kelvin Lim
Impotense An inability to write in the first person Derek Farr
Fastborwarding Fastforwarding through the boring parts of a movie Gary Brisebois
Playgiarism Where people plagiarize at will and think it's fun Vali Jamal PhD
Comfidence The assurance you feel from a particularly well fitting set of dentures Derek Farr
Procivility Proclivity shown civilly Vali Jamal PhD
Aficionada A person who hates all sports, particularly soccer Wayne
Oblituary Written out of history Doug Langmead & Gillian Winter
Apploud Over enthusiastic cheering at the end of a speech Derek Farr
Kenoacidosis The burning sensation in your stomach from wagering by choosing numbers from 1 through 80 and losing Chase Haddock
Contemtious Contentious views deserving of contempt Vali Jamal PhD
Cerebrawl A battle of wits Anne DelCampo
Varibose Frequently, though not consistently, verbose JackinYow
Oftentatious Regular bouts of being gaudy with desire Doug Langmead
Solipissm Soliturinaryness Doug Langmead
Preincarnation 9 months of pregnancy leading to birth Jerry Heckler
Piecemell A pelling mistake made in haste Doug Langmead
Tributarry Oxbows, billabongs, ponds and the like that no longer go with the flow Doug Langmead
Legregious Most horrible case of varicose veins JackinYow
Procrastimate Someone who encourages your tardiness Vali Jamal PhD
Pyralitic Lit. Lorien
Tepidation A feeling of fear or anxiety that something or someone will be only slightly warm or luke warm Mia debidin
Verboscity Washington D.C. Anne DelCampo
Cawcophony Crowing Pains Doug Langmead
Obeyance Leave the obedience to a later time Vali Jamal PhD
Mentrapment When a woman is tricked into committing a crime because a bunch of men suddenly decided that what she was doing should be illegal Kevin
Bardello Where poets go to be "inspired" by a muse…or two Anne DelCampo
Chumneys Long-haul travellers crammed into smoking rooms in transit lounges Doug Langmead
Idiotsyncrasy A mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to stupid people Mia Debidin
Self-miserating Being able to make yourself perfectly miserable without any help from all the total a*holes around you Jim Matusik
Obesequious Obsequity (sic) triggered by an adverse weight-to-height ratio Vali Jamal PhD
Plaggard Someone displaying a small sign of enthusiasm Doug Langmead
Kidiots Seventh graders after lunch Delbert Park
Contraduction Frenchman, toujours complaining he has to translate for foreigners JackinYOW
Nabode Jail Michael de Silva
Headshunted A blandishment to the CEO after a sideways promotion Doug Langmead
Accountrant Oath muttered when taxes are owed JackinYOW
Nanarchy An environment in which grandma rules the roost Wayne Price
Sirious Siri's earnest attempt at finding the correctly interpreted voice command stuttered by the Apple Iphone user Name Withheld
Hangricidal When intense hunger makes you contemplate committing homicide to obtain nourishment Bre D
Chapterone A guarantor that there won't be any hanky-panky until Chapter 2 Doug Langmead
Infantuation An infantile infatuation for someone by a grown-up Vali Jamal PhD
Insanitry Lost shit Lorien
Plaggard Someone showing a small sign of enthusiasm Doug Langmead
Obuse Harshly insulting derogatory remarks made about a person's weight Richard Hussey
Dermapologist A doctor who says he's sorry, but he can't seem to find a cure for your skin condition Jerry Heckler
Diapertribe A bitter exhibition of ageism by a teen Vali Jamal PhD
Drespot Petticoat tyrant Doug Langmead
Financling Life savings, stuffed in one's mattress JackinYOW


A long speech or written piece attacking someone or something but meaningless tripe – a tale told by an idiot signifying nothing (Shakespeare). Vali Jamal PhD
Criticasm The cerebral hole into which one dumps rejected opposing opinions JackinYOW
Pterodidactyl A fossilised flying thesaurus Doug Langmead
Nastissist Breaks the rule but had to invent after an evening of disGussion on Facebook with one Vali Jamal PhD
Insurferable A curmudgeon who waives the rules Doug Langmead
Faminist A person who hunger strikes to support equal rights Susan Lord
Crominal Prehistoric felon JackinYOW
Cabnegation When ride shares replace taxis Michael de Silva
Dorchestra Musical group made up entirely of nerds Jerry Heckler
Aporcalypse Waking up in a world where bacon does not exist Bill Magerman
Podiatriste Someone who cries when slicing bonions Doug Langmead
Edumcation Education of the Mind – If you don't Mind The Lateralist
Virtuperative Abusive, claiming it as a virtue, French spelling Vali Jamal PhD
Abastement Reduction of cooking juice Michael de Silva
Amathema Hatred of math Michael de Silva
Billionoire Someone who made this fortune on the black market JackinYOW
Ablandonment Leaving a tasteless meal unfinished Michael de Silva
Credator Someone who will hunt you down like an animal if you owe them money Jerry Heckler
Impetunious One daisy short of a flower bed Doug Langmead
Self-depreciating Self-erosion of one's worth Vali Jamal PhD
Vinregrette That sinking feeling after dousing the entire salad and realizing there was more than couild possibly be eaten at one meal Anita Leathers
Meame A meme with feeling Name Withheld
Cantilover Despondent impotent suitor JackinYOW
Svengoli A hockey player who mentally intimidates opponents not to score Jerry Heckler
Abbraviation A short hop Michael de Silva
Whereforeboding The dreaded question one does not want asked or to have to answer, particularly when posed by curious three year olds or nosy elderly relatives Samantha Janes
Recidivisma That mysterious force that draws ex-cons back to a life if crime Doug Harrod
Drule Measurable length of saliva hanging from corner of mouth when you wake up in public Derek Farr
Shoptometry The art of just looking, not buying Joyce
Maffia Criminal knitwork Doug Langmead
Scoffee Person who helps themselves to more than their fair share from a communal coffee pot Derek Farr
Like-blinded People share the same opinions, ideas, or interests based on propaganda Name Withheld
Sweat heart A sweetie that turned sour and sweatish Vali Jamal PhD
Corporeat When large companies go on an acquisition spree Derek Farr
Environmentalmist The psychic fog inducing one to believe civilization has only X years left to be "saved." JackinYOW
Bittle A little snippet of information to kick things off Name Withheld
Rapnea Running out of breath while rapping Michael de Silva
Trude Something that is true but is best left unsaid Chris Whitfield
Prosparity Achieving equal wealth with the Jones's who live next door Derek Farr
Dawnload An early morning hack of a company's data Derek Farr
Dolephin A morose porpoise Doug Langmead
Disgusto Really getting into what's bothering you Lorien
Abandonmeet Mixer for nihilists Michael de Silva
Corndom A latex sleeve worn while eating corn, to prevent getting butter on one's fingers, hands, and/or arms. John Davis
Fambush 1. When a member of your family appears out of the blue (especially with needs and/or difficulites)
2. When your entire family descends upon you without warning
Name Withheld
Lustening Longing to hear a particular sound Lori Wacker
Proctagonist Lead colorectal surgeon JackinYOW
Aserration Why tab and slot closures on cereal boxes rarely function Michael de Silva
Gabolition No talking Michael de Silva
Suburbane Not quite suave, courteous, or refined in manner Robert Mangas
Lextemporize Drafting laws capriciously JackinYOW
Lablution Dog washing Michael de Silva
Spurtacus Cussed a lot, but intermittently JackinYOW
Abacuss Heard when a tremor moves the beads in mid-calculation Michael de Silva
Ptometrists Concert pianists' page-turners Doug Langmead
Cacademy Award For worst picture Michael de Silva
Mantress Masculine version of mistress Bruce C
Lextemporize Making up laws, rules or regulations as convenient to those in power JackinYOW
Fedonistic One who is particularly self-indulgent in the culinary realm Robert Mangas
Errota A list of your sexual errors Paul
Moroose A disgruntled elk Doug Langmead
Symposium A convention you supposedly attended Sophie H
Antaganoistic Stop with all that pandemonium! JackinYOW
Bitcher Butcher who really doesn't like his job JackinYOW
Extoliate To drone on and on endlessly over the virtues of proper exfoliation Cynthia Glenn
Basket Case Someone who enters a supermarket and picks up a basket despite knowing they need a trolley Sophie H
Plargue Plagiarize a previously expounded philisophical stance JackinYOW
Phatographs/Phitographs Before/After selfies JackinYOW
Impatent Just missing out on that million dollar  patent JackinYOW
Knewledge All that stuff you've ever forgotten JackinYOW
Tittoo Strategically hidden inking JackinYOW
Preborn That twinkle in your father's eye JackinYOW
Saton Bedeviled JackinYOW
Hippodrone A stadium wherein politicians run around in ideological circles and bloviate JackinYOW  
Busimessmen Businessmen who mess up their own business. Vali Jamal PhD
Calamitious Causing just a pinch more vicious damage to property Vali Jamal PhD
Automobile The ability to move of one's own accord Name Withheld
Layman A male prostitute Name Withheld
Benedictionary A dictionary containing the meanings of all blessings Vali Jamal PhD
Duddle Wait a requisite amount of time to approach unexploded ordinances JackinYOW
Nyetflix To cancel your subscription as a result of a price increase Wayne Price
Davi Male diva JackinYOW
Taxative A pill that increases the amount and frequency of the taxes one pays Lynne
Stylemate Two women at a cocktail party in the same dress JackinYOW
Daligence Earnest loafing JackinYOW
Legow A description of the pain felt after stepping on a piece of Lego. Moriarty Jones
Inflatuation When you think you love someone so much it hurts, but then you fart and realize it was just gas Name Withheld
Testosternone A condition experienced by many older men. Mike Sackheim
Opcyst A surgeon who removes cysts Diane Lewis

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